De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 4, 1925

Desdemona Pioneer Died at Advanced Age Last Week

A.C. (Uncle Att) BROWN, Desdemona pioneer is dead. He was past 80 years of age.

Mr. A.C. "Uncle Att" BROWN was born in North Carolina, June 1st 1849. He came to Texas soon after the Civil War. He was married to Miss Nannie JONES, November 39, 1875, and to this union were given 12 children, 10 are living to realize the loss of a father. One child passing away at 1-2 years. The other, a grown man met his tragic death here in this community.

"Uncle Att" has lived in this community for 47 years and at his present home for 43 years. He was converted at the age of 26 years and united with the Methodist church, of which he lived a faithful member till God called him home.

De Leon Rt. 4 Boy Made Good Record Picking Cotton

Tilmon HAMMOND, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. HAMMOND, residing on De Leon route 4 near the Joe CHAMBERS place, established a record picking cotton in Haskell county recently. Mr. HAMMOND and family have been picking cotton in the west, returning last week. The 9-year old boy gathered 211 pounds in a day a week or so ago. The price per hundred pounds was $3.15 which made pretty good wages for a youngster his age.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. Ross Observe Golden Wedding Anniversary December 2nd

On December 2, 1925 the Ross home on South Main street was the scene of a unique celebration. About 125 guests assembled to observe the Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James T. ROSS.

Mr. and Mrs. James T. ROSS were married on December 2, 1875, at Waco, where they spent the first ten years of their married life. A pioneer spirit augmented by the ill health of their children caused their removal to this vicinity in April 1883. Since that date their lives have been interwoven with the history of the development of this territory.

Mrs. ROSS is a native of Mt. Calm, Hill county, where her father had extensive dealings with the Indians whose land he bought into the thousands of acres. As a little girl Mrs. ROSS was regaled with presents and dainties fetched from New Orleans by ox teams. Mr. ROSS is a native of Mississippi, where he grew to manhood, coming to Hill county in about 1870. Mr. ROSS farmed very successfully the fertile lands of the lower Brazos, until the appeal of the new country brought them to their present abode, where his efforts through the long period of intervening years have been rewarded with many fast friendships, as well as material success.

Mesdames C.W. BARTLETT of Dallas and W.P. WEAVER of De Leon, the two eldest, came as tiny children with their parents to their new home in the west, where five others were born to them: Charles ROSS, Colorado; Ollie ROSS, Newlin; Miss Bertha ROSS, De Leon; Carl ROSS, Roscoe, and W.J. ROSS, De Leon, all of whom were present on this occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. ROSS and the seven children formed a receiving line, ushering the guests into the beautifully decorated rooms. The feature of decoration consisted of a huge arch of autumn leaves and flowers, from which was suspended a Golden Wedding bell. Clusters of golden flowers with their rich foliage adorned various pedestals and nooks. A basket of rich yellow chrysanthemums formed a center piece for the dining table over which was spread a handsome banquet cloth of filet.

The reception room was the cynosure of all eyes, where a table overflowed with gifts of love and appreciation from a host of friends. Various messages of congratulation, among which were original poems from Mrs. W.M. DALE of Corning, California, and Rev. U.J. MORTON, continued to arrive throughout the afternoon.

After the reading of these poems, Nancy Ross BARTLETT, the little granddaughter, of Dallas, gave a reading, "The Dancing Lesson."

Susan Frances SCHMIDT then delighted the assembly with her rendition of "Home," by Edgar A. Guest.

"Telling it to the Grand Children" was offered in her usual inimitable style, by Allene WEAVER, a granddaughter, of De Leon.

A medley of songs that carried them back to their youthful days was given by Mrs. H.W. ELLIOTT of Waco, accompanied by Mrs. J.O. HAM.

Throughout the afternoon the guests were favored with musical numbers by Mrs. John A. MOHON and Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT.

Here, with remarkable poise, Little Virginia Sue and Elaine SCOTT, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT, added a delightful feature to the entertainment. To the strains of Mendelsohn’s wedding march, played by Mrs. SCOTT, they marched sedately the length of the reception hall, attired in bridal costume. The young groom wore becoming masculine attire, while the tiny bride was clad in the conventional white satin, with wedding veil, and carried an arm bouquet of bride’s roses. They sang "Silver Threads Among the Gold."

The culminating feature of the afternoon took place when Mr. and Mrs. ROSS, after fifty years, renewed their vows before Rev. S. KIRKPATRICK, pastor of the Methodist church. Mrs. ROSS carried the orange blossoms that were fresh and fragrant on her wedding day. Mr. ROSS wore the black alpaca frock coat that formed a part of his costume fifty years ago. Perhaps mistaking a huge bowl of La France roses for mistletoe, Mr. ROSS kissed the bride with the same zest which he is said to have displayed at the former ceremony. This was attested by Mrs. Mollie ROSS of Sidney, Texas, who was present on the firs occasion. Congratulations were showered upon them.

At the conclusion of the program a delectable plate of chicken salad, sandwiches, olives, mints, cake and coffee was served. Plate favors were miniature gold baskets filled with salted pecans.

Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. C.R. AYERS of Dallas; Mrs. P.A. HALL and daughter, Mrs. ILLIOT, of Waco, Mrs. Stan DABNEY of Dallas, Mrs. Mollie ROSS and son, Ira ROSS of Sidney, and Mrs. G.W. SMITH, of Dublin.

Drive for Funds for Public Library Is Successful

The De Leon Library gratefully acknowledged the following contributions. [Because the list of donors is quite long, only the names of the donors are transcribed here. Donations ranged from 25¢ to $1.00.]


W.S. MORELAND, G.E. MORTON, N.T. HARKINS, Lowe-Carter Co., Hi-Way Filling Station, B.F. COX, Steakley Filling Station, C.C. MALONE, Ed R. POLNAC, Garner Alvis Co., B.J. PITTMAN, Tomlin Drug Co. A.C. MARTIN, Terrell Grocer Co., J.W. HOWARD, W.O. BUTLER, GREENWALDT and MORTON, H.G. WALLACE, J.T. EDMONDS, Foster Café, Bob CARTER, J.L. FUNDERBURGH, C.L. KENCHIN, Jeff ROSS, Corner Drug Store, C.B. STEVENS, O.C. LESTER, Otis HARVEY, W.C. BAGWELL, C.D. LIVINGSTON, Roy BRISTER, R.R. HARVEY, Ed HOPPNER, J.J. WILLIS, C.D. BLANTON, De Leon Variety Store, L.L. LIGHTFOOT, Fred McLEARY, G.F. WARD, Gladys TERRELL, Cager MOHON.

Total $47. 3? Several dollars in pledges were received and will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Fifteen children’s books were bought at a cost of $4.75 and will be at the library Saturday. More books will be ordered shortly. All of the schools list of books of required reading not now in the library will be bought.

Anyone contributing to the library has the privilege of naming a book and we will get it if possible. Only two people so far have taken advantage of this offer. Peck’s Bad Boy and Anderson’s Fairy Tales were the two selected.

We believe that if the public would give us their subscriptions to the Ladies’ Home Journal, The Saturday Evening Post and The Country Gentleman we would not need to solicit any other funds. You would pay no more for these magazines and you would help the reading youth of the community.

Anytime through the year, please order through the library. Leave the money with your name with Mrs. W.E. LOWE or Miss Lottie PAYNE at the city hall and the order will be promptly attended to.

While the response to our appeal has been most gratifying we have failed to see a number of people who should have contributed to this fund. If you feel that you are one of these, do your duty and leave a donation with the Librarian Saturday afternoon or at any time convenient with Miss Lottie PAINE at her office. -- Secretary

Miss Van Zandt is Awarded Scholarship at Seminary

Miss Olean VAN ZANDT, who teaches this year at Spofford, Texas, played thru a revival in progress there recently and so impressed the evangelist with her faithfulness and ability that she has been awarded a scholarship in Baptist Seminary at Fort Worth. It is understood that Miss VAN ZANDT will avail herself of the opportunity offered her.

This is the second similar honor Miss Olean has won, entering competition with thirty others in a class at State University, and winning her scholarship by sheer pluck and splendid musical ability.

Miss VAN ZANDT will perhaps accompany an evangelistic team the coming summer for the season.

Ford Demolished On Comanche Hi-Way; Lights Out

When Mr. and Mrs. Walter SENNETT were returning from Comanche last Wednesday night, they narrowly escaped serious injury when their Ford Coupe was wrecked at a culvert a few hundred yards south of Rush creek bridge.

Mr. SENNETT was driving along at a fair rate of speed when his lights suddenly went out. Before he could bring the machine to a stop it left the roadway and crashed into a concrete culvert guard by the roadside and turned a somersault. So badly was the car wrecked that scarcely two parts were left together. It seems almost miraculous that the occupants were not killed, but they escaped with only minor injuries.

The car is said to be almost a total loss.

O.E. Clark Building Nice Home on Armstrong Ranch

Mr. and Mrs. O.C. CLARK returned some weeks ago from a stay of several years in the panhandle at Lockney, and will again reside on their ranch on Armstrong river, four miles east of De Leon. They have a crew of workmen busy just now erecting a home on their farm that will rank with the best farm houses in Comanche county, costing several thousand dollars to complete.

Duster School Notes

The girls met Thursday November 19th to organize their basketball team. They elected Odell JAINER captain, Grace CARTER, Sub-captain; Emily HUDDLESTON, Treasurer; Lula HADAWAY, reporter and Mrs. Mattie HAYNES as coach.

They have been practicing and have an excellent team if they will only continue to improve day by day.

They have not yet arranged the schedules of games, but they are ready to play.

The line-up is as follows: Ordell JAINER, Lula HADAWAY, Forwards; Emily HUDDLESTON, Forst Center Jump; Grace CARTER, Second Center Jump; Edith and Viola HALE, guards.

The subs are: Iola McCLELLAN, Gladys CARTER, Mollie GRAY, Wilma GRAY, and Opal BRYAN. -- Reporter

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