De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 8, 1924

Pioneer Woman, Aged 81 Years, Died Last Week

Mrs. Laura PATTERSON, wife of M.A. (Gus) PATTERSON, died at the family home four miles northwest of De Leon, on last Tuesday morning, July 29, 1924. She had been ill for about two weeks. The immediate cause of death was apoplexy. The end came at 9:45 o’clock as relatives kept anxious vigil beside her.

Deceased was 81 years, two months and six days of age. She was born in Pontotoc county, Miss., grew to womanhood and married there. She was first married to Matthew PITTMAN and to them eight children were born. Only three of them survive. They are Will PITTMAN, Henry PITTMAN, and Mrs. Dove GILMORE, all residing not far from Rucker.

In 1894 Mrs. PITTMAN was remarried, to M.A. PATTERSON and not long after, in 1896, moved with their family to Texas, residing here now in their 28th year. All the days of her more than four score years she had been an active woman and one who exerted a positive influence for good in the community in which she made her home.

Mrs. PATTERSON was a devout and consistent member of the Baptist church, a faith she had espoused in childhood. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Willie SCAGGS, at De Leon cemetery at 4:30 o’clock on – in the family burying grounds there.

Attending the funeral from a distance were children of Mr. PATTERSON, as follows: Willie PATTERSON and Reeves PATTERSON from Hamlin and Guy PATTERSON and sister, Miss Estelle, from Rotan, also Mrs. W.H. NOWLIN from Rotan.

De Leon Tourist Park Attracting Many Tourists

Thirty-eight persons spent the night in DeLeon’s new Tourist Park one night the past week, according to Manager HIGGINBOTHAM. This was a record attendance, he stated, but almost every night there are from ten to twenty people stopping to take advantage of the facilities the park offers. When one takes into consideration the fact that this park has not been advertised at all, it is proof positive that its equipment is being advertised by word of mouth among the ..[rest of sentence missing]

The park proposition was first promoted by the ladies of the Shakespeare Club. A fund was raised for buildings and equipment by them, then the proposition was turned over to the City Commission.

The equipment consists of gas, water, electric lights, sewer connection for sanitary conveniences, a screened dining room and kitchen, shower bath, etc. Tourists are liberal with words of praise for the completeness of the equipment offered.

Oldest Woman Voter in The Shrum Precinct Voted Last Saturday

W.J. RANKIN has the distinction of receiving not only the entire voting strength of his precinct, but the oldest woman voter came to his rescue and voted for him for County Commissioner in last Saturday’s primary.

The woman was grandma HOPPER, 91 years of age, this being her first vote cast. Mr. RANKIN received every vote cast in his precinct except one which was cast for D.L. MORRIS. Although Mr. RANKIN had to depend upon the voters writing his name on the ballot he goes into the "run-off" primary with D.L. MORRIS of Sipe Springs.

B.Y.P.U Organized

Sunday evening a group of young people met at the Baptist Church for the purpose of organizing a B.Y.P.U. Mr. PAYNE, an evangelistic singer who has been helping in the Baptist Revival, and Mr. SANDERS, of Simmons College, Abilene, assisted us in the organization.

All young people are cordially invited to attend these meetings every Sunday evening at 7:30.

The program for the following Sunday will be as follows:

Song 156….by Union

Prayer…Miss Mable HIGH

Leader…..Mrs. Jeff ROSS\

How to train for service…Miss Lila SHORT

Why to Train…Miss Lillian MOHON

Benefits derived from Training…Miss Carmen BURRIS

"Pep"…Miss Ruth HARVEY

Solo "It Pays to Serve Jesus"…Miss Venita SNEED

Painologue…Miss Ruth HARVEY

Mobley Hotel Man Receives Big Melon

H.L. MOBLEY, the general manager of Hotel Mobley, was in a quandary Wednesday. An express wagon drove up in front of his hostlery and unloaded a watermelon, the dimensions of which were terrific, and it was a Tom Watson. Mr. MOBLEY wanted to get this melon cold, and he could not figure out whether to enlarge his ice box or saw the melon up in two pieces. Anyway it was a very fine melon, and a present from Manager A.E. LYLE of the Travelers Hotel at De Leon this being the second large melon Mr. LYLE has sent Mr. MOBLEY this season. The De Leon Watermelon Growers Association are shipping many carloads of these melons to market this season, and on the account of the demand for melons, the annual melon slicing day in De Leon will not be held this year much to the regret of citizens for many miles around.

Swimming Party

Mr. and Mrs. G.P. DONNELL of the Humble Farm invited a number of their friends to the farm for a swimming party on Monday evening, Aug. 4th. The guests met at their home at 8:30 and went immediately to the pool on the company property, the swim terminating at about 10:30 o’clock. After the swim the hostess served lunch on the lawn to assembled guests. The affair was enjoyed greatly by the following: Misses Letha SMITH, Urselle SELF, Evelyn BALLEW of Waco, Ella Lee DODGEN of Comyn, Messrs. CHESTER of Desdemona, William STEAKLEY, PRUE of Ranger, Gaston GRISSHAM, Mr. and Mrs. NEEDLES of Comyn, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer GENTRY.

Sunday School Swim Party

On Monday afternoon Mrs. Johnnie NUNELLY chaperoned her Sunday School girls on a swimming and picnic party. The party gathered at the home of Miss Faye INZER, and from there they motored to the Armstrong river where they enjoyed a swim, diving and turning "flips" in the water for about one and one half hours. The most important event of the afternoon arrived, lunch, consisting of all kinds of sandwiches, cakes, pickles, olives, potato chips, deviled eggs, fruit, and watermelons. About nine o’clock the following returned home: Mrs. Johnnie NUNNELLY, Misses Faye INZER, Iris MOHON, Lake WEATHERFORD, Rena DABNEY, Carmen BURRIS, Essie LLOYD, Ruth HARVEY, Pearl INZER, Betty LLOYUD, Lillian MOHON, Bessie SLOAN, Katherine HARVEY, Roselle SMITH, Lela MOHON, Jimmie D. INZER and Ruby CHANDLER.

Fortune Family To Visit Aged Mother For Family Reunion

B.T. FORTUNE told Free Press that the various members of his family were assembling at the family home at Sunset, Texas, about fifty miles northwest of Ft. Worth, on Wednesday of this week in a family reunion. Each year the children of Mrs. FORTUNE, said he would be accompanied by his own family from here, and others to be in attendance are as follows: J.W. FORTUNE and family, Indian Gap; T.E. FORTUNE and family, Post City; Mrs. CANNON, a sister, Italy, Texas; Mrs. May HASSENFELDT, Cross Plains; and Mrs. WILLIAMS, another sister, also of Italy.

Grandmother FORTUNE’s birthday falls on March 5th, she being 90 last birthday.


Mrs. Maggie MORGAN was home for the week end from Rising Star, where she is employed by the Dependable Store.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall GREER and baby left some weeks ago for Abilene where they will make their home in the future.

The Free Press has not before mentioned the fact that Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HALL are now living in Dallas. They have been there for several weeks.

Mrs. Will CARPENTER of Comanche has been guest the past week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOKER, Rt. 2.

Arl LIGHTFOOT returned this week from Amarillo country where he has worked in the harvest fields the past month or six weeks.

Charley SHELTON, old time resident of this place, was shaking hands with friends on the street here Saturday afternoon. Mr. SHELTON is making his home at Rotan. Mrs. SHELTON died last summer. He is a brother of Mrs. Harve SMITH and Mrs. W.S. SITTON of Rt. 3, whom he was visiting.

Desdemona News

The weather still continues dry and hot. Cotton is needing rain in some spots, but taken as a whole the prospects for a "bumper: cotton crops are almost certain. We agree with the Free Press Editor that you can’t keep a good country down.

The High School teachers for the next term of school have been elected by the school board as follows:

Supt. R.M. CANTRELL will teach Chemistry and Latin. Principal Dan W. POWERS will teach all History and Civics. Mr. C.O. McMILLIAN of Howard Payne College will teach mathematics and Coach. Mr. S.M. GLAZENER of the University of Texas will have charge of the Business Course. Mrs. S.M. GLAZENER of the University of Texas will teach General and Biological Science and also the Spanish course. Miss Mary Tea ALLWOOD of Baylor University will teach English. Miss Jecheliah WINDSOR of the State Teachers College will teach Home Economics, Miss Lucille Wooly will have charge of piano. Miss Minta SMART will teach expression.

We sincerely believe that this faculty of teachers are as competent as any to be found in the State. Let every student and parent give these teachers their hearty co-operation and support and help them to make this the best term of school that we have ever had.

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