De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 30, 1925

Henry Bryant Narrowly Escapes Death at Refinery

Thursday last week came near being a red letter day on the calendar for Henry BRYANT, stillman at De Leon Refinery. BRYANT was overcome with gas and attending physician stated that had comrades been five minutes longer discovering him and dragging him to safety he would not have survived.

BRYANT was writing up his reports in the usual place, his desk being in the still house near the place where the gas enters the pipe lines on the way to storage. There is often a little gas in the place, but not in sufficient quantity to overcome one. It was while engaged at this task that he lost consciousness and it is believed he remained an hour breathing the poisonous fumes before J.P. HOWELL discovered him there. He was taken from the still house shortly after six o’clock p.m. and it was after nine when attending physicians succeeded in reviving him.

BRYANT has had four attacks of pneumonia and this fact perhaps rendered his lungs the more susceptible to the poison fumes. He is now up and about town, but is as yet unable to resume his work.

Violin Teacher Moved Here From Comanche

Walter SENNETT, instructor in violin, recently moved from Comanche to De Leon, having divided his time between these two points for the past year. Mr. SENNETT came from Dallas to Comanche and began coming to De Leon two afternoons a week. His class here has grown larger than his Comanche class, thus necessitating his moving here. Mrs. SENNETT accompanies him.

Former Citizen Returned Here From Old Alabama Home

W.H. BRIDGES returned to De Leon from near Montgomery, Ala. and immediately carried Mrs. BRIDGES to Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman where she underwent a major operation. The operation was had last Friday night and Mrs. BRIDGES is on the road to recovery.

Mrs. BRIDGES is a daughter of Mr. ALTUM of this place.

Justice Heath United His Second Mexican Couple

The second Mexican marriage performed by Justice Henry HEATH occurred last week when Mr. Robert HERRERA and Miss Carolina GARZA were united in marriage at the City Hall where they and friends accompanying called for that purpose. HERRERA has been living with other Mexicans on route 5. Miss GARZA has lived with Mr. and Mrs. L.I. MILLER five years, coming with them from McAllen. She is one of some twelve or fourteen children of a widow who formerly lived in the Magic Valley. When Miss GARZA last hear of her mother she was on the King ranch near Kingsville. She does not know of her whereabouts now. Miss GARZA is 18 years of age. HERRERA is older.

Mr. and Mrs. HERRERA are now living on De Leon route 5, it is reported to Free Press.

Dabney Store Burglarized of Gun and Knives Wed. Night

A burglary occurred Wednesday night, thieves removing a glass in the rear door of Dabney Hardware Co. After completing their visit inside the building, the glass was replaced, but not well fastened in.

The burglar took a 23-guage repeating target rifle, vale $20.00, the gun having been sold to Jack DYER some days before. It was when DYER sent for the gun Thursday morning that the burglary was discovered. Knives valued at $3 or $4 were missing and about $2 in change was taken from the cash drawer.

Mr. HAZELWOOD, whose grocery store is near the rear entrance to Dabney’s had unintentionally gone away Wednesday night and left his store door open. Nothing was molested.

Son of C.C. Hampton had Tonsil Operation

James, the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. HAMPTON, had an operation last Friday at Blackwell Sanitarium for the removal of tonsil adenoids, having a very badly condition of throat. He is recovering nicely.


On October 12th the Lord in His infinite wisdom saw fit to take from a host of sorrowing friends and loved ones, to a world of joy and gladness, free from pain and suffering, the immortal soul of Mrs. Emmett RIPPETOE.

On September 30, a fine baby girl was born into this home. After several days of careful and hopeful treatment, the family physician advised that the mother be carried to Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman but to no avail. On the night of October 12th, at 11:30 o’clock the end came and on the same night her lifeless body was brought back to the home that had been broken up and clouded with sorrow and grief over her going. The writer has never seen one in their last hours on earth fight more bravely and hopefully to the end than she. She held but in hope and prayer until the last hour that she might be spared a few years more to help her husband in rearing their children. But He who doeth all things well, whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts; the One who giveth and taketh away, saw fit to take her to that home where once the soul is wafted, remains forever in His blessed presence!

Mrs. RIPPETOE was formerly Miss Lucy GEORGE. She was 28 years of age and was mother of six children, the two eldest have preceded her in death. She was a devout Christian, and joined the Church of Christ in 1921. She was a kind and patient mother, a loving companion and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She lived the life that made friends and no enemies, and the joy of her presence will be greatly missed by all who knew her. She leaves a husband and four children ages five years and less, who will never realize the full meaning of a mother’s love. Funeral and burial was at Round Grove cemetery where Eld. LAMBUTH of Rising Star and Walter PARTIN of Purvis spoke the words of comfort to a host of sorrowing relatives and friends.

Local News

Mr. Percival WHITLOW and family have recently moved from Stephenville to this city where they will reside for some time. Mr. WHITLOW’S two young daughters will teach the coming winter, their work beginning next Monday. Mr. WHITLOW is a relative of the editor of the Free Press.

Mrs. R.W. BELL had a nasal operation at Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, Wednesday of the past week. She is now at home and doing nicely.

Emmett Lee HOWARD and Edmond GRIZZELLE, Tarleton students, were spending Sunday with home folks.

Round Grove News

Ed RIPPETOE was carried to Blackwell Sanitarium last Thursday. He is reported to be improving slowly.

J.L., the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil CORBELL, is up again from a lingering spell of typhoid fever.

On last Wednesday people of this community and other adjoining communities gathered at Ira ROSS’s cotton patch and picked over two thousand pounds of cotton for him. Ira has been unable to do any work for a year. On Thursday following these good people met and took up Emmett RIPPETOE’s peanuts. On Monday following they again met at Arthur WINSON, whose wife has been down for several weeks with typhoid fever, and took up all his peanuts. This certainly proves that these people believe in helping the needy, bear the part with them they are unable to bear.

R.L. RIPPETOE and family of San Saba County are here on a few days visit.

Mrs. George ROSS has been at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Joe ELY, who has been down several days with typhoid fever.

Walter RIPPETOE and family of Stephens county have recently moved in the house with Emmett RIPPETOE.

The little infant of Emmett RIPPETOE is some better at this writing.

Card of Thanks

We take this means of expressing to our friends and neighbors, in fact all those who came to our aid during the great trial through which we have passed in the loss of wife and mother, our sincerest thanks for every act of kindness and helpfulness and word of sympathy. May the blessings of God reward each of you.

Emmett RIPPETOE and children

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