De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 20, 1925

Sudden Death Comes to Mrs. J.H. Vaughan

Mrs. Leana Elizabeth VAUGHAN, wife of J.H. VAUGHAN, is dead! The end came suddenly and with little warning at about 7:15 o’clock Tuesday evening, Febrary 17th, 1925. She was alone in her home, four miles northeast of De Leon during the late afternoon. Her husband had been in the field at work. Returning he passed the house and called, receiving no answer. He went on to the lot, not suspecting anything seriously wrong, putting up his team. When he went inside the house he found his wife lying dead on the floor. She had perhaps been dead half an hour. He tenderly lifted the form of his wife and placed her on the bed, then went half a mile to the home of H.O. GEORGE, the nearest neighbor, for aid.

Mrs. VAUGHAN had been ill for several days but was up. Her daughter, Miss Lela, had been home from Comyn where she is teaching, but since the improvement of her mother had returned to her work. No one was at home except the elderly couple.

Mrs. VAUGHAN was born in Alabama March 15, 1860 and was hence sixty-three years, eleven months and two days of age when death came. When she had grown to young womanhood, Mr. VAUGHAN came to Manor, Travis county, Texas, near Austin. After being there for several years he went back to Alabama and they were married, coming back to that place where their three children, Holden, Oscar and Miss Lela were born. In 1901, the family moved from Manor to De Leon and they have since made their home here. Besides her husband and children, she is survived by three sisters; one each at Thrall, Texas, Ft. Worth, and Athens, Alabama. A sister and brother are dead.

Mrs. VAUGHAN joined the Methodist church thirty-five years ago and was a faithful and consistent member of De Leon Methodist church for many years. Her pastor, Rev. Seba KIRKPATRICK was in charge of the funeral service at the church Thursday afternoon at 2:30 after which the remains were carried to De Leon cemetery where burial took place. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the sorrowing gamily in their hour of sadness.

Billie Williams Again Under Surgeon’s Knife

Billie WILLIAMS, young son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS, has not done well following his attack of pneumonia recently. He was carried to the Baptist Sanitarium, Dallas, where an operation was performed for the removal of pus settled on his lungs a week ago. Tuesday afternoon Mr. WILLIAMS returned to Dallas having a message from Mrs. WILLIAMS that attending surgeon. Dr. Sam WEAVER, had declared another operation, for similar cause, necessary.

C.O. Bragg Has Appendix Operation

Mrs. W.L. GREER has returned from Brownwood where her son, C.O. BRAGG had an operation for appendicitis last Thursday. The attack was sudden, coming at dusk Thursday afternoon and at 10:00 o’clock so acute had his suffering become that the operation was hurriedly done.

Mrs. GREER went over Friday, returning late Saturday, and reported him recovering nicely. She was delighted with the manner in which Brownwood people showed their friendship for her son during his illness. He is quite popular as a student at Daniel Baker College and a star on their football team.

Chevrolet Dealers Take Lease On New And Larger Quarters

GENTRY & BELL, local representatives of the Chevrolet Co., who have been making headquarters with Self Service Station, have taken a lease on the Nowlin Building, next door north from Lambert Hotel, and will install filling station equipment, some parts and supplies, and deal in cars generally. A driveway has been built so that cars may enter from the front, and the interior is amply large to take care of a large number of machines.

These enterprising young men are not amateurs at the automobile game, and will ‘put it over’ for the Chevrolet people.

De Leon Merchants Organize Retail Merchants Association

Mr. FENSKE, with the Retail Merchants Association, a state and national organization, was in De Leon Tuesday and assisted in the organization of an Association in this city. A meeting of business and professional men was held at the office of Lloyd HAMPTON and after Mr. HAMPTON had stated the purpose of the meeting, introduced Mr. FENSKE who went into detail as to the plan and purpose of the organization.

B.J. PITTMAN was elected president of the newly formed organization, R.R. HARVEY, vice president, and W.P. WEAVER, Hiram SMITH and D. HENSON directors. W.C. BAGWELL and E.E. DABNEY were appointed by the president to draft by-laws. Lloyd HAMPTON was chosen as secretary of the organization, which office is tantamount to general manager.

The organization has been created in the interest of fair and honorable business dealings in the community……

B.J. PITTMAN "Gave Away" Niece In Marriage

B.J. PITTMAN acted in the stead of his brother, giving his niece, Miss Helen PITTMAN, in marriage at Mineral Wells last Sunday afternoon. Mr. FELKA, a young business man of Shreveport, La., was the groom. The wedding took place at the Piedmont Hotel. Mrs. Mazzie PITTMAN, mother of the bride, who lives at Mineral Wells was present. The happy young couple left immediately following the ceremony for an extended honeymoon trip to California.


Mr. Bryan HOWELL and daughter have been quite ill of influenza, but are now somewhat improved.

Macel V. COLEMAN returned this week to his home, Hillsboro, his wife and children remaining for a more extended visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. W. JONES.

Ralph PITTMAN attended the PITTMAN wedding at Mineral Wells Sunday, accompanying his parents back to De Leon for a brief visit returning to Baylor, Waco, Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Will NOWLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves PATTERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Guy PATTERSON, all of Rotan, and Mr. and Mrs. W.T. PATTERSON of Hamlin, were in attendance at the funeral and burial of their father, M.A. PATTERSON, here during the past week.


Mr. Willis DICKEY and Miss Gladys CHANDLER surprised their friends by motoring over to Dublin and getting married last Friday afternoon. We extend congratulations.

Irdle SWEEDEN spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. J.B. HOOVER of Breckenridge.

Les MILLS of Comanche is here visiting relatives.

Autry CARAWAY is home from Tarleton College with the measles.

C.S. DRY, C.M. CARAWAY and G.R. GOOSBY were guests at the Lions Club banquet at Comanche on last Monday evening.

Miss Lela M. VAUGHAN received the sad news of the sudden death of her mother on Tuesday night. The entire community extends sympathy to Miss VAUGHAN in her bereavement.

Desdemona News

Mr. C.H. GENOWAY of Stephenville was in Desdemona Wednesday, visiting his daughter, Mrs. Luther HARPER.

Mrs. J.A. BLAGG left for her home at Lubbock after having spent a week with her daughters, Mesdames D.W. POWERS and Reagan HAWKINS.

Mrs. E.S. MERRICK of De Leon was in Desdemona the past week representing the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Company. – Percy DAVENPORT

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