De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 28, 1924

Contestants for Cotton and Peanut Prizes Urged to File Their Claims

Pres. C.C. HAMPTON of De Leon Fair Board has asked the Free Press to announce Saturday April 5th, 1924, as the final date on which statements may be filed for claims on the cotton and the "best 10 acres of cotton," and for the "best 20 acres of cotton," and for the best yield from 1- acres of peanuts.

Claimants for these prizes have been very slow in filing statements. It is definitely known that others than those listed below were avowed contestants for the prizes, but in order to win the prize, or be considered in the final count, the claimant must file his claim by April 5th. Claims must be filed with C.C. HAMPTON, president, or W.H. WILLIAMS, secretary of the Fair Board. Below is a list of those who have filed to date:

20 Acres Cotton

R.W. McPHAIL, pounds lint 4236, pounds seed cotton not given.

D.C. GEORGE, pounds lint 3370, pounds seed 90,135

J. Doss MILLER, pounds lint 1045, pounds seed 2610

10 Acres Cotton

R.J. GRISSOM, pounds lint 1045, pounds seed 2610

10 Acres Peanuts

Harry HUDDLESTON, 14,810 pounds

W.J. BOYD (number pounds not given)

The cash to pay off these prizes is deposited in the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, this city; and has been there since Fair date last fall.

The Prizes Offered

Best yield from 20 acres cotton $100 offered by S.A. DUKE

Best 10 acres cotton, $20.00, offered by Buell Lumber Co.

Best 10 acres peanuts, $100, offered by N.T. HASKINS

Wilson and Bogart Store Closed and Stock is Moved

Mr. J.D. WEAVER of Mart and Mr. J.W. LAMB of Waco came to De Leon early in the week and secured assistants and in a remarkably short time packed up the stock of goods in the Wilson & Bogart store preparatory to shipping. Mr. BOGART, the Free Press understands, has disposed of his interest in the stock to his partner, Mr. T.M. WILSON of Waco, and the firm will be dissolved.

Mr. and Mrs. BOGART left immediately for Belton to spend a week with his brother after which they will return here to remain indefinitely. They own their home in Heath addition.

Condition of A.E. Hampton Not Improving

The Free Press regrets to announce that the condition of Attorney A.E. HAMPTON is not improving, in fact he is believed to be gradually growing worse. Mr. HAMPTON suffered a stroke of apoplexy a few weeks ago and since then his condition has been regarded as very critical indeed. His misfortune is lamented by scores and hundreds of his friends throughout this section.

Mrs. Clark Bloyd Dead

The earthly life of Mrs. Clark BLOYD came to a close on Sunday, March 23 at 9 o’clock a.m. and her remains were laid to rest in De Leon cemetery at 2:30 o’clock Monday afternoon. Death followed an illness lasting over a period of two or three years and came as a blessed relief from much suffering and mental anguish.

Deceased was a faithful wife and mother and a devout follower of the Christ, having been a member of the Primitive Baptist church. She will be missed in the home and community where her presence was a constant source of help and comfort in days gone by. Eleven children, besides the husband, and other relatives and friends remain to mourn her passing. She was about forty-two years of age.

Funeral service was conducted by Rev. G.R. ROSS at De Leon cemetery, where burial took place. Sympathy is extended to those whose hearts are made sad by her passing.

North Ward Honor Roll Seventh Month

First Grade – Lamoyn WOODWARD, Ina SMITH

Second Grade – None

Third Grade – W.F. BLANTON, Alvin CORLIN, Mattie BLANTON, S.L. WALKER

Fourth Grade – None

Fifth Grade – Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, Geneva COLEY

Sixth Grade – Roger CHAMBERS

Seventh Grade – Bonnie Bell COONER, Hazel HUDDLESTON

Evangelist Shultz Preach Sunday at Church of Christ

Evangelist W.A. SHULTZ will preach for the Church of Christ next Lord’s Day at 11 o’clock. Services will be at the Primitive Baptist church. Everybody invited to attend. Bible study at the regular hour, 10 a.m.

Rabbit Drive at St. Joe Monday Was Big Success

W.R. SADBERRY phoned in from St. Joe on Monday night giving details of a big rabbit drive held in that community that day. Mr. SADBERRY said sixteen farmers of the community got together and formed a drive, killing the sum total of 116 of the pests.

A valuable feature of the kill was that a very large majority of the rabbits destroyed were jacks, these being most destructive to growing crops. Some estimate the jacks as high as 80 per cent of the kill.

Inasmuch as the drivers did not all get in the line of march until afternoon, the number killed fell a good deal short of what might otherwise have resulted from the effort.

Killed His Fine Bird Dog, Fearing Development of Rabies

Jack McGUIRE killed his fine female bird dog Saturday afternoon, the animal having developed symptoms of rabies. The little son of Mr. McGUIRE observed the dog acting queerly while the rest of the family was away. The dog was confined in the back yard and did not run at large. She broke off her teeth while biting the pailings while trying to escape from the yard. Mr. McGUIRE had refused $100 for the dog and had only a few days ago priced her at $165.00. He also killed a fine male dog that was acting queerly some weeks ago. His loss in the two animals is considerable.

New Hope News

H.M. JOHNSON and family attended church at Harmony Sunday.

Miss Eva MORRIS spent Tuesday with Miss Lillie CHOPP.

Mr. Dock SIDES, Rubble HAZZARD, made a special trip to Comanche Sundy afternoon.

Mr. Sollie WILKERSON and family called on Mr. and Mrs. SOLLIE of De Leon Sunday.

Rock Bluff

Hazzard FARLEY and wife spent Monday night with J.S. FARLEY and family of near De Leon.

Arthur MORROW accompanied by his mother, Mrs. S.E. MORROW and Mrs. C.L. MORROW, motored to Gorman Tuesday to see Elmer TATE of De Leon, who underwent an operation there sometime last week.

Rev. Frank and Willie SKAGGS took dinner Sunday at the home of Beauford SIMMONS.

Round Grove

Ed RIPPETOE, returned from Fort Worth last week, after several days’ visit with his daughter, Mrs. Bernice DAVIS, and other relatives and friends of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl TOMLINSON of Roby spent several days with Mrs. TOMLINSON’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim RIPPETOE the past week. They left for their home last Friday, just after a large rain here, expecting to have trouble getting over some road between here and there. A letter from them states that as they neared home the rain played out, and it was still dry there.

Dean GARDNER happened to a painful accident last Friday. He was pouring hot babbit in a boxing on a thresher and a part of it run off, hitting him in the eye.

Mrs. S.E. HAMMITT has been on the sick list for several weeks.

Kate GARDNER is visiting her sister Mrs. NIPP of Hamlin.

Comyn Items

At present we have had only two cases of measles in our community. Thelston STEELE has just recovered and Laurette STEELE is still very sick with it.

There was another rabbit drive in this community Monday. A number of the townsmen assisted the farmers in the drive and about 164 rabbits were killed. Dinner was served at Mrs. Audie FLOYD’s home.

Mr. Jim LEWALLEN returned from De Leon to work for Mr. CARAWAY the remainder of the year.

Miss Jessie Lee HAVIS, Autrey HAVIS, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed THOMAS went to Fort Worth shopping last Saturday. Mrs. THOMAS became ill while there and they fear she may have to be operated on for appendicitis.

The Library Club meets at Mrs. Eugene HOLMES Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Harry RUCKE and daughter, Hortense, from Dublin, spent the week with her sister, Mrs. Jesse BARNES.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam STRONG, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. PRESTON are at the bedside of Mr. Johnnie KIKER of Greens Creek.

Mr. and Mrs. P.J. WHITEFIELD are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Concord News

Mrs. Clark BLOYD was laid to rest at De Leon cemetery last Monday afternoon. Mrs. BLOYD had been ill for six months or more but gradually grew worse until all knew the end was near. Mrs. BLOYD leaves in her home a mourning husband and children. The community feels deepest grief that a character as Mrs. BLOYD should be carried away.

Joe FAIR and family from Jakehamon spent Sunday with Mrs. FAIR’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.M. YOUNG.

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