De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 23, 1924

Miss Lura Evelyn Ballew Named By Committee To Be Our "Duchess De Leon"

Committee from the YMBL had much difficulty determining who should be Duchess De Leon. The Free Press does not know what power it is, whether soil or climate, whether enticing Springs, short, mild winters, or if the goddess of beauty is hovering near. But whatever is responsible, it is a fact that De Leon is the homeland of scores of as beautiful girls as ever felt the soothing kiss of Texas sunlight and Spring zephyrs. Just imagine yourself, gentle reader, placed in a position where you must CHOOSE ONE from the bevy of beauty available.

A determining factor in her selection, perhaps, was the fact that Miss BALLEW recently won honors for De Leon High School by winning first in Senior Girl’s Declamation over contenders from nine counties. The honor she brought the school is reflected to the town and community. It is right that she should in turn be honored. Then, too, Miss BALLEW has beauty, youth and an exhilarating enthusiasm good to behold. Although just reaching the estate of young womanhood, she is by no means a stranger to things social, and will reflect credit upon the community thus honoring her.

Miss BALLEW will have Maids, whom she herself will select. The part in the "Pageant of the Towns" De Leon will play will give opportunity to feature these, our contribution to the multitude of pretty girls to be assembled at Brownwood.

At the Mass Meeting held Monday night for the purpose of laying plans and working out details, an enthusiastic attendance was held. A committee was named –

For planning the exact nature of stunt and working out its details. This building, or Parade Committee is composed of N.T. HASKINS, J.B. ALLCORN, W.H. WILLIAMS, C.M. ADAMS, and T.N. JOHNSON.

Finance committee is J.J. HORN, HIRAM SMITH and J.L. FUNDERBURGH.

Attendance committee is T.S. HOLDEN, E.W. OWEN, Evan BARKER, Hiram SMITH.

Publicity committee is W.E. LOWE, C.C. HAMPTON, R.L. SCOTT.

Freak or burlesque stunt committee is J.J. HORN, D. HENSON, R.L. SCOTT.

Article of Agreement

We, the undersigned, agree to close our places of business all day to cooperate with the movement, and if possible, attend the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce Meeting on Wednesday, May 14th, 1924:



The Dependable Store


De Leon Peanut Co.

REID Auto Supply Co.

De Leon Gas Co.

Oil Cities Electric Co.

Free Press




Home Grocery

The Guaranty State Bank







Joe FARMER Laundry


TERRILL Grocery Co.

ELKINS Sheet Metal Works





De Leon Variety Store



C.G. FOUST Lumber Co.

W.E. HOWELL Grocery




City Grocery Store

City Barber Shop


C.H. LESTER, Owl Confectionery

F. & M. National Bank

Keystone Drilling Co.



Miscellaneous Local News

Dr. PLEMMONS has moved his office from old location to the suite of rooms just across the hall, west, where attractive reception and consultation rooms have been fitted up. The doctor is much better situated.

Mrs. Willis CLARK, Formerly Miss Gussie Mae HOWELL, was here for a visit with home folks during the present week.

Mrs. J.O. HAM was guest of her sisters, Misses Virginia and Mary Louise LOWE, at Cleburne over Easter Sunday.

Mrs. W.T. JETTON went to Cisco Wednesday to make the acquaintance of a new niece, a four-day-old baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. L.D. PARKS have recently moved to Rising Star where he has charge of the gas business furnishing that city. They will probably return here some time later.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN and children have moved to Desdemona where Mr. McCLELLAN has accepted a position as mechanic in a garage.

Charles WILLIAMS, son of Mrs. J.H. PRINCE, Sr., will return to Fort Sam Houston the latter part of the week to resume his duties at the army post, his present term of enlistment lacking six months of expiration. Mr. WILLIAMS will not re-enlist.

Death Calls J.W. Park Sunday, 13th

On last Sunday morning, April 13, at 5 o’clock, the death angel knocked at the door and claimed Mr. Will PARK, prominent farmer and citizen of the Oliver Springs community, as his victim. Skilled physicians and tender watchers did all possible to stay the hand of death, but no one could prevent the coming of the death angel, who broke the slender thread of life, and the soul was freed from its house of clay and winged its way "to the home not made with hands".

The health of Mr. PARK had been failing for a number of years, when five weeks ago, he became unable to be up longer. He gradually grew worse until the last hour was ushered in.

Mr. PARK was born Sept. 15, 1867, in La Fayette county, Miss., came to Texas December 11, 1905, settled in Oliver Springs community where he resided until his death. He is survived by his wife and eight children. All were at his bedside when death came.

Three girls and two boys are married. One girl and two boys are at home, with the mother and will cheer her in her lonely hours. Besides the family, he leaves a sister, two brothers and six grandchildren to mourn his death. He has been a devout Christian for seven years, having been converted, and united with the Missionary Baptist church in 1917. He was a good citizen and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. The entire community will feel a keen loss in his going, and the bereaved family have the sympathy of all in their hour of grief and sorrow. The remains were laid to rest in the Oliver Springs cemetery Monday evening in the presence of a large number of sorrowing friends. Funeral services were conducted by his pastor, G.A. HENDERSON, assisted by Rev. HAMOR.

Will Heflin Is Dead After A Lingering Illness

The community was made sad on last Sunday morning when the announcement was made that Will T. HEFLIN had passed from earthly life. The end came at 11:20 o’clock Sunday morning, thus ending a long period of intense suffering which began early in the year when he suffered a severe attack of pneumonia, and other maladies followed. It has been known for some time past that he had small chance for final recovery.

Mr. HEFLIN has been a resident of the De Leon section for many years and his place as a good citizen and man of high moral character was well established. He has ever been regarded as a man who could be relied upon to do that which his conviction indicated as right. His church relation was with the Church of Christ, and here, too, he was faithful and true to the ideals of Christian service.

Will T. HEFLIN was born April 21st, 1879, making his span of life just one day short of forty-five years. Death cut short his earthly life just as he should be reaching the high point of his usefulness and power. He died at 11:20 o’clock Sunday morning after the best medical attention and the most tender care of loved ones had failed to nurse his failing body back to health and strength. Funeral service was held at the family residence six miles west of De Leon on Monday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, and burial was at De Leon cemetery at 3:30 following. Deepest sympathy is felt for the wife and children who are thus bereaved.

South Ward Honor Roll

First Grade – Susan SCHMIDT, Jim NANCE, Roy LIGHTFOOT, Robbye Jean MILLER, Fannie Belle KEMP, Iris WALTRIP, Joe MILORS

High Second – Nell NABORS, Marjorie MORRIS, Doris WHITE, Buel SNEAD, Billie SNEAD, Juanita UPSHAW

Low Third Grade – Sarah Margaret JETTON, Thomas HOLDEN, Jr., Halwyn JOHNSTON, Wallace MELVER, Thomas S. UNDERWOOD


High Fourth – Evelyn KINCHEN, Grace B. SMITH

Low Fifth – Ruth HOWE, Pete NANCE

Low Sixth – Opal IRVIN

High Sixth – W.H. JETTON, Dan STEAKLEY, Billie WILLIAMS, Dorothy WILSON

Seventh Grade – Addie Gayle MIXON, Kenneth FINKELSTINE, Ray HARVEY, John Carl HASKINS

Round Grove

Ed RIPPETOE, who went to Fort Worth some time back to take treatment for a cancer on his face, we are glad to report, is doing fine. The place is now healed up and he has suffered very little from the treatment.

Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE is on the sick list at present.

The Armstrong school which was taught by Carl BRUMBELOW closed last Friday.

The young folks enjoyed a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt RIPPETOE Saturday night.

Duster News

Bro SHULTZ and wife came in Saturday evening from Comanche. He preached here Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night.

Mrs. JONES is very sick at this writing. We think she will be better in a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. LITTLE visited their daughter, Mrs. FOOTE, Sunday evening.

Misses Dorothy McPHAIL and Loman COAN, also Grady COAN was home Saturday and Sunday.

Call to Confederate Soldiers

On my own personal responsibility as the son of a Confederate soldier, I want the name of every man who served in the Confederate army whose record is clear and who received an honorable discharge, whether he enlisted as a volunteer or was paroled or relieved of further service by the cessation of hostilities. This is limited to residents of Comanche county.

I want to make out a roll as complete as possible of all Confederate soldiers in the county, for historical reference, and to deposit the same somewhere where it can be easily referred to.

I am also requested by members of John Pelham Camp, which has been dormant now for a year or two, to request that all Confederate soldiers now living in Comanche county enroll their names as members of said camp. There will be a meeting held in the courthouse in Comanche on Sunday, April 27, 1924, for the purpose of reorganizing the camp and selecting one or more delegates to the Confederate Reunion in Memphis, Tenn., beginning June 4. It is the local camps that constitute the basis of the reunion, and if they die out, the annual reunion dies with them. The small contribution of ten cents per member for each year as dues is essential to pay the incidental expenses of maintaining the national organization.

Those reporting to me will please give a statement of their service, command, when enrolled and when discharged, with such other information as may be considered of interest. All these will be filed away as a record. L.R. RUSSELL, Comanche, Texas

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