De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 24, 1925

Central West Texas Odd Fellows And Rebekahs In Two Day Convention Here

The District Convention of the West Texas Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Association was in session here on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The meeting assembled first at the Methodist church at 11:00a.m. Wednesday. The meeting was called to order by Judge S.J. PLERATT, president of the Association, of Coleman.

Invocation was by Rev. J.W. COWAN, who also delivered the address of welcome in behalf of the local Odd Fellows.

Welcome address in behalf of the Rebekahs was delivered by Mrs. W.S. SNEED.

Responses to the addresses of welcome were delivered, for the Odd Fellows by Judge PLERATT, and for the Rebekahs by Mrs. W.D. CARROLL of Comanche.

Miss Letha SMITH rendered a vocal solo which was well received.

Little Miss Evelyn KINCHEN gave a delightful reading, which was liberally applauded.

Carl BRUMBELOW was present and also gave an enjoyable vocal number.

At the noon hour dinner was served in the basement of the church with the assembly and their invited guests present. The Rebekahs had prepared a wonderful spread and the feast was one long to be remembered.

The afternoon session was held at the Odd Fellows hall with Judge PIERATT presiding and Mrs. W.D. CARROL at the secretary’s desk.

Grand Master C.W. HAWKINS made a very fine address to the good of the order, his remarks being enthusiastically received. The De Leon lodge feels greatly complimented at having the honor of entertaining this high state official, and at being privileged to hear him speak.

After regular routine business, adjournment was taken for lunch. At 8:00 o’clock the Rebekahs met in the Odd Fellows hall where they put on their secret work, proving their efficiency in a most worthy and approved manner. The following accredited delegates were present:

Sarah Blanton Rebekah – Mrs. SW.D. EADS, W.A. FOREMAN, J.D. VISART.

Comanche Subordinate lodge – C.A. WELLS, J.H. LEWIS, Sam WHITE.

Comanche Rebekah – Mrs. J.E. MILLER, Mrs. E. CARPENTER, E.L. WALLACE.

Rockwood Subordinate – T.J. LANCASETER, T.J. JOHNSON.

Pecan Valley Subordinate – W.O. GRAY, Lewis ROBERTS, Carl SAULTER, William and Walter ELLIS.

Santa Anna Rebekah – Miss Belle VINSONI, Mrs. GORDON.

Santa Anna Subordinate – L.P. BRUSHENHON, W.M. BELL, W.D. TAYLOR, T.W. VINSON.

De Leon Rebekah – Mrs. D.A. RICE, Mrs. J.O. STONE, Mrs. Katie KUHN.

De Leon Subordinate – J.W. COWAN, C.L. KINCHEN, B.J. PITTMAN, C.C. MORRIS.

Mystic Tie Rebekah – Mrs. E.M. BROOKS, Mrs. B.H. WILSON, Mrs. Jim PRINCE, Mrs. John COOK, Mrs. Zellah KNOX.

Stephens Rebekah – Mrs. Ola GILLE, Dr. A. HILLMAN, Miss May PHILLIPS, Miss Louise McDANIEL, Mrs. Jesse ELLIS.

In addition to the accredited delegates, there was a fine attendance of both the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs from all over the district, comprising some five or six counties.

"Accidental" Family Reunion Enjoyable Affair

The children and near relatives of Mr. and Mrs. L.N. POWELL surprised them last week-end by coming in, unexpectedly to the old couple, and to each other as well, and had a regular family reunion. They were here from far and near, Mr. POWELL said, and brought gifts ranging all the way from frying chickens to a cow and calf, this latter gift from a son of Mr. POWELL. It was preaching day for Eld. J.J. EDWARDS at the Primitive Baptist church and it was a particularly joyous one, with many of the relatives present. Mr. and Mrs. POWELL extend one and all a cordial invitation to come again.

Those present were: Eld. And Mrs. J.J. EDWARDS of Lubbock; Mr. and Mrs. A.P. PENNINGTON and daughter, of Gatesville; Mr. and Mrs. W.A. POWELL and daughter of Burkett; J.T. POWELL of Blanket; Byron EDWARDS and son of Brownwood; O.B. FOMBY of Brownwood; Mrs. C.A. CLEM and son of Dallas.

Local News

Mrs. A.M. PATE and little daughter, Will S., arrived the last of the week from San Antonio and are spending some time guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY.

Mrs. R.P. CHAPMAN is here from Okmulgee, Okla. for a months’ visit with her brother, Whit JERNIGAN and her sister, Mrs. Doc MACON.

Mrs. John REED returned Friday morning from Blackwell, Texas, where she had visited a week with her daughter, Mrs. Clint WATTS.

Mrs. A.M. ALLEN and children have been spending the week at Gorman. Mrs. ALLEN’s sister is very ill in a sanitarium at Carlsbad.

The frame work is up for the new Self Garage, on a lot adjoining Self Service Station. The building is commodious and well located and will present an attractive appearance when completed.

Clay DABNEY returned a few days ago to Ft. Worth where he resumes his position as traveling salesman, after a vacation spent with home folks.

Mrs. J.C. GLOVER, formerly of this place, now from Clauene, near Lubbock, arrived a few days ago, and will visit indefinitely with her daughter, Mrs. Thelma SINGLETON on DeLeon, Rt. 2.

W.W. NANCE WAS IN Dallas the last of the week in consultation with specialists, not having been well lately. He was accompanied home by his little daughter, Eloise, who has spent the past month as guest of Mrs. NANCE’s sister, Mrs. Robert GRAY.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS have gone with their family to Afton, Tex. To spend a month visiting relatives.

T.C. SMITH is home from Waco where he has been several weeks in Katy hospital recuperating from injuries received when the engine he was in charge of ran through an open switch in the yards here. Mr. SMITH had his shoulder bone smashed, breaking the various bones of his shoulder in five places. An operation was necessary to connect the bones and bands of steel springs and wire were used for many days to hold the injured bones in position to allow them to knit back in correct position. Mrs. SMITH is doing remarkably well but will be incapacitated for several weeks.

T.C. SMITH, who returned this week from hospital at Waco, reports A.A. APPLEBY as on the road to recovery. Mr. APPLEBY was injured when he fell from the top of a boxcar in the local yards, breaking his left arm in two places and fracturing and bruising his hip. He will be laid up for many weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence REDDEN and Clarence, Jr., went to Austin the first of the week where they consulted specialists regarding the bite of a dog sustained by the younger REDDEN some days ago. The specialist reassured them and they returned home confident that their fears were groundless. Young REDDEN was bitten by a Bull pup belonging to Autry SELF. The dog has not at any time displayed any signs of rabies.

Round Grove News

Ed RIPPETOE, Bill BRUMELOW and Ed ROSS have just returned from a few days prospecting trip over in north and west Ark.

Mr. and Mrs. Herd GILDER are the proud parents of a new girl. Both are doing well.

Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE has been right sick for the past week.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. Josie K. NIX of Eastland, is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Eunice BAIRD and family.

Miss Bessie BURLESON is spending the week with her brother, Dewey, of De Leon.

Duster News

Mrs. F.E. POOL of Lindale has been visiting her sister, Mrs. E.N. GRAHAM, the past week.

Mrs. L.L. DUKES and children visited her niece, Mrs. Lee NABORS, of De Leon Saturday.

Miss Bessie McPHAIL, who has been attending summer school at De Leon, has returned home.

Miss Opal SIMMONS of Lindale is visiting her cousin, Miss Emma Lee GRAHAM.

Miss Lillie Mae SWAFFORD is visiting her cousin, Miss Alice SANDERS.

Miss Dessie GLOVER of Abilene is visiting her cousin, Miss Emily HUDDLESTON.

Desdemona News

Mrs. H.E. NEWBY of Brownwood spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Elmer SIMPSON of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. McDOUGAL and son, Billie, returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives at Houston.

Mrs. Earl CHEEVER and two children returned from a six weeks visit with relatives at Karnes City, Mo.

Miss Jean POLK returned last week from an extended visit in Corpus Christi and will spend the rest of the summer with her aunt, Mrs. C.A. SHELL of this city.

Mayor G.H. REIGER and family left last Friday night for an auto trip to Eudora, Ark., where they will visit Mrs. RIEGER’s father for several days.

Notice to Voters Of Comanche County

Since it has been circulated that I am a member of the Ku Klux Klan, I am taking this method to show to the voters that I am not a member of such organization, and never have been, neither have I made any promises to any such organization or to any member of such organization.

This is I believe, in fairness to myself and to my supporters. J.T. GILBREATH, Candidate for Sheriff.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of July, 1924. W.D. CARROLL, Notary Public in and for Comanche County, Texas.

.©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.