De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 16, 1924

Huddleston and McPhail Get Peanut and Cotton Awards

The final proofs of yield were made some days ago and Pres. C.C. HAMPTEN of De Leon Fair board instructed those donating to pay to the winners in cotton and peanut contest, prizes of $100.00 each.

R.W. McPHAIL, De Leon Route 2, produced 4,233 pounds of lint cotton on 18.9 acres and was therefore entitled to receive the prize of $100.00 offered by S.A. DUKE, local buyer.

H.J. HUDDLESTON, De Leon, Route 2, produced 14,810 pounds of peanuts on 9 2/3 acres of land and received the special prize of $100.00 offered by De Leon Peanut Co.

The contestants other than Messrs. HUDDLESTON and McPHAIL were very slow about making returns as to their yield and the final settlement was delayed for several weeks longer than should have been the case.

Confederate Meeting

Pursuant to adjourned call, a meeting of Confederate soldiers was held Sunday to consider resuscitating John Pelham Camp, U.C.V.

After discussion it was agreed that the ranks have been so diminished by death and the few survivors are so advanced in age that they cannot be depended upon for maintaining a permanent local organization.

It was therefore deemed expedient to consolidate the Camp with a combined organization consisting of the survivors and their descendants.

With this end in view a temporary organization was effected by electing W.D. JENKINS Commander and Lucius ELKINS Adjutant until another meeting can be held, and the meeting was then adjourned to meet again Sunday, May 18, 1924, at 2 p.m. with an urgent invitation to all sons and daughters of Confederate soldiers to be present and participate in effecting a permanent organization.

In addition to this consolidation, it was suggested that all Confederate soldiers in the county unite in a single Camp with headquarters at Comanche, and thus, through the aid of the younger generation, a permanent medium may be established through which accessible records may be kept of all veterans in the county until and after the last one shall have answered the final roll-call. We feel that this is a duty which the present generation cannot afford to slight or neglect. I still want these old veterans to send me their record.

L.B. RUSSELL, Comanche, Texas

Substantial Citizen Announces Candidacy Justice Office

The Free Press feels particularly gratified, and we are sure a very large majority of the citizenship of the precinct will also, in the announcement of H.C. HEATH as a candidate for the office of Justice of the Peace of the De Leon Precinct. Mr. HEATH called early in the week and stated that he would make the race and requested that we insert his name in the proper column, stating that if he decided not to run late "he would get a good man to."

Mr. HEATH is well qualified to fulfill every duty that might fall upon him in the conduct of the affairs of the office. He is of the type of citizen that will do to tie to. His personal ability is unquestioned and his character above reproach. His experience in matters akin to the duties of the office will particularly fit him for the place.

Mr. HEATH has "proved his citizenship" by residing in the De Leon section for more than half a century. He will have been here 51 years in November. Perhaps there is to one more widely known throughout the entire section than is Mr. HEATH. The Free Press commends him heartily to the consideration of those who will cast a vote on July 26th.

To Whom It May Concern

I understand that the report is being circulated in the De Leon territory that I am a Ku Klux. Now when I started to make the race for sheriff of Comanche county I did not make this an issue, however it seems now to be very much an issue, and now for the benefit of a few who may be misled I will explain my position in this matter.

As for being a One Hundred Per Cent American that so many people love to boast of, will say my father and mother were both Americans and therefore I am One Hundred Percent American, of which I am very proud.

Will say this, that forty-four (44) years ago that my dear old mother went down into the valley and shadow of death and gave me life and the features that I have, and I will admit that my face does not look good, however I have never felt like that pulling a pillow slip down over it would add one ounce of beauty or fame to it.

Will say this; that some of the best friends I have and some of the best men in Texas belong to the Klan, but if I did not think that I was as good as the best men that belong to the order, I would withdraw from the sheriff’s race and leave good old Comanche county between suns.

Will say in conclusion that his report on me is a wilfull, malicious and premeditated falsehood. Now I think this statement is plain enough that any way-faring man though a fool, can understand. J.O. (JESS) HARRISON. Gustine, Texas

Eight De Leon People Taking Pasteur Treatment Result of Bite of Dog

Much excitement prevailed here Sunday and Monday, when it became known that the Pasteur Institute at Austin had reported unmistakable signs of rabies in the head of a dog which had been sent there for examination. The dog is reported to have bitten seven people, two adults and five children, at least either bitten or scratched them. Some of the cases are not considered as warranting any alarm, especially where the dog merely scratched the hands, but all who had any sort of contact with the dog have gone to take the treatment as a matter of precaution.

The dog, a five-months-old bird pup, was the property of D.HENSON. Mr. HENSON does not know that he was bitten, but handled the dog and played with it up to that time that suspicion was aroused, and was scratched. Mrs. HENSON was bitten. Both are taking the treatment. The children bitten were Tommie HOLDEN, Jr., 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom HOLDEN; Howard BLAKELEY, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. SHOOK; Carl HENSON, 0, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie HENSON; Helen and Francis HALL, 2 and 4 respectively, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HALL; Katherine, 3, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank SNEED. Mesdames HALL and SNEED were formerly Misses Nell and Pearl WEAVER.

Monday Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BAGWELL took their little daughter, Elizabeth, to Austin also, the child having been bitten by another dog in the community. The little 4-year-old-gir was playing with other children several days ago in a cellar they had dug near her home. She was in the cellar and other children above pushed the dog in upon her and she was bitten. Her taking the treatment is merely a precautionary measure.

City officials have killed many dogs during the first few days of the week, and the war on strays will continue. It behooves all who would keep their dogs to muzzle them securely as dogs wearing muzzles will not be molested. All dogs not thus protected are being killed on sight.

Comyn News

Mrs. Roy SPRUILL of De Leon was visiting relatives here the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY have just purchased a new Ford.

We are very glad to announce that the "Caraway Sand Hill" is being greaded and that Comyn may be able to boast of a highway in the near future.

Mrs. Stace GENTRY and children of Comanche visited Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY last Friday.

Maborne WHITTENGTON has returned from Tahoka.

Round Grove News

D.C. GEORGE, who has been quite sick for the past week, is greatly improved.

Mrs. J.H. RIPPETOE and children who have had the measles are up going now.

Ed RIPPETOE went to Brownwood Wednesday to visit his son Dean, and also to be at the big convention there.

Mrs. S.E. HAMMITT has just returned from a three weeks visit with her son Tom HAMMITT of Thurber and her sister, Mrs. Kate WRIGHT of Dublin.

Oliver Springs

Oliver Spring has arriven, no, wait, we are in the process of arriving. We met Saturday night for the purpose of organizing a literary. Quite a few young people were present. Clyde SETZLAR was elected president; Chester PELL, vice president; Mrs. Effie PELL, secretary; Mrs. BAIRD, treasurer; Mrs. BURLESON, Mrs. PELL and Mrs. BAIRD a committee to select plays, cast of characters and readings.

Miss Rubye Lee REID returned to De Leon Sunday afternoon where she is attending school.

Miss Davie READ of De Leon was visiting her mother Saturday.

Mrs. PAUGLE of Hard Shin spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. John BURLESON.

Morton’s Chapel

Bro. CLARK, our pastor, filled his regular appointment at this place Sunday, both morning and evening services were well attend [sic].

Mrs. Carrie McPHAIL of Cross Plains is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lora BALLARD.

Miss Julia MORTON of Dublin is visiting her sister, Mrs. George MORGAN, this week.

Concord News

H.B. BOSWELL and sister, Lounette and Miss Edna MERRITT of De Leon spent the week end at J.M. KAY’s.

The singing at Rex KEE’s Sunday evening was well attended and enjoyed by all.

A very large crowd was present at the party at C.H. WILLIAMS’ Saturday evening and the evening was made pleasant for all.

Trinity News

Mr. and Mrs. Lon SMITH visited her mother, Mrs. FRANK Friday night.

Misses Etta and Maye HALBROOKE and Bill P-LCHER took dinner with the Misses CROWNOVER Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.S. PARKER visited her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Berry BINGHAM Sunday.

Sidney News

Bob JACKSON is reported very ill at this time.

Miss Lucille McALLISTER, who underwent an operation, is recovering rapidly.

A.J. HARRISON died last Tuesday at his home. He is survived by his mother, a wife and twelve children.

Hix NOWLIN is taking Miss Lucile McALISTER’s place teaching school while she is ill.

Miss Cora STAPP spent the night with Miss Bertie Lee ROBERSON Tuesday.

Miscellaneous Local News

Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY returned Tuesday from Temple where she had accompanied her father, Dr. J.D. GOWEN of Christoval for an operation. The operation was performed on Thursday. The doctor is doing as well as could be expected, considering his advanced age, 73 years.

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