De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 7, 1925

Jesse Adams Is Buried at Plainview Home Friday

John C. ADAMS and family were visiting briefly with Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP this week returning from Plainview where his brother, Jesse ADAMS, was buried last Friday. At least John and Claud ADAMS and their mother of Dublin attended the funeral and burial. Mrs. John ADAMS and their son, Gayle, visited meanwhile at Rising Star.

Jesse ADAMS died in France on the last leg of his tour around the world, having contracted India fever while in that country. He was advised by physicians at Cairo, Egypt, to stop and let the fever run its course where hospital facilities and medical attention could be had, but declined, doubtless thinking to throw it off, and continued his journey, arriving in France where he died some three months ago.

The ADAMS family, upon receipt of the message of his death, wired $1,000.00 to the American consul in France to have the body embalmed and shipped. The matter was handled in a very unsatisfactory manner John ADAMS told the Free Press, the matter of embalming evidently not having been done at all, and the body was scarcely recognizable when taken from the sealed lead container in which shipped.

Jesse ADAMS was a deservedly popular and successful Texas newspaper man. He once owned and edited the Comanche Exponent, later moving to Plainview where he successfully operated the Plainview News over a long period of years. Several years ago his wife and two children burned to death in a fire which destroyed their home at Plainview. One daughter survived and is now married and resides at Plainview where her husband, E.Q. PERRY, is in charge of the ADAMS estate. The estate of his brother, John said, would perhaps run as high as $60,000.00 or $70,000 including insurance policies carried, this falling to the daughter, Mrs. PERRY.

First Annual Picnic Of Ross Family Is Held

On the C.R. CARRUTH place, six miles west of town, on Thursday, July 30th, a picnic was held. The event was to be the first annual picnic, or reunion if you please, of the children and near relatives of the late Jake A. ROSS. Forty-seven were present and spent the day quite pleasantly on the Sabano in the beautiful pecan grove Uncle Charley CARRUTH is developing, the picnic ground being beside a living spring of clear, sparkling water.

There was no fixed program, the day being spent informally and pleasantly. Lunch was served at noon, picnic fashion, spread under the great pecan trees. Iced tea, lemonade and watermelons were had in liberal quantities.

The time and place for the second annual ROSS picnic was not fixed but it is hoped that such an event shall hereafter be held each year.

The children of "Uncle Jake" Ross well known Texas pioneer, who lived for many years here, dying at the age of 92 years in the year 1910 are as follows: Jas. T. ROSS, De Leon; Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH, De Leon; Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT, De Leon; L.G. ROSS, Gorman; Mrs. Perry ROBERTSON, Stephenville; Mrs. Susie JOBE, Wichita Falls; Mrs. S.L. MULL, Suez.

The following were present at the picnic July 30th.

Mrs. Mollie ROSS and family, Sidney

Mr. Archie BOYD and family, Sidney

Miss Pearl BOYD, Sidney

Mrs. Romee FERGUSON, Sidney

Mr. and Mrs. Otie CLAYTON, Comanche

Miss Eulolia HILLY, Sidney

Mr. Frank ROSS and family, Comanche

Mr. Lon ROSS and family, Gorman

Mr. S.L. MULL and family, Suez

Mrs. M.A. MULL, Suez

Mr. C.R. CARRUTH and family, De Leon

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH, De Leon

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT, De Leon

Mr. Lewis GREENWALDT and family, De Leon

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. ROSS and family, De Leon

Miss Vera JOBE, Wichita Falls

Mrs. Nancy STEDDUM, Mt. Calm

Hornsby Again With The Dependable Store

Grover C. HORNSBY, who was for several years with the Dependable Store in De Leon, and who resigned to accept a position at Mart, is again on the old job. Mr. and Mrs. HORNSBY have been living at Downing for several months. His friends are glad to welcome him back to his old situation.


Monday, July 27, was regular initiatory night for De Leon Rebekah Lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARMER, and Emmett HOWARD were initiated by the De Leon Degree Staff. We welcome them to our order, and trust they will attend regularly.

Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, you missed a good time if you did not attend the Association. De Leon was well represented and the following members of the De Leon Lodge won honors: Mesdames H.G. GILLOCK, W.S. SNEAD, Lena DONNAHUE, and Miss Rowena FARMER.

The members of the new degree staff are as follows: Mesdames J.W. HAYNES, W.A. MONTGOMERY, H.G. GILLOCK, Lena DONNAHUE, W.S. FARROW, E.B. WALTON, S.R. UPSHAW; Misses Pearl STONE, Bernice FARMER, Eula MELVER, Leona COZBY, Jerry FITZGERALD; Messrs W.J. ROSS, Paul HOLLAND, Emmett HOWARD, and Joe TULLOS. The entire team is urged to be present Monday Aug. 10 as the team will drill after the regular lodge session is over.

Each and every member of the De Leon Rebekah Lodge is urged to attend. Donít let your lodge drag!

Mrs. J.W. HAYNES, N.G.

Miss Rowena FARMER, Sec.

Local News

Finny SHORT, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John SHORT, was taken to Gorman Sanitarium on Tuesday this week for an operation for appendicitis. At the hour this paper goes to press nothing had been heard regarding his condition.

Mr. and Mrs. Star INZER arrived here several days ago for a visit with their parents, after touring the Texas panhandle country. They live at Waxahachie now.

L.G. GRAVES, geologist for the State University in charge of the Big Lake oil fields, was here the past week end to employ carpenters to build a residence for his personal use at Best, Texas. H.W. LOCKE and Jess DYER and sons accompanied him to that place. Mrs. GRAVES and the three young sons are in California for a long visit with her parents.

Little Miss Will S. PATE of San Antonio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Atlas PATE, is here this week for a visit in the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ROSS and baby, Nancy, of Waco were in the city this week for a visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS.

A.E. LITSON, owner of De Leon and Brownwood Gas franchises, was on business in De Leon this week. Mr. LITSON said the consumption of gas has doubled in De Leon since the Refinery was connected up as a user.

Earl HOWELL has been spending some days guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr. He is on his vacation.

Mrs. G.H. HESTER of Cross Plains has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Curt GREGORY, and attending the Methodist training school during the week.

Rev. B.L. NANCE of El Paso was here early in the week for a visit with his brothers, T.H., J.S. and W.W. NANCE and sister, Mrs. W.L. GREER.

Mrs. SW.R. CLARK and baby of Oklahoma City have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr. for the past two weeks and will remain for some time yet before returning home.

Miss Urselle SELF is at home following her operation and quite serious illness at Gorman the past week. She has not made the progress toward recovery that had been hoped, but is steadily improving.

Martie McCAIN and wife were up from Iredell this week to get his mother and sister, Mrs. W.B. McCAIN and Miss Ida Belle, who will visit with them. Miss Ida Belle leaves in a few days to visit at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


Mrs. J.E. MILLS is at Gorman in the sanitarium. She was operated on. She is reported to be doing as well as could be expected.

Mr. H.B. MILLS, who has been visiting his daughter of Lampassas, has returned home.

Mrs. W.E. HOLMES is visiting her sister, Mrs. Raymond NEWSOME of Bunyan.

Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON of Live Oak spent the day with her sister, Mrs. B. L. PAINTER Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dutch CULWELL are spending their vacation at the following places: Galveston, Houston, Corpus Christi and other places.

Mr. and Mrs. SMITH of Chandeer, Okla., are visiting her brother, Mr. D.R. CeCOUN. A lawn party was given at their home Monday night. Cream and cake was served and a nice time was reported.

Duster News

Mr. J.C. HOOPER spent a few days this week in Breckenridge visiting his son, G.E. HOOPER.

Bob HATTOX and family of Stamford visited his brother, Walter HATTOX of this community a few days the past week.

Mrs. Henry FRANK of Trinity is visiting this week with her mother, Mrs. F.D. GARDENER.

Little Billie WINKLES has been quite ill this week but is some better at this time.

Mrs. W.L. SKAGGS and daughters Thelma, Jewell, and Lillian and sons, Byron, Stanley, and George, left Monday for Wichita Falls to visit Mrs. SKAGGS parents, Mr. and Mrs. WOODS.

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