De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 29, 1924

To Wage Campaign for Funds to Equip City’s Tourist Park

At a meeting of the Shakespeare Club this week definite plans were outlined and committees appointed to solicit funds for the equipment of the tourist park which was recently donated to the Club by Messrs. DABNEY, AYERS and BAGWELL. The site, it will be remembered, is a block north of the railroad and just across the track from the Peanut Mill…..

Miss Nannie Perry Announces for Re-Election

The Free Press has been authorized by Miss Nannie PERRY to place her name before the voters of Comanche county as a candidate for re-election to the office of County Treasurer. Miss Perry is now serving her first term in that important office. She has striven to perform the duties of her office faithfully and impartially, and will continue to serve her constituents to the best of her ability if elected again.

The Free Press takes pleasure in commending Miss PERRY’s candidacy to the consideration of the voters.

Jurors Drawn for the March Term of District Court

Second Week

Tom BUTLER, Gustine; John HORN, De Leon; Lewis GREENWALDT, De Leon; E.W. SHORT, De Leon; O.W. SWAN, Comanche 5; D.W. LONG, Hasse; J.F. McCULLOUGH, Comanche; W.H. HURT, Sidney 2; John F. BOLTON, Gustine; Newman POUNDS, De Leon 3; Tom LOCKE, De Leon 4; Hiram SMITH, De Leon; Guy MORELAND, De Leon; John GRISHAM, De Leon; J.N. BOYD, Gustine; Ben NELSON, Gustine; R.L. McCORKLE, Duster 1; John SIDES, Blanket 3; W.J. PEOPLES, Gustine 1; Herman SELLARS, Sipe Springs; William STEAKLEY, Jr., De Leon; C.E. BILBREY, Gustine 1; Melvin SINGLETON, De Leon; Lewis CUNNINGHAM, Comanche; Hamp BRAGG, Blanket; J.H. WILLIFORD, Hasse; Albert JENNINGS, Lamkin; O.E. HARVEY, De Leon; Ed. ROGERS, Hasse; R.W. FIELDER, Sidney; Arch BOYD, Sidney; Tom MOORE, Comanche; Jack WALL, Proctor 2; N.A. HENSLEY, Energy; George JONES, Gustine; Willis WALLS, Gustine.

Third Week

Dave PINSON, Proctor; G.H. YORY, De Leon; Jack STEPHENS, Comanche; Dud HAGGARD, Proctor 2; W.H. BARBEE, Dublin 1; C.T. McDONALD, Gustine; G.B. LYNCH, Carlton 1; Max COUCH, Gustine; W.L. BLAIR, Duster; Mack MILLER, Energy; Dalt PARSONS, Sidney; W.R. WHITE, Carlton 1; B.C. CHAMBERS, De Leon; Jeff SMITH, De Leon; Neely BURTON, Comanche 5; E.E. CLAWSON, Gustine 2; Buster ODELL, Comanche; W.C. MALLONEE, De Leon; W.L. Dukes, Sipe Springs; C.C. STUDEVILLE, Gustine; W.F. GALLAWAY, Gustine; C.L. WHITE, Gap; Herman MAY, Blanket 3; W.J. STEELE, Sidney; Oss JONES, Sidney; Raymond LUKER, Proctor; Bill SINGLETON, De Leon 2; E.C. Estes, Gustine 2; M.D. CARMICHAEL, Lamkin; Cly PITTMAN, De Leon 1; J.R. CARROLL, Dublin 8; J.W. KERLEY, Dublin 8; J.B. POOL, Sipe Springs; J.W. HENDRICKS, Sidney; Ottie COX, Sidney; R.L. TURNBOW, Proctor 2.

Fourth Week

H.H. VAUGHN, De Leon 1; S.J. ISHAM, Gustine 2; J.B. BARRETT, Comanche2; Lee PATTON, Gustine; Harvey McCULLOUGH, Sidney; Char. WAGONER, Sidney; S.H. WINN, Comanche; T.W. LOCKE, De Leon; P.D. STOVALL, Sidney; W.A. WOZENCRAFT, Hasse; C.L. FERRILL, De Leon 2; W.L. LESTER, Proctor; Ed STONE, Proctor; W.A. PORTER, Gustine 2; Tunnell JOHNSON, Comanche; Lewis WEAVER, Blanket 3; J.B. IRWIN, Gustine 1; Ernest WELLS, Blanket 3; Brown ROMBO, Comanche; F.L. LITTLE, Sipe Springs; D.P. LLOYD, De Leon; Pink SCOTT, De Leon 2; J. Doss MILLER, Jr., De Leon; George R. NEAL, Gustine; J.W. SMALLWOOD, Proctor; S.J. RICHEY, Proctor 2; C.T. RUDD, Energy; R.A. SMITH, Proctor 2; H.H. DUKE, Gustine; J.H. HAYNES, De Leon; D.W. ALSUP, Rucker; E.D. ODELL, Gustine; Baxter RAY, De Leon; Jack ISHAM, Comanche,; Ellis DONAHO, Sidney; Burr BILLBERRY, Sidney.

Popular Young Folks Wed [Comyn]

Mr. Troy PELL and Miss Mayme Strong surprised their many friends last Saturday by driving over to Comanche and getting married. Miss STRONG is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam STRONG, and numbers her friends by her acquaintances. Mr. PELL is a progressive farmer of an adjoining neighborhood. Their friends wish them happiness and prosperity.

H.J. Sweeden is Dead

On Tuesday night, February 26th, death entered our community [Comyn] and claimed as his victim Mr. H.J. SWEEDEN. The interment was made at the Comyn cemetery, Rev. HAMORS of De Leon conducting the services. Mr. SWEEDEN leaves to mourn his death his beloved wife and four children—Mrs. Gladys HOOVER, Irdle, Altus and L.O.E. SWEEDEN, all of this place. The entire community extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

William Wesley Bender

William Wesley BENDER, for many years a resident of this city, who has made his home of late months with his daughter, Mrs. J.F. EDMONDSON at Carbon, died there on Saturday, Feb. 23rd, 1924, and his remains were brought to De Leon on the Sunday morning train and the funeral and burial took place here in the afternoon. Mr. BENDER had attained the advanced age of 78 years, one month and three days when death came. His death was due to natural causes of old age and a slight attack of pneumonia during the last two days.

Mr. BENDER was a resident of De Leon section since 1881. Being a pioneer here he was perhaps as widely known as any of the older class who have lived in the environs of De Leon since the town was established. He was a man of splendid character, influence and ability, and was the possessor of the warm friendship of many.

Mr. BENDER was the father of thirteen children, seven of whom survive him. They are Mrs. J.F. EDMONDSON, Carbon; G.C. BENDER, Rising Star; B.F. BENDER, Brinkley, Ark.; Ivy C. BENDER, Beeville; Earl BENDER, Eastland; Mrs. W.M. GLEASON, one Wolf, Okla.; Mrs. Lillian SCOTT, Stamford. He was twice married, his first wife dying some twenty years ago, and he is survived by Mrs. Zula BENDER.

The funeral service was held at the Methodist church at 2:30 o’clock Sunday afternoon by his pastor, Rev. W.B. MORTON of Carbon, after which a large number of relatives and friends accompanied the body to its last resting place at De Leon cemetery.


Born, to Mr. and Mrs. B.H. HARRISON, at Stamford, Monday, February 25th, a baby girl. Mrs. HARRISON was formerly Miss Ida LOCKE.

Cager Mohon is Back on the Job

Cager MOHON is again at his accustomed place at Weaver Drug Store. He went to Marlin and took treatment, then returned and had an operation at Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman. Since the operation he has improved rapidly and will very soon be feeling normal again.

Baby in Comanche Weighing Pound and Half; Doing Nicely

Scientists have been asserting for some time that the race is growing smaller, and three babies have been born recently that would seem to bear out this statement. Recently a baby weighing less than two pounds was born in Fort Worth but died. One was born in Breckenridge last week weighing thirty ounces, and it is still living.

And now one has been born in Comanche which weighed at birth one and one-half pounds. It is the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom WILLIS and was born about two weeks ago. Its head was scarcely as large as a teacup and the vital spark was so feeble that the physician did not think it would live. But it ws wrapped in cotton, kept by the stove and fed with a medicine dropper and now at two weeks of age is thriving and bids fair to grow to a ripe old age.

Mr. and Mrs. WILLIS moved to Comanche a few weeks ago and are living in the south part of town. They have two other children.—Chief.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick Recovering From a Recent Operation

Mrs. FITZPATRICK, wife of the late John FITZPATRICK, recently underwent a serious operation in Fort Worth, and her friends here will be glad to know that she is recovering nicely. In a letter to Free Press this week in which she renews her subscription for another year, she said, "I get lonesome sometimes for the old familiar faces that I have associated with for the past four years and a half, but of course we can’t have everything we want in life."

Mrs. FITZPATRICK stated further that she and her two children, Mildred and Martin, have recently moved into a new home which she had erected there within recent months. Their neat little bungalow in Heath Addition here is for sale, the Holleman-Scott Co. having it in charge, prices and terms being very reasonable.

Mrs. W.H. Nunnelley is Seriously Ill

Friends of Mrs. W.H. NUNNELLEY, mother of Willie and Johnnie NUNNELLEY, will hear with regret of her critical illness. Mrs. NUNNELLEY has gradually become paralyzed and at this time her condition is such that she is absolutely helpless. The right side is most seriously affected although the strange malady has seemed to affect her entire body in a measure, attending physician states. She retains her mental faculties, recognizing those about her most of the time. A trained nurse has been in charge of the case for the past week.

Mrs. NUNNELLEY is one of the few remaining old pioneers who really know Comanche county in the early days of its settling up. She came with her husband, Uncle Bill NUNNELLEY, to the county when it was a wilderness of few inhabitants and has resided constantly in the same community, on the same farm, for many, many years.

Verdict Not Guilty; Justice Court Case

The case of State vs. C. PUTTY was tried at City Hall Wednesday afternoon, the charge being reckless and careless driving of an automobile on the public roads. The charge was preferred against PUTTY by Ernest COGBURN. The charge grew out of a wreck which occurred on the De Leon-Desdemona road on the 24th of January in which cars driven by both PUTTY and COGBURN were wrecked. The jury, after hearing the evidence as presented, and after due consideration of the merits of the case, rendered a verdict of not guilty.

Many Out of School on Account of Measles

There seems to be quite an epidemic of measles in town. Thirty-two pupils from the primary department were reported ill from measles Tuesday. Little Burna COCHRAN, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. I.M. COCHRAN, has been very sick with them but is reported convalescent at present.—Comanche Chief.

Miscellaneous Local News

[Concord] Some of Mr. Caleb DECKERS’ folks have the measles. They are reported doing well, considering what measles usually are.

[Comyn] Mrs. Conway THOMPSON has been ill, but is convalescent.

[Comyn] Miss Mayme Lou PARR has purchased a new Ford coupe.

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