De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 12, 1924

Bassett Family Met In Reunion

The various members of the BASSETT family have gathered here this week to visit their mother, who resides with her son, Richard. On Tuesday all the children were present and had a family reunion at the Richard BASSETT home. The day was most pleasantly spent in renewing family ties and in feasting, not all the members having been together for many years.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. BASSETT of New York City arrived some days ago and are spending a week or more visiting the old home.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. BASSETT of Desdemona were present.

Mr. and Mrs. L.D. BASSETT of San Angelo were present.

Mr. and Mrs. B.N. BASSETT of Cleburn also came.

Fire in Heath Addition Damaged Duke Residence

A residence occupied by Oliver HUDSON and family, and owned by Steve DUKE, caught fire in some manner, evidently from defective wiring, and was about one-third destroyed on last Friday evening. The damage might have been less had not the streets been in such condition that the truck made slow progress reaching the scene, but once there the volunteer fireman made short work of the blaze.

The HUDSONS were not at home, and the fire started in the roof of the building, indicating the wires as the origin, however, just how it may have originated cannot be known as no one had been in the building for some time before the fire.

Mr. HUDSON carried no insurance, however, neighbors broke in the doors and saved the major portion of his household goods. Mr. DUKE, it is understood, carried insurance on the building.

Marriage License

The following marriage licenses were issued since August 22:

J.E. HART and Miss Margaret PAYNE.

Harvey JOHNSON and Miss Thursie LAND.

O.H. DUCKWORTH and Miss Mary Elizabeth BLACKMAN.

A.A. WALLACE and Miss Ressie PRESSLEY.


V.G. DUNLAP and Miss Loraine GREENE.

Guy BURKS and Miss Alda HALLFORD.



A.H. SELF and Miss Debe BARTON.

Cotton Palace Again Pays Honor To DeLeon Man

"Uncle" Doss MILLER received notice several days ago of re-election for the seventh time as an honorary vice-president of the second largest institution in Texas, namely the Texas Cotton Palace.

This honor is bestowed by the big Waco institution upon a few men of affairs scattered about over the state, who in turn lend the weight of their influence to building a bigger and better Cotton Palace. The wisdom of the practice is evidenced by the wonderful success the institution has had and by the leaps and bounds by which it is still growing.

Texas Cotton Palace this year will be held in Waco the city on the Brazos, in November. Advance literature says bigger and better than ever before. Many DeLeon people attend the Cotton Palace each year, and this year will be no exception to the rule.

In Society:


On Tuesday afternoon Mesdames STONE and WHITTLE gave a shower at the home of the former, honoring Mrs. Autry SELF, the newest bride in the community. The guests were asked to register by writing a recipe in a cook book, which the bride will prize very highly. After this each guest was given a square of a quilt to piece, the party soon finishing a beautiful quilt top for the bride, the one finishing first received a prize. Miss Thelma COLLIE and Mrs. M.D. STEWART won a beautiful toilet set, which was presented the bride. In another contest the bride herself was winner, the prize being a large assortment of towels and lingerie. Sandwiches and an iced drink were served. The following were present:

Mesdames Autry SELF, Robert GRIMSHAW, Mae WHALEY, Bill STEPHENS, Claude KINCHEN, Bob WHALEY, John MOHON, Earl McCLELLAN, Brown SHAVER, George ROLLINS, John NUNNELLY, B.J. PITTMAN, W.O. BUTLER, Joe SMITH, Emmett SMITH, Hiram SMITH, Feltz TERRILL, M.D. STEWART, Loyd HAMPTON, Steve DUKE, Bob STEAKLEY; and Misses Pauline BILLS, Golden FOSTER, Thelma COLLIE, Lake WEATHERFORD, Violet, Betty LLOYD, Ellen AKERS, Annie Mae REED.

Miscellaneous Shower

A miscellaneous shower honoring the bride, Mrs. Autry SELF was given by Misses Olean VANZANDT and Lake WEATHERFORD at the home of Mrs. Feltz TERRILL September 12, 1924.

On entering, the guests were served punch by Miss VANZANDT, they were then ushered into the dining room where each registered in the bride’s memory book.

In a "Wedding Bells" contest the prize, which was a miniature bride and groom, went to Mrs. DUKE and Mrs. WHITTLE. This they presented to [rest of sentence cut off].

Another contest was enjoyed. This time the prize went to Mesdames STEAKLEY and BUTLER who presented it to the bride.

In a fishing contest Mrs. SELF proved to be the best fisherman in the bunch. She fished out a huge basket which was filled with many beautiful and useful gifts.

A delicious ice course was served. Dolls daintily dressed as brides were given as plate favors. The following guests were present: Mesdames W.C. STREETY, May WHALEY, W.L. STEAKLEY, Willie BUTLER, J.O. STONE, Jack LAMBERT, H.H. CARLISLE, H.E. WHITTLE, D. JEFFREY, R.L. WHALEY, S.A. DUKE, H.G. TERRILL, R.L. STEAKLEY, G.W. ROLLINS, E.R. McCLELLAN, Jno. NUNELEY, C.L. KINCHEN, J.O. MOHON, Curt MORRIS, Hiram SMITH and Feltz TERRILL. Misses Mildred VANZANDT, Thelma COLLIE, Evelyn COX, Urselle SELF and Olean VANZANDT and Lake WEATHERSFORD. – Contributed.




Comyn Community Fair One Grand Success; Estimate 1000 People In Attendance

Tuesday, September 16th was a red letter day in the history of the Comyn Community. It was the day of their first Fall Fair, and the efforts to entertain their hundreds of visitors was richly crowned with success. While the attendance is hard to accurately estimate, people going and coming all day, conservative ones place the attendance at perhaps one thousand persons.

A feature of the celebration was a fine dinner prepared and served by these hospitable people. Eleven big kettles were used to stew a beef and a porker, and an ample amount of steaming java gave off an aroma that made the visitors long for the dinner hour. Besides the mean and the drink the good ladies of that community had catered to the lover of sweets, and there was no end of as fine pastries as the most exacting might wish for.


Comyn’s splendid school building is under construction. The exhibits were scattered throughout the building in rooms partly finished, and the displays were very nicely arranged, showing evidence of industry on the part of those who had prepared them, and skill in the hands that arranged the displays. There were departments of Home Economics, Domestic Arts, Poultry, Agriculture, and Live Stock. Judging in some one or more departments went on all day and the cash prize list was considerable. Nearly 500 ribbons were awarded showing first, second and third prize.

The affair was so richly worth while that there is little doubt but that these enterprising people will repeat the performance, on a larger scale, the coming year.

The list of prize winners in the various departments, follows:


20 Bolls Cotton: Howard BAKER, 1st; H.A. WATSON, 2nd; Clyde THOMPSON, 3rd.

Purple Hull Peas: S.H. BAKER, 1st.

Corn, Strawberry: Howard BAKER, 1st; S.H. BAKER, 2nd; C.M. CARAWAY, 3rd

Yellow Dent: Roy PELL, 1st; C.M. CARAWAY, Jr., 2nd.

June Corn: Elie BLANTON

Red Corn: Hiram BAKER, 1st; J.H. HERRICK, 2nd.

Bloody Butcher: H.B. PAINTER, 1st; J.O. HERRICK, 2nd.

Maize: J.J. MONTAGUE, 1st; C.M. CARAWAY, 2nd; S.T. MAY, 3rd.

Kaffir Corn: C.D. SCARBOUGH, 1st; C.M. CARAWAY, 2nd; C.S. FLOYD, 3rd.

Darso: Aubry THOMAS, 1st.; S.H. BAKER, 2nd.

Feterita: S.T. MAY, 1st; Aubry THOMAS, 2nd; C.S. DRY, 3rd.

Sweet Potatoes: Miss Dixie SLOAN, 1st; Roy PELL, 2nd.

Onions: Mrs. Ve? SPRUILL, 1st; Mrs. Stacia SPRUILL, 2nd.

Peanuts: S.T. COOK, 1st; Mr. CARAWAY, 2nd; Roy BELL, 3rd.

Stock Peas: C.M. CARAWAY, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Market Melons: Mr. BAKER, 1st; N.H. FLOYD, 2nd; S.T. COOK, 3rd.

Honey Ball Melon: Mrs. J.M. CHANDLER

Kershaw: H.J. MOORE, 1st and 2nd; Clyde HAMPTON, 3rd.

Irish Potatoes: Miss PARR, 1st; Mr. FARROW, 2nd.

Stalk Cotton: Leland HANDCOCK, 1st; H.J. MOORE, 2nd; Clyde THOMPSON, 3rd.

Apples: Miss SLOAN, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Pears: W.J. PRESTON, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Peaches: Mrs. N.H. FLOYD, Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY.


Rhode Island Red Pullets: Mrs. Bowden, DeLeon 1st and 2nd; Rev. CLARK, 3rd.

R.I. Cockrel: Mrs. BOWDEN

Best Pen Rhode Islands: Mrs. BOWDEN

White Leghorns (American strain): B.C. CHAMBERS, DeLeon, 1st.

Cockrel, pullet and Pen English White Leghorns Langshang: Joe HOLLEMAN, 1st.

Bronze Turkeys: Mrs. J.P. HANDCOCK.

Red Holland Turkeys: W.A. RACKEY, 1st.

Best Individual Bird: Mrs. BOWDEN.


Peaches: Opal GEORGE, 1st; Zora BAKER, 2nd; Altus SWEEDEN, 3rd.

Peach Pickles: Morene CAFFEY.

Plums: Ina CARAWAY, 1ST.; Essie Mae WATSON, 2nd; Morene CAFFEY, 3rd.

Fruit Salad: Zora BAKER.

Grapes: Altus SWEEDEN, 1st; L.O.E. SWEEDEN, 2nd; Morene CAFFEY, 3rd.

Relish: Morene CAFFEY.

Cucumber Pickles: Morene CAFFEY.

Beans: Morene CAFFEY.

Jelly: Opal GEORGE, 1st; Essie Mae WATSON, 2nd; Zora BAKER, 3rd.

Preserves: Zora BAKER, 1st.

Apples: Maurine WATSON, 1st; Zora BAKER, 2nd.

Apricots: Ina CARAWAY.

Black Berries: Morene CAFFEY, 1st; Ina CARAWAY, 2nd; Opal George, 3rd.


Canned Apples: Mrs. FLOYD, 1st, Miss VAUGHN, 2nd; Miss Stocia SPRUILL, 3rd.

Pears: Miss PARR, 1st; Mrs. Sam STRONG, 2nd; Mrs. George CARAWAY, 3rd.

Pickled Pears: Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY, 1st; Mrs. THOMPSON, 2nd.

Pear Preserves: Mrs. C. THOMPSON, 1st; Miss Dixie SLOAN, 2nd, Miss PARR, 3rd.

Canned Plums: Mrs. C. THOMPSON, 1st; Miss Dixie SLOAN, 2nd; Mrs. GOOSBY, 3rd.

Cucumber Pickles: Mrs. FLOYD, 1st; Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, 2nd; Mrs. G.R. SWANNER, 3rd.

Mixed Pickles: Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY, 1st; Miss Dixie SLOAN, 2nd; Miss Pearl SLOAN, 3rd.

Best Pickles: Mrs. G.R. SWANNER, 1st; Miss VAUGHN, 2nd; Miss Pearl FLOYD, 3rd.

Dried Fruits: Mrs. PRESTON, 1st; Mrs. FLOYD, 2nd and 3rd.

Relishes: Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, 1st;

[The above is a partial listing. At least one hundred more prize winners are listed on the last page of this issue of the DeLeon Free Press.]

Letter of Thanks

I take this means to thank my friends one and all for their many visits and kind words during my affliction. Words fail to express my appreciation. – Jas. T. ROSS

Desdemona News

Miss Lucile WOOLY, piano instructor for Desdemona high school, and Miss Minta SMART, expression instructor, entertained the student body, patrons and faculty with a program of piano and reading selections at the high school auditorium Monday night. A large and enthusiastic crowd was present and enjoyed the program. After the program, the parents and teachers were made acquainted with each other.

C.O. McMILLAN, our high school coach for foot ball has been busy working with the team this week and reports the outlook very favorable for a winning team this year.

Mr. Tom GRAVES of Brownwood spent Saturday with his brother, G.C. GRAVES and family of this city.

Mr. Edward MAY left last Wednesday for Little Rock Ark. Where he will attend college this year.

Mr. and Mrs. N.D. GALLIGHER left Wednesday for an auto trip to points in Oklahoma and Missouri.

Mrs. Elmer SIMPSON and children spent the week end visiting her parents at Brownwood.

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