De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 9, 1925

Early Morning Fire Sunday Did Minor Damage

Fire broke out shortly after five o’clock Sunday morning in the rear of the City Meat Market and was burning briskly when discovered. No one was in the building when the fire started and when Lee HOLLAND, one of the proprietors, was coming down to open up at gray dawn he discovered smoke filling the building of the De Leon Meat Market, which is four buildings up the street from his place. He turned in the alarm believing the fire was in the building of his competitor.

Upon closer investigation it was found that smoke had filled all these buildings between the two markets, all under one roof, with the fire walls between. It was some minutes after the line of hose had been laid before the fire was discovered. Two lines of hose were laid and the small blaze quickly extinguished.

The fire originated in a portion of the rear of the market used for a clothes hanger. Several suits of clothes, a leather overcoat and numerous articles of work clothing were hanging around the three sides of the closet. It is not known how the fire originated, but it is probable that matches in the pockets of some of the clothing and the work of mice may have been the cause.

Mr. HAFFORD had removed some money from his cash drawer and slipped it under a board back in this very closet. After the blaze was extinguished he groped his way back thru the smoke and found the money. "Speaking of money burning your pocket," Mr. HAFFORD said. "This money was hot enough to burn its way thru your pocket." It was not damaged, however, he stated.

HAFFORD and HOLLAND were the heaviest losers, their damage being mostly from smoke and water.

F.E. Carter Now With Nash Auto Co. As Dallas Salesman

F. E. CARTER was home from Dallas the week end visiting with his family after an absence of about ten days. Mr. CARTER has accepted a position with the Nash Automobile sales Co. of that city as salesman and returned there early in the week to resume his work. Mrs. CARTER and son, Charles, will remain here until the close of the school year, Charles, being in his senior year and desires to graduate from De Leon school.

Introducing Mr. R.N. Gaines

The Free Press has added Mr. R. N. GAINES of Sulphur, Okla., to its shop force, and Mr. GAINES is now on the job. Mr. GAINES comes to the Free Press, well recommended and will in all probability be here for some time. Having labored day and part of the nights during the past thirty days to keep the business moving in a fairly normal manner, the Free Press editor affirms without hesitation that Mr. GAINES is "welcome to our city."

Burglars Take $200 Worth Tires From Self Service Station

Burglars entered Self Service Station some time during the night Sunday and stole twelve casings, new stock, which the firm had just received. The tires were U.S. Cords and fabrics, and were valued at $200.00.

The thieves gained entrance to the building by prizing open a rear window, but left by the front door, which was secured by a latch. Nothing else in the building was molested so far as Manager Earl McCLELLAN could ascertain.

There is no clew to the robbery.


Pastor Preached On Building Theme Last Sunday

Last Sunday morning Pastor J.N. CAMPBELL spoke on the proposed new church building on the two texts: "Except Jehovah build the house, They labor in vain that build it." Build the house and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith Jehovah."

………….Mr. CAMPBELL asserts that he has never seen a church undertake anything with more unanimity and confidence.

The finance committee for the new Baptist church building which was elected last Sunday is composed of the following: Mesdames J.H. GRIZZELLE and John NUNNELLEY; Messrs. J. Doss MILLER, B.J. PITTMAN, S.D. WEST, Dr. J.E. SELF, G.C. HORNSBY, J.F. OWEN, E.C. HAYS, J.W. HOWARD, B.C. CHAMBERS, H.F. SHORT, C.E. CONLEE, W.H. WILLIAMS, O.A. RIDDLE, Z.C. STEAKLEY, Dr. H.H. INZER, R.R. HARVEY, C.H. SHARP, and F.T. DANFELL. The committee held its first meeting on Monday evening.

The study course for the Intermediate B.Y.P.U. will be held week after next. Every evening for five evenings there will be two study periods with a lunch recess in between. The Intermediate B.Y.P.U. manual will be mastered and a diploma will be awarded for successful standing of the examination, on it and the new union, will be organized with those taking the study course as charter members.

Miss Lizzie MILLS is sending in the following subscriptions for "The Baptist Standard: Mesdames S.F. HAMPTON, J.P. TODD, J.H. GRIZZELLE, E.E. GENTRY, Joe KEMP, W.A. NUNNELLEY, J.E. SELF, S.A. MILLS, C.E. CONLEE, Z.C. STEAKLEY, J.M. FIELDS, and R.L. NORTHCUTT. Miss Jimmie D. INZER and Messrs. B. WILLIAMSON, J.N. CAMPBELL, E.C. HAYS, C.H. SHARP, R.R. HARVEY, B.C. CHAMBERS.

Luncheon Honoring Pioneer Banker Thursday

At the Travelers Hotel at noon Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN were host and hostess to a party of friends at a sumptuous dinner honoring Mr. and Mrs. William DALE of Corning, California, who were spending several days in the city this week guests of friends. Mr. and Mrs. DALE are on an extensive tour, having visited in their former home, Omaha, Nebraska, in Chicago and are now stopping with friends in a number of Texas towns while enroute back to the coast.

The luncheon was given in honor of "twenty-five years of pleasant acquaintance and business association," Mr. PITTMAN stated, it having been considerable more than a quarter of a century since Mr. and Mrs. DALE came to De Leon from Nebraska and he opened De Leon’s first bank in a little plank building on the lot now occupied by Swagerty Filling Station. It was a private bank and was called "The Bank of De Leon." Mr. DALE opened the first bank here in 1893. The bank of De Leon continued until January 1, 1901, during that time Mr. DALE having associated with him in the bank Estelle SPENCER and Arthur WALDROP. On that date the bank was re-organized and changed into the First National Bank.

Mr. DALE remained with the bank until 1903, when he sold his interest and moved to California. Mr. PITTMAN was constantly at the head of the institution from 1901 until 1918 when the bank was sold at the beginning of the oil boom period.

With the organization of the First National in 1901, Mr. DALE was made its first president, W.C. STREETY was vice-president. B.J. PITTMAN was cashier. These three served on the board of directors as did also J. Doss MILLER and J.W. GORMAN, deceased.

Taking the visit of Mr. and Mrs. DALE as a pleasant means of drawing together the body which had been associated for so long in those early years in business and social life, Mr. and Mrs. PITTMAN extended the invitation to the Thursday luncheon. The number present were Mr. and Mrs. DALE, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. SPENCER of Cisco, and Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT.

Mr. and Mrs. DALE are leaving today for Rotan and Hamlin where they will visit the DAY family who formerly lived here.

Birthday Party

"Buster" WHITTLE celebrated his 5th birthday at Hotel Bills last Friday afternoon, his mother, Mrs. WHITTLE, having invited a large number of guests to be present for the occasion. Buster received his guests in a most gracious manner, acknowledging the many pretty and useful gifts the children brought, all pretty, and all "useful" to a little boy of five in the world in which he lives.

The cake and its five tiny candles delighted Buster and his guests as well as the interesting games engaged in by the party at the direction of Mrs. WHITTLE. The guests present were:





Gayle and Ruth FOSTER

Robert, Dorothy and Ruth COOK

Clark DUKE

Mary Gene and George VAUGHN

Martha Faye BARKER

Elizabeth and Bill BAGWELL

Harold and Norman Lynn KUHN

Elizabeth CARTER

Elaine and Virginia SCOTT

Virginia HORN

Woodly BUTLER, Jr.

Josie Beth ALLEN

Ice Cream and angel cake were served after which all departed.

Miscellaneous Local News

Miss Katie HANEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. HANEY, had an operation at Gorman Sanitarium on Tuesday of last week and is now at home after ten days in the sanitarium under the care of physicians and nurse. She is recovering nicely.

Editor Claude ADAMS of the Desdemona paper, which was destroyed some weeks ago by fire, was on business at the Free Press office this week. ADAMS is leaving Desdemona, having lost two good newspaper plants by fire there in sixteen months, each being equipped with type setting machines, his loss running into thousands with each fire. ADAMS will in the very near future open a job printing plant at Lubbock.

Katy Komment

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. TIDWELL of Sweetwater and Mrs. O.L. TIDWELL of Cisco spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. C.H. TIDWELL.

R.L. WILLIMAN is back on the brakeman board. Brakeman ELLIS of Greenville has been called back and also brakeman WHITTEN have been put back on the brakeman board.

Bill SALTER has taken the Stamford yards as foot board master.

Frank KNOX has been holding down passenger 200.

Doc WARE has purchased a Ford.

L. EASTERLING has been holding down branch passenger relieving P. SHAVER.

Desdemona Boy Recovering of a Broken Neck

Desdemona, Oct. 8 – By what physicians pronounce little short of a miracle, Martin MAY, the Desdemona youth, whose neck was broken in a dive into shallow water in Red River, July 25, has survived the ordeal and is on the road to slow recovery. MAY, son of a Desdemona druggist and graduate of last year’s high school class, was visiting a friend in Sherman when the accident happened. The dislocation was of such a character that physicians held out no hope to his family at the time, but expressed surprise when he survived the trip to his home, where he was brought as it is supposed to die. He will have to wear a cast for years, if not for life, it is said, but danger of death from the injury is now apparently passed.

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