De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 17, 1925

Winners Announced In Fire Prevention Contest

Two weeks ago the merchants of the town subscribed to a prize list for the best posters and themes on fire prevention. The Parent-Teachers Association sponsored the movement, and the children in De Leon schools have responded with some good work along the line, and the winners for the high school and south ward are herewith announced. The North ward has not finished the work and the winners in that school will be announced later.

1st Grade:

1st, Treasure RUSSELL

2nd, Elizabeth WILLIAMS

3rd, Francis FERRILL

2nd Grade:

1st, Raymond CARROLL


3rd Grade:

1st, Bartine MOORE and Wenonah HUMPHREY

2nd, Susan SCHMIDT

4th Grade:

1st, Doris McGUIRE

2nd, Thomas UNDERWOOD

5th Grade:

1st, Grace SMITH

2nd, Beverly MILNER

6th Grade:

1st, Mary Alice SHORT

2nd, Frederick SCHMIDT

7th Grade:


2nd, Macie BOSWELL

Gen. Prize:

1st, Chelsea BLACK

2nd, Lois HOWE

3rd, Mary Alice SHORT

Winners of Prizes Offered High School For Fire Prevention Essay

First Prize Senior Class, Clarence REDDEN

Second Prize Senior Class, Emma Jo BREWER

First Prize, Junior Class, Roger Mae SMITH

Second Prize, Junior Class, Mark JOHNSON

First Prize, Sophomore Class, Laurena FRETWELL

Second Prize, Sophomore Class, Maben ROGERS

First Prize, Freshman Class, Tom NANCE

Second Prize, Freshman Class, Louise LESTER

Mrs. Terrill Quite Ill

Mr. and Mrs. Dave TERRILL returned the first of the week from several weeks at Marlin, bringing with them his mother, Mrs. F.L. TERRILL, Sr., who had been taking treatments there. She has not made the recovery hoped for and her condition is such as to cause apprehension.

Eight De Leon School Pupils Win Honors District Interscholastic League Meet

The Interscholastic League Meet of the thirteenth district, held at Brownwood Friday and Saturday last week, brought about 700 pupils from schools in the five counties of the district to compete for the honors in the various departments.

De Leon school pupils are to be congratulated upon winning five first honors, one second and two fourth places. Marvin HOLDRIDGE contested in the scholarship class in the department of voice and won first honor and a scholarship over his opponent of last year. Miss Laurna FRETWELL, daughter of Mrs. B.F. COX, won first in piano and was awarded a gold medal, and Miss Oran Jo POOL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. POOL, won third place in piano. Pupils from six towns competed in the piano class and the winnings scored by Misses FRETWELL and POOL are therefore the more significant. Virginia ECHART of Mason, Texas, aged thirteen years, took second place in piano.

The three De Leon young people mentioned in the foregoing paragraph are all pupils of Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT. She accompanied four of her piano pupils to Brownwood and brought back two first prizes and one third. Mrs. SCHMIDT is thus receiving for the excellent, painstaking individual instruction given her pupils some of the rewards of the profession of teaching. Who knows but that among these pupils may be an embryo Caruso, Padenewski or Mendelssohn.

Little Miss Lillian PITTMAN, from De Leon, North Ward, won first in Junior Girl’s Declamation, and Miss May WALTON won second place in public speaking in the High School division.

Zollie STEAKLEY has the winning habit at tennis. He took first honors in boy’s singles as he has done on former occasions; in boy’s doubles he and Roy NANCE won first place, a real honor when she considers the stiff competition encountered.

School Notes

Honor Roll For March For North Ward School

1st Grade: Oleta SMITH, Ada WISDOM, L.D. MERRIT, Lee MALONE, Reta CARLIN, Anita POPE, Lillian BOYD, Francis SUTTLE.

2nd Grade: Henry Garland PEEVY, O.E. TAYLOR, W.M. WALKER, Thomas NEILL, Merle RICH, Ina SMITH, Ruby Lee TAYLOR, Layman WOODWARD.

3rd Grade: Ferguson TATE, J.D. VESTAL, Reba GRAHAM, Woodrow MALLON--, Francis NORRY, Ava DUKE.

4th Grade: ElDora COONER.

5th Grade: Colquitt FITZGERALD, Christine NORRY, Hattie Mae NEILL

6th Grade: Geneva COLEY, Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, Ruth HOWE

7th Grade: Dale HOWARD, Glenn MRTON, Roger CHAMBERS, Reba Fay NEILL.

Honor Roll South Ward 7th Month

1st Grade: Wilfred BAGWELL, Treasure RUSSELL, Frances FERRILL, John Travis MOHON, Willis LIGHTFOOT, Roy LIGHTFOOT, Spencer LIGHTFOOT, Elizabeth BAGWELL, Alvin WOOZENCRFT, Orville MILLER, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Ruby TODD.


3rd Grade: Halwyn JOHNSTON, Joe Hampton KEMP, Jim NANCE, Walter McIVER, Billie SNEED, Christine LESTER, Barine MOORE, Marjorie MORRIS, Nell NABORS, Susan SCHMIDT, Buel SNEED, Juanita UPSHAW, Doris WHITE, Robbye J. MILLER.

4th Grade: Alexander ALLEN, Leroy BRISTER, Thomas HOLDEN, Anthon LEIGON, Bob Henry SMITH, Mable CRUTCHFIELD, Lenora FINKLESTINE, Merle MOHON, Oleta NABORS, Hazel PRESTON.

5th Grade: Ona Mae PEEK, Grace SMITH, Conner JETTON, Evelyn KINCHEN, D. Otis TOMLIN, Eloise NANCE

6th Grade: Ada SMITH, Madge IRVIN, Clyde FERRILL, La Vele STRICKLAND, La Verne STRICKLAND.

7th Grade: W.H. JETTON

Week End Party

Mrs. Jno. NUNNELLEY was hostess to the members of her Sunday School class, honoring Miss Erma Lee GRAHAM, Mary Louise LOWE, Evelyn COX, Lake WEATHERFORD, Jimmie D. INZER, Velma BELL, Ava BUTLER, Bettie LLOYD, Erselle SELF, and Mrs. Autry SELF. The party began with a dinner Friday evening, then the party came into town and attended the Daniel Baker play at City Hall, returning to the NUNNELLEY farm home to spend the night. After an enticing breakfast the party went horseback riding in the morning, and were served an out-of-door lunch at noon on the Sabano, spending the afternoon picnicking, wading, etc. Fruit punch was served when the party returned to the house in the late afternoon. The happy party returned to town at six o’clock, having had a most enjoyable outing.


The Free Press has heard of the marriage of Miss Louise PITTMAN, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl PITTMAN, to Mr. Marshel L. STERLING, an auditor of New Orleans, La. The marriage occurred at San Marcos some time ago, the young couple driving there from Austin, where the bride was employed as a secretary at the University of Texas. The happy young couple are making their home in New Orleans. Congratulations!

De Leon Girl Lost Clothing In Fire

Mr. and Mrs. John SHORT have received a letter from their daughter, Miss Letha, who is teaching this year at Baylor, Childress county, in which she told of losing her personal effects in a fire which destroyed the house at which she was boarding. Miss SHORT and another teacher were awakened early on Sunday morning about three weeks ago to find the building a mass of flames, and they, with other members of the family, barely escaped with their lives, clad only in sleeping garments. Neighbors went to a store at some distance and brought them clothing. Miss SHORT’s school there will be out soon.

Mrs. T.M. Collie Has Paralytic Stroke

Mrs. T.M. COLLIE of Gorman, mother of Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, was stricken with paralysis at her home last week and has since been in a serious condition. Mrs. ALLEN has been at her bedside since the unfortunate incident.


A baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. MOORE on Sunday, April 12th, Easter Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. ROSS are the proud parents of a baby boy, born into their home on Monday, April 13th.

Joe TULLO"S, telephone wire chief, went to Temple the past week end in response to a message telling of the serious illness of his sister who had an operation there.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE and son Doyle, and Mrs. J.V. WHITE and little daughter, Doris, motored to Austin for the week-end with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. B.H. HARRISON now live in Austin, and Mrs. WHITE’s two sons, Goen and William are at State University.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. NORWOOD and little son have gone to Glen Rose to spend the summer months, where he will be employed.


Ina CARAWAY won second place in senior girls declamation in the district meet at Brownwood last Friday. C. M. CARAWAY, Jr. won third place in junior boys declamation and Homer BARNES won fifth place in his one half mile race.

Mrs. Edith HUCH has returned to her home in Ft. Worth after a short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK.

Miss Hazel BARNES of Waco is visiting her mother, Mrs. Effie BARNES and family.

Miss Mable DENTON, History and English teacher, is ill with the mumps this week.

Miss L.O.S. SWEEDEN spent last week in Desdemona with her sister, Mrs. John HOOVER.

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