De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 6, 1925

Father of Railroad Man Died at Cisco Tues.

T.P. COCHRAN, father of W.C. COCHRAN, local railroad man, died at his home in Cisco last Tuesday following an attack of pneumonia. The elder COCHRAN had been ill only a few days.

A party of Mr. COCHRAN went up Wednesday to attend the funeral, including J.N. JOINER, H.D. PEARSON, A.C. POLNAC, G.W. ROLLINS, H.E. NEWTON and Rev. S. KIRKPATRICK.

Cager Mohon Has Egg Story That Caps the Climax

Last week Cager MOHON made a very unusual discovery at his home, so unusual in fact that the Free Press challenges our large family of readers to produce one to equal it. And we might add in the outset that the story is true.

Mr. MOHONís mother has perhaps fifteen hens about the place and was getting few eggs, although it was evident that they were laying. Finally one old Biddy was seen to come out from beneath the floored garage and Mr. MOHON got a rake and began a search. He raked and raked and when he had finished the one nest had netted him eleven dozen eggs, or 141 to be exact. He said he got a tub and it began to look as if he would get it full. He tested the eggs in water and over three dozen tested fresh. The others were spoiled.

If anyone has an egg story even approaching this in numbers the Free Press would like to hear about it.

Wheels Stolen From Ford Truck Twice in Year

C.C. MILLER reported to Free Press some days ago the theft of the front wheels from his Ford, the thief taking both wheels and the casings and bearings. The truck was standing in Mr. MILLERís garage at his home a few miles north of town. The theft occurred, Mr. MILLER thinks, about Sunday night of last week. He made the discovery the next day.

The peculiar thing about this theft is the fact that the wheels from the same truck were stolen from the same garage a year ago in August. In the first haul the miscreants took the ignition equipment from the truck, this time however, leaving the car undisturbed except for the two front wheel casings and bearings.

Mr. MILLER feels confident that the same person or persons committed both thefts.

Gone To Market

E.W. OWEN, local manager of the Dependable Store, left Tuesday for St. Louis, to buy merchandise for spring and summer. Mr. OWEN joined a party composed of all the various managers of the Dependable chain of stores, some of whom will go on to New York.

Farm Census Being Taken By Dept. Of Commerce, Brings Out Many Interesting Facts

The Federal Government, through the Department of Commerce, is engaged in securing a thorough census of farm facts and conditions, a census enumerator being assigned to every commissioners precinct. The work has been in progress during January and will doubtless be completed in February. Mr. J.D. HOLMES of Duster community, is the enumerator for this precinct, and has completed his record on 542 farms of the approximately 650 of the precincts. The territory not yet reached, he stated, lies between De Leon and Desdemona.

The census is being taken for the purpose of laying before the Department detailed facts concerning land valuation, crop yield, livestock numbers and value, kinds of crops and fertilizers, amount of used and idle lands, farm expenses, data on poultry, horticulture, and every item of farm expense or incomeÖÖ..

Census enumerator HOLMES has promised Free Press a statement of facts and figures resulting from his work when he has completed the task assigned him.

Mrs. Melton Ill

Mrs. Lizzie MELTON of Rt. 2, formerly Mrs. Fred FERRILL, underwent an operation at her home last Friday, and has been critically ill since that time.

Billie Williams Improves

Billie, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS, is improving, following a severe attack of pneumonia. Dr. Sam WEAVER was here from Dallas the last of the week in attendance at his bedside.

Mexicans Wed

Somebody said they didnít believe Judge Henry HEATH could "marry folks," but the fact has been proved to the contrary. During the first month of his official experience as Justice of the Peace of this precinct, Judge HEATH "tied two knots" that bid fair to stay tied.

On the first Sunday in January came Mr. Will BREEDLOVE and Miss Pearlie ECHOLS, desiring to be united in the holy bonds. Judge HEATH performed the ceremony. Mr. BREEDLOVE is a son of Dave BREEDLOVE, old time citizen of the county, residing near Comanche.

The next matrimonial experience of Mr. HEATH was Monday afternoon this week, when Mr. Yldefonse RIVERIA and Miss Julia GARCIA, natives of Mexico, came and asked to be united in marriage. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jim GARCIA, also native Mexicans, who have lived here for some months. Both the contracting parties were of Marble Falls and only arrived here a few days ago. They will reside here. The young couple "joined right hands: and took the solemn vows with the same degree of earnestness shown by the average American couple, exhibiting no undue embarrassment at the presence of a number of curious men who had gathered to witness the ceremony. Both spoke fair English.


Lloyd BOYNETT and Miss Stella LOUDERMILK were married some weeks ago, the Rev. A.F. NABORS officiating. Mr. BOYNETT is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BOYNETT of near New Hope and Miss LOUDERMILK a daughter of Mrs. W.T. LOUDERMILK of Downing. Both are of prominent families and are popular in their respective communities.

Congratulations and best wishes are extended them.


Miss Velma HOLLAND, daughter of Mrs. HAMILTON, formerly Mrs. Henry HOLLAND, was married to Mr. Jesse HOLDRIDGE, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. HOLDRIDGE. The young people, accompanied by friends, motored to the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS and took the solemn vows. Their friends wish them the greatest happiness and success in their wedded life.

Jolly Needleworkers

The Jolly Needleworkers were enjoyably entertained on Wednesday, January 27, with Mrs. A.H. SELF, popular young bride of the season, as hostess. Instead of the usual hour devoted to needle work, the guests were entertained by the game of Forty-Two, sixteen ladies participating. The house was appropriately decorated in seasonal Valentine suggestions and in the games, Mrs. R.L. WHALEY won high score. The club will meet next with Mrs. Bill STEPHENS on February 13. The hostess, with assistants, served chicken salad, sandwiches, potato chips, stuffed olives, hot coffee with whipped cream, to the following: Mesdames John A. MOHON, R.L. WHALEY, Ottis BUCHAN, Jake LAMBERT, C.H. SHARP, M.D. STEWART, S.A. DUKE, D. HENSON, Jesse WETSEL, E.E. GENTRY, W.C. BUTLER, J.H. GRIZZELLE, Jack SEWARD, B.J. PITTMAN, T.C. SMITH, Earl McCLELLAN, John NUNNELLEY, Geo. ROLLINS and Misses Lake WEATHERFORD, Jimmie D. INZER and Pauline BILLS.


W.H. LANE of near Suez, is the newest owner of a brand new Chevrolet touring car, purchased of Gentry & Bell this week.

A.J. CUMMINS of Route 3 left this week to visit with his daughters and son at Abilene. He will perhaps be away a couple of months, he stated.

Bill MYERS and Joe HOLLEMAN, who reside in the northwest part of the city, have each been confined to their homes with attacks of mumps, both being up and about now.

Oliver Springs

Little Leona SETZLER has the Flu.

Mr. KAYís baby is very sick.

School was dismissed Friday on account of the death of Miss WALLís brother-in-law, Mr. SADBERRY.

Delmos RANGLE is recovering from a serious illness of pneumonia.

R.A. Sager, Long Time Resident Here, Is Dead

R.A. SAGER died Wednesday after a long illness. Rev. LAMBERT conducted the funeral Wednesday afternoon at the Church of Christ, interment following in Oakwood cemetery. Mr. SAGER was 73 years old, and had lived here for many years. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Charlie WEBBER of Comanche, and a brother, D.A. SAGER of Dickson, Tennessee, who was here to attend the funeral. - Chief

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