De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 11, 1925

Panther Is Seen Near The Narrows West of De Leon

A panther, cougar or Mexican Lion has made its appearance lately in the vicinity of the Narrows, some ten miles southwest of De Leon, and people as a general rule experience a creepy feeling when forced to be out at night, it is said.

The animal appeared about two weeks ago on the T.J. COAN farm, killing a four or five months old calf. Mr. COAN is reported to have seen the cat-like beast and judged it to weigh 200 or 300 pounds.

Jess NOWLIN saw the cat at the back of J.L. CLEMENT’s farm, some eight miles west of De Leon. NOWLIN was driving at night on a settlement road and the cat ran into the road ahead of him, running down the road for a hundred yards or so, and turned on him, bristling up, and when he stopped it jumped over fence into the field. The cat seems to be the same as the one killed several years on the SCOTT place.

Bob SCOTT, living 100 yards from the Copperas, saw the cat one night. It is said hounds refuse to run it. Others report hearing it.

Former De Leon Man Now Traveling For Intertype Co.

The Free Press has learned that Clyde HAMMERS, formerly associated with the Free Press and later with the Cisco Daily News, has accepted a position as salesman for the Intertype Corporation of New York and is assigned to central Texas territory. Mr. HAMMERS will serve as field man for the Company in his district, a position which the Free Press knows him to be amply able to fill.

Mr. HAMMERS is unquestionably the peer of any printer or Intertype mechanic, or operator, for speed and ability, ever working in De Leon, and has few superiors for speed in Texas. He has always been partial to the Intertype over its competitor, the Lynotype, and should succeed, if for no other reason, because he believes in the product he is selling.

In Appreciation Of A Faithful Correspondent

Perhaps not before in the history of the Free Press has the paper been favored with so efficient and capable service of correspondent as that of Percy DAVENPORT. This week DAVENPORT severs his connection with the paper to enter school at Texas Christian University. He graduated from Desdemona High School last May.

DAVENPORT, whose parents live about eight miles north of De Leon, has written for the Star Telegram the past few years, and also for county papers. He writes well and has gained valuable experience. He will take the course in journalism at T.C.U.

Free Press Must Change Printers; Locke To School

Doyle LOCKE, for some years "first lieutenant" in the mechanical department of the Free Press, has resigned his position, effective at once, and is leaving the last of the present week for Ft. Worth where he will enter school at Texas Christian University.

Thus far this paper is without a printer other than the combination editor, publisher, proprietor, compositor, solicitor, bindery, foreman, circulation manager, linotype operator, businessman, ager and janitor and office devil.

Aged Woman Died Monday Evening

Mrs. POWELL, mother of Mrs. Ermine POWELL who resided in the east portion of the city, died at the home of her daughter at 7:00 o’clock Monday evening, September 7th. She had attained the advanced age of 87 years and death came as a relief from much suffering. She had been ill at her daughter’s home for some time. Mrs. POWELL formerly lived at Comanche and after the funeral service at the home here Tuesday afternoon her mortal remains were taken to Comanche and laid to rest beside her husband.

Mrs. POWELL was the grandmother of Miss Martha WETZEL, who formerly taught here.

Front Page News of Local People

Mr. and Mrs. Bert PATTERSON and children of Roby were here the past week for a visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. PATTERSON. Mrs. PATTERSON, wife of Uncle Dory, is in poor health, her condition for some time causing the most serious apprehension.

Mr. and Mrs. Dock MACON of near Robinson Springs are the proud parents of a baby boy, born into their home on August 22nd. This is their fourth, the first three of their children being girls. It is no wonder that the young "heir" received a royal welcome.

Emilio VAN ZANDT arrived home last week and is spending some time with his parents. He finished the School of Journalism at State University, Austin, in June and has not yet entered upon the work that his education and training has fitted him for, however will do so soon. There is much demand for the services of men in the line and he should have not trouble in finding a place to his liking.

Mrs. W.S. BLACK and two young daughters returned last week from a pleasant visit in the home of their son and brother, Lavelle M. BLACK, also Mrs. Overa BROWN in Dallas.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. PINSON and children of Anson, Texas, have retuned to De Leon, Rt. 2, and will again make their home here. They have been in the west the past year.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin McCAIN and little daughter were up from Iredell early in the week for a visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. S.S. SMITH and children of Cisco have moved back and are living in the A.R. JARRETT house, a block from the high school building. Their many friends welcome them back.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. LOWRY and baby of Texarkana visiting Mrs. S.F. BALLARD and Mrs. Exa DODSON here this week. Mrs. LOWRY is Mrs. BALLARD’s granddaughter.

Duster News

Miss Lela HIGGINBOTHAM of Gorman visited her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM, last week.

Mrs. George BARBEE and children of New Mexico are visiting relatives here for three weeks.

Mr. Ernest CADENHEAD of Brownwood and Mr. Earl and Ramsey LOUDERMILK of Downing spent Monday in the home of J.C. CADENHEAD.


Mr. W.L. McQUISTON is home from Gorman sanitarium and is at work.

Mr. Clyde COLE has been working for the Humble Co. and has returned home.

Mrs. I.M.A. THOMAS who has been visiting relatives in this community has returned to her home at Gorman.

Desdemona News

Martin MAY, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. MAY of this city, has returned home after spending the past five weeks in a Sherman Sanitarium. May was severely injured in a disastrous dive into the shallow waters of Red River near Sherman five weeks ago. His condition is at present much improved despite reports to the contrary, according to attending physicians. MAY was a 1920 graduate of the Desdemona High school.

Leon COZBY, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.O. COZBY of De Leon, is at present employed on the farm of L.R. DAVENPORT. Mr. COZBY expects to be away from home for several months.

Oliver Springs

Mr. Levy COZART has moved to Gorman. They will be greatly missed in this community. Though sorry to see them go we wish them all good luck in their new home.

We are sorry to learn Mrs. Lella SMITH is worse this week.


.©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.