De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 11, 1924

New Manager Of Walton Bakery Now In Charge

H.A. ANDERSON, lessor of Walton Bakery, had an attack of rheumatism and has gone to Marlin for treatment where he will remain for several weeks. Mr. ANDERSON disposes of his lease to Mr. H.T. PAGE, late of Hillsboro, Texas, who is now in charge of the bakery. Mr. PAGE is an experienced baker of many years experience, having worked in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Waco bakeries where he gained proficiency at his trade. Mr. PAGE has moved his family here this week from Hillsboro and will make De Leon his permanent home, provided a fair support is given the bakery by the town and community.

Mr. PAGE was formerly a big league baseball player and one of the first things he wanted to know when he arrived was "do we play baseball."

J.H. Davenport, Pioneer Citizen, Departs This Life

Julius H. DAVENPORT died at Goree, Texas, July 2, 1924, at 8:15 p.m.

Funeral services were held at the Goree Baptist Church, July 3rd at 3 o’clock p.m. The remains were laid to rest in the Goree cemetery at 4 o’clock p.m. He was 82 years old and the cause of his death was old age. Julius H. DAVENPORT was born at Macon, Georgia, April 3rd, 1842. Later he moved to Benton, Arkansas. In the year 1873 he moved from Benton, Ark. To Erath County, and in the year 1884 he moved to the Oliver Springs community. In 1904 his wife, Julia Davenport, died at Oliver Springs. Since that time he has lived with his relatives.

During the four years of the Civil War he served under Gus CRAWFORD’s Company of the 11th Arkansas regiment, and under that strategical position he gained for himself fame and distinction as a soldier. He was a member of the Texas Ranger force in the years of 1873 and 1874 and did much to safeguard Comanche Co. from Indian raiders. He was a man who had a great interest in the social, religious, political, and economic affairs of his community and his country, and was a true American citizen. Julius H. DAVENPORT had many true friends in Comanche and Erath counties who mourn his death. L.R. DVENPORT, his only son of Desdemona, Tex., M.P. DAVENPORT, his brother of Goree, Texas, and four grandchildren, Mrs. Eula PARKER, of Ark. Kan; Mrs. Estella MURPHREY, of Seymour, Tex; Mrs. Evelyn EDWARDS of Goree; and Percy DAVENPORT of Desdemona, Tex. are left to bereave his passing to the great beyond. His life of service to God and his community should be an inspiration to any ambitious boy or girl.

Written by a grand son – Percy DAVENPORT

Smashes His Own Record At Eating Chicken Gizzards

At the big annual Fourth of July picnic and yearling riding contest held by the New Hope and Ebenezer communities, adjacent to De Leon, Whit SIDES, holder of the title belt of the entire world in eating chicken gizzards, smashed his own former record on July 4th this year, raising his total at one sitting from 21, the record of 1923, to 23, the new world’s record.

Fourth of July on the waters of the Sabano this year was not unlike similar celebrations for these two communities. About 125 people were present, all residents of these two adjoining communities. A crate and a half of lemons, 300 pounds of ice, and other things to delight the palate were had, not to mention the wash pot of steaming java and innumerable fried chickens served at the noon hour.

Did the champion eat anything but chicken gizzards, one might wish to know. Well we should kiss a pig. Reclining comfortably against a tree, the soft sand of the river bottom serving as a dining chair, he stored away the greatest number of gizzards ever human imbibed and therewith six cups of steaming hot coffee, besides the finishing touches to the meal of a slab or two of layer cake and a few pieces of pie, all of which went well with the tin cup of lemonade he quaffed to leave a good taste.

The afternoon was spent in the usual athletic past times of riding yearlings, tug of war, rap jack, high jump, etc. and Mr. SIDES was foremost in these pastimes, being a man of athletic build and by no means a dyspeptic or quitter.

Money Can Be Made In Plums Says H.F. Short

Howard SHORT brought to the Free Press office a sample of the Gold variety of plums. He broke a limb from one of his 4 year old trees, the limb being forked and was 28 inches long. On this limb were 52 well matured ripe plums, yellow as "gold" and as luscious fruit as one might wish for. Mr. SHORT presented the specimen to the Free Press and it has been on display in our window.

Mr. SHORT has thirty trees of this variety, ten of which are in bearing. The ten trees are four years old and are this year bearing an average of two bushels to the tree. Mr. SHORT sold the plums in Stamford at $2 per bushel f.o.b. DeLeon.

Dr. Self Buys Part Of Mixon Bldg. For Garage

In order to give larger floor space for the garage building he is now having erected, Dr. SELF purchased the building adjoining the Will Mixon building, same being occupied by the Goodyear Shoe shop. The old building is being wrecked and will be replaced by the new brick structure the doctor is having erected. Tom BOSWELL has the contract.

When completed, Dr. SELF will have some valuable property on this site and the young Mr. SELF and Earl McCLELLAN, who will operate the station and garage, should do a nice business.

Residence Burned on North Side Wed. Night

At about 1:30 a.m. last Thursday, fire was discovered in a residence belonging to George BROWNLEE on the northwest corner of the block upon which the baseball park is located. The building was not occupied, Mr. and Mrs. BROWNLEE now living at Desdemona.

The fire had gained such great headway before discovery that nothing could be done toward saving the building, although half a hundred men were soon present.

Mr. BROWNLEE carried insurance and had a vacancy permit which will not allow full settlement. He will perhaps collect $500 or $600 insurance.

Filling Station And Garage Change Hands

F.E. CARTER, who has been employed as manager of Holden Motor Co. for the past year, on July 1st severed his connection with the company to become manager of Grimshaw Filling Station and Garage. Mr. CARTER’s experience in business administration, and in this line in particular, will enable him to make a success of the splendid Grimshaw property, only recently completed, and situated in the heart of the city.

The station will continue to handle the widely advertised Magnolia line of gasoline and Magnolene motor oils, a full line of accessories, Exide Batteries, and the garage will continue under the supervision of Roy SMITH, recognized as among the best auto mechanics in the city.

S.G. UNDERWOOD took the lease on the Holden Motor Co. on July 1, but because of the approach of the cotton season, he has decided to relinquish his lease, or rather sold out to Woodley BUTLER and Alfred MALLONEE who are now in charge of the garage and station. Young MALONEE will have charge of the work shop, and will employ mechanics ranking with the best, and one may be assured of good auto repair work as well as courteous station service when calling here.

Caulker Fell From 30-Foot Scaffold At Humble

W.L. KIGHT, about 40 years of age, a caulker in the employment of the Humble tank farm at Comyn, suffered severe injuries at 9 o’clock Monday morning when a scaffold upon which he was working gave way beneath his weight and he fell to the ground. The height of the tank was 30 feet and he was working on the top ring. However, the scaffold upon which he stood was only about 25 feet from the ground.

KIGHT fell heavily on his left side, sustaining cuts on the side of the face and neck, bruises about the head, a badly bruised left shoulder, and a lacerated and bruised left thigh. The shock of the fall served to further injure him.

KNIGHT was in pretty bad condition when workers with him rushed him to the office of the local physician, where preliminary examination was given him. His fellow workers then took him in a car to Cisco where he was placed in the Humble Company’s hospital. KIGHT is married and has a family. They live at Hasse. [Transcriber’s note: The surname was variously spelled "Kight" and "Knight" in this article.]



Local News

J.V. WHITE came home last week and is greatly improved from his recent operation and illness. Mr. WHITE will soon be able to resume his duties at Higginbothams.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley SHOOK on Monday, July 7th, "another voter". SHOOK and young Mr. SHOOK, Jr. are both doing nicely.

"Another voter" arrived almost a month ago, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodlie BUTLER. Mrs. BUTLER and the youthful citizen are expected to return home from the home of her parents at Oceola in a few days.

Birthday Party

On Tuesday afternoon from 4 to 6 P.M. Mrs. Roy HAMMERS entertained seventeen young friends of Roy Jr. in honor of his sixth birthday.

The guests were met at the door by the host and hostess who served them iced punch. Roy graciously received the many useful and attractive little gifts the children brought.

After they all arrived two contests were given. One was a guessing contest in which Mary Alice ROLLINS guessed the lucky number; the other contest was that of Pinning on the Donkey’s Tail, Christene LESTER won first place in this. Both girls received pretty handkerchiefs as prizes. Several other games for children were played after which Mrs. HAMMERS served Angel-Food cake and ice cream. The following guests were present: Mary Alice and Jean ROLLINS, Frances GREGORY, Christene LESTER, Marjory MORRIS, Leonora FINKLESTIEN, Myra Nell HAMMER, Alma JONES, Chelsea and Fern BLACK, Glyn McGUIRE, Virginia and Elaine SCOTT, Tom UNDERWOOD, Roy NORMAN and Bobbie Dee HAMMORS, Mrs. W.S. BLACK, Mrs. J.J. WILLIS, Mrs. C.B. GREGORY.

Sewing Club

The sewing club met at the home of Lois HARVY, Wednesday afternoon, July 2. Two contests were given for which Eudora NOEL won first prize.

Ice Cream and Cake were served to the following members:

Mrs. May WHALEY; Launa FRETWELL; Beatrice HENDERSON; Doris AYERS; Roger Mae SMITH; Virginia SHARP; Oleta STEPHENS; Myrtle UPSHAW; Lois HARVEY; Bernice INZER; Eudora NOEL, Josephine GOODALL of Valley Mills and Elizabeth GATES of San Antonio.

Duster News

Mr. R.T. HAILE (Uncle Tom) was taken very ill Sunday and left Monday for Dallas where he will be treated.

Mrs. Ida PITTMAN of De Leon, Mr. Mack McNEELY of Gorman and Mr. Egbert ALSUP of Rucker are visiting their mother, Mrs. Will McNEELY who resides with her daughter, Mrs. L.L. DUKES.

Miss Ladelle FOSTER of De Leon is visiting her cousin, Miss Wilma GREY, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.N. HUDDLESTON and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry HUDDLESTON left Monday for Arkansas where they will visit relatives and friends for two or three weeks.

The ice cream supper given by Miss Bellet DUKES Saturday night honoring her niece, Miss Dandy GRAVES of Gatesville, was enjoyed by all those attending.

Oliver Springs

Miss Iola McCLELLAND has returned to Gorman after visiting her sister, Mrs. RUSSEL BURLESON.

Desdemona News

T.B. GRISSOM of DeLeon is a new employee of the McMann Oil and Gas Co. We welcome you to our city Mr. GRISSOM.

Guy BRUCE and his sisters, Misses Pearl and Eula, accompanied by Miss Audra LANE and Miss Eloise JONES drove down to Hamilton Saturday for a short visit with friends, all of them returning except Miss Eloise JONES who will visit girl friends there for a week.

Mrs. Herbert VESTAL and little son returned Monday from Cisco where they visited relatives. They were accompanied by their cousin, Miss Lucille BEDFORD.

J.F. MARSHALL of this city left Wed. morning for a visit to his old home in Wshington Pennsylvania. He expects to return in about 3 weeks.

Miss Effie Jea DYERS of Krum is visiting her sister, Mrs. Guy McGEE of this city.

Miss Ellen BRIENT of El Paso is spending the summer in Desdemona with her aunt, Mrs. Moody SMITH.

Mr. John BARRETT of the Mid Kansas Oil Co. has taken charge of the Mechanical Department of the Highway Garage at Gorman. Mr. BARRETT is well known in this part of the country having been here two years. All of his old friends wish him the best success in his new location.

Mrs. J.J. GIBSON and son, Kinny, drove down to Liberty on business Monday. Mrs. GIBSON has been elected to teach the school there this year.


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