De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 13, 1924

Short Reunion Is Observed At Bluff Dale 6-7

Howard SHORT and family returned early in the week from Bluff Dale where they went to attend the Short Family Reunion on Saturday and Sunday last. The reunion this year was with the sister of the family, Mrs. L.P. FOSTER of Bluff Dale. The two days were pleasantly spent by the party in feasting together, swimming in the Paluxy, which flows through the town, and in reviewing the past together.

The reunion is an annual affair and the several members of the family are very zealous in attending, the meetings being held at the home of first one then another of the members.

Those present this year were: H.F. SHORT and family of De Leon, F.A. SHORT and wife of Abilene, J. Egbert SMITH and wife of Abilene, Mrs. D.F. SMITH and two sons of Baird, Mrs. J.L. BAKER and son, Gilbert HESTER and wife, Mrs. HESTER being a daughter of Mrs. FOSTER.

Mrs. Jack McGuire Has Operation

Report from Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, at 10 o’clock Thursday morning is to the effect that Mrs. Jack McGUIRE is thought to be slightly improved following a serious operation. However, physicians hold out little hope for her recovery, indeed it was thought the end might come hourly throughout Wednesday. The patient has eaten little or nothing for many days and in her weakened condition is making a brave battle for life. Relatives and friends are listening eagerly for every report concerning her welfare. Meanwhile every effort of the Blackwell organization is being exerted in her behalf.


A pleasant surprise to their many friends was the marriage on last Sunday of Mr. Robert GRIMSHAW, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. GRIMSHAW, to Miss Odell HATTOX, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. HATTOX. The bridal party consisting of the happy bride and groom and Miss Violet GRIMSHAW, a sister of the groom and Mr. Lonnie COZBY, besides the Messrs. GRIMSHAW, brothers of the groom who had preceded the party to the home of the minister, Rev. SUTTLES, arrived at 5 o’clock p.m. and the minister spoke the words of the magic ceremony which was to unite them for their eventful journey.

Delightfully happy and receiving the warmest congratulations of their many friends, young Mr. and Mrs. GRIMSHAW are making a most favorable start in married life, their future being alluring and full of promise. The bride possesses that womanly charm and wholesomeness of character and intelligence so desirable in a life mate. She is a graduate of De Leon high school in the class of ’23 and is popular with a wide circle of friends throughout De Leon and the surrounding territory, where she has been reared. Young Mr. GRIMSHAW is likewise a most desirable life companion for the girl whom he has chosen for his bride. His character and business ability has become known in recent months since he has successfully managed the affairs of the Grimshaw Filling Station, a position he now holds.

To merely wish them happiness and success seems to put it all too mildly. Here’s wishing for these excellent young people a full measure of all the joys and blessings that life may hold. May their cup of happiness overflow and their lives’ united effort be crowned with a degree of success undreamed of in their youthful minds, their lives grow richer and more fruitful day by day, and may their most cherished and sweetest dreams come true. This is the Free Press wish gladly extended them. Their friends may express it in more elaborate terms.


On last Sunday afternoon, June 8th, 1924, at 1:45 o’clock, Mr. Charley WINKLES and Miss Mary Myrl HARRIS surprised their many friends by motoring over to the city where they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev. W.T. HAMER being the officiating minister.

The bride is the charming and lovable daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. HARRIS of De Leon, Route 2, and is the center of a wide circle of admiring friends. Mr. WINKLES, also of Rt. 2, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. WINKLES and a young man of exemplary character and highly respected in his community.

Both these young people were reared in the De Leon territory and their friends are numbered by their acquaintances.

At 6 o’clock a sumptuous dinner was served to the following:

Miss Maybelle WINKLES, sister of the groom, Mr. Oleon COULTER of Blanket, Texas, Miss Hazel PATTERSON of Rising Star, Mr. Tommie GRAY, Miss Bess NOWLIN, Mr. Dovie NEWLIN, Mr. Emory COOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lon B. SMITH, and Mr. Jess NOWLIN.

Immediately after dinner was served the party motored to the Nazarene church where they attended services.

Congratulations to these young people s they journey over life’s pathway together, and may their lives be as sunny as their smiles on their wedding day. – Contributed.

De Leon Boy To Sail For Europe On Olympic 14th.

Joseph PATTERSON, who has been in the north and east the past two years, it is announced will sail for England on Saturday, June 14th, to spend the summer in that country and in the various parts of Europe. Young PATTERSON, a graduate of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and of Columbia University, New York, has been engaged the past several months as companion and tutor to a young man of wealth. It is in this capacity that he goes overseas.

Young PATTERSON enjoys a fortunate as well as unique situation, his duties to take him to the many points of interest in the old world. He will return to the United States in the late summer or fall.

Skating Rink To Open In Farrow Building Soon

Sid FARROW has closed his restaurant in the rock building next to Lambert Hotel and together with a business associate, will in the near future open a skating rink. Carpenters are busy this week laying a Maple floor and this will be polished to a high degree when completed, giving smooth hard surface upon which skaters may glide swiftly and smoothly. Opening date will be announced later.

Announcement of Service at Morton Chapel M E Church

Announcement is made that Rev. J.D. SMOOT, once pastor of De Leon Methodist circuit, now residing at Comanche, will fill the pulpit at the Morton Chapel church on next Sunday morning, June 15th, at the eleven o’clock hour. This is the regular appointment of Rev. H.B. HOLDRIDGE, but Rev. SMOOT has very kindly consented to fill the pulpit in the place of Rev. HOLDRIDGE at that hour.

Georgia To Texas Young Couple Is Homeward Bound

Mr. and Mrs. J. Star INZER, recently graduated from a school of Pharmacy at Atlanta, Ga., left there on Wednesday of this week bound for home. They are making the trip home by automobile and will stop in Mississippi and Arkansas where they will visit briefly with relatives of both. They will arrive here in about ten days.

Young Telegrapher Given Management Of Local Office

Duard JONES, telegraph student for several months under the tutorage of Manager Frank SLAUGHTER, has had his ability recognized by the Company in being made manager of the local Western Union office. JONES took up telegraphing about six months ago and has spent his time close to his study meanwhile. The business element of De Leon will doubtless find him faithful and efficient in his public capacity.

Frank SLAUGHTER, former manager, has resigned to accept other employment, however, he will continue to reside here, he stated. Mr. SLAUGHTER successfully taught a class in telegraphing during the past few months and two of his pupils are now in good positions with no other technical training than they acquired in his classes and in the local office. There are others of the class who are making good.

Five People Bitten By Dog Go To Austin

With the increase of summer’s heat the toll of victims of rabid dogs increases. De Leon has furnished more than her quota of victims this spring and summer. The last dog to run amuck was a small white Spitz owned by Mr. Anderson RUFF. The dog bit Mrs. RUFF’s daughter, Mrs. Lela DUPRIEST, and her two children, Thurman and Frances, ages about 11 and 13, Leon Alvin, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur RAINES, and Lester MORGAN, about 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. MORGAN of Humphrey Addition.

The bites of this dog were inflicted during last week. The dog was confined and after a time grew intensely mad, snapping and biting at sticks or anything coming near. It was killed and the head forwarded to the Pasteur Institute on Friday. Sunday the message came that the head showed unmistakable signs of rabies. The five victims left immediately for Austin to take the twenty-one day’s treatment.

Mrs. White Is Improving

J.V. WHITE had an operation last Sunday at a Dallas sanitarium, Dr. Sam WEAVER in charge of the case. Mr. WHITE was suffering from gall stone and an affected appendix, both of which were removed. He was seriously ill for a few hours following the ordeal, but is now reported improving nicely. Mrs. WHITE is in attendance at his bedside while his son, Arch, who accompanied him there has returned home.

Disastrous Fire Destroys 2 Homes Nitro-Glycerine Co.

Two pretty residences, property of the Independent Torpedo Co. and occupied by W.L. LITCHFORD, manager for the company, and Woodlie BUTLER, were destroyed by fire late last Friday afternoon. The blaze was discovered by W.H. WILLIAMS and others, tennis players on a court half a block away. The fire was licking out the windows when discovered, the interior of the BUTLER home being a mass of flames. This house together with all its contents was a total loss.

As soon as the alarm was turned in, the number of men in the vicinity began removing the furniture from the LITCHFORD home and succeeded in saving all their household effects with small damage. But before the truck arrived and two or three streams of water began to play on the buildings the LITCHFORD house was also practically consumed by the flames. The large corrugated iron warehouse at the rer of the two buildings caught fire and was practically gutted.

A series of explosions occurred in the warehouse and the crowd which had quickly gathered feared that nitro-glycerine was stored there. However, fears were quickly dispersed when it became known that it was only caps used to touch off nitro shots, it being unlawful to keep the glycerine inside the city limits. A large number of these caps exploded, causing no damage.

The houses were insured, Mr. LITCHFORD stated but in what amount he could not say. The Free Press estimates that the two buildings probably cost $8,000.00 or $4,000.00 each to build. Mr. BUTLER married only a few months ago, lost approximately $1,250.00 worth of household effects, all of which was practically new. He carried $750.00 insurance. Mr. LITCHFORD also carried insurance on his household goods, which were only slightly damaged.

Mr. and Mrs. LITCHFORD have stored their furniture and are living at the Travelers for the present.

De Leon volunteer firemen did valiant service in fighting the flames, considering the time the alarm was given.

Sidney News

Mrs. Jess HARRISON of Desdemona visited relatives here last week.

Mr. Phillip STOVALL and family spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. Lee RICHIE.

Mr. Dillard KELSEY of Blanket was guest of his sister, Mrs. HARDWICK.

Mr. Arnold FERRILL and Miss Lola COX were recently married, giving a wedding dinner which was also his father’s birthday dinner. Everyone present had an enjoyable time.

The party at the home of Miss Loya DONAHO Friday night was enjoyed by all present.

Oliver Springs

There was a large crowd at the singing at Russell BURLESON’s Sunday night.

Miss Iola McCLELLAND of Wichita Falls is visiting her sister, Mrs. Russell BURLESON.

Miss Mamye PARKE and brothers attended singing at Jake HAMON Sunday night.

Little Duane PANGLE got his collar bone broken last week while playing.

Misses Pricilla COZART and Miss Delia WALL leave for Stephenville this week to attend school. Miss COZART has been engaged to teach the primary class at Oliver Springs next school term.

Duster News

Mrs. Frank HASLEY has been very ill, but is now improving. She is preparing for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Bascum McCLELLAN of Stamford.

Misses Mattie COAN and Lillian Joe FOOTE have returned home from Stephenville where they attended Tarleton College the past year.

Mr. and Mrs. G.M. HASLEY and daughter Georgie Beth of Orange were here at the bedside of his mother. Mr. HASLEY has returned to his business but Mrs. HASLEY is spending the summer here.

Mrs. C.D. GRAHAM and children are visiting her mother, Mrs. J.W. KING, who resides at Weinert, Texas.

Mr. Bob HAMLIN has returned home from a visit in Lamesa.

Misses Bessie McPHAIL and Erma Lee GRAHAM spent the week end in De Leon with friends. Miss McPHAIL will enter summer school there June 9th.

Misses Fay and Inez HATTOX left Monday for Stephenville where they will enter school.

Miss Lillie HASLEY of De Leon is visiting her grandparents here.

Desdemona News

Mrs. E.R. PATTERSON left last week for her home at Moody, Texas, after a ten days visit with her daughter, Mrs. Rayburn MILLER and family.

Mrs. C.R. DANIELS and little son visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. HENRY the first of the week.

We are glad to report that Capt. A.J. O’REAR, who was quite sick last week, is improving and is able to sit up at the present time.

Mr. and Mrs. R.V. MEADOR and little son Leroy spent Sunday in Breckenridge with Mrs. MEADOR’s parents.

Mrs. O.T. BRYANT, who was visiting her brother, Dr. S.E. SNODGRASS while sick, left last week for her home in Decatur, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. CRAWFORD are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Miss Kate KELLUM left last Wednesday for her home at Jonesboro, Texas. We are glad to announce that she will return in September as one of the teachers in our school.

Mr. Edward MAY, who has been attending John Tarleton College in Stephenville returned home last Thursday.

Mrs. S.C. MAHONEY was quite sick the past week but is rapidly improving at the present time.

Mr. Carl MAHONEY has returned from Dublin where he has been in school the past year. Carl was one of the graduates of Dublin high this year.

Misses Dorace and Bernice RO"E spent last week with their grandmother, Mrs. J.W. ROE of Comanche.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl TAPSCOTT are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Mrs. Edward McCOY of Coolidge, Texas, visited Mrs. M.E. ASKEW of this city the past week. Mrs. ASKEW has been has been quite sick but is some better at the present.

Comyn News

Several attended the barbecue and spudding in of the David JOHNSON well, near Proctor.

A car load of drilling tools were unloaded at Comyn, to be used on the well a mile and a half of Comyn on the Bill SCOTT ranch.

The Library Club met with Mrs. Conway THOMPSON Saturday. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and lemonade were served to Mesdames Pearl BARNES, A.R. THOMPSON, W.J. RACKLEY, B.T. BARNES, Pearl FLOYD, D.P. RACKLEY, E.S. CRAIG and Nona THOMPSON; Misses Gladys, Beatrice and Estelle DICKEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey McCOVIN are the proud parents of a nine pound boy.

Mrs. Marshall CARAWAY, who has been very sick, is able to be up.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. GOOSBY left Sunday for Stephenville where they will attend school.

Local and Personal

E.E. AKERS has been on the sick list this week.

Paul HOUK, who has been in sanitarium at Gorman for the past two weeks, is visiting his brother, E.L. HOUK in this city.

Mrs. Woodlie BUTLER is away in Covington, Texas, for a few weeks visit with her parents, who reside there.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. SPRADLEY of Duncan, Okla., have been guests this week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. STOVER.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey McCOAN on Saturday, June 8th, a nine pound boy.

Mrs. G.B. GOLIGHTLY came up from Hico this week for a visit with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS. Little Miss Evelyn, daughter of Mrs. GOLIGHTLY, has been here the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley MABEN and children, now making their home at Ranger, were spending Sunday with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. CARLISLE.

Perry FARROW, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sid FARROW, left on the Sunday afternoon train for Los Angeles where he will work this summer. Mrs. FARROW has a sister residing there with whom he will live.

Mrs. W.B. VAUGHN, wife of the former pastor of the Methodist church now residing at Waco, was spending the week with her son George VAUGHN at Comyn tank farm, and attended Sunday morning services at the Methodist church.

Report comes to the Free Press of the illness of Dan STEAKLEY, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. STEAKLEY. The youngster has indication of a case of appendicitis.

Sherrod STOVER is ill from a stone bruise or cut from a rock, received while swimming in Bass Lake, Gorman. He got infection in the slight flesh wound and has been threatened with blood poison.

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