De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 18, 1924

Skeleton Found In Gravel Pit N.E. Of Town

While Jim HOLLAND and Caver HOLDRIDGE were hauling gravel from a pit just beyond the Stephenville bridge on the J.T. ROSS place, they unearthed a skeleton in the soft gravel and brought it to town. The bones were evidently those of a man, perhaps and Indian, the teeth being very large and worn, indicating it to have been an old man. The jaws were broad and square, the cheek bones high and prominent. A few flat rocks had been placed over the body, and as there was no evidence of a casket, the indication further pointed to the crude burial of a red man.

The skeleton is now in the possession of H.B. HOLDRIDGE, who will put it on display at his place of business in Humphrey Addition.

Suffered Broken Arm In Mishap In R.R. Yards

While a freight train was being made up in the local yards at 9:45 Wednesday evening, conductor A.A. APPLEBY, in charge of the train, fell from the top of a box-car and was badly injured. The car came to a sudden stop with Mr. APPLEBY on top and he fell near the intersection of a switch, falling with his left arm across one rail and his hip struck the other. The arm was broken about two inches below the shoulder joint, and his hip was badly bruised.

Mr. APPLEBY was taken aboard the night passenger and carried to Waco after local Katy physicians had administered first aid. Here X-ray photos will be made to determine the extent of his injuries.

Holdridge & Son Erecting Brick On ‘Holdridge Corner’

The old structures formerly located on the Holdridge corner in Humphrey Addition, have been moved back and excavation is made for the erection of a modern brick store building and filling station, the latter of the drive-in type. Mr. HOLDRIDGE said he intends building a store 24-40 feet, of brick, and the drive-in station equipment will be outside of and attached to this building. The work is already in progress.

Anticipating the building of a state highway by his place "some of these days", Mr. HOLDRIDGE acted wisely and set his building well back from the road, allowing room for parking on the east and south, besides allowing the State ample room to build all the Highway they might desire.

HOLDRIDGE and Son have been doing a very nice business indeed since they purchased this property, and the new building is evidence of their faith in the continuation of good business.

Divorces Granted

Divorce cases have been disposed of in district court this week as follows:

Mattie PETERSON vs Tom PETERSON. Divorce granted, and both parties prohibited from marrying within the next twelve months unless they remarry each other. Plaintiff’s name restored.

Henry DONALD vs. Clara DONALD divorce granted.

Vera HOPPER vs. Turner HOPPER. Property rights restored between contestants. Divorce granted. Both parties prohibited from marrying within twelve months unless they remarry each other. Plaintiff given child. – Comanche Chief

Stolen Ford Car Is Quickly Recovered

When Arthur MORROW, son of Sid MORROW, drove their new car to the picnic at Gorman last Friday night, someone helped themselves to the machine in young MORROW’s absence and when he was ready to return the car could not be located. He returned home and advised his father of the theft, and on Saturday morning officers here instituted a search, communicating with officers in all parts of this section in an effort to apprehend the thief.

After doing what they could toward assisting the officers, the sons of Mr. MORROW, C.L. and Arthur, got in a car and started on a searching tour, aiming to cover the oil field territory toward Ranger. Good luck followed them for they found the cr sitting by the side of the road at a point three miles southwest of the village of Staff, on the Gorman Ranger road. Whoever had taken the car had used it as far as they wished or else had become suspicious of being followed and had abandoned it.

The machine was found witting within three or four feet of the main traveled roadway, headed slightly into a bushy place and was unharmed. MORROW knew just how much gasoline was in the tank when the car was taken and when measured he found more than it originally had, showing that whoever took it had had gasoline put in.

Mr. MORROW purchased the car about three months ago. It was modernly equipped and would have proved quite a loss had it not been recovered. The young Messrs. MORROWs are to be congratulated upon their lucky find.

Young Son of Steakley Family Has Operation

Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. STEAKLEY took their young son, Dan Lewis, to the Baptist Sanitarium at Dallas last Saturday to have him operated upon for appendicitis. The lad has been suffering for five or six weeks from this cause. He has been under treatment with the hope of removing the cause of the trouble, but has not improved and the operation is resorted to as an absolute necessity.

A letter received from his parents early in the week by Zollie STEAKLEY stated that Dan Lewis was operated upon Monday, and was recovering.

Dudley-Hope Wedding

In a simply solemnized home wedding, Miss Odell HOPE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOPE and Paul DUDLEY, were married Thursday evening at the residence of the bride’s parents, 2708 Parrot avenue. Rev. W.B. VAUGHN, pastor of the Herring avenue Methodist church, long-time friend of the family, and former pastor, performed the ring ceremony, assisted by Rev. E.E. WHITE, pastor of the first church, of which the bride is a member.

Miss Claudia HOPE, the bride’s sister, was her only attendant during the ceremony, preceding which she sang "I Love You Truly." The bride and groom stood before a trellised alter, twined with vines and ferns, with daisies intermingled, beneath a doorway framed in flowers. The bride’s dress was of peach colored georgette, and she carried an arm bouquet of gladioli. As one of the soloists at the First Methodist Church, and an advanced pupil of Mrs. William BURNETT, she is prominent in church and music circles. An ex-student of Baylor, she taught last year in the Alta Vista school. Her parents have lived in Waco about two years, coming from De Leon.

Mr. DUDLEY is a retail merchant here. They are now at home with his mother, Mrs. Kate DUDLEY, 1215 North Fifth Street.


On last Sunday morning, at the home of the bride’s step-father, S.D. WEST, a mile south of town, Miss Verile MILLER, daughter of Mrs. WEST, was united in marriage to J.D. CHANDLER of the Comyn community. Pastor W.T. HAMOR of the First Baptist church officiated and there were relatives and a few friends present to witness the ceremony.

Soon after the ceremony the happy young couple left in their car for a honeymoon trip to San Angelo, to be gone for several days. Upon their return they will make their home in the Comyn community.

The Free Press joins with their numerous friends in wishing for them much happiness as they journey along together.

C.L. Sharp Is Now In New Home In Heath Addition

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP and children are now in their new home which he has recently had erected in Heath Addition. The location is exactly two blocks west of the home of F.E. CARTER, and in the same position on block, or is the eighth house on the west side of the first street west of Holden Motor Co. going south. (These directions are thus explicitly given so that people desiring to locate Mr. SHARP, undertaker may do so.)

Local News

Clay DABNEY is home this week for a short visit with his parents and friends.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. LYLE is quite ill this week and is at Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman for treatment. The little one has been threatened with an attack of fever.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed HAPNER, of this city, are the proud parents of a 12 lb. baby boy, born into their home on Monday, July 14th.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BOGWELL and children returned Monday from a few days visit with his father, J.W. BAGWELL, t Kennefic, Okla.

Mrs. Ed THORNTON, who resides in the New Hope community, has returned from Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, thought to have been improved, but since returning home she is not doing well.

Jakehamon News

Mr. Bob DYSON, candidate for sheriff of Comanche County, and Mr. N.A. HENSLEY, candidate for Tax Assessor of Comanche County, were here last week in the interest of their candidacies.

Mr. Ben KOONCE is the proud possessor of a new Maxwell automobile.

Mr. W.N. KOONCE has just completed his new and modern home.

Mr. Council VARNER entertained with a party last Saturday night. Everyone present enjoyed themselves very much.

Desdemona News

Mr. Ambrose WINEGAR was seriously injured last Friday in the Desdemona oil field, when he fell from the top of a sixty foot gasoline compression tank. One of his arms was broken, and his skull was fractured. At the present writing he lies unconscious in the Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman. Friends and physicians have hopes of his recovery.

Mrs. Walter MORTON and two sons, accompanied by her sister, Miss Cilla COOK, and Mrs. Herbert VESTAL, drove up to Ranger on business last Wednesday.

Mrs. W.S. BIRGE and two little sons, left last Thursday for a visit to Mr. BIRGE’s mother at Austin and also to visit her sister at McAllen.

Mrs. N.R. TURNER of Fort Worth arrived last Wednesday for a short visit to her father, Capt. A.J. O’REAR of this city.

Misses Lona and Lucile BEDFORD and their brothers, Marsell and Malcolm, drove down to Cisco Sunday afternoon and spent a short time with W.C. BEDFORD and family of this city.

Mrs. P.M. KUYKENDALL and daughter, Alla Ray, returned last Friday from a two weeks visit with Mrs. Tom BRYANT of Cross Plains.

Mayor G.H. RIEGER and family spent the past week with friends and relatives at Meridian.

Round Grove News

Mr. POTERFIELD and family of Ft. Worth visited Mrs. POTERFIELD’s sister, Mrs. Gib TREADWAY the 4th.

Next Sunday will be the church anniversary at this place. Uncle George ROSS will preach in the morning and there will be singing in the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert ROSS are the proud parents of a new baby.

Mrs. Henry HARRISON after several week’s illness of leakage of the heart died at her home near Highland, 28th of June and was buried in the Round Grove Cemetery the following day. A large crowd of friends and relatives gathered to pay the last sad respect to the dead. Rev. Walter MARTIN conducted the funeral services at the church.

While returning from singing at Highland last Sunday evening, a car driven by Jimmie MERRITT got from under his control and turned over near the Armstrong bridge on upper De Leon road. There were five occupants in the car, Roy GEORGE, owner of the car, Jimmie MERRITT, the two daughters of Tom COOK and another young lady whose name we did not learn who lives in De Leon. One of Mr. COOK’s girls was pinned under the car and Roy GEORGE is going on crutches from the effect of just how bad the crash. The others only received a few bruises and scratches. We did not learn just how bad the one pinned under the car was hurt but hope nothing serious will result from it. The car was badly smashed.

Concord News

Miss Nona SITTON spent several days of last week with her aunt, Mrs. H. SMITH of Victor.

Messrs. Clayton WILLIAMS, Porter BLANKENSHIP, Roy and Porter MORRIS left Tuesday for Pampa, Texas, where they will work in the harvest fields.

Mr. Lewis BRUMELOW was unfortunate in getting his arm broken Saturday.

Mr. Abb WILSON is suffering greatly from rheumatism. He has gone to Marlin to seek relief and is getting better.

Comyn News

Rapid work is being done on the school building.

Miss Naomi BARNES left Saturday for Waco.

The ice cream supper given by Mr. GOOSBY Saturday night to all fair workers was enjoyed by all. They also had a meeting for the purpose of Sponser and Maid to represent Comyn in the "Fair". Miss Jessie Lee HAVIS was elected Sponser [sic] and Miss Iva CARAWAY her maid.

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