De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 18, 1925

Brother and Sister Meet Here After 34 Years

J.D. RAGLAND and his sister, Mrs. Sarah DEAN, have met again after the lapse of thirty-four years and seven months. Not during those decades have they seen each other, and for long periods of years have not heard from each other. Last week Mrs. DEAN arrived unannounced from her home in Salem, Oregon, and is spending some time visiting in the home of her brother on De Leon Rt. 4.

It was back in the fall of 1890 when the brother and sister separated at the old family home in Illinois. She went to Oregon and he cast his fate with people of the Lone Star State, married and has reared his family here. Neither family was given to roving, being steady, workaday people, and there was no time for such long visits. Now, after so many years it is a great pleasure for the brother and sister to be again united and recount the affairs of the years.

Mrs. DEAN will remain for some weeks and go to California to visit with another brother, and will return thence to her home at Salem.

Mrs. Dabney Dead

The death of Mrs. P.J. DABNEY, aged 85 years, 11 months and two days, west of Desdemona at 9:45 o’clock a.m. Friday, September 11th, 1925. Funeral service was held at the home at 4:00 o’clock p.m. Saturday following. Burial was at the family burying ground, on the premises, the husband and father and two young sons were buried there before her. Her husband died in 1901.

Mrs. DABNEY was born within the walls of old Ft. Nachodoches, October 9, 1839. She was reared amid the scenes of the day in which Texas history recorded stirring events, and before Texas came into the Union, when red men roved the plains of Texas and life was insecure.

In the year 1877, Mrs. DABNEY moved with her husband to the old homestead a mile west of Desdemona and has lived out the eventful years of her life there, except for a period of about ten years they lived in this city. Ten children were born into her home and these grew to manhood and womanhood on the farm which later became famous in oil circles. The farm that had yielded crops to sustain the family yielded its wealth of oil, some seventeen producing wells having been drilled on the old homestead in 1918-20.

Mrs. DABNEY was a staunch Christian. She united with the Christian Church in 1856, and all the years of her life proved the wealth of her Christian character. She was an invalid for perhaps twenty years, and had been practically helpless the past year prior to her death.

Her living children are: E.E. DABNEY, De Leon; Y.L. DABNEY, De Leon; Stan DABNEY, Dallas; Lee DABNEY, Desdemona; Mrs. A.J. KIVETT El Reno, Okla; Mrs. Alice FERRELL, Desdemona.

Mrs. Edmondson To Open Millinery Shop At Once

Mrs. J.T. EDMONDSON and small son left for Dallas Tuesday morning for the purpose of buying a stock of millinery which she will have on display the coming week. A portion of the front of the EDMONDSON tailor shop building will be cut off attractively painted or papered, and the necessary equipment for handling millinery added.

Mrs. EDMONDSON will also purchase a stock of gift goods which will be enlarged upon from time to time. She expects to put in a full line of Christmas gift goods at the proper time, she stated.

With her experience and business ability, the Free Press ventures to predict that Mrs. EDMONDSON will make a splendid success of her business investment.

South Ward Assignment

In the South Ward, R.C. BOSWELL is Principal and will instruct in Arithmetic and Science in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Mrs. DUKE will instruct in English, Drawing and Writing in the 5th, 6th and 7th; Mrs. JOHNSON will have classes in History and Geography in 5th, 6th and 7th; Miss Iris MOHON will teach the 4th grade; Miss Gladys JONES, the 3rd grade; Mrs. RUSSELL the 2nd grade and Miss Golden JONES the 1st grade.

High School Assignments

In the High School, Supt. D.M. RUSSELL will teach Vocational Agriculture; Principal E.C. JOHNSON will teach History; Prof. W.Z. COMPTON, Physics and Algebra; Miss ROBERTS, English; Miss EDMONDS, Latin and Spanish; Miss COLEY, Home Economics and General Science; Mrs. COMPTON, Mathematics III, Commercial subjects and English II.

North Ward

O.H. MOORE, principal, Miss Electra BEAUCHAMP and Miss Jewell JONES are the teachers of the Intermediate Department. In this department of the work an exchange of classes takes place on the plan of High School departmental work. Mr. MOORE teaches the Arithmetic through the three grades, Miss BEAUCHAMP, the Geography and Miss JONES the Grammar.

The other work of these grades is divided among these teachers: Miss Gladys RIPLEY has the First Grade and Miss Alpha MOORE has the Second Grade and half the Third Grade. Miss Lille SINGLETON half the Fourth, and half the Third Grade. There being six teachers to do seven grades it is necessary to divide one grade.

De Leon Folks On Visit To California Island, California

The Free Press editor and wife received a letter this week from Mrs. John GRISHAM, mailed from Avalon, Santa Catalina, Calif., where she had gone on her western tour. Mrs. GRISHAM is accompanied by her son, Gaston, daughter, Marjorie, and by Guy McCAIN of Somerton, Ariz.

Catalina is an island thirty miles off the southern California coast. It is famous for the submarine gardens, viewed from a glass bottom boat.


Mrs. Katie KUHN and children returned a few days ago from a visit with relatives in the panhandle.

Mrs. C.J. THOMPSON of Abilene was guest the past week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

Lloyd LEE has gone to College Station where he will study at A. & M. College the coming year.

Ewell LIGHTFOOT left the last of the week to enter school at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack JERMAN of Healdton, Okla, are here for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD. Mrs. JERMAN is a sister of Mrs. HOWARD.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. ? ADCOCK of De Leon, Rt. ?, on Thursday, Sept 10, a baby boy. All doing nicely.

Oliver Springs

Roy HAMMOND, little son of Ancil HILL is sick this week.

Miss Rubye Lee REEDE has gone to De Leon to attend High school.

Mr. Bob BURLESON was visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John BURLESON last week.

Mr. Clyde NABORS and family spent Friday with his father, N. NABORS.

Duster News

Most every one is busy picking cotton in this community.

Mr. Jake GRAY has resigned his position as truck driver for W.L. BLAIR and Mr. Homer SHELTON has accepted it.

Bro. H.F. SKAGGS and family are visiting their son at Chillicothe at this writing.

Misses Dora Faye McPHAIL, J.O. FOOTE, Faye and Inzer HATTOX and Mrs. Mattie HAYNES were among those attending the Teacher’s Institute last week.

Mrs. Mollie COUNTS of De Leon is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.B. GRAY.

Mr. Walter HATTOX is building a store this week. He’s had in a filling station for some time and he states that he has been making good on it.

They have completed the building of another room to Duster School, after consolidation of the Live Oak and Ninevah schools.


J.L. JENKINS and family of Spur, Texas are visiting his brother, W.C. JENKINS whom they have not visited in several years. While here, a family reunion was arranged which embraced practically all the near kin in this section. Some of these families had not met before in almost twenty years and never before had all the families been together.

This gathering took place in the picnic park at Dublin, Texas last Sunday and consisted of the following: D.F. McCARTY and family of Hico; Mrs. Lou STEWART and children of Ranger; Dan MARTIN and family of Dublin; Eugene JENKINS and children of Waxahachie; and W.C. JENKINS and family of De Leon, twenty six in all. All the brothers and sisters excepting Sam JENKINS of Oklahoma were present and had a most enjoyable time.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kindness during the illness and death of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. CROCKETT. Especially the different Church Aides do we thank for help in setting up.


Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CROCKETT

Mr. and Mrs. G.C. WETZEL

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. BARTLEY


Galye Waldrop Married

The Free Press is in receipt of a clipping from a Boulder, Colo. Newspaper giving details of the wedding of Gayle WALDROP, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WALDROP to Miss Gwendolyn MEUX, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MEUX, deputy Colonial secretary of Newfoundland. The wedding took place on the campus of Colorado State University where young WALDROP is assistant professor of Journalism. Miss MEUX taught art in the University of Oklahoma.

A mention of interest to De Leon people was the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DALE of Corning, Cal., friends of the WALDROP family, were in attendance at the wedding. Galye’s parents live at Dallas.

Gayle WALDROP finished Gatesville High school, finished Southwestern University, Georgetown, and graduated from Columbia University, New York, in 1922. He was instructor in Journalism at Southern Methodist University, Dallas in 1920-21. He was born in De Leon.

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