De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 10, 1925

Concern is Felt For Safety Of Three Following Dog Bite

Mr. MILNER, Katy Employee, his young son, Beverley, and Elizabeth BAGWELL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BAGWELL, were bitten by a small puppy, property of the son of Mr. Elmer GEORGE. The little dog had been cross and had snapped and bitten at all objects coming within its reach, finally dying in seeming agony. Nothing was thought of the matter at first, until the dog had been dead for a day. Then its head was sent to Austin and was in such a state of decomposition that nothing could be ascertained.

It was not believed the puppy had rabies, still the fact that it bit the three people and afterwards died an unnatural death caused a little uneasiness. They had not decided upon what course to pursue when this was being written.

This pup, because of its extreme youth, had not run at large so there is no cause for alarm as to its scattering rabies, even if it was mad.

Attended Family Reunion At Iredell

T.J. COOK and family and H.D. PIERSON and family were in attendance at the PHILLIPS family reunion, which was held on the Bosque, at Iredell July 4th. On account of the severe illness and ultimate death of prominent relatives of the family the attendance this year was smaller than usual. Mesdames COOK and PIERSON are of the PHILLIPS family. Four hundred attended the reunion last year.


The marriage of Miss Laura HAYNES to Mr. Clarence STATEHAM occurred at Stephenville on Saturday, June 27th. Another couple were with them and were married at the same time but the Free Press failed to get their names. Miss HAYNES is the young daughter of Mrs. GLAISER and was a popular student in high school here last year. She was reared in De Leon and has many friends and admirers who wish for her the greatest happiness. Mr. STEADHAM is from Oklahoma and is in the employ of the Humble Pipe Line Co. The Free Press extends congratulations and best wishes. [Transcriber’s note: The grooms last name was spelled two different ways in this article.]


The Free Press has just learned of the marriage some weeks ago of Miss Augusta SHORT, popular high school teacher here last year, to Mr. W.Z. COMPTON, who is elected to teach here the coming year. The wedding occurred on June 4th, at Gorman. Both Mr. and Mrs. COMPTON will teach in De Leon High School the coming year. The Free Press apologizes for its seeming neglect in reporting their marriage, and extends its heartiest good wishes.

Two Seriously Hurt As Truck Strikes Car

Layne MORELAND, 19, and Dollie STEPHENS, 19, both of De Leon, are seriously injured in the Gorman Sanitarium as a result of a collision Saturday night, July 4, about five miles out of Gorman on the Gorman-Carbon road. MORELAND and Miss STEPHENS, accompanied by Mr. Edward TERRY and Miss Eula McIVER, were returning from the Independence Day celebration at Cisco and had just stopped the car in order to repair a punctured tire. MORELAND and STEPHENS were standing behind the car attempting to replace the spare tire on the rack, when a Ford truck, driven by Mr. WILLIAMS of the American Express, at Gorman, struck MORELAND and Miss STEPHENS, literally crushing them against the rear of the car. The heavy fender brace crushing MORELANDs right lung, and his head was bruised and lacerated on the extra rim of the car. Young MORELAND’s right ear was also damaged, as the upper portion was entirely severed from his head. Miss STEPHENS sustained a broken leg and arm and while in no immediate danger, is in much pain.

Blinding lights are blamed by the driver of the truck as being responsible for the collision, for he alleges that the lights of an on-coming car so blinded him that he struck the TERRY car without having the least idea that it was there. WILLIAMS is said to have estimated his speed when the smash-up occurred close to 7 miles per hour. The car in which the DeLeon party was riding is bent and "stove in" at the rear as a result of the collision which forced MORELAND and Miss STEPHENS into the back of the car.

Physicians at Gorman and De Leon held little hope for the recovery of MORELAND all during Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night, but reports from doctors in the last day or two have indicated and promised a steady improvement in his condition. Doctors assert that the chief danger now lies in the fact that pneumonia might be easily developed in the crushed and bruised lung.

At the latest report both injuries are doing as well as could be expected.

Rig Is Up For The Forrest No. 1 Spud This Week

Tommie HOLDEN reports the rig complete on Tuesday for the oil test to be drilled on the E.W. FORREST, and he is now rigging up getting ready to spud in late this week. This well is on a favorable location and its progress will be watched with keen interest. It may be completed in thirty or forty days, barring mishap.

Harvest 700 Lbs. Of Honey From 18 Hives

Dick BELL returned Friday from his Colorado river ranch, where his son, Omar BELL is in charge. He brought with him 700 pounds of pure fresh honey which he sold readily at 20 cents per pound. The honey, he stated, was taken from 18 hives which they have on his ranch. That section is particularly adapted to bee-keeping and they have found them very profitable.

Local News

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. JOHNSON have returned from a month’s visit with relatives at Lorenzo. They were impressed with the West.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. KOONCE on Tuesday June 30th, a baby girl.

Miss Mozelle HENDRICKS, former De Leon young lady, who is now a teacher in Hull High School, arrived in De Leon Saturday night for a summer vacation with her sister, Mrs. D.L. TERRILL. Miss HENDRICKS has been a member of the faculty at Hull for three years and has been re-elected to the position for the coming school session.

Mrs. W.J. PHELPS was called to Breckenridge Thursday of last week, to be by her daughter while undergoing a very serious operation. We are glad indeed to report Mrs. L.J. PHELPS is doing as well as could be expected at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON and baby and Messrs. Oscar COZBY and Gayle TOLAND have gone to Magnolia Beach for an outing and fishing trip.

Mr. and Mrs. R.P. MAYHUGH and children of New Orleans are expected to arrive this week for a visit with Mrs. MAYHUGH’s mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter SENNET, violin teachers, are leaving early Saturday morning on a vacation to Dallas, Paris, and probably other points, due to return about September 1st to resume teaching here and Comanche.

Desdemona News

The Desdemona Masonic Lodge No. 1147 A.F. & A.M. has elected and installed the following officers during the 1925 term: S.W. SMITH, worshipful master; Carl BOUNCER, senior warden; W.C. STARK, junior warden; W.C. EMDE, treasurer; Levi ANDERSON, Jr., secretary; R.V. NABORS, Chaplain; Joe C. JONES, senior deacon; R.L. WHITE, junior deacon; D.L. CHEEK, senior steward; J. Sam TAYLOR, junior steward.

Edward MAY and Guy BRUCE are visiting friends and relatives in Arkansas.

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