De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 15, 1924

New Garage is Opened in Terrill Bldg. This Week

Messrs. C.L. WHITE and S.K. SUTTON have arrived in the city from Hico and opened a general auto repair shop in the old Terrill garage building, one block west of the water tower, and in the same block adjoining the Lester Hotel. Both these men have families, which they have moved to De Leon, and they expect to make De Leon their permanent home.

Mr. WHITE came originally from Blum, near Cleburne, where he has had ten or twelve years experience in garage work. Mr. SUTTON has had a like experience in Hico. The Free Press extends them a welcome and wishes them success in their business.

Mrs. Ada Gray Dead

[Mrs. Ada GRAY] reached the end of the journey of life at 9 o’clock, p.m., Monday, February 4th, 1924. Her health began to fail a year ago, and in her weakened condition an attack of influenza of four days’ duration ushered her into the mysteries of the world beyond. Every possible attention of skilled physicians and careful nursing failed to alleviate her last brief suffering, or stay the hand of death.

Deceased was born the 27th of January, 1870, and was therefore fifty-four years and eight days of age at death. She was married at the old family home, Lafayette Springs, Miss., on January 6th, 1892, to Chas. B. GRAY, and came to Texas about five years later, arriving here in the fall of 1897. Eight children were born to this union, four boys and four girls. Two boys and two girls are married, four children remain with the father in the bereaved home. The children are: Mrs. G.M. SCOTT, Mrs. H.J. HUDDLESTON, J.D. and S.H. GRAY and Miss Ila IVER, Amor and Wilmer, besides the little granddaughter, Bernice, daughter of S.H. GRAY, whose mother is also dead.

Mr. and Mrs. GRAY and family had resided in the same community for a period of 17 years and had a host of friends who came to their aid in the anxious hour of the mother’s illness, and later accompanied the sorrowing family to De Leon cemetery where Rev. W.T. HAMOR conducted the funeral service on Tuesday afternoon, and the body laid to rest.

Mrs. GRAY had been a member of the Primitive Baptist church for about twenty years, her membership being at Sabano church, not far from her home. She was a sister of Joe and Simon SMITH.

Burglars Take Jewelry Stock of H. Hampton

Sometime between two o’clock and daylight on Monday morning, last, a burglar or burglars, entered the Weaver Drug Store and made away with a majority of the jewelry stock, property of H. HAMPTON. The thieves gained entrance to the building by breaking an upper glass in a rear window and unlatching the center clasp that held down the lower sash, which was then raised admitting the intruder to the building. The window was broken with a brake key from a boxcar, a slightly bent piece of iron about a foot long.

Besides three diamond rings, which was the principal item of the loss, Mr. HAMPTON lost several watches new and used, watch chains and charms, numerous rings, belt buckles, and general items of jewelry stock, the entire loss amount to about $500.

The trays that held the jewelry were found the next morning in an obscure corner of Foust’s Lumber Yard, where the thief or thieves had examined their haul. Here they discarded about a dozen or more baby rings, the trays and a belt buckle was found not far away where it had been carelessly tossed.

The officers have been working on the case but there is slight clew [sic] to the real perpetrators of the crime.

Downing Citizen Leaves This Week For Dickens Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley HULSEY and children are leaving this week for Dickens county, Mr. HULSEY having purchased a farm of 165 acres three miles north of Spur. He expects to raise a crop of cotton there this year, he told Free Press editor before leaving.

Condition of Uncle Tom Nabors Gradually Worse

Mrs. S.F. BALLARD of Route 2 returned Wednesday from Cisco where she had been the past week at the bedside of her brother, Uncle Tom NABORS, who is critically ill following a stroke of paralysis. Mrs. BALLARD stated that the condition of the patient had gradually grown worse since the stroke and because of the fact that his physical condition is run down, and of his advanced age, is not expected to survive for many days.

Mrs. BALLARD returned to Cisco on Thursday afternoon and will remain indefinitely.

Grand Jury List For March Term of District Court

John SCOTT, De Leon, Route 2.

John A. MOHON, De Leon.

A.E. BARKER, De Leon, Route 3.

J.T. YOUNG, De Leon.

Walter LOUDERMILK, De Leon, R. 4.

Jeff MORGAN, Sipe Springs.

N.E. PALMER, Jr., Gustine.

Jim LYNCH, Blanket, Route 3.

Jim LACY, Sidney.

John COUCH, Comanche, Democrat Star Route.

Albert CUNNINGHAM, Comanche R. 5.

W.A. PETTIT, Gustine, Route 1.

Dan DUTTON, Sidney.

Dock MILLER, Lamkin.

R.A. ASHMORE, Dublin, Route 1.

C.B. GUYER, Proctor.

Farm House and Barn Burns; Loss About $3,000.00

The farm house and barn on the W.S. ROSE farm, situated some three miles south of town, just off the De Leon-Comanche highway west, was burned last Sunday night at about 9 o’clock, the buildings and contents being a complete loss. No one was about the place when the fire occurred, and its origin is a mystery.

Mr. ROSE had been "batching" on the farm for some time, but had gone to Comanche Sunday night, returning late and came on into town to spend the night. He did not know of the fire until later. No one being about the place, nothing was saved.

Mr. ROSE estimates the buildings to have been worth approximately $1,700.00. Housed in the buildings was about 700 bushels of peanuts worth more than $1,000.00, and about one hundred bales of hay, besides small items. His loss was approximately one-third covered by insurance, he stated.

Mrs. Mary Cadenhead

Mrs. Mary L. CADENAEAD died Tuesday morning at the home of her son, Robert CADENHEAD, 311 Lipscomb St. The remains were sent to Comanche county where interment was had in the Downing cemetery.

Mrs. Mary L. CADENHEAD, affectionately known as "Grandma CADENHEAD," was born in Alabama on January 5, 1843. She was married about sixty years ago. She was a member of the Baptist church, having joined when fifteen years of age. She was a devout and earnest Christian woman, a true friend and a faithful and loving mother. She has been living for the past three years in Brownwood. Her husband died about thirty-five years ago. She leaves seven children, five sons and two daughters, all of whom were at her bedside except one son, who was unable to come on account of sickness. – Brownwood Bulletin.

Comanche Callings

J.L. DIXON, Newt COGBURN, Jesse HARRELL and James ROSS from in and near De Leon are on the petit jury this week in County Court.

During a quarrel last week between Uncle Johnnie McGUIRE and his stepson, the former was struck with a rock and bruised considerably.

The following cases were disposed of during this week of county court:

State vs. Jim HEATH. Selling whiskey to minors. Indictment quashed and case dismissed.

State vs. Pomo CARNES. Gameing. Plead guilty and fined $10.

State vs. John RHO"DES. Gameing. Plead guilty and fined $10.

State vs. John RHODES. Gameing. Plead guilty and fined $10.

State vs. Condy CARNES. Gameing. Plea of guilty and fined $10.

State vs. Jim GRAY. Gameing. Plea of guilty and fined $10.

State vs. Geo. BAUCHER. Gameing. Plea of guilty and fined $19.

State vs. Bell DOGGETT. Disturbing religious worship. Plead guilty and fined $25.

State vs. Joe KELLUM. Assault. Dismissed.

State vs. Condy CARNES. Keeping gaming table. Dismissed.

State vs. Will CLARK. Gameing. Plea of guilty and fined $10.

State vs. Chas. WALKER. Affray. Plea of guilty and fined $1.

State vs. Leslie KENNEDY. Affray. Plea of guilty and fined $1.

State vs. Jasper HAYNES. Aggravated assault. Plea of guilty and fined $50.

Quite a romantic runaway occurred in the city on Friday afternoon last. One Bob BROWN and Miss JACOBS, from near Hamilton, both quite young and without gaining consent, agreed to make a run for Comanche and marry. They drove about 30 miels in two hours, and reached the city just at dark. The irate father of the girl, having run down three horses, reached the city in pursuit, carrying a Winchester, just as the young couple drove in the stable. To evade capture they ran on foot to some part of town and hid in a barn until the excitement subsided. After a diligent search by the old man, he gave up the chase, as too many were working against him, and left for home leaving word for them to marry and come home. In the meantime the determined couple had fled to some other county and consummated their fidelity.

Local and Personal

George MOHON, who has been dangerously sick for some days past, is much better today, we are glad to learn.

Fifteen girls and three boys were baptized Sunday evening in Dr. RUSH’s tank by Eld. VINSON, pastor of the Baptist church of this place.

Mr. I.N. THORNTON and family from Anderson county came in Tuesday and will make their home near town.

A petition is being circulated asking for an election to decorporate De Leon.

A report comes from Victor that a Mr. J.M. MONDAY had his hand badly torn in a gin stand at that place Monday.

Mrs. Howard D’SPAIN went to Moran today to visit her parents.

Miss Kate TURNER of Comanche is a guest of her grandmother, Mrs. R.D. REDDEN, this week.

Miss Clifford WILKERSON of Comanche is the guest of Mrs. Ben KIVETT for a few days.

Mrs. J.M. WOODLEY, of Iredell, is visiting her sons, E.L. and Tom, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.I. WALKER are very proud of that boy who arrived Saturday.

Editor KOONCE of the Gorman Pruning-Knife was in the city Saturday.

The three weeks old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Tom WOODLEY died very suddenly last Saturday, and was buried Sunday. Our sympathies are with the bereaved parents.

Miss Johnnie DENTON, late of Meridian, takes the position of assistant in the post office here on the 1st of October.

Mr. Buck WESTBROOK has the contract to build the Primitive Baptist church.

New Hope News

Leonard HOLLAND and Miss Alice STURDEVANT were quietly married last Sunday afternoon. They were accompanied by L.G. HOLLAND and Miss Myrl HODGES. All wish them much happiness.

Mr. and Mrs. John DUPRIEST are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Miss Ruby DICKSON spent the week end at the bedside of her grandfather at Comanche.


The marriage of Miss Faye RASBERRY, sister of Mrs. G.W. LEIGON, occurred on Friday, February 1st, at Jefferson Hotel at Dallas to Mr. Cecil R. CHANEY, young business man making Dallas headquarters. Mr. CHANEY is a traveling salesman for the Bishop-Babcock Co.

Miss RASBERRY was for two or three seasons past one of the most popular of De Leon’s younger set, when she made her home with her sister here. She was a student in De Leon high school, finishing in the class of ’10. Soon after finishing she went to make her home in Dallas, where she has resided for several years.

The Free Press desires to join with the many friends of Miss RASBERRY in wishing for her and her chosen companion a full measure of life’s joys and successes.

Mah Jong Club Organized

A number of ladies met at the home of Mrs. Jesse WETZEL on last Friday evening and organized a Mah Jong Club. Mrs. WETZEL was chosen president and Miss Edna Merle REDDEN reporter. The meetings will be held in the homes of members every other Friday. The hostess served a salad course and tea to the following who became charter members: Mrs. Jesse WETZEL, Mrs. R.L. WHALEY, Mrs. John PRINCE, Jr., Mrs. Otis HAM, Mrs. Kos. MYERS, Mrs. Austin SMITH, Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Mrs. Frank SNEED, Mrs. W.W. GREGORY, Mrs. John MOHON, Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, Mrs. Hiram SMITH, Miss Letha SMITH, Miss Edna Myrie REDDEN.

The club meets two weeks hence with Mrs. S.A. DUKE.

Uncle Henry Warren Injured When Tree Fell Across Body

The Free Press has just learned of an accident that befell Uncle Henry WARREN at his farm some two or three weeks ago. Mr. WARREN was chopping down a tree in a corner of his farm, quite a distance from his home or from public road. The tree he cut down lodged and when he began cutting the branches away to dislodge it, the branches suddenly gave way and the heavy tree trunk fell across Mr. WARRENS body, pinning him to the ground. He lay unconscious for hours, finally regaining consciousness to the extent that he realized his situation. He heard hunters nearby and tried to call but was unable to make himself heard.

It just so happened that the soil where the accident occurred was deep sand. Mr. WARREN got an arm free and began digging the sand from beneath is body, finally digging a hole of sufficient depth to extricate himself. He estimates he was pinned underneath the log for about hours.

Mr. WARREN was so seriously bruised about the chest and limbs that he reached his home with great difficulty, almost falling in the attempt. Medical attention was given him and his condition, critical at first, graduable [sic] to be up and about.

This was a very close call for one of Uncle Henry’s age, the Free Press estimating him to be somewhere about 65 or 70 years of age.

Library Notes

The following ladies will be in charge of the Library on the following days:

Mrs. J.J. HEATH, first Saturday; Miss Jewel RUFF, assistant.

Mrs. J.V. WHITE, second Saturday; Mrs. Ed. MORTON, assistant.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS, third Saturday; Charley BARKER, assistant.

Mrs. W.E. LOWE, fourth Saturday; Mrs. C.M. ADAMS, assistant.

………..We have our bookcases full and overflowing and have out an order for some new books. Anyone handy with tools can confer a favor on the public by making a new bookcase. We will gladly provide the material and will have same put at any place desired. Just phone Mrs. W.E. LOWE. Skilled work is not necessary, as a plain set of shelves will fill our requirements. In helping the library you are helping the men, women and children of the community.

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