De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 22, 1924

Death of T.J. Nabors Occurred at Cisco Tuesday

Just as the shadows had gathered on Tuesday evening, the close of a long and eventful life was ushered in. Watchers by the bedside who anxiously saw the stream of life flow into the ebb tide, and finally drift away, did all humanly possible for a beloved sire, a man who had lived long and suffered much, but the soothing touch of loving hands could not avail against the sure approach of the inevitable end. The immortal spirit passed through the dark portals of death, into the mysteries of the world beyond.

Thomas Jefferson NABORS is dead! The end came at 8:00 o’clock Tuesday evening, February 19th, 1924, following a stroke of paralysis some two weeks before. In the early days following the stroke he was semi-conscious and recognized the faces of those who came to stand by his bedside and say a word of sympathy or encouragement, or to administer to his physical wants. But gradually his power to think clearly passed from him and he lay without realizing his condition or knowing his most intimate friends or loved ones. In death his face wore that calm, serene, intellectual expression that had been characteristic of the man in his years of health and strength.

Born February 25th, 1852, Uncle Tom would have been seventy-two years of age had he lived until Monday next. He was born near Alexander City, Ala., and grew to young manhood there, being married to Adella LOCKE when he had reached the age of seventeen and his young bride only fourteen. To them were born ten children, six of whom survive, and were present when death came. They are A.S. NABORS, only son, of Cisco; Mrs. E. FORD, Disco; Mrs. H. DOSSETT, Dallas; Mrs. C.B. POWELL, Cisco; Mrs. J.M. HOOKS, Abilene; Mrs. Elmer JOBE, Cisco.

Uncle Tom came to De Leon in the spring of 1893 and remained here for about fifteen years, rearing his family and making a home. He engaged in business which flourished for many years, and his friends throughout the De Leon territory are numbered by hundreds. Fifteen years ago he removed with his family to Cisco where he had continued to make his home.

Few men possessed stronger convictions than did Uncle Tom. He was ever ready to give a reason for his faith, and the long years of his useful life were spent in close communion with God and sympathetic touch with his fellow man. He was affiliated with the Christian church for almost half a century, and wan an elder in the Cisco congregation when death came…….

Besides the children mentioned above, Uncle Tom is survived by his faithful wife, his sisters, Mrs. Daniel KIMBROUGH of Dadeville, Ala, Mrs. S.F. BALLARD of De Leon, Route 2, and two brothers, Rev. A.F. NABORS of this city, and Rev. Spence NABORS of Alabama, besides a host of other relatives, a very large majority of whom braved the bitter cold of a bleak February day to go to Cisco and follow his bier in sorrow to his last resting place in Cisco city cemetery in the late afternoon of Wednesday, the 20th.

Local Tailor is Adding Modern Hat Machine

J.T. EDMONDSON, enterprising local tailor and dry cleaner, has recently added to his equipment, at heavy expense, the latest model Hoffman hat making and renovating machine. The representative of the factory is in De Leon this week and will demonstrate the machine all day on Saturday, February 23. A most cordial invitation is extended anyone who may feel interested to come and witness the unique process by which hats are made, or "made over."

Brother-in-Law of Chief Nabors Killed This Week

Chief of Police John NABORS received information of the death of his brother-in-law, Joe H. GRIFFITH, aged 65 years, which occurred last Saturday night at Santa Ana. GRIFFITH lost his life in a gun battle with bootleggers, it is reported, he being deputy sheriff in Coleman county. The constable was also shot in the affray, as was also the man whom they were attempting to arrest. GRIFFITH died soon after the shooting, and it was believed the other two would die from their wounds.

Birthday Party

Little Miss Billie Margaret WETZEL celebrated her first birthday with a party on "Lincoln Day" her baby birthday falling on the national holiday, February 12th. She was "one".

A number of little tots were invited to share the joy of the occasion and little eyes opened wide in admiration and wonderment at the tiny log cabins, the significance of which they will learn more about some other day in the future. The log cabins were favors.

A pretty birthday cake bearing one tiny candle told the joyful story of successful passing of the "first milestone."

Those present were Misses Olive Gene LEIGON, Eva Sue PRINCE, Norma Lee KUHN, Bettie Jo GREER, Masters Richard MOHON, John William STEAKLEY and Clark DUKE.

Mrs. A.M. More Dead

W.R. FLEMING of Robinson Springs community received a message telling of the death of his sister, Mrs. A.M. MOORE at Stephenville, which occurred at her home near that place.

Beautiful Mattie FLEMING was an extraordinary charming girl. She was married to Alford MOORE in 1910. Four children were born in all, only two of whom survive. She is survived by her mother, three sisters and two brothers, her mother and two sisters, Miss Poka and Lucy FLEMING of Kansas and W.R. FLEMING of De Leon.

May God bless and guide her two young daughters as the years go by is our prayer.—Contributed.

Miscellaneous Local News

Mrs. N.T. HASKINS returned this week from a hurried trip to St. Louis where she attended the funeral and burial of her uncle, S.W. SMITH. She was away about a week.

Those attending the T.J. NABORS funeral at Cisco last Wednesday afternoon were: A.F. NABORS, Mrs. S.F. BALLARD, Mrs. Exa DODSON, W.J. SCOTT, W.C. LOCKE and son, Arden, George MOHON and daughters, Misses LAVERNE and Iris, Tom H. LOCKE and family, H.W. LOCKE, and Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT.

Miss Love SCOTT has resigned at Higginbothams and went to Dallas ten days ago to take a position with a firm of physicians, located in Medical Arts building. Her mother, Mrs. H.B. SCOTT, will leave soon for San Angelo, to make her home for the present at least, with her daughter, Mrs. Jewell HILL. Mr. HENSON, brother of D. HENSON, together with his wife and 8 year old son, will occupy the SCOTT residence.

Round Grove, Feb 14.

R.L. and Jim RIPPETOE visited Tilmon DYSON at Desdemona Sunday. They report that the ones in the family who had been down with measles had not fully recovered yet, but were some better now.

Reggie TREADWAY and family of Comyn visited in this community Saturday and Sunday.

Rock Bluff, Feb. 21

Miss Letha CADENHEAD is on the sick list.

Mrs. Opal STONE and children of Desdemona visited her sister and brother, Mrs. Melvin EZZELL and Arthur SILVEY, last Tuesday.

Fulton SMITH has built himself a new house.

Simon SMITH of Cisco spent Thursday night with his sister, Mrs. F.D. GARDNER.

Ben Wilhelm Announces for Tax Assessor

Ben WILHELM, a graduate of the class of 1921 of the Comanche High School, and who later attended John Tarleton college, son of J.F. WILHELM and grandson of Uncle Mose ANDERSON, who lives some 3 miles southwest of Comanche, announces this week for the office of Tax Assessor, subject to the action of the Democratic primaries…….

Plans are Outlined for Comyn Fair; Chairmans Named

Comyn, Feb. 20 – The Comyn Fair Association met last Thursday night in the school auditorium. The president, G.R. GOOSBY, gave an interesting discussion on fair work, also on school consolidation, which is a very important issue at present. C.M. CARAWAY made a talk in which he gave the fundamental reasons for school consolidation. We had with us Mr. BUCKINGHAM, county agent of Dublin, who endorsed our fair plans as well as gave us some valuable suggestions. The following committees were appointed:

Finance – Sam STRONG, Chairman; W.H. CAFFEY, S.B. GEORGE

Entertainment – Mrs. E. HARRIS, Chairman; Mrs. C. THOMSON, Miss Mollie GRISHAM, George CARAWAY.

Decoration – Mrs. J.W. ALSTON, chairman; Miss Pearl SLO"AN, Audia FLOYD.

Publicity – Miss Dixie SLOAN, Chairman; B.L. PAINTER, C.M. CARAWAY.

Department Heads – Field Crops:

Corn – S.H. BAKER

Cotton – C.S. DRY

Sorghum – Ed. THOMAS

Peanuts – J.J. HUGHES

Watermelons – E. HARRIS



Poultry – Otis HAM, G.R. SWANNER

Garden Truck – Mrs. T.W. DICKEY, Mrs. Audia FLOYD, Mrs. Eugene HOLMES, Mrs. J.T. FARROW

Fresh Fruits – Mr. PAINTER, W.J. PRESTON, Clarence FLOYD

Culinary Department – Mrs. Van DODGEN, Mrs. SWEEDEN, Mrs. Laura WATSON

Home Economics – Miss M.L. PARR, Chairman; Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, Mrs. HOOVER, Miss Jesse BARNES, Miss Stacia SPRUILL

Fine Arts – Mrs. Henry FLOYD, Chairman; Mrs. Ernest PAINTER, Mrs. Otis HAM

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