De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 10, 1925

Car Collides With Horse, Damage Small

When J.W. SADBERRY and family were driving into town late Monday evening, his Ford touring car collided with a horse in the street in front of Higginbotham Lumber office, smashing in the front of the machine and knocked the rider off the horse. The eldest son of Jim HOLLAND was on the animal and was unhurt in the fall. Total damage was perhaps $25.00.

De Leon Refinery Brings in Best Well In Cross Cut Field

Edward R. WILSON, one of the owners of De Leon Refinery, spent the fore part of the week in De Leon with Weston ATWOOD, refinery manager. C.O. MOORE and Mr. WILSON have just drilled in a new well on their property at Cross Cut. At seven feet in the sand, it was making about 20 barrels per hour and when deepened no doubt will increase considerably. This is on the GAFFORD lease and is well number 1 and the largest well in the field to date. This oil comes to the refinery, so De Leon is benefited by this increased production.

Maxwell Wrecked Sunday Afternoon Three Are Hurt

Mr. ASHFORD, superintendent of plant construction at the Comyn tank farm, together with four companions who were also employees of the company at Comyn, suffered a mishap Sunday afternoon, the Maxwell car, property of Mr. ASHFORD overturning at a point just west of the Lyman E. FOREST home while the party was driving back to town from a drive out the highway. The car struck a section of loose gravel and turned completely over and righted itself, demolishing the top, crushing in the radiator and hood, crushing fenders and windshield.

Through the entire mishap, Mr. ASHFORD held his position at the wheel, remaining in his usual place while the car was "doing a flip" and when it righted itself he could not explain why he was not "spilled" as were the other four occupants. Strange to say, too, he was least injured of all the other occupants of the machine.

Campbell Bros., Mr. ROMERO, and Mr. SMITH were the other occupants. One Mr. CAMPBELL received a fractured collar bone, the other receiving a severe abrasion on the cheek. Mr. ROMERO got a fractured arm below the elbow. Mr. SMITH and Mr. ASHFORD escaped unhurt.

The injured men were taken to Cisco and are now recovering at the Humble Co.’s hospital there. Their injuries are painful but will not result seriously. The wrecked car was brought into town and viewed by many people at Self Service Station. Considering the extent the machine was "scrambled" it seems a miracle that all were not killed outright.

De Leon Pupils To Compete For Honor At District Meet

Friday this week, Supt. RUSSELL will accompany a number of De Leon pupils to Brownwood where they will compete for honors in the District Interscholastic Meet, having placed in the County Meet at Comanche last Friday and Saturday.

De Leon schools will be represented by four declaimers: Clifton THOMAS, Senior boy; Lios HARVEY, Senior girl; Lillian PITTMAN and Julia FARMER, Junior girls.

There will be a number of contestants in the department of Music Memory from De Leon South Ward.

Zollie STEAKLEY and Roy NANCE, winners of Boy’s Doubles at Tennis in the county meet, will compete for higher honors.

Zollie STEAKLEY will also compete for Boy’s Singles in tennis.

Winners at the District Meet will be eligible to compete for State Championship at Austin soon.

Voters Select Barker-Haskins On City Commission

City election was held Tuesday of this week, the smallest vote in years being cast. N.T. HASKINS was re-elected to serve another term, having faithfully served in this capacity the past four years. Evan BARKER succeeds W.E. BUTLER. Mr. BUTLER has made a valuable man on the commission, being in office through a period when a man of his good business judgment and conservatism was invaluable to the city. Mr. BARKER is an expert accountant and his business experience of past years will fit him to serve the city well. The voters acted wisely in their choice.

In the balloting fifty-nine votes were cast. Mr. BARKER received 57, Mr. HASKINS 53, and J.D. HAM, whose name was not on the ticket, received two complimentary votes.

Nabors, Allen and Howard Elected School Trustees

In the balloting for trustees to serve De Leon Independent School District, the ensuing term of two years, which was held Saturday, April 4th, John NABORS, president of the board was re-elected, and Dr. A.M. ALLEN was made third member, Albert RUCKER, the retiring member was forced out of active service by ill health. Mr. RUCKER had made a faithful member of the board.

Eighty-seven votes were cast, the five names on the ticket receiving the following:

John NABORS, 80

Dr. A.M. ALLEN, 55



W.S. BLACK, 31

Sherrod Stover Won Scholarship At Stock Judging

Sherrod STOVER, De Leon High School senior, was high point individual at the District Stock Judging Contest held at John Tarleton College, Stephenville, last Saturday. Sixteen counties, including territory from Tarrant county to as far as Brownwood south, and Eastland county on the west, had teams present in the competition, all from high schools teaching vocational agriculture. The team from Ft. Worth High School was present and competed. There were approximately twenty-five men striving for the honor captured by STOVER. He was awarded a full scholarship at John Tarleton College.

Dalton PILCHER, another De Leon High School senior was second high point individual, falling only six points behind STOVER.

Mrs. Lee Holland May Profit in Oil

Mr. and Mrs. Lee HOLLAND and children left last week for Pacton, La., in response to a message stating that "a thousand barrel oil well had been brought in on a tract two miles from a 160-acre tract owned by his wife." Mrs. HOLLAND’s grandfather sent the message, requesting their immediate presence to look after their interests. Mrs. HOLLAND also owns a 40-acre tract several miles from this well.

Henry HEATH also showed Free Press a copy of a Jacksonville paper this week where a big well was brought in near that city, right near property owned by Mrs. HEATH’s relatives. The Jacksonville well shot a stream of oil 60 feet above the surface of the ground, the account said.


A young couple from Duster and Beattie communities drove into town last Sunday morning and began a search for Rev. J. M. Strickland, having matrimonial intent. They found "the parson" at service at the First Baptist church and just before the morning worship hour he was called for, uniting them in the holy bonds as they sat in their car before the building.

The happy young couple was Mr. Lloyd LITTLE of the Duster community and Miss Floy FRAZIER, who resided with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. FRAZIER near Beattie. They were accompanied by a brother of the bride and a young lady of the community, whose name the Free Press failed to learn.

Congratulations are extended to these excellent young people as they start on the journey of life together.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walton LOCKE on Route 4 Wednesday, April 1st, a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. OWEN drove to Athens, Texas, the past Thursday in response to a message telling of the serious illness of his father.

Mrs. Bryant HOWELL is in the sanitarium at Gorman for treatment following a nervous breakdown, tonsils, and other troubles. She went there Saturday and will remain for several days.

Tony PATTERSON and family of Lubbock were here several days since our last issue, visiting with the families of W.L. GREER and A.J. PATTERSON and other relatives and friends. Their young son, Hermon, now aged twenty-one, is employed by Tom Collie Printery at Lubbock.


Rev. EDWARDS, Primitive Baptist preacher of De Leon, delivered sermons both Sunday morning and Sunday night in the School auditorium.

Mrs. Otis HAM’s music class gave a recital Friday night before time for the picture show.

Miss Bessie SCOTT who has been teaching at Indian Creek is at home.

The four trustees elected here Saturday are: E. HAVIS, H.J. MOORE, M.L. DOGGETT, J.J. MONTAGUE.

Mrs. Conway THOMPSON celebrated her little daughter, Odell’s eighth birthday by giving a dinner Monday and inviting the entire second grade and their teacher, Miss Pearl SLOAN.

J.C. ROBBINS left for Lubbock last week where he will make his home.

Miss Hettie HARVEY is visiting her sister, Mrs. Emma TURNER of line A.

Mrs. THOMAS of Gorman is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. C. THOMPSON.

Mrs. H.J. MOORE’s father, R.N. CHANCELOR, visited her this past week. Mr. CHANCELOR was on his way to his home in Archer City, having spent the winter at Corpus Christi.

Provides Blood For Transfusion to Mrs. Terrill at Marlin

Mrs. D.L. TERRILL gave a pint of blood for transfusion to her mother-in-law, Mrs. F.L. TERRILL, Sr., at Marlin Sanitarium last Friday, where the elder Mrs. TERRILL was carried for treatment of specialists some two weeks ago. Mrs. TERRILL has been ill at her home here since last fall, and she was carried to Marlin by her son, D.L. and wife, who have remained with her while the treatment progressed. She has not recovered as was hoped following the treatment and transfusion of blood, and is to be brought home this week, provided her condition permits, where it is hoped she will be able to regain her health.

Junior Class Party

The night of April 4, served as a wonderful night for a party. Every one was feeling fine as they gathered at the home of one of our classmates, Miss Merle LIGHTFOOT.

Music was delightful until the contest came. Each person was given a stick of gum and a piece of cardboard. The name on the cardboard had to be made with this chewing gum. Three prizes were awarded. First, Fred HOWE, receiving a big red stick of candy. Second, Eudora NOEL, receiving a little white rabbit that can stand. Third, Edith HIGH, also receiving a rabbit.

Refreshments of sandwiches, lemonade and cake were served to the following:

Miss Posy EDMONDS of Dublin, Miss Lois HARVEY, Olita STEVENS, Rozelle and Rober Mea SMITH, Estelle GREGORY, Ladelle FOSTER, Gretchen TAYLOR, Doris AYERS, Bernice INZER, Ava BUTLER, Edith HIGH, and Eudora NOELL. Messrs. Lewis EASTERLING, Raymond BUTLER, Zollie STEAKLEY, Allen SHORT, W.W. NANCE, Jr., Fred HOWE and Thomas TRENT. Every one had a fine time.

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