De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 3, 1924

Stolen Car Is Wrecked While Crossing Culvert

Thieves who stole a Ford Coupe at a point three miles out of Grandbury Monday night, wrecked the car on the abutment of a culvert fifty yards from Steakley Filling Station while driving the stolen property through this city.

The wreck occurred between four and five o’clock, parties living that vicinity nearing the impact when the rapidly moving car struck the heavy concrete pillar, but no one investigated the wreck until the following morning. It was found the wood rim had been broken from the locking steering wheel, also the castiron frame of the steering wheel was broken. The key had been bent in the socket, and the lower section of the windshield shattered. The above damages indicated that whoever was driving the car must have been hurt as no human could have withstood such a jolt without injury. Besides there was blood on the ground beside the car.

Besides the above mentioned damages, the front axle of the machine was bent and the running gear and wheels otherwise damaged, the total damage being placed at perhaps $100.

Officers took the case in charge Tuesday morning and in searching the machine Chief NABORS found a statement rendered by a Granbury hardware store to one Mr. Earl CLIFTON of Ft. Worth. Chief NABORS phoned the Grandbury hardwareman and was soon in touch with CLIFTON, who travels for a Ft. Worth wholesale hardware house and was at the time in Branbury. CLIFTON was reared in Granbury and was at the time of the theft spending the night at the home of his father-in-law three miles from Grandbury. He had left the car standing in front of the home Monday night where the thieves found and took it in the early morning hours. CLIFTON and the Hood county sheriff came over Tuesday afternoon to investigate and get the car. Although CLIFTON had a considerable amount of stuff in the car, nothing was missing but a sheep-lined duck coat.

Anderson Died At Government Hospital Kerrville

H.A. ANDERSON, aged 32 years, a sufferer for several weeks past with tuberculosis, died last Saturday morning at Kerrville. The immediate cause of his death was spinal meningitis. His wife and brother-in-law, Mr. HUFFMAN from Desdemona, were called to his bedside and were there when the end came. Although unable to speak when his wife arrived, she gave unmistakable signs of consciousness and recognition.

Mr. ANDERSON was born in 1892. Most of his life had been spent in this county. He was a baker by profession, and since his marriage to Miss Mona STONE here in DeLeon in 1920 he had lived in DeLeon, Comanche and Desdemona. Two children were born to them, boys ages 3 years and four months, respectively.

ANDERSON was a member of the Church of Christ since 1906 and was an Odd Fellow. His lodge membership was with the Comanche lodge, and his fraternal brethren from that place assisted by DeLeon Odd Fellows, buried him with the usual ceremonies.

He was a veteran of the World war, having been two years in the service and was several months overseas. Through American Legion channels he was admitted to the government sanitorium where he was making a hopeful fight for his life when taken with meningitis.

The entire community feels a measure of the sadness that has come into the little home thus bereft of the husband and father. Peace be to his departed spirit!

Grimshaw Garage Sold to New Mexico Man, Now in Charge

A deal was consummated this week between A. GRIMSHAW, owner of Grimshaw Garage and Filling Station, and J.T. SWAGERTY of Portales, N. Mex., in which Mr. GRIMSHAW becomes owner of valuable ranch lands near Portales, and Mr. SWAGERTY comes here as owner of the Grimshaw Garage and filling station property. The change has already been made Mr. SWAGERTY taking charge of the property on September 27th.

With Mr. SWAGERTY and wife come with their three children, all in school age also his father, who resides with them. The Free Press extends them a hearty welcome, as will also the citizenship generally.

Mr. and Mrs. GRIMSHAW and family plan to go on the newly acquired ranch land, which is being converted into farms. They will farm there the coming year.

No changes have taken place in the personnel at the filling station and garage, Messrs. CARTER and SMITH to remain in their respective places, and the boys in the workshop also will continue.

Local News

Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.O. ARMSTRONG, on DeLeon Rt. 3, Monday morning September 29, a 10 pound girl.

W.W. BOON left Monday morning for Fort Worth to consult a specialist on stomach trouble. He has been suffering for some time and will remain for treatment if so advised. His friends hope for his recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. PITTMAN, who have been living in Dallas for some years and who are just now moving away, were spending Wednesday in DeLeon. With them were their daughters, Mesdames B.V. BOLLINGER and W.A. PLUMMER of Clyde, also Mrs. W.R. JACKSON, who was formerly Miss Sadie WYATT. Mrs. BOLLINGER and Mrs. JACKSON live in Ranger.


Mr. and Mrs. Lon DeLANEY, who lived in DeLeon in the boom days, returned to their home in Rising Star from an extended trip to their old home, Pennsylvania.


School Notes

Freshman Notes

The freshmen held a meeting last Friday for the purpose of organizing the class. With Miss Artie COLEY acting as chairman until the president was elected. The following officers were elected:

Ray HARVEY, president

Willie Mae JETTON, vice-president

Frances ELKINS, secretary-treasurer

Louise LESTER, class reporter

Pink and green were selected as the class colors and Pink rosebud the flower. The motto has not yet been chosen.

Juniors Organize

The Junior class of DeLeon high school has been organized with John D. HARVEY, president, Eudora NOEL, vice-president, Fred STOVER, secretary-treasurer.

Miss Eudora NOELL will be yell leader and Miss Bernice INZER reporter. The class colors are green and gold, the flower the nasturtium. The motto: "B Sharp, B Square, but never B Flat".

Proctor Fire Toll Placed At $20,000 Insurance Small

Fire at Proctor Thursday night, September 18, wiped out a considerable portion of the business section of the town, causing a loss of about $20,000 with total insurance amounting to only $6,500.

The heaviest loser was E.M. STONE, general merchant, whose loss is estimated at $14,000, covered by insurance to the amount of $5,500. He had gotten in a carload of flour at his store only a few days before the fire.

The fire originated in the telephone office over STONE’s store at between 8:30 and 9 o’clock, and is said to have been caused by the explosion of a lamp. The telephone office does not maintain a regular service after 8:30 and J.V. CARTER, the manager, who sleeps at the office had gone down to the railroad where some cattle were being loaded, it is said and had been out but a short time when the flames were discovered.

Mr. CARTER’s loss is estimated at $3,000 on which amount insurance was carried to the amount of $1,000.

The Masonic hall was also located over the Stone store, and the lodge sustained a loss of about $1,500, with no insurance.

The barber shop of W.L. EWING was burned, the loss being about $500 with no insurance.

Mr. STONE had his invoices and insurance policies in his safe. The safe was opened last Tuesday morning and the papers found to be in good condition. – Chief

In Society

Family Reunion

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. TIDWELL had a regular family reunion at their home the past week end when they had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. TIDWELL from Sweetwater, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. TIDWELL, from Cisco, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin TIDWELL of Fairy, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. PARKS and daughter of Iredell and Mr. and Mrs. E. B. WILLIAMSON and children of Iredell. Mesdames WILLIAMSON and PARK are sisters of Mr. TIDWELL, and the Messrs. TIDWELL are his brothers. Needless to say the day was most pleasantly spent in this home.

Candy Making

Miss Virginia SHARP entertained a crowd of girls with a candy making at her home Friday night September 27. Miss Launa FRETWELL furnished the music. Those present were: Clara B. FUNDERBURG, Beatrice HENDERSON, Launa FRETWELL, Roger Mae SMITH, Beryle and Mildred JOHNSTON, Olita L. STEVENS, Doris AYERS, Lois HARVEY and Billie.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our friends and every one who came to us in our sad hour. Especially do we thank the Rebekkahs and Oddfellows who helped us in every way. We thank every one for the beautiful floral offerings. May God bless each one of you.

Signed: Mrs. H.A. ANDERSON, Mrs. P.A. STONE, Mr. and Mrs. C. HUFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Joe STONE, Mr. and Mrs. Manley STONE, and Mr. and Mrs. J.O. STONE.

Junior Rook Club

The Junior Rook Club met at the home of Roger Mae SMITH Saturday afternoon, Sept. 20. After several games of Rook, refreshments were served to the following members: Mrs. May WHALEY, Willie Mae JETTON, Beryl and Mildred JOHNSTON, Olita STEVENS, Lucille SIMMS, Virginia SHARP, Launa FRETWELL, Beatrice HENDERSON, Eudora NOELL, Lois HARVEY, and Clara Belle FUNDERBURG and Louise LESTER. High score went to Lois HARVEY.

Jakehamon News

The Jakehamon football team defeated the Oliver Springs team Sunday by a score of 20 to 4. The game was played at Jakehamon and was the first of the season. Players for Jakehamon were: Zollie KOONCE, Hershel BASSETT, Charley GREGORY, Denver REED, and Jim KOONCE. Players for Oliver Springs were: Jack BURLESON, Alba HAMPTON, Carl WOODS, and Edgar HIGGINBOTHAM. Oliver Springs substituted two men, Hershel BURLESON and Johnnie BURLESON. – Percy Davenport

Desdemona News

Senior Class Organizes

The senior class of Desdemona high school has organized and elected the following officers: Guy BRUCE, president; Katherene HARRISON, secretary; Gerald SMITH, treasurer; Percy DAVENPORT, class reporter; Everetta LOVE, historian; Ethel HILLIARD, class poet; class colors will be pink and green and the class flower will be sweet pea. The motto has not yet been chosen.

Comyn News

School opened Monday morning with very good enrollment. Some of the patrons were out for the opening. After the devotional exercises Supt. G.R. GOOSBY gave an interesting address. The teachers are: G.R. GOOSBY, supt., R.C. TERRY, vocational agriculture, Miss Lela VAUGHN, Home Economics, Miss Mayme Lon PARR, History and English, Miss Millie L. GRISHAM, fourth and fifth grades, Miss Pearl SLOAN 2nd and 3rd grades, Miss Dixie SLOAN first grade.

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