De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 31, 1925

Charley Medford Grows Elbertas From The Seed

The claim that an Elberta peach cannot be produced true to type from seedling trees has been disproven by C.M. MEDFORD, De Leon, Rt. 2 farmer, who has twenty-five trees of this variety in bearing. Samples of fruit brought to the Free Press office from these trees this week were as fine as the finest Elbertas the writer has ever seen grown, the largest specimen measuring nine inches in circumference.

Mr. MEDFORD also has 300 trees of the Chinese Cling variety which were also grown from the seed and the fruit is very fine and the crop heavy. He will plant about 600 more trees this fall.

Prof. O.H. Moore Bitten On Cheek By Bull Snake

When Prof O.H. MOORE started to go thru a gate at his home a few days ago, a bull snake about three feet long coiled upon the gate-post struck him on the cheek, bringing the blood but causing no great pain. Mr. MOORE killed the reptile, then fearing serious consequences telephoned for a physician. However, he suffered no pain and since he is absolutely sure that the snake bit him, he is forced to the conclusion that the claim that a bull snake is non-poisonous is true.

O.H. MOORE and family were visiting in Ranger the past week.

Shiro Bakery Is Enlarging Plant For Bigger Trade

The Free Press reporter paid a visit to the plant of Shiro Bakery on Wednesday this week and found workmen busy with a program of improvement the management is making. The building has become too small for the ever increasing volume of trade, and it was found necessary to add a store room to take care of the raw material.

The addition to the building will be 8 feet wide by 30 feet long, the floor to be of concrete, this addition to be used principally as a flour house. The new addition necessitated a porch, or small loading wharf.

Plans have also been drafted for a new double garage to take care of the two machines used by the plant, this to be 14 X 18 feet, on the lot east of the bakery building. The SHIROs have added interior improvements, much paint, and by strict attention to the sanitary feature of their plant have made the bakery a pleasant place to visit, as well as more profitable to themselves.

Elbertas Net H.L. Donaldson $7 Per Tree This Year

H.L. DONALDSON, residing southwest of town several miles, left with his wife Wednesday morning for a visit to their son in Howard county, near Big Spring. Mr. DONALDSON called at Free Press before leaving and told of his good success with Elberta peaches this year. He had only eight trees, the crop from these this year netted $7.00 per tree, the quality being pronounced as good as the best ever seen.

Mr. DONALDSON is so convinced of the value of fruit that he will plant an additional orchard this fall. He will plant both Elbertas and an Indian Cling peach.

Two De Leon Boys Awarded Honors At State Univ.

It is a distinct honor to the two young men in question, and a reflected honor upon the town, that Byron SHORT and Emilo VAN ZANDT each were awarded membership in Greek letter fraternities in recognition of superior scholarship, exemplary character, and hard work. SHORT, a student in the engineering department of the University, in his third year, won honors that gained for him membership in the fraternity Tau Beta Pi. VAN ZANDT was honored by the National Professional Honorary Journalistic Fraternity with membership in the fraternity Sigma Del [sic] Chi……

Dr. Sam WEAVER is the only other De Leon student the Free Press has the knowledge of who has been similarly honored. Miss Ethel MASTERS, who taught in the grades here a number of years ago, later entered the University and was awarded the highest honor, membership in the fraternity Phi Beta Cappa.

Joe Brown Died At His Home On Tuesday Night

The death of Joe Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill BROWN, occurred at his home here last Tuesday evening and his remains were laid to rest in the De Leon cemetery. BROWN had been sick for some time it is reported, and had an operation at Gorman Sanitarium, it is said, details of which this paper does not know.

BROWN was perhaps thirty years old and leaves a wife and children. He was reared in and around De Leon, being a grandson of the late Uncle Tom BROWN, and of Aunt Fannie BROWN, who resides here still. Sympathy is extended the bereaved family.

Stray Mules

One horse mule, dark color, weight 1100, one dark bay mare mule, weight about 1050, strayed from my place July 29. Notify me on De Leon Rt 2. Reward. – J.D. HOLMES

Local News

Mr. J.E. JINNINGS, father of Mrs. Oscar PATTERSON, accompanied by Mrs. Nora ARENDS, his daughter, of Detroit, Mich., arrived last Wednesday and remained until Wednesday this week visiting their daughter and sister and family. Mr. and Mrs. PATTERSON left with Mr. JINNINGS and Mrs. ARENDS on Wednesday this week for a month’s visit in Oklahoma and points in New Mexico, the party traveling by auto. They will doubtless have an enjoyable trip.

Friends of Miss Urselle SELF will be glad to know that, following her operation for appendicitis and subsequent serious illness, she is now regarded as out of danger and will be brought home before many days.

Mr. and Mrs. H.D. PIERSON are the parents of a baby boy born into their home the past week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Guy SMITH July 22nd, a fine baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. PHELPS and children have returned to their home at Breckenridge after a week’s visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. PHELPS.

Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY and Mrs. Guy JEFFREY left Wednesday morning to drive to Christoval to visit the former’s father. Dr. GOWEN. They will return the latter part of the week.

Lewis L. LIGHTFOOT, hardwareman for Higginbotham Bros. & Co., left the last of the week for Houston for a visit of several days with his mother and other relatives.

Misses Myrtle, Lois and Mr. Reese UPSHAW left the last of the week for a visit of three or four weeks with their grandmother at Somerville, Texas.

Mrs. T.C. SMITH and daughter, Letha, returned last Sunday from a very pleasant visit of several weeks with their son and brother, Austin SMITH and wife, at Stockton, Cal.

Bill BROWN and family of Throckmorton county were here this week in attendance at the burial of his son, Joe BROWN.

Louie CORBELL, who for the past three years has operated the machine at the Liberty Theatre, has accepted a position with the R. & R. Co. chain of shows, and has been assigned to duty at Broadway Theatre, Cisco. CORBELL went to Cisco Sunday to begin his duties with the Broadway.

Had Operation

Miss Julia MORTON, who underwent an operation at Blackwell lSanitarium Wednesday of last week, has returned and is convalescing at the home of her sister, Mrs. Walter GREENWALDT.

Seriously Ill From Eating Potted Ham

D.P. LLOYD had an attack of ptomaine poisoning last week result of having eaten potted ham. The attack was so severe as to cause grave apprehension for a time. Examination of the tin in which the food was sealed showed no sign whatever that the product was not fresh and wholesome. Mr. LLOYD resumed his work after two or three days, and is now fully recovered.

Duster News

Mr. Marion GRAY of Ranger visited his cousin, Mr. Johnnie GRAY the past weekend.

Most everybody of this community attended the SMITH and GRAY family reunion held on Copperas Creek near Tennysons Chapel Wednesday. All report a grand and glorious time.

Miss Mae Bell WINKLES left Tuesday for Leuders to visit relatives for a month.

Misses MODELL and Pearle TATE of De Leon have been visiting relatives here the past week.

Miss Erma Lee GRAHAM, formerly of this place, will leave soon for Dallas Baptist Sanitarium where she will enter training to become a nurse.

Misses I.E. HARRIS and son spent last week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN of De Leon.

Little John Farmer HOOPER of Waco is visiting his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOPER at this writing.

Misses Faye HATTOX and Dora McPHAIL, who have been attending College at Stephenville, have returned home.


Mr. J.C. ROBBINS, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Conway THOMPSON, left Friday for Okla. to join his son, L.C. ROBBINS and family for Mississippi. Rev. L.C. BOBBINS will hold a meeting there near the home of his brother, Willie ROBBINS.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter WOOLEY have moved to De Leon. Mr. WOOLEY is employed with the Humble Pipe Line Co.

Mrs. B.L. PAINTER and children visited at the home of her brother, T.D. CRADDOX, Jr. of Live Oak Sunday and attended the meeting at that place.

Mr. Henry HAMMOND of Brasher is visiting his brother, Mr. W.E. HOLMES.

Mr. Oscar BLANTON of Mt. Airy visited a sister, Mrs. Jesse BARNES Mon.

Mrs. Elmer SPRUILL and children spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. H.B. BARNES.

Miss Lois GIPSON, who has been visiting her cousin, Miss Jennie DICKEY, has returned to her home at Hillsboro.

Rev. TURNEY, who conducted the meeting at Live Oak last week, visited in the home of his father-in-law, Mr. HARVEY of this place Friday night.

Minnie HUDSON of Live Oak spent Wednesday with her brother, G.W. HUDSON.

Dukes of Duster Celebrate 4 Birthdays In One

A birthday dinner was given at the home of L.L. DUKE near Duster on Sunday, July 26, 1925, honoring W.C. DUKES, better known as "Uncle Will", his sons, L.L. and M.J. and grandson, Lynwood. Uncle Will passed his 71st milestone on that6 date; L.L. was 41, his birthday, however, falling on July 27th and M.J. was 26 on July 22nd. Baby Lynnwood reached the "advanced age" of two years July 26th. Hence a partnership birthday celebration, and it was a gala day. A great feast was prepared by the family and friends with gallons of iced tea, lemonade, ice cream, orange sherbet, all of which was greatly enjoyed by the following:

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. DUKES, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. DUKES, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES, L.L. DUKES and family, Miss Belle DUKES, Grandma and Miss Mallie McNEELY, Evert WILSON and family, Burkle HARDIN and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. BELAMY, all of Duster.

Mrs. Ida PITTMAN, Mrs. Lee NABORS and son Derwin and Miss Gladys NABORS of De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. Leander BENNETT, Mr. and Mrs. Herman ECHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis ECHOLS and son, Alton, of Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom BELAMY of Stephenville, and Beryle DUKES of Cisco.

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