De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 28, 1925

This Mother And Daughter Visited by Stork Same Day

An unusual coincidence was the birth of a baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK, De Leon Rt. 5, on Friday August 21st, and on the same day the stork made a visit to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milton HUCK in Ft. Worth. Mrs. HUCK was formerly Miss Edith COOK. On the same day Mrs. COOK becomes mother and grandmother, Mrs. HUCK becomes mother and sister. Baby COOK becomes sister and aunt, and Baby HUCK becomes niece or nephew of the day-old aunt. (Free Press does not know whether Baby HUCK is a boy or girl.)

Thugs Break Into Mohon Garage and Steal Casings

Several garages were broken open last Thursday in the early part of the evening, and tools and casings to the value of $100.00 or more were taken. Cager MOHON and W.C. COCHRAN are the heaviest losers. Their cars were in the same garage at the MOHON residence. No one was at home, Mrs. MOHON being away at San Antonio visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lee BRILEY. Mr. and Mrs. COCHRAN were absent and Cager was at Weaver Drug Store at work. The thieves used a screw driver to remove the heavy door.

MOHON lost a spare balloon casing from the rear of his Ford Coupe, all the tools his car carried, dash light, rear view mirror, pear [sic] of trousers he had carried to have pressed, and other smaller articles. An attempt was made to remove his motor meter, which was unsuccessful. The spare tire had never been on the ground, MOHON said. His loss was $50.00 or $75.

COCHRAN lost an almost new spare tire and all his tools, about the same things being taken as from the MOHON car, except the personal effects.

The garage of Jack HAYNES, on the block across the street, was broken open the same night and things scattered about but Mr. HAYNES missed nothing.

It is reported that the garage of Mrs. WOODWARD, just east of the North Ward school building was broken open the same night but Free Press has not been able to verify the report.

These thefts, coupled with the hold-up of watermelon trucks on the Sabino River bridge, and at Cooner crossing recently, show evidence of an active band of crooks operating here. One of the watermelon men was relieved of $54.00 in cash, it is said. The thefts have in some respects shown evidence of the work of amateurs. Some believe the criminals are boys and that their arrest will not be long delayed.

De Leon Received First Bale of 1925 Cotton Friday

J.D. HOLMES, De Leon Rt. 2, farmer, brought to town the first bale of 1925 cotton on Friday, August 21st. The bale weighed 428 pounds and was ginned from a little over 1100 pounds of seed cotton.

Mr. HOLMES received a price of $24.35 for the bale, which brought $104.10. The seed brought $12.25. The $6.00 ginning charge was donated by the Planter’s Gin Co., and the merchants of the town subscribed a cash premium of $5.50 making a total of about $172.85 Mr. HOLMES received for the first bale. Steakley & Smith purchased the bale.

On the same day S.A. COOPER, De Leon Rt.2, also brought in a bale and a little later C.S. DRY of De Leon Rt. 5 came in with a bale.

Dyson & Morris To Open Cotton Yard On Old Lot

Bob DYSON and Uncle Charley MORRIS have arranged to open a cotton yard on the same yard upon which Uncle Charlie used to weigh cotton years ago. The yard is the quarter-block, immediately west of the Methodist Church. The lot is being cleared of machinery and material by the precinct road men and will be in readiness for cotton immediately. They solicit the patronage of cotton growers.

Butler Family Has Reunion Last Week

The children of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER were home for a visit over last week end, the first time in about a year. Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BUTLER and children from Graham; Mr. and Mrs. Roe BUTLER from Rotan, and Mr. and Mrs. A.C. TANKSLEY from El Paso.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank each and every one of our friends for being so good and so kind, during the death of our loving husband and father. – Mrs. D.J. SOLLEY and children.

Local News

Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL the first of the week enjoyed a visit from her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. COPELAND. Mr. COPELAND is Cashier of the Brownfield State Bank.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Reuben SWANNER, De Leon Rt. 5, on Friday August 21, a boy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie ESTES in this city on Tuesday, August 25th, a baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram SMITH are the proud parents of a baby daughter, born to them at Blackwell Sanitarium on Tuesday this week.

Joe STRICKLAND, singing evangelist, whose last meeting just closed in the Gainsville district, is spending a few days with his father and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. S.G. UNDERWOOD spent Sunday in Dublin visiting a brother of Mrs. UNDERWOOD’s who has recently returned from a trip to Europe.

Norma Eugene is the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph JONES, making her advent into the world August 22nd, receiving a royal welcome into this home. Mrs. JONES was formerly Miss Q.T. BUTLER. All doing nicely.

Prof. and Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL and children were visiting in Bluff Dale this week, returning Wednesday. Their little daughter, Frances, is recovering from a tonsil operation at Gorman several days ago.

Mrs. P.B. SHIRO visited her daughter and attended the Style Show at Dallas, where her daughter was a model. Mrs. SHIRO’s son, who was employed at the bakery here until recently, had an operation at Dallas recently, and is convalescing there.

Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. Bill SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. WINKLES and children and Mr. Bill SMITH motored to Alexander Saturday attending the Baptist Association and returning Sunday.

W.L. BLAIR and W.N. HUDDLESTON have purchased them a new Chevrolet car. Also M. Eugene HARRIS has purchased a new Ford.


Mr. G.W. LARCADE and family left Tuesday for Brokenbow, Okla., where they will make their home.

Mrs. R.L. PAINTER and children spent Sunday with her father, Mr. T.D. CRADDOCK.

Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY and son L.G. Jr. spent Sunday with Mr. CARAWAY’s daughter, Mrs. Martha DAVIS.

Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK are the proud parents of a new girl baby.

Mr. and Mrs. Rube SWANNER are also the proud parents of a new baby boy.

Mrs. B.L. PAINTER gave her little daughter, Ruth, a party last Tuesday afternoon in honor of her second birthday. Ice cream and cake was served to a host of little folks.

Miss Naomi BARNES, daughter of Mrs. Effie BARNES of this place, who has been working at Waco the past year, was recently married to Mr. FREEMAN of Waco. Mr. and Mrs. FREEMAN will make their home in Waco.

Desdemona News

L.R. SONE, football coach for the Desdemona High School during the 1925-26 term arrived here last week from Slaton(?) to begin his duties for the coming year. SONE is a first class athlete and has won many honors while attending high school and college.

In Other News

Mr. and Mrs. S.W. EDMONDSON and children of Roby were visiting his brother, C.M. EDMONDSON and family at Comanche this week, incidentally dropping in at the Free Press for a call while passing. Mr. EDMONDSON said there was a strip of territory some ten miles wide and twenty-five miles long, extending east and west, in which Roby is situated, where crops are very poor. Spots throughout the West, he stated, are very fortunate as to seasons this year, he stated.

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