De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 16, 1925

Volunteer Firemen Hold Annual Meet; Elect Officers; Big Banquet Monday Night

The De Leon Volunteer Fire Department met in regular annual business session at the City Hall Monday evening and transacted business coming before the body. W.H. WILLIAMS, chief was in the chair, and having served four years, took occasion to resign. His resignation was duly accepted and he was just as duly re-elected, unanimously…….

The membership roll was read and revised. Several new names were added and several dropped on account of having moved away or other reasons. A motion calling for the purchase of badges for the firemen failed to carry.

In addition to Mr. WILLIAMS as chief, Joe SMITH was re-elected assistant chief, Enoch WISDOM running a close second, the vote being five to six of those voting, favorable to Mr. SMITH. Jeff TATE was re-elected secretary and treasurer, TATE having made a good record in this capacity the past year.

The captains of the three teams are appointive. Chief WILLIAMS appointed Enoch WISDOM, Henry ALEXANDER and Ottis BUCHAN as captains and the three captains will make up their teams from the ranks of the membership, assigning places as truck driver, nozzlemen, plugmen, hook and ladder men, and their assistants. The full membership of the department is 30 men.

50 Bushels Peanuts Per Acre On R. T. Janes Farm In ‘24

R. T. JANES was here from Sidney Tuesday attending to business and he had two acres that produced fifty (50) bushels of peanuts to the acre. He had five other acres that yielded forty (40) bushels per acre, and his entire crop was a success, despite the drought last summer.

Mr. JANES was a contestant for the $100.00 cash prize offered by the De Leon Peanut Co. for the best yield from 10 acres planted to Spanish peanuts. His 10 acre plot produced 37 bushels per acre. He used commercial fertilizer, the analysis being 12.3.34, and got splendid results.

The Free Press would like to hear a report from the various contestants for the prize offered and will make publication of same.

Two Local Men Sign To Handle Chevrolets Here

An arrangement was completed this week between HIGGINBOTHAM & YEAGER of Stephenville, owners of the Chevrolet agency in this territory and Elmer GENTRY and Wayne BELL of this city by which Messrs. GENTRY & BELL will handle the Chevrolet in the De Leon district. Local headquarters will be maintained at Self Service Station, where cars will be on display.

Messrs. GENTRY and BELL are each automobile salesmen of ability, having sold Fords in this territory until they severed their connection with the Reid Auto Supply Co. this week to take the Chevrolet agency. Mr. GENTRY has been employed along similar lines for six or eight years and Mr. BELL for the past two or three years. They put over their first sale for the Chevrolet people within a few hours of taking over the agency, a beautiful new Sedan…….

Katy Man Had An Operation

R.L. WHALEY is in Waco recuperating from an operation for appendicitis which he had there early in the week. He has been ill for some time and the operation was the only means looking to permanent relief. He is doing well following the ordeal. Mrs. WHALEY was with him in the early part of the week and is still there.

Local and Personal

Mr. and Mrs. L.J. BOGART left Tuesday for Dallas where they will remain until the winter is over. They plan to go to New Mexico for the benefit of Mr. BOGART’s health, making their home there. They sold their pretty bungalow home in Heath Addition to Jas. T. ROSS and disposed of their household goods before leaving. These excellent people have made many friends during the years they have lived in De Leon, while he was manager of the Dependable Store and later of Wilson-Bogart Co., all of whom wish for them the best of good fortune wherever they may go.

Enoch BALLARD, who has been spending the holiday period with his mother and other relatives and friends here, left Sunday to return to his home at El Monte, Cal., where he is in the employ of Los Angeles county. He was accompanied as far as Cisco by his mother, who will visit for a few days in the home of relatives.

Revs. GILBREATH and HENDON of Dublin were present Sunday afternoon at the Duncan funeral, the former conducting the services at the Baptist church.

Lost, strayed or stolen – One brown saddle horse, about 15 ½ hands high, weigh about 1050, 8 or 9 years old, shod all around, long black mane and tail. Liberal reward. – W.B. ASH, De Leon, Texas

Mr. Clyde HATTOX of the Duster community has entered Draughon’s Business Co9llege at Abilene for a course in Business Administration. Claude ROSS and R.H. McFAIL of the same community already have good positions as a result of their work in the same college.

South Ward Honor Roll – 4th Month

7th Grade: W.H. JETTON, Dan STEAKLEY, Francis HARVEY, Macie BOSWELL.

6th Grade: Ada SMITH, La Verne STRICKLAND, Madge IRVIN, Clyde FERRELL.

5th Grade: Edna Earl COZBY, Eloise NANCE, Evelyn KINCHEN, Grace SMITH, Clarence FOSTER.

4th Grade: Mable CRUTCHFIELD, Dorothy Mea KNOX, O’leta NABORS, Lorena FINKLESTINE, Jessie Miller POOL, Hazel PRESTON, Anthon LEIGON, Barnet TERRILL, J.L. FUNDERBURG, Gaylon HULSEY, Thermon BUCHAN, Doyle LIGHTFOOT, Bernard VAN ZANDT, Leroy BRISTER, Tommie HOLDEN, Alexander ALLEN, Harry PEARSON, Bob Henry SMITH.

2nd Grade: Ima Lee HARDIN, Doris MORTON, Louise GREENWALDT, Pansy MULLOY, Dorothy Nell EASTERLING, Ed GLO"VER, Wesley ELLIFF, Coy HOLDRIDGE, Lady Grace WHALEY, Ruby TODD, Margaret IRVIN, Wilfred BAGWELL, Leona HAPNER.

Untimely Death Calls J.D. Duncan

The death of James D. DUNCAN occurred at a hospital at Mexia at 7:40 o’clock on Thursday evening, January 8th, 1925. DUNCAN was employed by the Boyd Oil Co., as foreman in the Mexia oil field when he contracted a severe case of pneumonia. He was taken to Brown hospital in that city where a determined fight was made to bring the disease under control; but to no avail. His wife, who was here at the time, was called to his beside and was present when he expired. He was conscious until a very short time before his death and expressed a living faith in Gold and a hope for an abundant entrance into the glory of His presence.

James D. DUNCAN was born at Clifton, Bosque county April 6, 1895. He was converted at the age of 14 and joined the Missionary Baptist church. His membership remained at Clifton at the time of his death.

His War Record

When the call to the colors came in the great World War, DUNCAN was working at Hobart Okla. He enlisted there and was sent to Camp Travis, San Antonio where he trained with Co. M. 357 Infantry, 90th Division. He went overseas with the division, landing there July 1st, 1918, and saw active service in three of the hardest battles fought by American troops on French soil, being twice severely wounded. He lay in a hospital for five months and upon recovery was landed at a port in New Jersey, February 29th, 1919, and discharged at Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth, April 1st, 1919.

Thirteen months after his discharge from the army, on May 7th. 1920, he was married to a De Leon girl, Miss Clista MOHON, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. MOHON. Three children were born into the home, one of which died in infancy ten months ago. The wife and two little ones are left to mourn the passing of a faithful and devoted husband and an affectionate, loving father. Besides these, his mother, who resides in Wyoming and was too ill to attend his funeral, four brothers and two sisters, survive him. His father died thirteen years ago.

In speaking of his efficiency in handling oil properties, the Boyd Co. officials said they were dealt a blow by his death. He had worked for a number of years in similar work in Wyoming and on Long Island and in other parts of the country, constructing the huge storage tanks used in oil fields, and was a construction foreman of splendid ability.

Rev. GILBREATH of Dublin conducted the funeral services at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon, and ex-service men acted as pall bearers, some twenty of these, from Comanche and De Leon, depositing his body in the city of the dead, it being his last request that his former companions in the world conflict should accompany the remains to their last resting place.

Duster News

Misses Jo FOOTE, Inzer HATTON, and Dora Fay McPHAIL have returned to John Tarleton College.

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. COAN are moving to O’Donnell this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Merman POUNDSA and Mr. and Mrs. George SCOTT visited in Sipe Springs Sunday.

Round Grove News

There is quite a bit of sickness of colds and la grippe at present.

Sammie SPARKS has moved on T.P. PATTERSON’s place. Reggie TREADWAY has moved on Will BLAIR’s place.

Gib TREADWAY received a message Monday from his brother Abe, of Howard county, stating that his wife was stricken with paralysis, and was not expected to live.

T.P. PATTERSON received a message from Ras. PATTERSON of Fisher county stating that while Mr. PATTERSON was on his way to the gin with two bales of cotton, his team became frightened and turned one wagon off the Brazas river bank about 30 feet high, hurting Mr. PATTERSON pretty badly. No bones were found broken, but he could not turn himself in bed. His father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. PATTERSON, left for there at once.


Winston HAZZARD and Henry DICKEY left Tuesday for Big Lake.

Estelle GOODWIN of Gorman is spending a few days with her cousin, Mrs. C. THOMPSON.

Miss Jessie Lee HAVIS was at home with the mumps last week.

Mrs. D.E. PARSLEY who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT, has returned to her home at Owens.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom MOORE and family have returned from west Texas where they have been picking cotton.

Mr. Bill HARVEY and family of Comanche have moved to Comyn.

Mrs. Otis HAM has organized a music class. She will teach two days out of each week at the school building.

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