De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 21, 1924

Uncle Bruce Terry Died Last Wednesday

Uncle Bruce TERRY is dead! The old and worn out body withstood the encroachment of the years well, but finally came to the end of things mortal and "the dust has to the dust returned", while his spirit is at peace in the realm beyond! His last days were marked with peace and the association of friends dear to the old man. Only three days before his passing the writer drove a car near where he was standing, at the post office entrance, and he feigned strenuous objection, playfully threatening to defend himself with a sharpened cedar stick and his knife. Who of all people acquainted with Uncle Bruce in his last years can ever forget the knife and piece of soft cedar he always carried? In the afternoon of that same day he was stricken with apoplexy which laid him prostrate, and in three days – death!

Uncle Bruce has lived in Texas more than half a century, fifty-one years. He was born in Alabama, where he grew to manhood. He was married and two children were born to him. The greater portion of his life has been spent right here, where he has not wanted for friends in life, nor for sorrowing hearts as he lies in death. His wife and children have been dead for many years.

He was making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Howard YORK when he died. The most tender care was given him. Physicians did what they could, but nothing can be done when paralysis of a virulent nature strikes the aged down. He yielded peacefully to the inevitable; he was a sheaf ripe unto the harvest! The great Reaper claimed him as His own! Death came at four o’clock, Wednesday afternoon, November 19th. The funeral service was at two-thirty Thursday afternoon at the Methodist Church with Rev. J.W. COWAN in charge. Burial at De Leon cemetery.

Walton Bakery Baking Fruit Cake

As is their custom at this season of the year, the Walton Bakery is making fruit cake and have placed a large ad in this issue calling attention there to the fact. The cake is up to the quality of other years, even better many of their customers say who have tried it. WALTON is using the proper concoction of almonds, walnuts, raisins, and the necessary spices, these together with the usual pastry ingredients – a mighty fine product.

This year they will sell the small one-pound cake as usual, but in addition will bake slab cake and will cut to suit the purchaser, at 65 cents per pound. They are receiving orders and deliver.

Rev. Clark’s Reds Made Him $20 Per Month During the Year

Rev. J.F. CLARK told the Free Press just before leaving for his new charge, Nolanville, that he had sold $350.00 worth of chickens and eggs during his one year in De Leon. He brought thirty-two fine pullets and three roosters of the Rhode Island variety with him to De Leon, and earned a little over $20 per month while here.

During one week, from Friday to Friday, Rev. and Mrs. CLARK sold over a hundred dollars worth of fine chickens recently.

What these people have done with fine birds others can do. The poultry industry is yet in its infancy in De Leon territory.

Comyn Boy Won Prize On Corn Cotton Palace

Howard BAKER, son of S.H. BAKER of near Comyn, sent the exhibit of Strawberry corn shown at Comyn, Dublin, and Stephenville Fairs, to the Waco Cotton Palace, and was awarded third prize there, the prize being $5.00. This same exhibit had taken first at each of the nearby Fairs.

Caught Armadillo While Out Hunting ‘Possums on Sabano

Fulton SMITH brought a live armadillo to town last Saturday and placed it on display at Weaver Drug Store for the afternoon where it attracted a lot of interest. SMITH said he caught the animal out on Sabano at a point near the "Narrows" while his father, Mr. GRAY and he were out ‘possum hunting last week.

Daughter of S.G. Underwood is Ill

Little Miss Mamie, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.G. UNDERWOOD, went to Dublin Saturday to be present at a children’s party being given by her cousins, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis MOORE, and while there became violently ill of congestion of the stomach. Her parents were called to her bedside Sunday morning where physicians were attending her.

From Rev. Clark

We are leaving De Leon this week for Nolanville, Texas, to take up our pastorate there to which we were appointed at the close of the sessions of the Central Texas Conference which closed at Brownwood last Sunday, Nov. 16th. We say to our friends that our stay in De Leon the past year has been very much enjoyed by our entire family. It has been most pleasant for us to be associated for a short time with the good people of De Leon and vicinity, and we wish for them the best of everything. We go to our new charge with good will to all we leave behind. May God’s richest blessing be with all.

We are succeeded on the De Leon Circuit by Rev. W.A. NEIL who came from Copperas Cove. Bro. NEIL is a splendid man and a good preacher. He has an elegant family, and we are sure that the circuit will not suffer by the exchange of pastors. The new pastor will arrive today, the 19th.

We leave our little charge free from debts. We owe no debts but a debt of gratitude to all, which we will not be able to repay.

Respectfully, (Rev.) J.F. CLARK

Rev. W.T. Hamor Resigns Pastorate Baptist Church

Announcement has been made of the resignation of Rev. W.T. HAMOR, pastor of the First Baptist Church at this place. The resignation was placed by Rev. HAMOR to be effective December 1st, but his board of deacons invited him to remain until such time as he might become located elsewhere, or until the local church should secure another pastor. His resignation was accepted with deepest regrets by his congregation.

Speaking to Free Press regarding his resignation, Rev. HAMOR said that he felt his program had been worked out, his work completed and that the time had logically come for him to seek a new field of labor. He has labored with the local church for three years and three months. During this time the work of the church has gone forward and made splendid progress in all departments. "All branches of the church work are now in thriving condition and doing work," Rev. HAMOR said.

From the report the Free Press we would judge the church really has made very satisfactory progress during the administration of this aggressive young pastor. When he took the pastorate the church had an indebtedness of $5,000.00 on the property, and every dollar of this has been cleared and the church is now free from debt. In a revision of the church rolls, 150 names were dropped from the roll, some of whom were doubtless dead, others moved away without receiving letters of dismission, or for one cause and another.

During the three-year period approximately 250 new members have been added to the church. One hundred came into the church the first year, ninety-five the second year, and about fifty the third year, making about 250 total additions. The present membership of the church stands at about 450 active members.

One important move made by this church during the period of his pastorate, Rev. HAMOR said, was joining the Comanche Association. This is a larger work, he stated, than the local association and the church will find a larger field of fruitfulness therein.

Rev. HAMOR has proved a congenial as well as successful pastor. He has carried into his work a deep earnestness and has been able to inspire a very large majority of his members with the zeal and consecration to service which he has made so large a part of his work. In going to a new field he will carry with him the warm friendship of the people, not only of his church but of scores of friends throughout the town who will wish for him and his good wife an even greater degree of success than he has before known.


Harry HOWELL was home from Cisco visiting his parents.

Robert PATTERSON, student at Daniel Baker College, was home over the past week end.

Clifford ALLEN was home for the week end with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN.

Vernon BELL and family were here Sunday for a visit with his brother, R.W. and family.

Raymond VAN ZANDT was home from Austin the first of the week where he is a student at State University.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. TALLEY of Kirvin, Texas, were visiting this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HANCOCK.

Misses Ruth and Kathrine HARVEY, students at John Tarleton College, were spending Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Miss Gertie JONES, who resides at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doss MILLER, is convalescent after an operation at Blackwell Sanitarium.

A.I. STEPHENS, R.L. NORTHCUTT and W.B. McKEMEY returned from their hunt in Kerr and Kimble counties last week without having killed a deer. They bagged a few turkeys they said.

Rev. B.L. NANCE of El Paso, was visiting briefly with his brothers W.W. , J.S. Henry and sister Mrs. W.L. GREER here last week while attending the Methodist Conference at Brownwood.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. Tom MOORE and family are moving to Haskell. We regret very much to lose their children from our school.

Mrs. Polly ROBERTSON of New Hope is spending a few days with her granddaughter, Mrs. S.T. COOK.

Carl DRY is out of school this week.

Mr. Robert Milton HUCK of Ft. Worth and Miss Edith COOK drove to Comanche last Wednesday afternoon where they were married. Miss COOK is a charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK of our community. Mr. HUCK comes from a highly respected family. Mr. and Mrs. HUCK left Thursday for their home in Ft. Worth. We wish them much happiness and prosperity.

Messrs. CURWELL and MONTAGUE have just completed a first class sheep shed on the tank farm.

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