De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 7, 1924 


Passed Away Mrs. John Smith

            Mrs. Alice Aelia SMITH, wife of our townsman, Mr. John SMITH, passed to her eternal reward Oct. 30.

            Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church in the afternoon of October 31, and her body was laid to rest in the De Leon cemetery.

            Mrs. SMITH was 73 years, 6 months and 10 days of age.  She was born and reared and spent most of her life in La Fayette county Mississippi.  She came with her husband to De Leon soon after their marriage in 1919, and has lived here ever since.

            Mrs SMITH was from childhood a consistent, faithful and useful member of the Presbyterian Church.  She was a devoted Christian and exemplified in her daily life the noble virtues of true Christian womanhood.

            She was a quiet unassuming, gentle affable and sweet spirited character and during her five years stay in our city she has won respect, esteem and confidence of many who souly and deeply mourn her going away.

            The bereaved husband and relatives have the tenderness and sincerness [sic] sympathies of a large circle of friends in which the Free Press joins most heartily.

A. Grimshaw and Family Gone To N.M.

            A. GRIMSHAW and family have closed up their affairs here and left Thursday morning for their new home at Portales, N.M., where Mr. GRIMSHAW traded for valuable ranch lands.  They will go on the newly acquired property and farm next year.  De Leon people regret to lose this good family, but wish for them much success in the home of their adoption.

Adding New Machinery At Holdridge & Sons

            Workmen are busy at Holdridge Corner, otherwise known as the “Busy Bee Corner”,  Humphrey Addition, where H.B. HOLDRIDGE and sons are continuing to add improvements.  It is said that as long as a man continues to improve his business he will never go broke.  Mr. HOLDRIDGE has erected a new brick building, moved and improved his blacksmith shop, built a thoroughly modern filling station with concrete driveway and modern fixtures, etc., and his last improvement is a big dynamo which will drive their grist mill.  The work of installing now in progress.

            Holdridge & Sons are doing a mighty good business, and deserve success because they are putting a lot of effort into their rapidly increasing business.

De Leon Woman Going To Ranger With Salvation Army

            Mrs. R.M. BURNS will close her lunch counter some time this month and go to Ranger to work in a mission being operated there by the Salvation Army.  Her daughter will accompany her.

Fords Crash At Higginbotham’s Lumber Yard

            Ford cars belonging to W.T. HENDERSON and Poodle LESTER crashed at a point in the street just before Higginbotham’s lumber office early Wednesday morning.  Mr. HENDERSON was coming up the street from the west and the sun was shining on his windshield.  Two young ladies were on the sidewalk talking across the street to Poodle LESTER and Mr. HENDERSON saw them but did not see LESTER.  While his attention was attracted in their direction, and at the same time as he shielded his face from the glare of the sun, his Ford Touring car crashed into the side of LESTER’s Ford.

            An axle on the LESTER car was bent and the running board and fender smashed in, the damage being probably $75.00 or more.

            Mr. HENDERSON immediately shouldered all blame for the accident and the car is being repaired.  The incident is regrettable.

De Leon Girl Wins Scholarship At State

            The Free Press has learned that Miss Olean VAN ZANDT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT, and a graduate of De Leon high school in the class of 1923, has been awarded a scholarship in piano at the State University, where she has studied for several months.  Miss VAN ZANDT is a most deserving young woman and is quite talented in her music and her friends will be glad to know of her success at “Texas’ greatest Educational Institution.”

Untimely Death Comes to Young Oklahoma Matron

            The sad death of Mrs. Illa SHORT HARRIS, wife of F.F. HARRIS, occurred at their home at Holdenville, Okla., at 5:00 o’clock p.m. Friday, October 31st, 1924.  Death followed an attack of typhoid fever, the young woman having been ill only one week.  She had visited with her parents here just three weeks before her death, spending two weeks in the old home, a happy two weeks that will be cherished in the memory of those who loved her most.

            Illa SHORT HARRIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SHORT of De Leon Rt. 3 was born in this county in September 6th, 1904, being therefore only twenty years, two months and 25 days of age at death.  The coming of the final summons always brings its toil of sadness and regrets but for one, scarcely attaining the years of maturity, and one whose young life held so much of promise for her own happiness and that of her young husband her passing is indeed sad. 

            Young Mr. HARRIS is employed as a welder for the Phillips Petroleum Co. at Holdenville.  The place is in the Sulphur and Shawnee section and malaria is prevalent there.  The company required its men to be vaccinated some time ago and Mr. HARRIS suggested that his wife be vaccinated, but she mildly objected, and her resultant death will prove a timely warning to those remaining.

            As soon as Mr. and Mrs. SHORT knew of her serious illness they immediately left for Holdenville but did not arrive until their daughter had passed away.  Mrs. HARRIS was the younger of two daughters, both living at Holdenville, and the older sister was, of course, in attendance with her sister during her last illness.

            The sorrowing party returned here Sunday afternoon and at three o’clock the funeral and burial took place at the De Leon cemetery, Rev. W.T. HAMOR conducting the service.  Deceased had been a consistent member of the Baptist church since ten years of age and her membership had remained with the Robinson Springs church.

Miss Love Scott Recovering Rapidly

            In last issue the editor told of the illness of his sister, Miss LOVE, at St. Paul’s Sanitarium, Dallas, where she had an operation on Wednesday evening for appendicitis.  The editor returned before the week-end last week and left her doing satisfactorily.  Regular messages from there during the week indicate that she is improving rapidly and will be out again before many days.

Family Narrowly Escapes Injury In Auto Mishap

            An accident that came near taking a toll of life occurred on the Gorman-Carbon highway Monday evening at 7:30, the car being driven by J.T. SWAGERTY, owner and manager of Swagerty Filling Station, being seriously wrecked when a big Nash speedster crashed into the side.  Mrs. SWAGERTY, who was riding beside her husband, sustained cuts and bruises that necessitated her removal to Blackwell Sanitarium for first aid treatment.  She suffered a nervous shock in addition to physical injuries.  She was brought on here, however, and is recovering.  The four young sons and two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. SWAGERTY were not injured.  Mr. SWAGERTY was only slightly bruised about the body………..

            The SWAGERTY family was moving to De Leon when the accident occurred.  They had left Portales Sunday morning and were taking two days to make the trip of about 350 miles, driving leisurely.  They are now at home in this city; the children to enter school at once.  The citizenship generally, will be glad to welcome them.

Kid Hammet is Recovering From Serious Operation

            W.A. (Kid) HAMMET is at Gorman Sanitarium recovering from a serious operation for appendicitis.  Mr. HAMMET, who lives at Desdemona, was carried to the sanitarium a couple of weeks ago and in the intervening time has been so desperately ill that his life was despaired of.  His friends will be glad to hear of his recovery.

Morrow – Abernathy

            The wedding of Miss Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. MORROW to Mr. H.A. ABERNATHY of Breckenridge, occurred at Cisco at 1:00 o’clock last Thursday afternoon, the wedding ceremony having been said by the Baptist pastor of Breckenridge who accompanied the groom to Cisco to meet his bride who was returning with her aunt, Mrs. COUNTS, from a three months visit with relatives in Los Angeles.

            Miss MORROW and Mr. ABERNATHY met several years ago when he was operating a line of trucks here during the boom days and their acquaintance has ripened into a more intimate relationship as the years have passed culminating most happily in their marriage, as stated.

            Mr. ABERNATHY is now engaged in grocery business at Breckenridge where they will make their home after a honeymoon trip to Dallas and vicinity.  The Free Press extends best wishes.

3rd Grade Honor Roll Pupils South Ward



Fannie Bell KEMP

Robbie Jean MILLER




A baby girl, “Dorothy Jean”, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff ROSS on Thursday, October 30th.  Mrs. ROSS has been seriously ill during the week but is reported some better.  The little one is doing nicely.

Mrs. J. Lee BARTON and children are expected home this week from an extended visit with relatives at Shreveport, La.  Their little son fell from a porch three weeks ago and cut his head; the wound becoming infected, and he has been quite ill, however, is now recovered.

Charley HUDDLESTON took his little son back to the Shrine Hospital at Dallas Wednesday where the little fellow will have the plaster casts removed from his feet and be examined for further treatment and possible operations.  The Free Press stated some time ago that an operation was performed on the child’s feet, a small wedged-shaped bone being taken out of one foot and put in the other.  He is a sufferer from infantile paralysis.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. HERRING left this week for Cisco to make their home there.  Free Press regrets to lose these good people, and wishes them well in their new home.

Mr. H.J. STOCKMAN of Akron, Ohio, arrived last week for a visit in the home of his wife’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HAM, and to accompany his wife and two young sons back to their home in Ohio.  They left for their home Thursday this week.

Round Grove News

Little Wayne GILDER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hermon GILDER, who has been real sick, is improving now.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl TOMILSON are down on a visit from Roby, Texas.

School at Armstrong began Monday with Maurine MILLER as teacher.

Will ROSS, who has been in ill health for several years, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ed RIPPETOE to their home at Dublin for a short visit Monday.

Desdemona News

Mr. Tip HENRY and Mr. Charley DANIELS have installed a full line of groceries in the building formerly occupied by the Desdemona Gusher.  We wish you success in your new business and assure you that we appreciate the part you play in helping to upbuild and serve this city.

Card of Thanks

            We take this method of thanking our many friends for their kindness shown  us during the illness and death of our daughter and sister.  We also wish to express our thanks for the beautiful floral offerings.  May God’s blessing abide with you for ever.   E.W. SHORT and family


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