De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 11, 1925

Claude Kinchen Accidentally Shot Wednesday P.M.

An automatic shotgun in the hands of Allen BROWNLEE, 14, was accidentally discharged while he was standing in front of Grisham’s barber shop at 4 o’clock, Wednesday afternoon. The youth was working the automatic and had no idea of discharging the weapon. The charge, fortunately, struck the sidewalk or someone might have been killed outright.

Just at the time the gun was discharged, Claude KINCHEN happened to be standing in the door of his place of business and was struck in the leg by seven shot, a glancing blow, some of the shot -?- to the bone. The gun was a 12-guage automatic loaded with No. 6 shot.

Local physicians examined the wound, later advising KINCHEN to go to Gorman, which he did Wednesday night. With the aid of the X-ray the seven shot were located and removed at Blackwell Sanitarium. The wound is not thought serious. KINCHEN is about his work as usual.

Tate Counts in Sanitarium With Deer Hunt Wound

Tate COUNTS went to Gorman sanitarium Wednesday with a case of blood poison. The wound was caused by bruising his hand while opening cans of food while on his recent deer hunt, and perhaps rendered worse by using the hand in digging some post holes at his place after he returned before the bruise had time to heal.

He was in serious condition and suffering badly when carried to the sanitarium Wednesday and was not regarded as out of danger Thursday afternoon.

J.R. Grissom is in Serious Condition at Gorman

The Free Press has learned of the serious illness of our good friend, R.J. GRISSOM, of De Leon, Rt. 4. Mr. GRISSOM has not been in good health for two years. Recently he was carried to Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, where a minor operation was performed and where little hope was held out for his recovery.

Mr. GRISSOM’s son, A.E. GRISSOM, of Memphis, Tenn., has been at his bedside during the week.

Party Went Deer Hunting To Point Near Mex. Border

H.B. PAINTER and son, Ernest, of route 5 and D.R. McCOUN of this city left last Saturday for a deer hunt in the counties along the Mexican border, southwest. The expect to be away a week.

Goldthwaite Man Purchased De Leon Market Recently

J.O. McCLARY of Goldthwaite purchased the De Leon Meat Market a few weeks ago from Dave HENDERSON and has since had charge. Mr. McCLARY moved his family to De Leon and resides near the high school building, having one child in school age. Mr. WALTRIP, meat cutter with Mr. HENDERSON, is continuing with Mr. McCLARY.

The Free Press welcomes these good people to our town and trusts they may find business profitable here.

Recent Births

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. HOBBS, De Leon, Route 3, on December 4th, a girl.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. R.S. CARR, Victor, Texas, December 4th, a boy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. RAYBURN, De Leon, December 4th, twin boys.

Local News

Friends of Arthur SIBLEY of Rock Bluff community will be glad to know he is slowly recovering from a ten day severe illness of pneumonia.

Mrs. Leslie BURGESS of Eastland was visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. EDWARDS of Abilene traded for the Fred HENDERSON home in Heath Addition and will make their permanent home here. Mr. and Mrs. EDWARDS formerly lived near Comanche and therefore are "back home" again here. They are welcome.

Oscar PATTERSON returned a few days ago and resumed his position as barber with John GRISHAM. PATTERSON has been working in Coffeyville, Kansas, during his absence, doing barber work in a beauty parlor and incidentally studied marcelling and other lines of this work. His wife also took a course in this popular work while there.

W.L. BREWER, father of Mrs. Arch HANSFORD, is here for a visit with his daughter. Mr. BREWER has been the past twenty one days in the hospital at Gorman and is recuperating from the effects of a major operation.

Mrs. E.C. DODSON returned Saturday from Cross Plains where she visited her son, A.C. and family for several days.


As far back into the history of "cupidom", as it may be traced the most irresistible maidens have finally been won over into the domestic world when the "right" gallant lover bows to the queen of his heart and asks for her hand.

Such was the case when Mr. Houston PATTERSON (Nappy) summoned up the courage to ask Miss Letha DUKE for permission to lead her to the altar and received an answer in the affirmative. In looking through cupids diary we find that this said couple took the marriage vows at Snyder, Texas, on November 21, at high noon, a Presbyterian minister officiating.

Miss DUKE is the charming daughter of J.N. DUKE of this city and no word can magnify her popularity and deserving qualities too much. Miss DUKE has been for the past several months with her father at Spur, Texas and Post City.

Mr. PATTERSON is the son of Uncle Jack PATTERSON of this city and is a very popular man of many desirable characteristics. Young PATTERSON spent the entire summer season as a professional ball player, playing with the Lubbock team and helping them win many honors.

Mr. and Mrs. PATTERSON are now in a business that is permitting them to visit in many points in Texas and other states.

There are scores of friends in and around De Leon who wish for them the most of happiness and success. – Contributed

©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.