De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 11, 1924

Recent Births

Born to Mr. and Mrs. –

Frank DONAHOO, city, Wednesday, April 2nd, a boy.

Finis SIDES, Rt. 5, Sunday the 6th, 9-pound boy.

W.C. CLEMENTS, Rt. 3, Friday the 4th, a boy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Tom BOSWELL, on Monday morning, April 7th, twin boys. Mother and husky youngsters doing nicely.

Saw Her Two Grandmothers Dead Same Day

A strange and most unusual co-incidence was witnessed on Wednesday this week, an experience that comes to but few people in life. Miss Avalon NABORS, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vess NABORS, saw both her grandmothers lying in death in one and the same day.

Mrs. J.T. NABORS died on Tuesday and was buried Wednesday afternoon. While waiting for the hour of the funeral for Mrs. NABORS a message came telling of the critical illness of Mrs. James TERRY. Mrs. Vess NABORS and her daughter, Miss Avalon, left Cisco immediately and arrived here to find Mrs. TERRY dying. The end came at 6:15p.m.

Thus within a short space of six hours Miss Avalon saw both grandmothers in the embrace of death.


The angel of death came into the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.B. POWELL at Cisco and removed the spirit of the mother, Mrs. Della NABORS, from the realm of earthly life, unto life eternal! The end came at 12:30 o’clock p.m., Tuesday, April 8th, 1924, while loved ones watched beside her bed, not realizing the end was near. Intense suffering preceded her going away, but she had been sick, desperately, often before and they who watched expected that she would revive. Conscious until ten minutes before she went away, talking to her daughters, she predicted an early end of suffering and begged them not to leave her bedside. With strength remaining, she turned her body without assistance, and immediately thereafter – the end!

Just seven weeks before, to a day her faithful husband with whom she had walked down the long journey of life, passed to his eternal reward, that was on February 19th. "Uncle Tom and Aunt Della" – How those names remain inseparably linked together in the mind of the writer and not only of the writer, but the hundreds who knew and loved them! Grief for her departed mate hurried the end, since for more than half a century they had dwelt together in loving unity, reared a family of twelve, and they two had gone together to the silent city of the dead and there parted in sorrow with six of these, their offspring, four of whom they had reared to manhood and womanhood. Aunt Della was only fourteen years of age when she was married, and her intense grief is not a matter to be wondered at.

Born on May 31st, 1855, she would have been 69 years of age had she lived to this coming May. The place of her birth was near Alexander City, Ala. She was married in 1870 and continued to live there until the year 1892 when she came with her husband and their small children to De Leon. Residing there for a period of seventeen years, they again removed, making their home at Cisco since 1909.

The six surviving children are A.S. NABORS, Cisco; Mrs. E. FORD, Cisco; Mrs. H. DOSSETT, Dallas; Mrs. C.B. POWELL, Cisco; Mrs. J.M. HOCKS, Abilene, and Mrs. Elmer JOBE, Cisco. Besides these there are twenty-seven grand children and fifteen great grand children left to mourn the loss of a loving grandmother.

The greater portion of the life of this good woman had been spent as a consecrated Christian. She surrendered her life early to the guidance of the Great Master Teacher, and as the years came and went she learned of His ways and walked in His paths. Her faith in the one true God never wavered, her heart of love grew purer, her devotion to her ideals more steadfast. Her love for her church and her faithfulness in attending its services was matched by the religious zeal and earnestness of her husband, and together they exerted an influence for good that has often been the subject of most favorable comment. Their membership when death came was with the Cisco Christian church.

Death always brings its toil of sadness and the passing away of "Mother" severs ties so closely knit into human emotions that hearts are torn to a point almost beyond endurance. But it is a sweet thought that since she did not wish to go on living after the departing of her made, that their lives could be terminated so closely together, and transplanted together in the Eternal City of God!

Funeral and burial was at Cisco Wednesday afternoon, Rev. HOLMES of the First Christian church in charge with a very large concourse of relatives and friends attending.


The community was made sad on Wednesday evening when it became known that Mrs. Florence TERRY, wife of the late James TERRY, had passed away. While evening’s shadows gathered and the end of day was drawing near, her mortal spirit took its flight unto the infinite! Loved ones stood by and watched the sure approach of the end, and administered as they could to her in her last hours.

Mrs. TERRY has known much of suffering in late years. She has not been in normal health for the past four or five years, having been partially paralyzed, and too, she had reached a ripe old age.

Born in Tennessee on November 1, 1848, she moved with her parents to Kansas when still a child. Here she grew to womanhood, and in 1868 was married to James TERRY. Just forty-nine years ago they came to Comanche county and settled the TERRY homestead, two miles south of town, where she continued to live until a few years ago when she moved into De Leon. In the early days of their residence she became a member of the New Hope Methodist church, doubtless a charter member, and assisted in its founding. She was acquainted with hardships in early years, and developed a character that stood the test of three quarters of a century, and she reached the end of her days crowned with honor, having accomplished the highest ideals, and gave to the world sons and daughters who have taken their places as worthy citizens.

Mrs. TERRY was mother of eleven children and had the good fortune to rear all to maturity save one, Robert, the youngest of the eleven, who died in 1906 when he had reached the age of sixteen. Ten children survive and of these, eight were present when death came. Willie and Pick TERRY live at Chandler, Ariz., and Alhambra, California, respectively, and were not present.

Funeral service was held at the Methodist church Thursday afternoon with Rev. J.W. COWAN in charge, and interment was at De Leon cemetery beside the remains of her husband, who was buried there Nov. 1, 1910. Sympathy is extended those whose hearts are made sad by her passing.


The Free Press is called upon to make the sad announcement of the death of James A. OTWELL, long time resident of the De Leon section, who passed from the earthly stage of action, Saturday, April 5th, 1924, and his mortal remains were laid to rest in De Leon cemetery Sunday afternoon, April 6th, at 3:00 o’clock. Present at that hour was a very large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends who followed his bier to its last resting place and there paid him with whom they had lived and labored these many years, their last respects.

James A. OTWELL was born on July 31st 1850, and was therefore nearing his 74th milestone when overtaken by the final summons. He was married on July 19, 1874, to Miss Luouinsey E. McCRACKEN and their union was blessed with twelve children. Eleven of these survive and were with him during his last illness.

Mr. OTWELL was a native of the State of Georgia but moved to Arkansas when he reached maturity, where he remained for seven years, coming to De Leon thirty-two years ago. His honorable and upright life during these years has been a high example of the best of citizenship and the high principles by which his life was actuated will live on and on in the lives of upright and honorable sons and daughters who live after him.

Deceased had been a consistent Christian and a member of the Methodist church for the past forty-six years. Funeral services were held at De Leon Cemetery Sunday at three o’clock p.m., being in charge of his pastor, Rev. J.F. CLARK assisted by Revs. HAMOR and NABORS, and his remains deposited in the "Silent City of the Dead" to await the resurrection.

Peace be to his weary body, and an abundant entrance into Life Everlasting.

Facts On Life of Mrs. Nunnelley

While hurriedly compiling the facts regarding the life of Mrs. W.H. NUNNELLEY last week some errors were made in our write-up.

Mrs. NUNNELLEY was born April 1, 1850, not 1852 as stated, and came to Texas to a point on the Brazos river that is now in Johnson county, in 1867. She was married in September 1868 to W.H. NUNNELLEY, their post office and seat of local government then being Kimball, Bosque county. They came here in September, 1872, and the last Indian raids occurred in Comanche county the following November.

Mrs. NUNNELLEY joined Copperas Creek Baptist church soon after coming to the county, and later moved her membership to the Harmony Baptist church, where it remained to her death. Her remains now lie beside those of her husband in Zion Hill Cemetery.


Miss La Verne MOHON, daughter of George MOHON, and Mr. Vernon F. DOSS of Brownwood were united in marriage at the Baptist parsonage Sunday morn April 6th. The wedding was a complete surprise to everyone, the young couple themselves not having contemplated marriage until after school was out in May. Mr. DOSS came up Saturday and the wedding was arranged and Miss MOHON, now Mrs. DOSS, will continue teaching until her school is out, then join her husband at Brownwood to make their home.

The wedding ceremony was said by Rev. W.T. HAMOR, at the parsonage at 9 o’clock Sunday, in the presence of Mrs. HAMOR and Miss Iris MOHON, sister of the bride. After the ceremony the happy young couple drove to Brownwood and visited briefly with his people, returning here where they remained until Wednesday. Mr. DOSS is now at Brownwood where he recently graduated at the close of the mid-term at Howard Payne College.

The Free Press takes pleasure in extending to Mr. and Mrs. DOSS very best wishes as they start out on the eventful journey.


Merchants Sign Agreement to Close Stores at 6:30

Drygoods and some other stores have long since established the custom of closing their doors at 6:00 o’clock p.m. but in recent months grocery stores have not had a set hour for closing. This week an agreement was entered into between the various grocery stores, and signed, to the effect that all grocery stores on the following list will hereafter close at 6:30 o’clock.

The agreement, together with its signers, follows:

We, the undersigned merchants of De Leon hereby mutually agree to close our respective places of business at 6:30, six-thirty each day except Saturday and Second Mondays until September 1st, 1924.




City Grocery Store



HIGGINBOTHAM Bros. & Co., Grocery Department

The Home Grocery

TERRILL Grocery Co.

School Trustees Are Elected in Saturday Balloting

Four trustees were elected Saturday to serve the De Leon Independent school district for the ensuing term of two years. There were only four names nominated and placed on the ticket, their name and the total vote received being as follows:

Jeff SMITH 158


J.D. NARRY 153


A total of 160 votes were cast.

The other three members of De Leon School Board, whose terms expire in April, 1925, are John NABORS, President, A.H. RUCKER, secretary, and J.W. HOWARD.


Montgomery-Butler New Stage Line to Start Business

W.A. MONTGOMERY and Woodie BUTLER have just purchased two brand new Studebaker Big "6" 7-passenger cars, and will in a few days start their stage line from De Leon to Cross Plains. The route selected will include Gorman, Carbon, Eastland, Cisco, Rising Star, Pioneer, and Cross Plains and return. Cars will leave De Leon early in the morning and early in the afternoon, each making the round trip to Cross Plains, over the route above indicated.

Messrs. MONTGOMERY & BUTLER will institute an advertising campaign throughout this section of the state and will observe schedules of other stage lines, and railroads, insofar as practicable. They request the consideration of the traveling public. Rates will be in line with similar service all over the state.


Just for the convenience of all parties concerned, Rev. J.W. COWAN changed his birthday from April 1st – April Fool Day – to Tuesday, April 8, at which time the pastor’s wife made a banquet in his honor, inviting the members of the board of Stewards of the church, and two outside guests. A business meeting of the board was held at the church, after which the body adjourned to the pastor’s home where place cards assisted the various members of the party to "get located."

And such a feast! There was turkey and stuffing ‘neverything – nothing was forgotten by the busy pastor’s wife, and things she might have forgotten were thought of by Mrs. May WHALEY, Mrs. CLEVELAND, Miss Alma COWAN and Mrs. FINKELSTINE who assisted her in preparing and serving. It was just such a feast that mere man alone knows how to appreciate.

Pastor COWAN, of course, acted as toastmaster, and each of the sixteen men present – and ladies as well – toasted (some roasted) the pastor. Inasmuch as the date had been changed to April 1st, jokes predominated. The body presented several nice gifts to the pastor and wife.


Will Organize Jim Ferguson Club Saturday

T.I. FITZGERALD requested the Free Press to announce the fact that a meeting will be held at De Leon City Hall Saturday afternoon for the purpose of organizing a "Ferguson Club".

An invitation is extended everyone who may desire to attend or become a member of the movement which has for its aim the election of Jas. E. FERGUSON to the governorship of Texas.

Recovering from Operation

Mrs. Walter FLEMING is recovering from a recent serious operation at Gorman sanitarium and will soon be home again.

Desdemona News

Mrs. Elmer SIMPSON went to Rising Star Monday to visit her grand-parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley POWERS of Meador visited Dan POWERS and family a few days last week.

Walter TERRY, S.C. HERRING and W.C. BEDFORD made a business trip to Stephenville last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. O.O. CHESTER arrived several days ago from Mansfield, Texas, and will make Desdemona their home. Mr. CHESTER is employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Company. We welcome you to our city, Mr. CHESTER.

Attorney W.S. BIRGE and S.W. SMITH of this city attended court at Stephenville last Thursday.

Comyn News

The Library Club met with Mrs. Eugene HOLMES last Saturday afternoon. Refreshments of grape juice, peaches and cream and cake were served to Mesdames: Jesse BARNES, Frank BARNES, R.A. NEEDLES, Troy CULWELL, Joe HUGHES, Pearl FLOYD, Bud CARAWAY, C.M. CARAWAY and G.R. GOOSBY. The club then adjourned to meet with Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY on Saturday afternoon, April 19.

Mrs. Conway THOMPSON, assisted by Miss Naomi BARNES and Mrs. C.E. FLOYD entertained the little folks with a birthday party last Saturday afternoon in honor of her little seven year old daughter, Odell. Quite a host of little tots came with their gifts and good wishes. After an hour or so of real fun, refreshments of cake, lemonade, cookies, candy and fruit were served to Lucille and Essie Lee WHITFIELD, Ruth and Louise GOOSBY, Christine and Paul PAINTER, Crystal and Beatrice BARNES, Estelle, Beatrice and Sybel DICKEY, Naomi CARAWAY, Girtie Kiker STRONG, Mabel, Edward and Elaine FLOYD, Odell and Faustine THOMPSON.

Four trustees were elected here last Saturday. C.S. DRY, H.A. WA?SON, W.H. COFFEY and C.M. CARAWAY.

Mrs. Ed THOMAS, who had just returned from a sanitarium in Fort Worth a few days ago had to go to the Gorman sanitarium Wednesday, where she underwent an operation.

Mrs. I.A.M. THOMAS of Gorman is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Conway THOMPSON.

Suez Items

Mrs. Etta MULL has been very sick for the past two weeks, but is slowly improving.

Little Lloyd REID has been very sick with tonsillitis the last week.

On last Sunday afternoon Mr. Mart STEVENS and Miss Hazel JOHNSON motored to Comanche where they were united in marriage. Their many friends wish them a long and happy life together.

Mrs. ELMS and children visited her mother, Mrs. STEPHENS on Saturday night and Sunday.

School is very small on account of so many having to quit school and go to work in the field.

Trinity News

A burglar visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. V.D. NOWLIN Saturday night, but he was discovered and frighted [sic] away before he got anything.

Misses Etta and Maye and Jeff HALBROOKS, Eleanor CROWNOVER, Geo. KEITH, Floyd HORTON and Bob SCOTT visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.S. PARKER Sunday.

Mr. Jim HATTOX had dinner with Bill HALBROOKS Wednesday.

Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. U.B. HODGES are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Sunday, April 6.

Miss Emily and Ray HUDDLESTON went to Rising Star Saturday night visiting their sister, Mrs. J.A. PLUMLEIGH.

Mr. and Mrs. RICHBURG and family visited Charlie STACEY Sunday.

Rock Bluff

Allen ALMOND and family and Homer ROSS and family of Sipe Springs called at the home of J. Matt ROSS Sunday night.

B.T. SIMMONS and family visited their niece Miss Myrtle GREGORY of Harmony Sunday.

Jim HARRIS and wife took dinner Sunday with J.C. HOOKER and wife.

Mr. COOPER has purchased him a new Ford.

Poodle LESTER and Ralph LORENT of the city accompanied by Misses Rema EZZELL, Bessie NOWLIN and Ruby HARVIS were among those attending the box supper at New Hope Friday night.

The singing at Lon WINKLES was enjoyed by a large crowd Sunday night. Visitors come back. We are always glad to have you with us.

Concord News

Several of the girls went kodaking last Saturday afternoon. They came back safe and sound, but tired after their pleasant little trip.

A large crowd was present at E.S. STEWART’s Sunday night for a real singing. They had some good singing and a good time.

Miss Jerry FITZGERALD of De Leon spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAY.

Mr. and Mrs. D. DILLON and Mrs. S.J. BRUMBELOW went to Comanche Tuesday after some Barred Rock Chicks. Mr. and Mrs. DILLON have taken several prizes with their chickens. They have some real show chickens.

Local and Personal

Mrs. Wesley LONDON and little daughter, Billie Fae, were visiting briefly in Waco the first of the week.

A.J. BETTIS has been away the past week or ten days visiting his old home at Nashville, Tenn. Mrs. BETTIS is visiting her daughter at Dublin in the meantime.

Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and little daughter returned last week to their home at Hico after visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Doss MILLER, and also her sister, Mrs. J.B. POOL at Sipe Springs.

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