De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 2, 1925

Miss Letha Smith Seriously Hurt In Automobile Mishap

Sunday afternoon while going from De Leon to Cisco, Miss Letha SMITH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH of this city, received serious injury when the car in which she was riding collided with another machine on the Eastland-Cisco pike. Miss SMITH was in company with Mr. Stewart CATE, a friend from Breckenridge, who was driving a Ford roadster. They me a man in a Dodge car, and it is not known just how or why, but the two machines came together head-on.

Miss SMITH was thrown violently thru the frame of the windshield, the glass having shattered when the machines struck, and sustained a bad laceration over the temple, from which she was unconscious for some time. She was also cut on both lower limbs, and she was bruised severely about the body.

A passing car picked them up and she was hurried to Cisco where medical attention was given. Later she was moved to her home here where she is confined to her bed. Thursday at noon she was resting well and with no complications will be recovered soon. Neither Mr. CATES nor the other man were injured.

Lost Ford Coupe In Early Morning Fire Tuesday

Bryan LIVINGSTON, Higginbotham groceryman, had the misfortune to lose his Ford coupe by fire early last Tuesday morning. LIVINGSTON had driven the machine down town early in the morning to open the store and parked in the alley, alongside the building. Fire developed under the car, probably in connection with the ignition system, and before it could be extinguished the body had been destroyed.

LIVINGSTON carried home insurance but the Free Press did not learn in what amount.

Fire Damage Is Narrowly Averted By Mrs. Neill

Fire broke out in the house of Mrs. W.A. NEILL at Abilene last Saturday and the building was damaged to the extent of about $1500.00. Mrs. NEILL is the wife of the pastor of De Leon Methodist Circuit and operates a boarding house in the south residential portion of Abilene.

The fire was gotten under control before the furniture and fixtures were seriously damaged, much of the furnishings being removed from the building. Her loss is negligible, Pastor NEILL said.

Col. J. Doss Miller Again Honored By Cotton Palace

At a meeting of the officials of the Texas Cotton Palace at Waco some two weeks ago, Uncle Doss MILLER was elected for the "teenth" time as honorary vice president of the Cotton Palace. "Uncle Doss" has been the recipient of this honor for so many years that the Free Press has forgotten just how long.

Uncle Doss always goes down to Waco on opening day and takes part in the festivities. His addresses before the body from time to time have found their way into the columns of the state’s big newspapers. He is one of a number of prominent men from various sections of the state to be named as honorary vice president of "Texas Second Largest Institution" of this kind.

Uncle Doss feels honored by the courtesy the Cotton Palace confers, and the honor is reflected to the community in which he is a valued citizen.


On last Monday night Mr. Carrell HARE and Miss Irene KIRK surprised their many friends by motoring over to Bro. W.L. SKAGGS where they were united in the happy bonds of matrimony.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. George KIRK of the Duster community and is the center of a wide circle of admiring friends. Mr. HARE, also of Duster, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John HARE and a young man of exemplary character and highly respected in his community.

Congratulations to these young people as they journey over life’s pathway together and may their life be as bright as their smiles on their wedding day. – A friend.


On Sunday, September 20, 1925, as the sun shone down in all its splendor declaring it to be a perfect day, tricky cupid cast his final dart, going straight through the hearts of Miss Ora Grace JENKINS (Bobby) and Mr. W.L. BURGESS. Cupid was not satisfied until it had plunged them into that deep unknown sea of matrimony, making them promise to "trust and obey until death do us part." The young couple breakfasted in Ranger, accompanied by the brides sister, Miss Lelia, and Mr. Charlie SMITH of Eastland. From Ranger they drove to Breckenridge where they were married by the Baptist pastor, Rev. C.R. SHIRAR, at the parsonage at high noon. They came back by way of Cisco, thence to Eastland and enjoyed a good show; thus was the end of a perfect day.

Miss Bobby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS is a well known and popular young lady of this city, having been reared here, spending all of her school days here, graduating in the spring of ’24.

Mr. BURGESS, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. BURGESS of Abilene, is a young business man of Eastland, of high standing and sterling character.

Mr. and Mrs. BURGESS visited his parents in Abilene, also taking in the Fair. They are now at home at 501 Dorsey Apartments, S. 2nd St., Eastland, Texas.

Both Mr. and Mrs. BURGESS have scores of friends who will be interested in their union and whish for them every thing that is joy and happiness. – Contributed.

Miscellaneous Local News

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BOSWELL fell from the windmill at their home last Friday afternoon and sustained a cut on the arm which necessitated three stitches to close. He is recovering nicely.

Mrs. Sarah DEAN, sister of J.H. RAGLAND, left Tuesday of last week to return to her home in Oregon, going via California to visit there.

Frank STEWART, a prominent member of the Masonic order, residing six miles south of Comanche, died at his home at 10:00 o’clock Wednesday night. It is understood a number of local Masons attended his funeral service at Comanche Thursday.

Miss Emma Jo BREWER, student this year at Simmons College, was home the past week-end for a brief visit.

Emmitt Lee HOWARD, student at John Tarleton College, was spending Sunday with home folks


J.I.G. Club

On Thursday afternoon, Sept. 17, the Junior girls met and organized the J.I.G. Club. The officers elected were:

President, Beryle JOHNSTON.

Vice-President, Launa FRETWELL.

Secretary-Treasurer, Ladelle FOSTER.

Reporter, Violet TODD.

Come on, Junior girls, and help us make this the best and peppiest club in school.

The F.F.G. Club

The Freshman girls met Sept. 23, 1925, and organized a club which shall be called "The F.F.G." The following officers were elected:

Allene WEAVER, president.

Grace SHORT, vice-president.

Blanche HANSFORD, sec.-treasurer

Christine AYERS, reporter. The club flower is a pink rose and the colors are pink and lavender. The motto is "B". The first entertainment will be at the home of Christine AYERS, Wednesday, September 30, 1925.

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