De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 4, 1924

Pioneer Woman Passed to Her Eternal Reward

Mrs. W.H. NUNNELLEY, one of the best known women perhaps in Comanche county, and a true old pioneer came to the end of the journey of life shortly after noon on Wednesday, April 2nd, after an illness lasting over about three weeks. "Aunt Nancy", as she was known far and wide over the country, had been ill of paralysis, and still she was not sick, inasmuch as a merciful Providence spared her pain and suffering in her last days on earth. Her going away was apparently painless and peaceful, as one falls asleep.

Mrs. NUNNELLEY lived and wrought in Texas in a day when one must needs work to maintain life and produce its pleasures. In the early days she was acquainted with the hardships common to frontiersmen, indeed the last forays of Indians were made in Comanche county somewhere near the time she came here and settled, and there was danger to life, added to the other common hardships. But in time settlers came, and as the years came and went, her efforts, together with those of her husband, built up for them an estate which placed them among the larger property holders in the county. The large estate will pass into the hands of the two surviving sons, W.A. and Johnnie NUNNELLEY. Three children of their union are dead.

Mrs. NUNNELLEY, [it] is believed, was one of the charter members of the Zion Hill Baptist church. She was a Baptist of many years experience, and her pious and earnest Christian life is a benediction to those who live after her. Her husband, Uncle Bill NUNNELLEY as everybody knew him, did much in his day to establish the country about him, and was gathered to his reward in the year 1906. Mrs. NUNNELLEY is a sister of C.R. CARRUTH and Mrs. Marcelaus BARKER, both of whom were in attendance at her bedside during her last illness.

Born in Georgia on April 1, 1852, Mrs. NUNNELLEY went with her parents to Alabama in childhood, left Alabama in 1867, when she was 15, coming to Texas, where her parents settled on the Brazos. They moved again in 1873, coming here, where she was married soon after. She has lived for the past fifty-two years on the old homestead where she died.

Funeral service was at the family home at 2 o’clock Thursday, with Rev. G.R. ROSS, an old pioneer friend of the family in charge, and the burial was at Zion Hill cemetery, the family burying ground.

Members of Bar Pay Last Respects to Dead Colleague

District Judge OXFORD of Stephenville, District Judge McCLELLAN of Gatesville, District Attorney EIDSON of Hamilton, County Judge REESE of Comanche, County Attorney SANDERFORD of Comanche, District Clerk REESE of Comanche, Attorneys CHANDLER & PANNELL and Alex JOHNSON of Stephenville, SMITH and KE—BY of Comanche, PARKER, PITTS and SPARKS of Gorman, all officials in county and district offices and members of the bar, were in De Leon to pay their last respects to their fallen friend and colleague, A.E. HAMPTON, whose funeral and burial occurred Wednesday.

De Leon Athlete High Point Man in County Meet

Besides winning a large per cent of all available honors in the County Interscholastic Meet held here last Friday and Saturday, a De Leon athlete has pulled down "the highest available" honor by winning High Point Man. The honor went to Ronald MYERS, senior, and football star. MYERS topped the list with 16 points, passing his nearest competitor DINGWELL, of Comanche, who scored 15 ¼ points, and WILKERSON, of Comanche, who scored 15 points. The winning was made by a close score, but was decisive………

J.H. Buchan Is Dangerously Ill At Sanitarium

J.H. BUCHAN was taken to Gorman sanitarium this week suffering from Bright’s disease and what was feared is leakage of the heart. He is in a critical condition and his friends and family are apprehensive of the outcome.

Recovering from Pneumonia

Will HEFLIN, residing several miles west of town, is recovering from a severe attack of pneumonia, in which he all but lost his life. His friends will be glad to hear of his recovery.


The Free Press has just heard of the marriage of Mr. Grover M. HUTCHINS to Miss Jessie LANGSTON. Mr. HUTCHINS is foreman of the Pipe Line for the De Leon Refinery and is located at Pioneer. Miss LANGSTON is a Comanche county girl, formerly living at Sidney. The wedding occurred at Sipe Springs on March 28th. Young HUTCHINS played baseball with Sipe Springs here last summer.

Hollingsworth is W.U.T. Manager at Cisco Now

W.I. HOLLINGSWORTH and wife have gone to Cisco where he is made manager of the Western Union Telegraph office. Mr. HOLLINGSWORTH was formerly here, where he met and married Miss Mima NABORS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John NABORS. The Cisco job is an exceptionally good one. Congratulations.


Miss Gladys McCURDY and Mr. Bennett GRIFFITH stole a march on their many friends Sunday morning when they were quietly married.

The wedding ceremony was said at 10 o’clock at the home of Rev. L.G. BAKER, Rev. BAKER saying the magic words uniting them.

Mrs. BAKER and Mr. and Mrs. FLETCHER were the only witnesses.

The bride was lovely in a gown of reindeer canton crepe and gold lace with accessories to match. Miss McCURDY is a charming young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. McCURDY of this city. To know her is to love her. Mr. GRIFFITH is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd GRIFFITH of Bowman. He has many friends. It is understood the young couple will make De Leon their home, Mr. GRIFFITH being employed in a barber shop here.

Congratulations and best wishes to these young people as they journey through life together. – Contributed.

A Farewell Party

A farewell party was given Deward JONES, in his home, Thursday night, March 27.

All kinds of enticing games were played, while some danced.

The following young people were present: Miss Helen HAMRICK and Lillian WARREN of Gorman; Miss GAMBLE from Hico; Mr. Cecil IRVIN of Stamford; Clifford ANDRES from Dublin; Alline GUEST, Johnnie and Bonnie Bell COONER, Georgie and Helen BOWEN, Janice KEE, Laverna MILLER; Mickey VANZANDT, Lillian HANSFORD, Enita SNEAD, Rowena and Bernice FARMER, Josephine EDDLEMAN, Eula MELVER; Lane MORELAND, A.C. COSBY, Sherrod STOVER, Hub WEAVER, Doyle LOCK, Hubert KENNEDY, Moody KING, Johnnie WALKER, Shine HAWKINS, Everett HANSFORD, George ELLIS, R.V. and M.T. BLACK and Mr. and Mrs. Jeff ROSS.

They all declared before leaving, to their host and hostess (Lena and Deward JONES0, that they had a corking good time.

Miscellaneous Local News

Mrs. Odes COZBY and little daughter, Edna Earle, have returned home from Austin, where Edna Earle has undergone Pasteur treatment.

Misses Virginia and Mary Louise LOWE were home from Cleburne for the week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE.

Lost key to Yale lock No. 1067. Finder please return to Free Press or J.T. WALLER.

I have four fresh Jersey milk cows for sale at $25 each. J.C. WILLIAMS, De Leon, Route 3.

Want a blacksmith and horseshoer on commission. Apply to Ben FURNACE, De Leon, Texas.

Mrs. J.H. BLAIR and baby are here from Itasca, Texas, attending the bedside of her father, J.H. BUCHAN, who is critically ill.

Miss Alma COWAN was home from Desdemona for the week end with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. COWAN.

Mrs. Leona MILLER of Fort Worth was here last week, guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L.N. POWELL.

Roy Butler Is "Pulling Through"

After one of the most severe attacks of appendicitis with its attendant operation in which a ruptured appendix was discovered, Roy BUTLER is thought to be approaching the point where he may be considered out of danger. The fact that he joined with the physicians in making a determined fight for his life is thought largely responsible for his recovery. He was "just as game as his hide would hold" and refused to let his malady get the best of him.

Has Appendicitis Operation

Elmer TATE, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE, had an operation for the removal of his appendix at Blackwell Sanitarium last Thursday and is now reported as recovering nicely.

Duster News

We had two very severe sand storms the past week. One was accompanied by a rain storm.

Miss Emma Jo GRAHAM was with the home folks Friday.

Miss Ima Lee WATSON, from near Gorman, is visiting Miss Electra RICHBURG this week.

Miss Irene KIRK visited Lily HAMLIN Friday night.

Van WOODY, Felix EVENSHAW, and Hulen HAMLIN went fishing Saturday. The results were four small fish.

Mrs. Hester CROW left Monday to visit her mother in Oklahoma.

Lawrence HILL’s car spent Saturday night in a mud-hole.

Warner CAIN was one of the contestants at the track meet Saturday at De Leon, winning first, second or third in everything he tried.

Mr. Frank RHODES has put in a new radio at his home here.

Comyn Items

Mssrs. Charlie FLOYD, Troy CULWELL, Clint SPRUILL and George SOUTHAL have gone to Cisco to the West Texas Oil Belt Wolf Hunters Association to spend two days. Mr. FLOYD and Mr. CULWELL are members of the association.

Mrs. G.R. SWANNER is quite ill at this writing.

The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. WHITFIELD died Saturday and was buried at Roch Sunday afternoon. The entire community extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

Amos FLOYD and Autrey CARAWAY have the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. PAINTER took their little son, Paul, to Gorman Sanitarium Sunday to have an ulcerated eye ball treated. He is doing nicely now.

Iris EDMONDSON of Comanche was here Saturday night and Sunday visiting in the home of Mrs. Martha SPRUILL.

Miss Hazel VESTAL of De Leon spent the week end with Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY.

Sambo STRONG has the chicken pox.

Mrs. W.J. ALSTON and children have returned from Decatur, where Mrs. ALSTON visited her mother.

Mr. Otis HAM, Misses Julia HAVIS, and Leora LOWE went to Cleburne Friday. Miss Virgie LOWE, who is teaching in the Cleburne Public Schools, accompanied them home for a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Otis HAM.

Rock Bluff

Charlie MORROW and wife, accompanied by Mrs. T.D. GARDNER, visited Allen ALMOND and family of Sipe Springs Sunday.

Misses Hesper and Ardell JOINER are visiting Elmer JOINER and wife of near Gorman this week.

Henry FRANKS and family left Tuesday night for Sweetwater.

The singing at the home of Frank SKAGGS Sunday night was enjoyed by all present.

Trinity News

Miss Bonnie NOWLIN visited her mother, Mrs. FRANKS, last Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter HATTOX of Duster community visited his father, Jim HATTOX, Sunday.

Jim PARKER from Pioneer visited in the home of Henry WELCH Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle JENKINS from Spur visited his grandfather, Uncle Jim HATTOX, Friday night.

Miss Addie PILCHER was guest of Misses Etta and Maye HALBROOKS Saturday night.

Desdemona News

Mr. Charlie LINDLEY of Desdemona has just recovered from a serious attack of the measles.

The new $25,000 Primary school building of Desdemona has just been completed and is indeed a credit to this ever-progressing city.

One of the most unique events of last week was the crowning of Miss Audra LANE as queen of Desdemona. About 1,000 people were present and everyone enjoyed themselves to the utmost.

The Magnolia Petroleum Company has just completed its eighth natural gasoline plant in the Desdemona oil field. Desdemona now has a total of eighteen natural gasoline plants, with a total capacity of 120,000 gallons of natural gasoline daily. This total is sufficient to establish Desdemona as one of the leading centers of the entire country.

Jakehamon News

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GUTHERIE are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Mrs. Mary GREGORY was ill last week, but is reported as better at this writing.

This section of the country was the scene of a severe sandstorm last Saturday.

Miss Gladys HEAD spent the week end with friends of the Sipe Springs community.

Mr. and Mrs. G.J. KIMBROUGH, formerly of Breckenridge, have moved to Jakehamon.

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