De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 2, 1924

Farm Home Hit By Cyclone Near Ebenezer Friday

Whit SIDES came to the Free Press office Saturday afternoon and told of the partial wreckage of his home by a small cyclone on Friday morning previous. Mr. SIDES said the twister accompanied the heavy rain, striking his house at about 10:30 Friday morning. The damage to the house was considerable, the front porch being about two-thirds unroofed, and a third of the shingles were blown from the roof over the main part of the house.

All Mr. SIDESí smaller out-buildings, including a new chicken house, cow shed and seed house were blown down and demolished. His orchard was badly broken up, also the orchard of Mrs. J.H. STRUBE was badly damaged.

Mr. SIDES said the path of the storm was apparently 50 to 60 yards wide, and he said barring the damage above mentioned, he had heard of no other damages. All his family were in the house from the heavy rain and no one was hurt.

Family Reunion Of Spencer-Hazard Families Sunday

SW.T. HAZZARD came into town Monday and reported an enjoyable social gathering which occurred last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SPENCER when the relation of the SPENCER and HAZZARD families gathered in to greet two families of the relation who had come down from Brownfield to visit briefly. The various members of these good families are rather numerous, and scattered, and it was thought best to all assemble at one place and enjoy the day together.

The visitors from the west were Mr. and Mrs. G.W. SPENCER, and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy POUNDS, who have made their home at Brownfield for several years past.

The guests who assembled at the SPENCER home for the day were: W.T. HAZZARD and family, W.H. SPENCER and family, A.D. HAZZARD and family, O.O. BLANTON and family of Dublin, Grandpa and Grandma Henry SPENCER of Dublin, J.V. SPRUILL and Jesse BARNES and families of Comyn, Mrs. Ella WILSON and daughter of De Leon, L.L. LIGHTFOOT and W.W. GREGORY and families and Miss Lera SPENCER of De Leon, 64 in all. Of this number 54 ate dinner at the SPENCER home, a bounteous repast having been prepared for the occasion.

Such family gatherings are always enjoyable occasions and the Free Press is always glad to have report of such for publication.

Baptist Church

Ö..One of our good citizens, Mr. JOHNSON, was saved in the Sunday evening service. He needs the help and encouragement of his Christian friends. May many be found offering this good man an encouraging word. One of our fine young women, Miss Bettie LLOYD, united with the church for Baptism and will be baptized at the close of the service next Sunday evening.

On last Saturday evening a double wedding occurred at the pastorís home when Mr. Raymond PARKER and Miss Lola May FLOWERS and Mr. Joel KIRKSEY and Miss Olevia PARKER motored over from Brownwood and were happily united in marriage.

Piano Dealer Is Now Located Here In Hampton Bldg.

ADAMS & ALLCORN, piano dealers on a large scale, have opened a branch house in De Leon, and have on display a large number of high grade instruments, embracing all classes of pianosÖ..

Messrs. ADAMS & ALLCORN (the later a brother of our fellow townsman, J.B. ALLCORN), have state headquarters at Waco and are establishing branch houses in territory where they consider business conditions inviting. They will remain here permanently if business justifies, Mr. ALLCORN stated.

De Leon Young People Competing for State Honors

Messrs. HARDT and COOPER from De Leon High School, accompanied by Miss Ninah McDONALD and eight De Leon young people who will contest for honors at the State Interscholastic Meet left for Austin on Wednesday morning. The party made the trip overland in cars and will sop at Southwestern University, Georgetown, to try out in track on the field where Supt. HARDT received his athletic training.

The Free Press hopes to have favorable report of the exploits of these young people on track, court, and platform, for our readers in the next issue of the paper.

Strayed Pony Mare

Strayed from my place in De Leon, black pony mare, shod all around, weight about 850. Raised north of Lowell. Will pay reward for information. Ė Mose STRICKLAND, De Leon, Texas

De Leon Boy Gets Job As Telegrapher

Hubert KENNEDY, De Leon reared young man, of late a student of operator-manager Frank SLAUGHTER of the Western Union office here, has reached the point where Mr. SLAUGHTER felt he could be recommended to the Company for employment. KENNEDY immediately received his first assignment of work with the Cisco office, as operator-clerk. He will be associated with W.I. HOLLINGSWORTH there, Mr. HOLLINGSWORTH being manager at Cisco.

KENNEDY is only one of a number of pupils who have learned, or are learning, under the instructions of Mr. SLAUGHTER. He shows marked aptitude for the work and "picked up" the code and detail work quickly. Others of the class will doubtless follow into profitable employment soon.

Salter Returns from Sanitarium; Thanks Friends For Aid

W.L. SALTER returned last Thursday from Waco where he had been the past five weeks in Colgin & Colgin Sanitarium. While there he underwent a major operation and was in serious condition. During the time he was forced to remain inactive, Mr. SALTERís friends made a substantial donation to assist him in defraying his expenses while in the sanitarium, and he called at the Free Press office early in the week to ask the paper to express for him his sincerest thanks for the aid thus rendered, giving his assurance that it was duly appreciated.

Mr. SALTER is again at home here and is gradually improving and expects to be able to resume his position with the Katy about the first of June.

Miscellaneous Local News

Little Billie Faye LONDON had both tonsils and adenoids removed at Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, on Monday of this week. Her parents and Dr. PLEMMON accompanied her. She is now recovering nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. HAMMOND carried their little 6 year old daughter, Emma Jane, to Gorman Sanitarium for an operation for adenoids and the removal of tonsils on Monday this week. The little one is now at home and recovering nicely.

Concord News

Mr. and Mrs. John KEE from Fort Worth visited their brother, R.A. KEE and family last week-end. They made the trip in a Dodge coupe.

A large crowd attended the party at Mrs. A.J. MOHONís last Saturday night.

We have coming soon a set of "The Book of Knowledge" for our school. They came a bit late, but it is better late than never. These books will be very helpful to the people of the community as well as pupils of the school.

Desdemona News

Miss Thelma BAILEY has been elected by the Desdemona Chamber of Commerce to act as sponsor for Desdemona at the annual convention of the West Texas Chamber of Commerce at Brownwood.

Miss Mary ROBERTS and Miss Everetta LOVE of Desdemona High School, won the debaterís loving cup at the District Meet, which was held at Stephenville last Friday and Saturday. We are indeed proud of these girl debaters.

Mrs. SELTON of New York City is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Elmer SIMPSON who resides in this city.

Mr. F.A. HOWELL of Fort Worth was a business visitor here last Monday.

Miss Marie WILSON of Dallas visited her parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. WILSON and son Taft, on Easter Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. COOK left last Thursday for Colorado where they expect to make their home. We regret very much to lose these good citizens.

Mr. A.C. SCHUMAN of this city left for Temple last Tuesday morning to visit his father who is very ill.

Mrs. Frank BALLARD has been very ill the last week.

Round Grove

Ernest RIPPETOE and family, Mrs. Emmitt RIPPETOE, Rome SMITH, and Red KEITH, attended the big barbecue and all-day singing at Union Grove last Sunday.

Mrs. Jim RIPPETOE, and two children, Huge and Laddie, have the measles.

Homer ANDERS, who is working for Howell ROSS, was kicked in the face by a mule last week. He was carried to a physician and several stitches were taken. He is doing nicely at present.

Mrs. Floy TOMLINSON of Roby came last Friday to help nurse her mother and brothers, who have the measles.

Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE, who has been right sick for some time, is greatly improved.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. GILDER have returned from a visit to their daughter, Mrs. Albert GEORGE of Fisher County.

Comyn News

Mrs. Vera GOODWIN of Gorman spent the week end with sister Miss Estelle GOODWIN.

J.T. FARROW and family spent Sunday in Cisco with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. PAINTER, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. PAINTER and Misses Pauline and Cressie BARNES motored to Gorman and Desdemona Sunday afternoon.

Trinity News

Mrs. Ola HALBROOKS visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BINGHAM at Beattie Friday and Saturday.

Miss Lena JENKINS, who has been ill, is reported recovering nicely and will return home Monday.

George HALBROOKS left last Monday for west Texas to spend the summer for the benefit of his health.

Etta, May and Jeff HALBROOKS spent Saturday night with their grandfather, near Beattie.


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