De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 25, 1925

Recent Births

Mr. and Mrs. Homer MARCHBANKS are the proud parents of a baby girl born into their home on September 13, 1925. Mother and baby doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam SELF of Heath addition are the parents of a baby boy, born to them on Sept. 15th. Mr. SELF is employed at the Swagerty Filling Station.

Mr. and Mrs. Hickman BEARD of Oliver Springs are the parents of a 10-pound boy, born on Wednesday, September 16.

Mr. and Mrs. Shorty GILCHREST of Ebenezer community have a 9 pound baby girl, born to them on Tuesday, September 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie K. JOHNSON of Wortham announce the arrival of a baby boy at their home. Mr. JOHNSON resided with Mr. and Mrs. C.H. TIDWELL here some two years having married since leaving De Leon.

Sipe Springs Hunters Reported Bagged Panther

Last week the Free Press carried a story about a panther having been seen several times of late in the Copperas Narrows vicinity. Many people hooted at the idea of there being a panther within a hundred miles of the Narrows.

But HOLDER, BROTHERS [or HOLDER Brothers], who were driving at night and had the beast spring at their car, striking the back fender, and afterwards following the machine along the road a distance, knew different. So did Jess NOWLIN, who was driving at night and had the big tawny cat jump into the road before his car, which ran ahead of him for a distance, then jumped over the fence into a field. Others heard the cat squalling, and it killed a calf on the COAN farm, partly devouring the carcass.

Last Saturday morning the cat appeared at gray dawn at the PERKINS farm, near Beattie. Mrs. PERKINS is reported to have heard the beast in the brush near their home and thought it was a yearling, but upon investigation found to their horror the beast thrashing about. Word was gotten over to Sipe Springs parties during Saturday and that night they came with a pack of hounds and gave chase to the beast. It was caught at dawn Sunday morning and was killed.

Anyone still doubting that a panther roved over the farms and pastured about Copperas Creek country these past weeks are referred to those Sipe Springs parties, who have the carcass to show.

(The information above was furnished Free Press by Messrs. CLEMENTS and JENKINS, De Leon, Rt. 2)

Forrest Well Not a Producer; Was Plugged

The oil test drilled on the E.W. FORREST tract, six miles north of De Leon, has been abandoned. It was plugged one day the past week and material and machinery will be moved from the location. The well showed for some oil, at times gushing into the derrick when agitated, but after being shot it was pronounced a failure so far as a producer of paying quantities of oil.

Both this well, the Fleming and the Lucky Six test, all within a few hundred yards of each other, have showed for some oil. The Fleming actually flowed some oil into the tank, but neither test has proved the presence of a large pool there.

Parent-Teachers Announce First New Year Meet

Parent Teachers Association will have first meeting of the year at South Ward Oct. 1st at 3:30.

Program: America………….


Teaching the Beginner…..Miss Golden JONES

The Health Crusade – Round Table Discussion Led by Mrs. W.E. LOWE

What the P.T.A. Can Do for Our School……Supt. D.M. RUSSELL

Officers for the Ensuing Year:

Mrs. Carl PITTMAN, president.

Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE, 1st vice-president

Mrs. Oscar HOWARD, 2nd vice-president.

Mrs. John HORN, 3rd vice-president.

Mrs. JETTON, corresponding secretary-treasurer

Miss Alpha MOORE, recording sec.

Miss Golden JONES, assistant sec.

Blacksmith Shop Is Sold This Week

Frank HOLLAND, local blacksmith, doing business just opposite Foust Lumber yard, has sold his shop to Mr. Oscar HOGAN, and has moved, or is moving soon, to west Texas to make his future home. Mr. HOGAN is an experienced smith and will doubtless do well in the location formerly occupied by Mr. HOLLAND.

In Other News

Mr. E.B. WILLIAMSON and his daughter and son, Edrie and James, have recently moved here from Iredell and the children are attending De Leon schools. Mrs. WILLIAMSON, a sister of C.H. TIDWELL, died some months ago at Iredell.

A list of names furnished by J.W. WALDROP, nurseryman representing the Baker Nursery, Higginson, Ark., shows much interest in commercial orchards. These represent the larger purchasers. There are scores of smaller ones:

Avery MOORE, 7 miles south of De Leon, 1,000 trees.

Mr. SIMPSON, east of Downing, 1,035 trees.

Mr. COAN, east Downing, 1,000 trees.

J.S. NANCE, Ebenezer, 500 trees.

J.C. LOCK, Ebenezer, 500 trees.

Jolin LIGHTFOOT, New Hope, 650 trees.

Mr. THOMAS, Suez, 500 trees.

Mrs. Matt ROSS, Duster, 500 trees.

A.D. ASH, Victor, 530 trees.

H.S. FREEMAN, De Leon, 200 trees.

Mr. STEWART, west Downing, 500 trees.

Henry DEAN, west Downing, 480 trees.

Arthur LOUDERMILK, Downing, 500 trees.

Newt PITTS, west Downing, 400 trees.

Mr. BAKER, Rucker, 500 trees.

C.C. OTWELL, Suez, 600 trees.

Rock Bluff

Miss Clara ROSS has been quite ill the past week, but is steadily improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff TATE and son and Mr. ? W. TATE of De Leon, visited relatives in this community Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. John WARE and daughter of De Leon, visited her mother-in-law, Mrs. Fannie WARE, Wednesday afternoon.

Grandpa HUNTSUCKER returned home Monday after visiting his children at Littlefield and Winter the past two months.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. JAMAR are the proud parents of a baby girl.

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