De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 27, 1924

Grand Jurors Drawn For July Term Dist. Court

Following is the list of grand jurors drawn for the next term of district court, which will open in Comanche, July 7:

J.C. WILLIAMS, De Leon, route 3; John ISHAM, Comanche route 5; G.C.McKENZIE, Comanche star route; Lon FOSTER, Sipe Springs; John ROBERTS, Comanche; John ROBERTS, May route 1; C.M. CARAWAY, Comyn; E.W. OWENS, De Leon; A.L. JENKINS, De Leon route 5; J.T. WALKER, Dublin R.F.D.; S.T. BRANDT, Lamkin; Walter WOOLEY, Gustine; J.R. EANES, Comanche; W.M. DURHAM, Comanche; E.E. AKERS, De Leon; C. SMITH, De Leon route 4.

Melvin Singleton Called By Death.

It is with a feeling of great sadness that the Free Press records the death of our good friend, Melvin SINGLETON. Mr. SINGLETON had been in failing health for three or four years. He had been critically ill for a week or more prior to the end. Death was immediately traceable to cerebral hemorrhage, an affection of the spinal column and brain.

A week prior to his death, Mr. SINGLETON was carried to Arlington Sanitarium, Fort Worth, where he was treated for his malady. It was here that he passed away. Death came to relieve intense suffering, at 5 o’clock p.m. Friday, June 20th, 1924. Funeral service and burial was at De Leon cemetery at 3:30 Sunday afternoon, June 22nd, Rev. W.L. SKAGGS conducting the service.

D. Melvin SINGLETON was 39 years, 7 months and 5 days of age at death. He was born in La Fayette county, Miss., and came to Texas with his parents when 10 or 11 years of age. He was married when 18 years of age to Miss Alma SIDES and to them were born three children, Miss Lillie, Vance, and Miss Lola. Several years ago his wife died and in 1917 he was re-married to Miss Chloe LUCAS and to this union one daughter was born, Lera, aged 5. Besides these children he is survived by his wife, father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. SINGLETON, and a host of relatives and friends throughout this section who mourn his passing.

Four years ago deceased professed a living faith in Christ and has lived by the rule of faith and practice designating one a child of God. His place in the bereaved home can be filled by no one. His going has made sad the hearts of those near and dear. His friends will miss him as a good citizen, a man firm in his convictions, a hard and earnest worker and good neighbor and sympathetic friend. He has but gone the way that all must follow. His works of righteousness will follow him. Peace to his pain-wracked body and restr eternal to his immortal soul!

Marriage License

The following marriage licenses have been issued since June 13th:

Perry Asa WARD and Miss Frances Irene REESE

R.C. GAY, Jr. and Miss Alice Mary ORY

Guy Ferman HOOPER and Miss Eunice WADE

Guy COLEMAN and Miss Edna EVANS

H.G. McBEE and Miss Georgia WEST

Marvin PETTY and Miss Inez GRAY

Birthday Picnic

A party of De Leon people were at Bass Lake, Gorman, on last Sunday evening, celebrating the birthday of Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL. The manner of celebration was an elaborate picnic spread, and those present enjoyed the occasion immensely. The party consisted of the following: Mr. and Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL, Mr. and Mrs. Guy JEFFREY, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver HUDSON, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. THOMAS and children of Afton, Okla., Mesdames J.B. JEFFREY and Weston ATWOOD, and Mr. Henry BRYANT.


The Free Press is in receipt of announcement of the marriage of Miss Estelle BLAIR, daughter of Mrs. W.E. NABORS, to Mr. Dwight G. McLEOD which occurred on Sunday, June 22, 1924, at their home at Kerrville, Texas. Miss BLAIR will be remembered as a charming young lady who resided in this city from her childhood until she took up telegraphy some two or three years ago. Her outstanding success in the work earned for her an excellent position, that of manager of the Kerrville office of the Western Union, where she and her mother have resided for the past more than a year.

This editor extends congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. McLEOD as they start on the eventful journey and we are sure her many De Leon friends will heartily join.

Family Reunion

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. RUSSELL had as guests during the past week, all their children, including Mrs. J.K. BATEMAN of Canton, Texas, Misses Myrtle, and Daisy of Dallas, and Mrs. Montelle FLETCHER of Fort Worth, having an enjoyable family reunion. Mrs. BATEMAN and Mrs. FLETCHER have returned to their homes, while Misses Myrtle and Daisy left for a vacation trip to California. Miss Louise RUSSELL, a younger sister, accompanied Mrs. BATEMAN home for a visit.


The Free Press announces the marriage of Miss Jean LAWLESS and Emmett SMITH which occurred at the Court House at Comanche on Saturday afternoon, June 21st. The happy young couple went to Comanche accompanied by Miss Delia LAWLESS, a sister of the bride, who witnessed the ceremony. After procuring the license, the services of County Judge REESE was secured to tie the magic knot. The ceremony was said at the Court House at 3:30 o’clock.

Young Mr. and Mrs. SMITH are now at home to their friends in this city.

Miss LAWLESS, a daughter of Mrs. A.L. LAWLESS, who resides near the North Ward school campus has lived in De Leon the past year. She was reared in Oklahoma. During the months she has made this city her home she has acquired a wide circle of admiring friends, all of whom wish her much happiness. Mr. SMITH is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe SMITH and was reared in this city therefore is well known to everyone. Young SMITH is quite popular with the younger set with whom he has been associated, all of whom wish him a deserved success. He is employed as mechanic at Grimshaw’s Garage.

The Free Press joins with the many friends of this popular couple in wishing them all the happiness and success that life may hold as they journey together.

Mrs. Lester And Daughter Enjoying California Trip

The Free Press is in receipt of two messages from Mrs. Lettie LESTER, now on a tour of the West. Mrs. LESTER wrote first from Colorado, where they made a stop and spoke of the grandeur of the scenery there. They later stopped at Salt Lake City and had the pleasure of attending an organ recital at the Mormon Temple, also enjoying the sights of the Mormon city. Later they arrived at San Francisco and after spending several days there were just preparing to sail by coast steamer for Los Angeles, where their son and brother, Whistle LESTER and wife reside and where they will reside for several weeks.

Two Daily Newspapers Combine At Cisco

A consolidation has been effected whereby the Cisco Daily News and the Cisco Weekly American merge under one management and one board of directors.

B.S. HUEY will be president of the consolidated enterprise and A.B. O’FLAHERTY will be editor and general manager with Miss Lettie O’FLAHERTY secretary treasurer.

The Cisco American will still be published each Thursday.

A.B. O’FLAHERTY was former owner and editor of the Cisco American.

Comanche Fireman Is Electrocuted

James C. CARTER, volunteer fireman of Comanche fire department, was instantly killed there last Thursday night while fighting a blaze that originated in the home of Dewey DODSON. CARTER and other firemen went into the roof of the burning building through a hole which they had cut in the roof, and CARTER fell, grasping at the charred joists to prevent his falling to the floor below. When he grasped the timber he caught a wire, heavily charged with electricity and was instantly electrocuted.

So terrific was the charge that killed CARTER that his body was left suspended by the one hand and it was with extreme danger and difficulty that his fellows finally extricated his body, and not until others of the firemen had received severe shocks.

CARTER was married and had two children, besides his wife surviving him. He was popular in Comanche and as a mark of their respect the entire town closed on Friday while the funeral was in progress.

Pentecostal Revival To Begin On July Sixth

Announcement is made of the beginning of a revival to be held at the Pentecostal church, on the north side, beginning Sunday evening, July 6th. Rev. J.A. SPORT has been secured to do the preaching and he will be ably assisted in carrying on the work by the local pastor, Rev. L.G. BAKER, who has the local arrangements well in hand.

The series of meetings will be out in the open air, comfortable seats being arranged on the lot immediately adjoining the church. A canopy will be stretched over the speakers stand, but the auditorium will simply be out in the open where the full effect of the cooling evening breezes may be had.

Rev. BAKER asked Free Press to state that a most cordial invitation is extended everyone in De Leon and throughout the De Leon territory to attend each service of the meeting. Services will be held evenings at 8:15 o’clock only.

W.C. Jenkins To Head Downing School This Year

The Downing school board has contracted with W.C. JENKINS of this city to teach the coming term of school, as principal, and Mr. JENKINS’ daughter, Miss Leila, will be first assistant and Miss LANE of Proctor will teach the primary department. The Downing school is to be congratulated as Mr. JENKINS is a good school man. He will reside here and make the trip back and forth in his car.

Mrs. Morgan Has Accepted Rising Star Position

Mrs. Maggie MORGAN has accepted a position with the Dependable Store at Rising Star. She is going out the first of July and work one month during the summer and has been proffered the place on a twelve month contract. She did not say whether or not she would remain permanently.

Local and Personal

Mrs. S.G. PARKS went to Meridian Wednesday to remain two weeks as guest of her sister, Mrs. H.B. WHITE.

Mrs. W.C. COCHRAN is home after a visit to her father Pat CARNES of Rotan, Texas.

Grandma Lettie FOX, now more than 90 years old, grandmother of Mrs. Lettie LESTER, left Wednesday morning for Alexander.

Miss Bettye LLOYD of this city returned home Wednesday from a six weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. W.T. STEPHENS of Killeen.

Mrs. Will SMITH, formerly of Fort Worth, is guest this week of her daughter, Mrs. Oscar HOWARD, while enroute to their new home in Amarillo.

Guy JEFFREY has accepted a position with the Gorman Motor Company and has already begun the duties of his new position.

Mrs. H.B. SHOOK and little son went to Stamford this week where Mr. SHOOK is engaged at railroading on the west end of the Texas Central.

Friends of Dyke WHITE will be glad to learn that he has so far recovered from his recent operation that he is expected home the last of the week and is on the road to recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. Manley STONE are the proud parents of a baby girl which came into their home on June 10th. The little one weighed 11 pounds and both babe and mother are doing nicely.

Mrs. Fred ATCHISON of Corsican has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE. She is at present guest of her sisters at Stamford and Breckenridge and will return here the last of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Rollie HILL went to Walnut Springs early in the week to visit Babe HILL who has just returned there from a Waco hospital. Mr. HILL is not doing well and will take further treatment.

Mrs. Beryle HEATH has returned from Temple where she underwent a serious operation. Her friends will be glad to know that she is fast regaining her usual good health. – Rising Star X-Ray.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN and children have returned from Desdemona and will again make their home in De Leon, Mr. McCLELLAN to be associated with Autrey SELF in the operation of Self’s Service Station.

Eld. J.J. EDWARDS and wife were visiting her brother, L.N. POWELL and wife and their many friends and relatives and attending the three day meeting at the Primitive Baptist church this week end. While here a message came telling of the serious illness of a brother-in-law of Mrs. EDWARDS and Mr. POWELL. Eld. EDWARDS and wife left immediately for Georgetown to visit him.

Rebuilding Burned Home

The residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. LITCHFORD of the Independent Torpedo Co., is being rebuilt this week following the partial burn of three weeks ago. The house immediately adjoining, which was completely destroyed in the fire, will not be rebuilt.

Desdemona News

Mr. Jas. F. MARSHALL and two daughters, Misses Naomi and Annie, left a few days ago for Long Beach, California, where they will make their future home. Mr. MARSHALL will join them as soon as he disposes of his oil well supplies and other property. We regret losing this splendid family from our town but wish for them success and happiness in their new home.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. TRICE are remodeling the building formerly occupied by Grissom and Son and will at an early date install an up to date Dry Goods store. Mr. and Mrs. TRICE are from Mexia, Texas. We welcome you and your business in our city, Mr. TRICE.

Miss Cilla COOK who during the two years she lived here, was one of our most popular teachers, arrived last Sunday night for a visit to her sister, Mrs. Walter MORTON. She will teach Palmer Penmanship in Colorado City schools this year.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.