De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 15, 1924

Baby Died As Result of Melon Seed in Lung

T.J., the year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. KILLEBREW, who reside in the west portion of town, died at Temple at the Kingís Daughters Sanitarium where he had been carried for an operation, on Monday August 4th and the tiny remains were brought back to DeLeon for burial at DeLeon cemetery on Tuesday evening.

It was on Thursday previous when the child inhaled a watermelon seed into its lungs and it was at first thought he would he would cough the seed up. But when he failed to do so by Sunday the anxious parents, on the advice of their physician, carried the child to the sanitarium mentioned above and an operation was performed and the seed removed. But the strain had been too much and the little spirit passed back into the hand of its maker. Deepest sympathy is felt for the bereaved parents in their great loss.

A Reunion

W.B. SMITH and wife had the pleasure of having a family reunion at their home in Amarillo the first time all the family had been together in thirteen years. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W.B. SMITH; Mr. and Mrs. E.E. BAKER and son; Mr. and Mrs. L.R. ROUSE and family; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley SMITH and family, all from Amarillo; and Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher JONES and family of Merkel; Mr. and Mrs. Jack JERMAN and family, Ardmore, Okla. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD and children of De Leon; and Miss Ratha McCULLOH of Temple.

Revival At The Christian Church Is On

Eld. J.W. McKINNEY, pastor of the Coleman Christian Church, now on a one-month vacation, is conducting a revival meeting with the local people of this denomination. The services are being held evenings on the lawn of the church on the north side of the building, where a platform was improvised and seating provided. Each evening this week good audiences have been had despite much counter attraction in the city. Eld. McKINNEY is an interesting speaker, possessor of pleasing personality, and his strong gospel sermons have been well received.

Accompanying Eld. McKINNEY from his Coleman church is Miss Marjie Weise HANEY, vocalist, a most accomplished young lady, who is conducting the song service. Miss HANEYís solos each evening have proved a most pleasing feature of the service.

A pedition was circulated early in the week asking business houses to close one hour on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only, from 10 to 11 a.m., for the services which are being held at the Liberty Theatre. These services are for men only. The speaker has addressed himself to men in a most appealing manner, just straight heart to heart talks, and the attendance at those meetings has been very satisfactory.

The meeting will continue over into next week, terminating in a ten day or two weeks period.

Self Service Garage Soon to Be In Operation

Workmen on the new Self Service Garage are just about ready to turn the complete building over to the owners, a nice piece of work, the building being commodious and attractive.

A concrete floor, one of the necessities of a garage building, was put down and there are ample windows and doors for light and ventilation.

Earl McCLELLAN, "the old original Ford doctor", will have charge of the garage, and will announce an opening day soon. The new garage, added to the already attractive filling station property on the lot, will make both valuable and good to look at.

To Open New Millinery Store In Hampton Bldg.

Miss ? SLOAN and Mrs. S.T. COUNTS (nee Miss Minnie SLOAN) will open a millinery parlor in the building formerly occupied by Wilson BOGART Co., next door from the Liberty Theatre on Tuesday morning August 19th. They are spending the present week in Dallas making purchases of their initial order of stock and will buy on the more distant markets as the season advances.

These popular ladies have won recognition in merchandising while in the employ of the Dependable Store, and are deservedly popular with the public throughout the country. Their knowledge of merchandising and the ease with which they meet people and transact business makes it a pleasure to trade with them. The Free Press predicts a splendid success for Miss SLOAN and Mrs. COUNTS in their new venture.

Faculty Of DeLeon School For Term í24-25

D.M. RUSSELL, Stephenville, supt. Teacher of Vocational Agriculture (A. and M.C.)

High School

E.C. JOHNSON, Tolar. Prin. High School, History, Athletics Coach. (A. and M.C.)

Jim MOBLEY, Stephenville, Science, Assistant Athletics Coach, (Simmons College)

Miss Lolita WOODS, Blanket, English, (Howard Payne)

Miss Augusta SHORT, Lubbock, Mathematics. (Baylor College)

Miss Louise EDMONDS, Dublin, Latin, Spanish (C.I.A.)

Miss Artie COLEY, DeLeon, Home Economics. (Texas U.)

South Ward

R.C. BOSWELL, DeLeon, Principle.

Miss Iris MOHON, DeLeon.

Miss Aline WALKER, Rising Star.

Miss Golden JONES, DeLeon

Miss Eva LONG, Proctor.

Miss Grace JONES, DeLeon

North Ward

O.H. MOORE, DeLeon, Principle.

Miss Jessie Lee HAVIS, DeLeon

Miss Jewel JONES, Dublin

Miss Grace HERRING, Alpine.

Miss Alpha MOORE, DeLeon.

Miss Gladys RIPLEY.

Mistaken Identity

It has been reported that I am a Ku Klux and that I introduced a speaker at Alexander, Texas on the night of the 34d of June, 1924.

This is a case of mistaken identity. I was not in Alexander, June 30th, nor havenít been in 8 year past.

I am not a Ku Klux and never have been one, and donít expect to be. Readers of this statement are authorized to deny any statement to the contrary.

Rev. J.F. CLARK, Pastor, De Leon circuit

Pipe Organ Is Now Installed At Liberty Theatre

Manager M.D. STEWART has announced the arrival and installation of a brand new pipe organ at the Liberty Theatre. The splendid instrument arrived on Monday and was immediately put in the place of the piano the show has heretofore had. Large numbers of picture show patrons have come during the week to get acquainted with this splendid new form of entertainment which will be a fixture hereafter in DeLeonís popular picture house.

Mr. STEWART, as the Free Press has before stated is an accomplished musician and an organist of more than average ability. He has been giving concerts during the week, and those who have heard them are much pleased.

Mr. STEWART will vary his concerts during the coming months to satisfy the popular demand for music of different classes. He will be requested to play sacred concerts, and may at times show some films in keeping. The Free Press knows well the desire of Mr. STEWART in purchasing that it is not his privately selected pictures that always go on his screen, but he usually has to accept what the circuit provides, which explains the fact that undesirable pictures are sometimes shown.

Moving pictures as a whole are designed to answer a clamor from the public the country over. The quality of the picture in a sense reflects the condition of the popular mind. Sometimes one feels that the popular mind should be "worked over", but pictures are better now than a decade ago, at that. They will continue to improve.

Family Reunion Of A.C. Young Family

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG of near Jakehamon had a joyful surprise this past week when their children from distant points all happened in and are spending some days visiting them. On last Sunday all their children and grand children were present and the day was most enjoyably spent feasting together and renewing family ties. Thirty one persons made up the reunion party.

T.L. YOUNG, wife and one son of Gorman; Mr. and Mrs. P.E. YOUNG of Cement, Okla., and their four children; Mr. and Mrs. A.H. YOUNG and two children of Sweetwater; Mr. and Mrs. A.L. TELAR and three children of city; Emil YOUNG of Desdemona, besides the above mentioned relatives Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS and children and Mr. and Mrs. W.M. BRAZWELL, friends of the community were also present.


The little nine year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl DANIELS died Tuesday night as victim of Typhoid fever. The bereaved parents have the deepest sympathy of the entire city and community.

The ten year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Huge ABLES died last Tuesday night as a result of Typhoid fever. The people of the entire city offer their deepest sympathy to the bereaved parents and relatives.

Someone has circulated a report that we have twenty cases of Typhoid fever in our city. This is not true as we only have two cases at the present writing, and these two cases were caused by drinking water from a public well. The city water has been tested and found to be absolutely pure.

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