De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 16, 1925

Mayor Lowe Resigns After Long Service

Mayor W.E. LOWE has resigned. His resignation was placed with the commissioners some four weeks ago, and was acted upon at a regular meeting of the body early in the week. The Commission reluctantly accepted the resignation, doing so only at the insistence of Mr. LOWE. His reasons for relinquishing the place are fully set forth in his statement following herewith.

Mayor LOWE has served long and faithfully. He took the reins of city government at a vital time and his seasoned good judgment and business experience, coupled with an intimate knowledge of city affairs, saved the city from going on the rocks more than once. Safe and competent men, working with him on the Commission have succeeded in putting city affairs in as good shape as it is possible for them to be.

In an early issue the Free Press will have more to say of Mr. LOWE’s administration. His own statement follows:

To The Commissioners Of The City Of De Leon


In accordance with my verbal statement to you some weeks past, I now tender you my resignation as Mayor.

I adopt this course for a number of reasons to be given later, but first of all I desire to say, that while I shall feel to a certain extent relieved when my resignation is accepted, yet, there is a sincere feeling of regret on my part because of the good feeling and understanding existing between us.

You have been kind and considerate, relieving me so far as possible of work and worry and so far as I knew, we have not at any time disagreed on any material matter.

My personal business for sometime has been located some distance from De Leon and during the working hours of the day, I am seldom in the city, hence, I feel that you have been inconvenienced and that at times a meeting has been delayed by reason of my absence; this not strictly necessary, but by reason of a deference on your part to my convenience.

It was my intention to resign after the April election, as at that time I had served the equivalent of two full terms of two years each and I saw no opportunity to in any way be of special service.

An accumulation of personal business situated as I have stated makes it very undesirable for me to carry any unnecessary burdens.

Personally and as a citizen, I feel that the affairs of the city are in good hands and having no illusions as to the value of my own services, those stated, together with other reasons not necessary here to mention have moved me to take this course.

In your wok for the future, I assure you of my good will and co-operation as a citizen and I appreciate the fact that the service you are rendering is without pay, but I also realize that conditions will demand, for years to come, the same service of its citizens and it is the duty of each to do his part.

Sincerely, W.E. LOWE


The marriage of Mr. Willie Joe ROSS to Miss Bernice FARMER occurred at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARMER, in the south part of the city, at 7:00 o’clock p.m. Saturday, October 10th. Rev. Seba KIRKPATRICK of the Methodist church spoke the words of the wedding ceremony uniting them. Relatives of both contracting parties, and a few friends were present to witness the impressive ceremony.

Miss FARMER has lived in De Leon for about ten years and in this time has won for herself scores of devoted friends who wish for her the fullest measure of happiness. Mr. ROSS, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS was reared in De Leon. He is likable, industrious and successful, being among De Leon’s younger business men, part owner of De Leon Laundry, and his many friends extend congratulations and best wishes.

The Free Press numbers these as among De Leon’s choicest young people and cannot find words too lavish to use in wishing them supreme happiness and genuine good fortune as they voyage over the sea of life together.

Lyle & Houk Buy Charlotte Hotel, Eastland

A.E. LYLE and A.H. HOUK, both of this city, have completed a deal for the Charlotte Hotel at Eastland. Mrs. LYLE is in Eastland now in charge of the hotel. Mr. HOUK expects to go there soon to take charge permanently.

Mr. LYLE spent several days in Eastland the past week considering the purchase and looking over the situation. He is well pleased with the outlook and expects to build a reputation there that will keep the Charlotte filled to the last room, as he has the Travelers here.

The Charlotte is situated on the southeast corner of the square in the city of Eastland. It is a modern brick structure comprising ample and attractive lobby and dining room and forty guest rooms. The building is two stories and was built eight or ten years ago. It is the largest hotel in Eastland. Mrs. LYLE is opening the dining room this week, it having been closed for some time.

Mr. LYLE asked the Free Press to make it clear that he did not intend leaving De Leon. Nor has Mrs. LYLE gone there to remain permanently. Mr. HOUK will have charge of the Charlotte, Mr. LYLE told Free Press reporter.

Comyn Will Hold Second Annual Fair Next Tuesday; Hundreds Are Expected

Tuesday, Oct. 20, is the date which has been set for the second annual Community Fair at Comyn which will be held at the school building. Preparations are being made to make the present project one of the most successful community fairs ever held in this section…………

The following officers and committees were selected at the last meeting of the association:

President, G.R. GOOSBY; Vice-president, C.M. CARRAWAY; Finance committee, S.D. STRONG, S.B. GEORGE, C.S. DRY, H.J. MOORE, W.T. HAZZARD, R.M. MILHOLLIN; Entertainment committee, Mrs. J.O. HAM, Chairman, Mrs. H.R. BOSWELL, Mollie GRISHAM, Mrs. Conway THOMPSON, Mrs. HAVIS, George CARAWAY, H.B. COX; Decoration committee, Pearl SLOAN, Chairman, Ruby BARHAM, Mrs. J.O. HAM, Mrs. Davis GARNER, Mrs. Tom HOOD, Audie FLOYD, Miss Bertha ROSS; Publicity committee, C.M. CARAWAY, B.L. PAINTER, H.B. BOSWELL.

Department Heads: Field Crops: Corn, S.H. BAKER, J.H. HERRICK; cotton, C.S. DRY, H.J. MOORE; sorghum, Ed THOMAS, J.J. MONTAGUE; peanuts, J.J. HUGHES, J.D. STEPHENS; small grains, J.L. BARNES; watermelons, E. HAVIS, H.B. COX, J.L. NANCE; peas, M.L. DOGGETT; livestock; C.M. CARRAWAY, chairman, J.J. MONTAGUE, S.T. COOK, Lee SPRUILL; poultry, J.O. HAM, Tom HOOD, J.H. VAUGHN; fresh vegetables Mrs. J.S. NANCE, Mrs. M.R. SWEEDEN, Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT, Mrs. Dixie SPRUILL,. Audie FLOYD, Mrs. T.W. DICKEY; fresh fruits, B.L. PAINTER, W.W. MATHIS, W.J. PRESTON, Clarence FLOYD; pumpkins, Clarence FLOYD, S.H. BAKER; Culinary Dept., Mesdames N.E. SWEEDEN, H.A. WATSON, H.J. MOORE, G.R. GOOSBY, J.D. STEPHENS; Home Economics Dept., Miss Lela VAUGHN, chairman, Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, Mrs. J.L. BARNES, Miss Stacea SPRUILL, Mrs. G.R. GOOSBY, Mrs. C.S. DRY; Fine Arts Dept., Mrs. Henry FLOYD, chairman, Mrs. Iva PAINTER, Mrs. J.O. HAM, Miss Lela VAUGHN, Mrs. H.J. MOORE; Flowers, Miss Mollie GRISHAM, Mrs. J.H. REAGAN, Miss Bertha ROSS.

Dr. Inzer’s Two Daughters Seniors

Miss Patti Faye INZER left some days ago to enter Baylor Medical College, Dallas, where she is in her senior year and will receive her M.D. degree at the end of the school year next June. Miss INZER graduated at Baylor, Waco, with literary degree some two or three years ago and immediately took up medicine. She will have the honor of being the first De Leon woman in the history of the town to qualify as a Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. and Mrs. INZER have two daughters who are seniors this year. Miss Bernice is in the graduating class of De Leon high school.

G.W. Thomas Dead

After nine months of sickness, George W. THOMAS died at the home of his son, C.L. THOMAS, in Rotan, Sunday at 12:20. He had been slowly sinking for two or three days and friends and relatives had watched by his bedside for days, expecting the end any time. Shortly after noon he peacefully dropped off to sleep, to wake in the home above, which he had spent a life-time in making preparation to enjoy.

George Washington THOMAS was born in Jefferson County, Alabama, December 5th, 1950/ Died August 30th, 1925, being 74 years, 8 months and 25 days old. A long life and a useful one, few of us will live as long or live as well.

He was married to Miss Sarah Elizabeth FULMER September 17, 1876, in Blunt County, Alabama. To this union was born eleven children, one of which is dead, the remaining ones, five girls and five boys, were all with him when the end came, except a daughter who lives at Sulphur Springs. They are J.W. THOMAS of Logansport, La., Mrs. Dora DENBY of De Leon, Miss Maudie THOMAS of Rotan, Mr. Kirby THOMAS of Roby, Mrs. Mattie DENBY of Sulphur Springs, Mrs. Stella PENDERGRASS of Rotan, Mrs. Sadie SMITH of Gorman, Mr. Leonard THOMAS of Lubbock, Mr. Andy THOMAS of Rotan and Mr. Charlie THOMAS of Rotan. His aged wife, his life-long companion, also survive him.

Mr. THOMAS moved to Kaufman County, Texas, in 1886. In 1901 he moved to Comanche County, and in 1919 to Fisher County and has resided here since.

He was converted when a young man and joined the Missionary Baptist church. He was an active Christian throughout all his active years. He was a deacon in the Baptist church from the time his oldest children remember, having to give up his active life a few years ago when his eyesight became seriously impaired. He and Mrs. THOMAS brought their church letters with them and were intending to place their membership with the Dowell church but bad health prevented them from enjoying this connection.

Funeral services were conducted at the Dowell church Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock by Rev. Chas. R. SMITH, pastor of the Baptist church of Roby, interment in Dowell cemetery immediately following.

During his last illness Mr. THOMAS suffered great pain at times, but he bore his suffering with Christian fortitude, and as he realized the end was approaching he said he was ready to go. He had no fear of death. To him death was a friend who would relieve his pain and bring happiness. He looked on his venture into the new world as a visit to his old friend, Jesus, whom he had loved and served for y ears, and who proved a friend and help him through all his trials and troubles. He could say with all confidence:

"Jesus is all the world to me, I have no better friend. I trust him now, I trust him when Life’s journey shall end."

To the sorrowing relatives and friends we would say, weep no more. Though it is sad to part with loved ones, he is happier than any who are left behind, and happier than any can ever be while on this earth.

©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.