De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 6, 1925

Four Girls Are "Spilled" When Car Turns Turtle

Four young ladies, students in De Leon high school, were having "lunch" out the Dublin highway Thursday when a Ford touring car in which they were driving left the roadway and turned over, spilling the occupants and somewhat injured one, the others escaping with only slight bruises.

Miss Grace BARTON was at the wheel, the car being the property of K.M. VAN ZANDT, Miss Mildred VAN ZANDT being one of the occupants, the other two being Misses Dehlia WETHERFORD and Savola CAMPBELL, the latter recently moved here. Miss BARTON was the one of the four more seriously injured.

The car was stripped of top and windshield and radiator bent, otherwise was not seriously harmed, being turned upright and driven to town under its own power.

Suez Farmer Lost Home By Fire Saturday

G.J. FRAZIER, Suez farmer, suffered the misfortune to lose his home by fire last Saturday night at about 9:00 o’clock. The family was preparing to retire when the house was discovered in flames and they escaped with only a portion of their clothing and a few articles of bedding, all else being a total loss. The fire originated in the kitchen flue, it is stated.

Mr. FRAZIER is a tenant farmer and like a lot of other folks the Free Press knows, was not wealthy. Friends circulated a petition and raised a considerable fund to assist the family in getting re-established at housekeeping. His loss was estimated at about $1,000.00 with no insurance.

Tenant Pays Cash for Farm in Fertile Comanche County

Five years ago Zeff SOLLIE returned, broke, from service overseas. First he married, and then this plucky couple rented a farm from J. Doss MILLER near De Leon. For five years they grew peanuts, cotton, corn, peas and maize, chickens and cows. Gardens furnished the table and other ex-? Money. The cotton and peanut money went into the bank.

This January Mr. SOLLEY paid $1740 cash for the 43 ˝ acres of land he has worked as a tenant for the past five years, and now owns his own home, without indebtedness.

What this man has done, others may do in the famed soils of Comanche county. – J. D. MILLER

Bowman Rabbit Drive Netted 104 Last Wednesday

J.M. MILES, Bowman community farmer, sponsored a rabbit drive in his community last Wednesday in which a hundred and four rabbits, mostly jacks, were killed. The hunters formed a line, as is usually done in these drives, and as the rabbits got up they were bagged. At the noon hour, the ladies of the community served a nice dinner to the hunters.

Those taking part in the drive, together with the number of rabbits killed, were: J.M. MILES, 6; Vern BROWNLEE, 15; Jim JOINER, 17; W.F. GRIFFITH, 6; Thomas ROBINETT, 10; J.C. BROWNLEE, 7; W.L. WOLFENBARGER, 5; E.F. JOINER, 4; S.B. ROBINET, 6; A.W. BROWNLEE, 2; Paul TATE, 3; C.L. FERRILL, 10; Delman SINGLETON, 2; E.D. BOSWELL, 8; W.D. WALKER, 2; M. McINNIN, 1; Total 104.

Oliver Springs School Suspends Account of Illness

Much illness in the Oliver Springs community necessitated the temporary closing of the school at that place. However, classes have been resumed with Miss Delia WALL, principle, and Miss Irene DUKE substituting for Miss Pricilla COZART, who is ill.

Miss Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BAIRD, died of pneumonia last Thursday and was buried at the Oliver Springs cemetery Friday afternoon, the account of her death and illness being found elsewhere in this paper.

Miss Tommie, another daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BAIRD, was just at the critical stage with pneumonia when her sister died, but she is now improving.

Miss Lillie WILSON has been real sick with pneumonia, but is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley BAIRD and children were here from Rule, Texas to attend the Frances BAIRD funeral last week. – Reporter.

Miscellaneous Front Page News

A baby girl arrived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred ATCHISON at Corsicana on Monday, February 23rd, (just missing the late anniversary of George Washington by one notch). The little one is well on the way toward beautiful young womanhood, and the mother is doing nicely. Mrs. ATCHISON was formerly Miss Minnie LOCKE and Fred was for several years employed by the Katy here.

W.H. WILLIAMS arrived from Dallas a few days ago and reported his little son, Billie, as being considerably improved. The child had a severe attack of pneumonia and had to be removed to the Baptist sanitarium at Dallas for an operation to drain his side, two such operations being necessary. At times his life was despaired of. Friends will be glad to know that he is now able to sit up in a wheel chair and be about the sanitarium, but his final recovery will of necessity be very slow.

McKelvey Child Died

The Free Press has just learned of the death from mumps and spinal meningitis of the little eleven year old son of J.F. McKELVEY, the funeral and burial taking place at De Leon cemetery Thursday afternoon. Particulars will be obtained later.

In Memory of Frances

On the first day of May nineteen hundred eight there came into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hickman BAIRD a sweet baby girl whom they called "Frances". She was the first child to claim a place in the home, so they eagerly watched her as she grew from infancy almost to a young woman. Just at this time they began to realize their fondest hopes for her, but she slipped away and went to live with God.

Frances was sick nine days with pneumonia. On Thursday, February the twenty-sixth, God called her. The next day a large circle of friends and relatives followed her to the Christian church where funeral services were held and then to Oliver Springs cemetery where she was laid to rest.

Last summer Frances united with the Christian Church and made a faithful member. She was a very patient member. She was very patient during her illness. Just a few days before death called her she sang "What a Friend we have in Jesus."

At the time of her death she was a pupil of the Oliver Springs school. She had developed a noble character, a pleasant and lovable disposition, and was loved by all her school mates. She was obedient and strived to do the things that she thought her teacher would have her do. She had the true school spirit. School will not be the same without her. A place that cannot be filled is vacant.

Being the oldest of six children, she was an important factor in the home. The parents have lost a dutiful daughter and the children have lost a helpful and playful companion. But when we gather at the river, is it not a sweet consolation to think that she will meet you on the other side?

We trust that the sorrowing friends and relatives may find comfort in Him who died that things may be well. – Delia WALL.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our friends for the deeds of kindness, words of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings given during the recent illness and death of our beloved wife and mother. May God’s richest blessings rest upon each of you. – Oscar P. FISHER and Children.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their acts of kindness and words of sympathy expressed during our recent great bereavement. – J.H. VAUGHAN and children.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our neighbors and friends through this paper, the teachers and pupils of Oliver Springs school, our family physician, Dr. PLEMMONS, and Mr. SHARP, for their kindness, help and sympathy through the illness and death of our little girl. May God in his love and mercy bless you all and in the hour of your trial may you find such loving friends as we have found you all to be to us.

Her parents and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. BAIRD and Mrs. Josie NIX

De Leon School Board Plans Erection of Cottage for Home Economics Dept.

One of the principle criticisms of De Leon school property made by the inspector from the Department of Education recently was the crowded condition in high school. He recommended the erection on the campus of a Home Economics cottage before the beginning of the next school term, and his recommendation will be met. During the coming summer months plans will be gone over carefully and a modern cottage built, which will serve both as a model home and a classroom for girls in De Leon high school who take this important course.

Not the least of improvements made at the high school in recent weeks was the installation of modern sanitary conveniences. Be it remembered that the high school building was erected several years before De Leon had the present sewer and water system and these sanitary conveniences were not provided for in the first structure. Now sanitary toilets with the most modern equipment, lavatories, etc., have been built in at a cost of some $1500, and the school has better conveniences than these. …


Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HERRICK are the proud parents of a fine baby boy. He has been christened Noble George.

J.D. DAVIS and George CARAWAY who have had employment at Best have returned home.

Walter WOOLEY of Stephenville has moved to Comyn.

Desdemona News

Miss Marjorie McDANIELS was elected queen of Desdemona in a recent contest staged by the students of the high school. Clay McCOY was elected king of Desdemona as representative of the most popular boy. After the election had closed, a carnival was held at the high school building which was witnessed by a large crowd. The funds derived from the carnival will go to the benefit of the high school annual.

Mayor G.H. REIGER visited relatives at Comanche last Sunday.

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