De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 5, 1924

Son of Cashier Dodd Price Has Skull Fracture

The thirteen year old son of Dodd PRICE, cashier of the Moran State bank is a patient at the Graham sanitarium suffering with a fractured skull, caused by falling off a truck bashing his skull. The little fellow was brought to the sanitarium here where he is doing as nicely as possible, considering the seriousness of his injury. The attending surgeon stated that an X-Ray of the injury revealed a rather large fracture, but with continued symptoms the lad has a fine chance to recover. However, the surgeon stated, it will be several days before the crisis is passed. – Cisco Daily News.

Third Grade Honor Roll-South Ward School


Martha Frances RUSSELL

Marjorie MORRIS





Fannie Bell KEMP

Robbie Jean MILLER

Billie SNEED

Bartina MOORE

Auto Mishap At Corner Near Park Two Are Injured

Two autos being driven by ladies collided at the turn just opposite the entrance to the North Side Ball park last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, her daughter, Miss Ina, and mother Mrs. N.H. FLOYD were in a Ford car with Mrs. CARAWAY at the wheel. The other car was a big heavy machine and was being driven by Mrs. Leonard WATSON of this city. When the big car crashed into the Ford all three of the ladies were thrown out and Mrs. FLOYD was considerably injured but is recovering. The others sustained bruises. The cars were badly damaged.

Rev. Kirkpatrick New Minister At Methodist Church

Two excellent sermons at the Methodist church Sunday, the evening hour being the occasion of a visit from the Baptist people, marked the first Sunday of Rev. KIRKPATRICK as pastor of the local Methodist church. The morning hour congregation was somewhat larger than usual, and the auditorium was filled full at the evening hour. His two splendid messages were well received.

Rev. KIRKPATRICK comes to De Leon church from Strawn, where he ministered two years. He was formerly at Breckenridge, Groesbeck, and six years was the minister at Rising Star. He is scholarly and interesting and as a speaker holds the interest of his audience throughout his sermons. He was graduated from Vanderbilt, his degrees being from that institution.

Last Wednesday evening the congregation gave a generous pounding to the new minister and his two young daughters, Misses Jewell Jean and Faye. The wife and mother has been ill and is now at Carlsbad, where she is regaining her health, and expects to join her family here in the early Spring.

Rev. KIRKPATRICK is away this week in Arkansas where his father died last Monday, the funeral being held Tuesday afternoon. Deceased was well advanced in years and was worn out, Rev. Kirkpatrick said. The Free Press is sure the good people of the community will greatly sympathise with Rev. KIRKPATRICK in this, his great loss. He is expected to return from Arkansas late this week in time for the Sunday services.

W.W. Boon Died Thursday Morning Of Cancer

"Daddy" W.W. BOON is dead. He came to the end of the road of life at 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning, Dec. 4, 1924. The last weeks of his earthly life were marked with suffering as the end slowly and surely approached. He realized his condition and waited for the end with a penitent heart [illegible] asking the prayers of Christian [illegible] came to visit and administer to him. He lived out his three score years and ten, and has been ushered into the Great Beyond!

The Free Press does not know the age of Mr. BOON, but he is said to have been in his 80th year. He was a Georgian by birth and came to Texas many years ago, living at Gorman before coming to De Leon. He has property in the vicinity of Carbon, the home where he lived for many years.

He is survived by his faithful wife, who at this time herself is living at the point of death and not expected to survive many hours. There are a number of children, Mrs. STOVALL being a daughter, and it is in her home the two old people spent their last days, and where the mother remains in her critical condition. One son lives in Oklahoma and another in Western Texas, the Free Press believes there are four sons.

Deceased was a Mason and a member of the Methodist church. The funeral will be Friday afternoon, with the Masonic order in charge, although no definite arrangements have been made at the time of this writing.

Mrs. M.T. Robertson

"Can storied urn or animated bust, Back to it’s mansion call the fleeting breath,

Or flattery soothe the dull cold ear of death?"

Nay. There is nothing more that human hands can do with means, or pen that will in any way effect grandmother ROBERTSON.

She has changed her cross of suffering for a crown of eternal joy. But for the benefit of those who care to read, we give a short sketch of her life.

She was born in Jefferson county, Ala. Aug 13, 1842. Her maiden name was Martha Jane MOOR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hezekiah MOOR.

Her father was a Baptist minister and she became a Christian when quite young and joined the Baptist church from which she never strayed.

She was married to Captain Wm. M. INZER in 1864 to whom were born six children: Mrs. T.P. WEAVER and Dr. INZER of De Leon, Texas; J.W. INZER of Pontotoc, Miss. (all of whom are living) and two children, Tinie and Carvin who have long since crossed the river of death to wait her coming.

Capt. INZER died in 1878. After which she was married to David ROBERTSON, a Baptist minister who ived only six years and died leaving her again to suffer the loneliness of widow-hood and the care of orphans. She reared them to womanhood and manhood and saw them all married with families of their own; but it seemed that her work was only half begun as the wife of her oldest son, J.W., was stricken with pneumonia and died leaving five orphans all of whom were under eleven years of age and she alone to mother and care for them. All of whom are living to cherish her memory and all but one, William, the youngest, who is at Oxford, (Miss.) University going to school were with her in her last illness to help and lend comfort in every way possible.


The many heart-rending scenes through which she passed during the civil war when her father was waylaid and shot by a band of marauders and her widowed mother’s home was raided and robbed of everything, even the children’s shoes, were taken and how her young life was filled with dread and sorrow can better be imagined than described.

When her noble husband returned enfeebled in health from the war, he found her ready to work and help redeem the overwhelming ruin of her country. Although reared in plenty, when the cruel war stripped her home she went about her task with a patience and heroism that fit her as a garment.

She spent most of her life in Ala. and Miss., having made Texas her home for four years only. She had three strokes of paralysis and in July lost her speech. Five weeks ago she fell and broke her hip from which she never recovered.

Death claimed her last Sat. morning at 10 o’clock.

May we all meet her "on that peaceful shore, where tempests never beat nor billows ever roar." - Contributed

Local Merchant Will Open Store At Comanche

The enterprising firm of E.E. AKERS is planning an expansion of business activity. They will open another store soon. The new house will be at the county site, where Mr. AKERS feels an excellent opening exists. His plan is to open with about as large stock as he carries here. The new store will open for business about the 15th of the coming January.

The Free Press congratulates Mr. AKERS upon the business success he has attained in De Leon. His business here has made wonderful progress within recent months and the addition of another house is evidence of greater prosperity in future.

At St. Pauls For Operation

Mr. WHITTLE, a sufferer for several weeks of gall stones, is at St. Paul’s Sanitarium, Dallas, for an operation. Word from there early in the week said the operation would be perhaps Thursday. He was not strong enough for an operation when he first went there and has been under treatment. His condition is serious.

Local and Personal

T.V. BELL, grader at the Nance Produce house, returned the 1st of the week from a visit at his home, Mt. Pleasant, also visiting at Dallas while away. He was accompanied back by Allen TIGERT, experienced packer, who will be employed with the Nance plant the remainder of the season.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. NORTHCUTT have as their guests his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. NORTHCUTT of Loraine, Tex. They will remain over the holidays.

Carl PITTMAN is now employed with the Caruthers State bank of Somerton, Ariz., with Guy McCAIN.

Mrs. M. FITZPATRICK and her daughter, Mrs. Prentice WILSON, were here this week, having sold their home in Heath Addition to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph MEYERS.


Little Miss Mary Alice ROLLINS was the charming hostess to her many friends on Saturday, November 22 from 3 to 5p.m. honoring her 6th birthday. The party was at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. J.E. SELF. The children played a number of games, told stories, sang songs and gave readings until the most happy time of a very delightful afternoon, when the birthday cake and ice cream were served. Pretty little toys were given as favors greatly pleasing the guests. All the children wished Mary Alice many happy returns of the day. The following were present:

Virginia Sue SCOTT, Virginia HORN, Wynell SALTER, Eugena GENTRY, Olive BUCHAN, Marjorie MORRIS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Mary HAMPTON, Myra Nell HAMOR, Margaret SHARP, Ina Mae MARTIN, John Travis MOHON, Eugene WEAVER, Willis LIGHTFOOT, William Terrill SEWARD, Worth and Donald HOWE, Roy Normand HAMMERS, Harold KUHN, Grady TERRILL, Jr., John Ed ROLLINS.

Cases Disposed of In District Court

Following are the proceedings of the district court during the past week:

State vs. Earl HENRY, murder, continued.

State vs. Earl HENRY, making intoxicating liquor; continued.

State vs. John ROACH, selling whiskey; one year in penitentiary. Motion for new trial overruled and notice of appeal given.

State vs. Ike LOGGINS, unlawfully possessing whiskey for purpose of sale; dismissed.

State vs. L.B. MOORE, forgery; dismissed.

State vs. Lohman CAGLE, seduction; dismissed.

State vs. Jerry FARMER, embezzlement (four cases), continued by agreement.

State vs. W.A. WOZENCRAFT, transporting intoxicating liquor; verdict of not guilty.

State vs. R.E. BARRY, kidnapping; dismissed  to felony charge. Plea of guilty and fined $75.

J.L. CHAPMAN vs. J.R. SLAUGHTER, et al: dismissed for want of prosecution.

J.L. CHAPMAN vs. O.P. HEAD et al; dismissed on motion of plaintiff, at cost of defendant.

Walter EGBERT vs. Jake EVANS, Judgment for plaintiff for $450. Defendant expects and gives notice of appeal.

Estell GRAY vs. C.F. GRAY, continued.

Myrtle BURNS vs. R.M. BURNS; continued.

Mrs. Lucy SCOTT vs. F.B. SCOTT; divorce granted and both parties prohibited from remarrying within a year. Plaintiff awarded custody of minor children and given use of all community property for purpose of supporting children.

W.J. MURPHY et al. vs. J.A. HENDRICK; continued by agreement.

John HOOVER vs. Hugh JANUARY et al., continued.

Zetta BRYAN vs. W.H. BRYAN, continued.

J.L. LEWIS vs. Cecil LEWIS; divorce granted.

H.M. McALLISTER vs. R.W. McKNIGHT; dismissed on motion of plaintiff at cost of defendant.

The Shear Company vs. W.M. HENRY; judgment by default for plaintiff.

T.H. JACKSON vs. Cleve CALAWAY; judgment for plaintiff.

H.A. CARMICHAEL vs. A.G. HALL; judgment for plaintiff.

Laura HEARD vs. G.D. HEARD; divorce granted, both parties prohibited from remarrying in 12 months, plaintiff’s name of Lovora PARKER restored.

John COX vs. Mabel COX; divorce granted; both parties prohibited from remarrying within twelve months.

Aubry STARK vs. Opal STARK; divorce granted; both prohibited from remarrying in 12 months.


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