De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 26, 1924

Mrs. John R. Slaughter is Dead

The sad death of Mrs. John SLAUGHTER occurred at 12:50 a.m. last Sunday morning, she having been a sufferer for many months of that dread malady, tuberculosis. Death came to relieve her long suffering as anxious relatives watched beside her. All humanly possible was done to relieve the pain and stay the hand of inevitable death.

Mrs. SLAUGHTER was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MORELAND of near Rucker where she was reared. She was married several years ago to John R. SLAUGHTER and to their happy union three children were born, all of whom together with her husband survive her.

The children are two boys and a girl, the boys being about two and nine years and the little girl about six. Sad indeed is the lot of little ones thus bereft of a mother’s love and care, even though others may care for them exceedingly well. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to them, as well as to the faithful husband and father, whose heart must feel the weight of his great loss.

Funeral services were held at the family home Monday afternoon and the remains laid to rest at DeLeon cemetery, in the presence of a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends.

Untimely Death Of Former DeLeon Woman Occurred

Myrtle Payne MILLER is dead. A brief illness, measured in a few short hours being at 10:00 p.m. Friday evening, last, and thirty hours later she was dead. Death came at 5 o’clock a.m. Sunday September 21st.

Mrs. MILLER’s untimely death followed the death of her mother, Mrs. S.A. PAINE, just one month lacking a day. Mrs. PAINE died on Aug. 22nd at the home of Mrs. MILLER at Abilene. The MILLERs were preparing to move to Lamesa, and after the death of Mrs. PAINE, Mrs. MILLER went to Comanche and was spending some weeks with her sister, Miss Dollie, while her husband was getting established at Lamesa. S stroke of apoplexy came, the same malady that brought death to the mother, and she was unable to survive its ravages.

Mrs. MILLER and Miss PAINE had retired on Friday evening, the former experiencing a slight illness but nothing was thought of it. At 11:00 Miss PAINE discovered her sister unconscious and in intense agony. A physician was called and Mr. MILLER notified. He left Lamesa and arrived Sunday morning, three hours after his wife had died.

Myrtle Paine MILLER was born August 23, 1886, at Comanche, where the greater portion of her life was spent. She graduated from Comanche high school and taught here in De Leon, later returning to Comanche where she taught for several years. Three or four years ago she went to Abilene to teach where she met O.C. MILLER, a business man of that city, and was married, on November 23, 1921. The three years of her married life were spent there.

Funeral service was held at Comanche Monday afternoon this week, Rev. HINDERLITE, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, of which she was a member, conducting the service. The remains were laid to rest beside the newly made grave of her mother.

Attending the service from a distance were: Mrs. McGEE, mother of Mr. MILLER; Gus MILLER, his brother, from Odessa; Mr. and Mrs. NORTHINGTON, his sister, Mangum, Okla; Mrs. Joe SPENCE, San Angelo; Ned HOLMAN, her brother-in-law, Guthrie, Okla; Mrs. M.S. CARTER, Miss Alice CARTER, Miss Mattie REDDEN , Frank CARTER and family, J.F. and Ben CARTER, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. REDDEN, Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Mrs. Bob CARTER, Mrs. A.K. BENDER, Mrs. J.A. MOHON, Mrs. Evan BARKER, Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, and Rev. and Mrs. J.W. COWAN.

Comanche Woman Is Dead; Alleged Leg Broken By Chirop’r

Mrs. L.B. GRAY of Comanche, 48 years of age, died at the Gorman Sanitarium at 5 o’clock Friday morning where she was taken as a surgical patient Wednesday, on account of a broken leg. After arriving at the sanitarium an X-Ray photograph was made of the limb, and the picture showed a complete break. Dr. F.E. CLARK and Dr. E.L. GRAHAM set the bones, but at the time stated she was in a bad condition. Green and Grays ambulance conveyed the body to the union station Friday morning and the remains were shipped to Gustine for burial, accompanied by her husband and sister.

Mrs. GRAY was being treated by Dr. Mouton COUNCIL, a Chiropractor of Cisco, for rheumatism at the time that the break occurred. Mrs. GRAY had been an invalid for some time and was said to have been in a very serious condition.

According to a statement made by Dr. COUNCIL he had made no adjustments and had viven her only three light treatments before the accident. The doctor stated that he had turned over the limb in which the break occurred for a better massage while Mrs. GRAY was on the operating table and that the knee cap had slipped out of place. However, he said on assisting her to rise he observed the bone to be broken. He did not inform Mrs. GRAY of the accident, he said, but told her sister who was present to take her to a surgeon and have the fracture set and he would pay all expenses.

Charges were filed in the county court of Eastland county against Dr. COUNCIL for alleged violation of the Stte Medical Act Saturday, it is reported. – Oil Be?t News.

Vital Statistics

During the month of August there were reported 9 deaths, 21 births and 13 marriages, as follows:


Lucile STERLING, of Comanche.

Perry Ann MARPHEW, of Comanche.

Jesse PURVIS of Comanche.

Anna M. ORV of Comanche.

Sarah Harriot THOMANS of Comanche.

William WARSHAM of Dublin Rout.

Mary E. BLEDSOE of Gustine.

Henry Roy HILL of Rising Star.

Eva Lee BRADLEY of Carlton.


Born to Mr. and Mrs.:

J.A. CRENSHAW of Comanche, girl.

Leroy ADAMS of Sipe Springs, boy.

Edwin BARNES of Sipe Springs, girl.

W.B. BARRETT of Comanche, boy.

H.R. BEATTY of Comanche, girl.

Vernon BOYD of Comanche, girl.

W.L. WYATT of Dublin, boy.

H.B. THOMPSON of Dublin, girl.

W.B. SHELTON of Sipe Springs, boy.

Marvin FOSTER of Sipe Springs, boy.

Ed HAYNES, DeLeon, boy.

W.W. MATHIS of DeLeon, girl

J.L. FUNDERBERG of DeLeon, boy.

M.E. STEPHENS of DeLeon, boy.

R.W. MACON of Edna HILL, boy

R.W. MACON of Edna Hill, girl.

D.M. BEATY of DeLeon, girl

Cal HULSEY of DeLeon, boy.


T.B. HOLMES and Miss Edith PERRY.

J.C. FREEMAN and Miss Belle SQUIRES.

Allen BEATY and Miss Wimbis CLIFTON.

A.L. COAN and Miss Alice SANDERS.


J.E. HURT and Miss Marguerite PAYNE.

Harvey JOHNSON and Miss Thesie LAND.


A.A. WALLACE and Miss Bessie PRESLEY.


V.G. DUNLAP and Miss Lorene GREEN.


Lloyd HORTON and Miss Mae HALBROOKS.

DeLeon Woman Gets Broken Arm

Mrs. T.P. BARNARD, wife of a M-K-T man, is nursing a broken arm, both bones being broken by the kick of a Ford car which she was attempting to crank. The accident occurred last Tuesday morning.

Local News

The little 5-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar SINGLETON, who has been seriously ill from the after effects of a bad case of appendicitis, is now rapidly improving.

"J.A., Jr." a fine baby boy, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. LEE, this city, on September 19th.

Miss Julia MORTON has recently moved to De Leon from Dublin, joining her father, Uncle Jack MORTON, who has spent some months here. They will hereafter make their home in De Leon.

Leslie DANIELL has accepted a position as salesman in the dry goods department at Higginbothams.

A baby girl was born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. (Dick) SMITH on DeLeon Rt. 2 on Sept. 19.

Mrs. Vesta BOYD was carried to the sanitarium at Gorman Saturday for a serious operation and is now reported as doing nicely.

Mrs. W.E. HOWELL returned this week from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Willis CLARKE, at Oklahoma City.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and little daughter was visitors Sunday at the home of Mrs. RIDENHOWER’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doss MILLER.

The friends of Miss Louise Miller PITTMAN are congratulating her that she has been given the position as stenographer with the University of Texas in the Bureau of Publicity.

The father of G.A. BOWDEN died at his home at Santa Anna last Friday and was buried there. The elder BOWDEN formerly lived with his son here and was therefore known to a great many De Leon people. G.A. BOWDEN and family attended the funeral services.

Mrs. George DANIELL, who has been the past two or three months in sanitarium at Gorman, is reported much improved and will return home.

Miss Lillian HANSFORD left Tuesday for Watt, near Waco, where she will teach piano, also studying in Waco during the winter months.

Huddleston Boy Has Operation For Infantile Paralysis

Mr. and Mrs. Charley HUDDLESTON are home from Dallas where they carried their 7 year old son, Byron, to be treated for infantile paralysis. The little fellow has been a sufferer for practically all the years of his life and his feet and back are drawn from the effects of the terrible disease. And his feet and back are drawn from the effects of the terrible disease. Some time ago friends assisted Mr. HUDDLESTON to get the child admitted to the Masonic Sanitarium, Dallas, where a specialty is made of such cases. Mr. HUDDLESTON returned after accompanying the child there Wednesday of last week and when he went back Sunday to see how he was getting along , the little fellow had already his operation and had his feet in a plaster cast.

The surgeon did a little bone grafting, Mr. HUDDLESTON said, taking a small wedge shape bone from one foot and placing it in the other foot with benefit to both. After the boy recovers from this operation something, perhaps, will be done for his back.

The institution is purely a "house of mercy". They have treated several hundred cases during the one year they have been in operation and many of these have been dismissed as cured. Several hundred cases are under treatment now. The institution is fostered by Hella Temple, the Dallas branch of higher Masonry.

Business Good In Ford Sales Shows Good Condition

Ried Auto Supply reports the sale of twenty-nine Fords of the various types in the past thirty days, which number indicates good business in this line and, which without a doubt reflects a normal condition in other lines. As usual, the greatest number of one type is touring cars, but there is an increasing number of trucks, coming into use, a majority of these going to our prosperous farms.

The list and type follows:

Touring cars:


Truck to Comyn and one to Duster also one to D. FINKLESTINE.


Dr. H.H. INZER, Smith MACON, Sedan, four door Leon NOEL.

Roadster, Fred WILLIAMS.


Ice Cream Supper

Misses Beryl and Mildred JOHNSTON entertained the Junior Rook Club with an ice cream supper, Friday evening, July 19, from 7:30 until 10:00p.m.

The following program was rendered:

Dance – Dorris AYERS, Roger Mae SMITH, Mary Louise GRIZZELLE and Virginia SHARP.

Reading – Virginia SHARP

Song – Lois HARVEY and Oleta STEPHENS.

Song and dance – Willie Mae JETTON and Beryl JOHNSON.

A few of the new school songs and yells were given. Ice cream was served to the following: Doris AYERS, Oleta STEPHENS, Roger Mae SMITH, Willie Mae JETTON, Virginia SHARP, Lois HARVEY, Mary Louise GRIZZELLE, Lucille SNEED, Launa FRETWELL, Beatrice HENDERSON and to Mrs. RICE, Aleen MULLOY, Violet TODD and Louise LESTER.

Rook Club

On Thursday afternoon, Sept. 18th, Mrs. H.B. SHOOK was hostess to the members of the Rook Club. Seven tables were arranged for the thrilling games which continued throughout the enjoyable period. Mrs. J.A. MOHON assisted the hostess in serving, the house decorations and lighting effect were very pleasing. Feed tea and a salad course was served and the dainty little plate favors excited most faborable comment. The guests departed at a late hour expressing wholesome enjoyment at the entertainment afforded them. Those present were as follows:

Mrs. CARLISLE, Mrs. F.E. CARTER, Miss Pearl INZER, Miss LONG, Mrs. JETTON, Mrs. KINCHEN, Mrs. LIGHTFOOT, Mrs. PRINCE, Mrs. WETZEL, Mrs. John A. MOHON, Mrs. SHARP, Mrs. Feltz TERRILL, Mrs. R.HILL, Mrs. W. STEPHENS, Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, Mrs. Ollie HENSON, Mrs. Frank SNEED, Mrs. H. YOURLL, Mrs. DUKE, Mrs. Bob WHALEY, Mrs. BASS, Mrs. Evan BARKER, Mrs. W.C. STREETY, Mrs. Mae WHALEY, Mrs. Bob STEAKLEY, Mrs. G. TERRILL and Mrs. GRIZZELL.

School Notes

Sophomore Notes

A meeting of the Sophomore Class was held on Wednesday afternoon for the purpose of organizing the class, Miss WOODS acting as chairman, until the vice president was elected. The following officers were elected:

Elton BOSWELL – President

Mildred VANZANDT – Vice President

Dick WEAVER – Secretary and Treasurer

Juanita SHORT – Class Reporter

Class Colors – Orange and White

Flower – Golden Rod

Motto – "Not on the heights but Climbing"

The sophomores are very energetic this year, be sure and watch, look and listen to see what this class can put out this year in D.H.S. The sophs are going to be seen in everything. Lets leave a record of the sophs that will "stick" in DeLeon High ’24.

Seniors Organize

The Senior class of ’25 met and organized the first week of school. The following officers were elected:

President – Emma Joe BREWER

Vice President – Moody KING

Secretary, Treasurer – Annie Mae REED

Class Yell Leader – Sherrod STOVER

Class Reporter – Nettie NEILL

The white rosebud was selected as class flower, and green and white as the class color. The motto has not yet been selected.

The seniors of ’25 are going to be one of the "peppiest" classes that has ever left De Leon High School. We intend to have good times but we do not intend to "shirk" our work to have these good times.

The class of ’25 are buying the football boys blankets. We will have a stand on main street every Saturday. We will sell cakes, pies, candy and a little bit of every thing. Help us help the football boys.

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