De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 8, 1924

Vital Statistics




Robert LINDLEY and Miss Ruby SHORT.

Hubert HUMPHREY and Miss Opal EVANS.

G. FARRAR and Miss Myra COUCH.

Ernest ROCK and Miss Mae LESSETTER.

H. PINKERT and Miss Hattie MISNER.

Grady HENDERSON and Miss Rosa Lee NORTON.

W.J. STANFIELD and Miss Gussie FOSTER.

Herman BAKER and Miss Lorent LOWE.

Jack MOORE and Miss Grace BOILES.

J.T. GUTHRIE and Miss Anabal MASTERS.

J.C. GADDY and Miss Hilda WALKER.

Clyde HODGES and Miss Selma SIDES.

W.R. ELLIOTT and Miss Beulah JONES.

A.N. STOKES and Miss Era REESE.

Jas. W. CLARK and Miss Malcolm SHELTON.

M.R. STANTON and Miss Gladys HOWELL.

Clinton De WOLF and Miss Lauda McCARTY.


Lilly Mae MAY of Newburg

Henry Foster KEMP of Comanche


Born to Mr. and Mrs. –

Tonie WARREN, Duster, boy.

Huber PHILLIPS, Duster, boy

Curtis BROWNING, Sipe Springs, girl.

W.H. THORNTON, Gustine, boy.

F.R. BLACKMAN, Comanche, boy

J.M. CHAMBERS, Proctor, boy

Ira MITCHELL, Comanche, boy

J.A. ROGERS, Gap, boy

Berdell JENNINGS, De Leon, girl

H.T. SCOTT, Comanche, boy

Glenn BOSWELL, De Leon, boy

D.C. GILDER, Comanche, boy

J.L. FIELD, De Leon, boy

W.W. HODGES, De Leon, girl

kEdgar W. SHELTON, De Leon, boy

Porter SOUTHALL, De Leon, girl

J.P. GRAY, Comanche, boy

Walter GRIGSBY, Comanche, girl

Clois ELLIS, Democrat, boy

Alex FAULKNER, Comanche, girl

D.B. WALKER, Hasse, boy

J.T. CARRUTH, Comanche, boy

Lee MAPLES, Comanche, boy

Lee MAPLES, Comanche, boy

A.F. HOLMAN, Comanche, boy

Earl MAY, Comanche, girl

A.E. Hampton is Expected Home Last of Week

Friends of A.E. HAMPTON will be glad to learn that attending physicians at Waco have stated that he will be sufficiently recovered from his recent stroke of apoplexy to be brought home the last of this week. Mr. HAMPTON has been at the Baptist Sanitarium since the morning of his stroke where the best of care has been given him. He is completely half paralyzed, but has slowly improved since the stroke and may in a measure regain his health. His scores and hundreds of friends in and about De Leon will be rejoiced that he is able to be brought home.

T. J. Nabors Still Desperately Ill and May Not Recover

Uncle Tom NABORS lies critically ill at his home in Cisco. He suffered a stroke of paralysis there last week, the second such stroke, and is now completely paralyzed from head to foot on the left side of his body. He is semi-conscious and it is said has no desire to live, which mitigates against his chances of recovery.

Uncle Tom has been in ill health for a number of years but has continued his normal occupation until recently. He is past seventy-two years of age. Relatives from here who have been at his bedside believe his condition hopeless.

Wife of C. B. Gray Died at Home Near Duster Last Tuesday

Mrs. C. B. GRAY is dead, the end coming at her home last Tuesday evening at 9:00 o’clock. Burial was made in De Leon cemetery at 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon with a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends attending. Deceased was a sister of Joe and Simon SMITH.

The Free Press can give no further particulars at this time but will do so in a later issue.

Death Comes to Brother-In-Law of Wendell Hammers

W.D. DORSEY, one time a resident of De Leon and who has made Dublin his home for the past quarter of a century, died at Winchell Tuesday and was buried at Dublin Wednesday. Cause of his death was pneumonia. Mr. DORSEY lived in De Leon 25 or 26 years ago. He was a brother-in-law of W.P. HAMMERS of this city.

Recent Operations

De Leon physicians report four recent operations upon De Leon people, at Blackwell Sanitarium.

Mrs. B.L. HOWELL, wife of a local M-K-T man, had an abdominal operation Wednesday and came from under the anesthetic with promise of speedy recovery.

Clyde NABORS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS, had an operation for the removal of his appendix Wednesday and is doing well following the ordeal.

Mr. LOWRY, Desdemona man, was operated upon for blood poison of the hand and arm Wednesday. He is in serious condition.

Mrs. WILSON of this city, who had an operation some ten days ago, is so far recovered that she will be home in a few days.

Allcorn – Elrod

The wedding of Mr. Don ALLCORN to Miss Lucile ELROD occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 29th, at Valley Mills at the "home of the parson," Rev. KIRBY, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of that city. Present to witness the ceremony and extend congratulations and best wishes were a number of friends of the happy young couple. Mr. ALLCORN returned here immediately after the wedding, where he is employed with Lowe-Carter Wholesale Grocery Co., and resumed his work. Mrs. ALLCORN arrived Saturday. They are making their home in one of the pretty cottages on the Independent Torpedo company’s property in the southeast part of the city.

Mrs. ALLCORN’s father, it will be remembered, lost his life in an automobile accident at Mart about a month ago, a car in which he was riding turning over in a ditch at the roadside and pinning him under beneath the water where he was drowned.

The Free Press extends congratulations to young Mr. and Mrs. ALLCORN as they start on the eventful journey, and we feel sure their new-found friends in De Leon will gladly join in well wishing as well as bid them a warm welcome to our fair city.

Hog Strayed

Poland China gilt, weight 125 lbs., white face. Notify Free Press or Mrs. H.B. HILL.

Comyn Happenings

The Library Club met with Mrs. Jesse BARNES Saturday afternoon. After a social hour, the books were invoiced. Refreshments of cake and hot chocolate were served to the following: Mesdames N.E. SWEEDEN, Gladys HOOVER, G.R. GOOSBY, Eugene HOLMES, Poe RACKLEY, C.M. CARAWAY, Pen?? FLOYD; Misses Cressie BARNES, Ina CARAWAY, Jennie DICKEY, Maymo Lou PARR, Pearl and Dixie SLOAN. The club will meet with Mrs. G.R. GOOSBY Saturday afternoon, February 16th.

Rev. WORSHAM occupied the pulpit at the Baptist church Sunday at the 11:00 hour.

Rev. HENDON will fill his regular appointment at the Baptist church Saturday and Sunday.

Sam FLOYD of Brownwood is visiting his brother, Henry FLOYD.

Ector DRY has returned from Corsicana.

Mr. and Mrs. Poe RACKLEY and baby of Clairmont have moved back to our community.

Miss Edith COOK is reported on the sick list this week.

Mr. WHITEFIELD and family have moved to Comyn.

There was a dance at Earl NICHOLS’ Saturday night.

Miss Clarice HUGHES and mother spent the week end with relatives at Cross Cut.

Ruble HARDY and Weldon HAZZARD are on the sick list this week.

De Leon People Who Moved to Olton are Moving Back Home

The Free Press is in receipt of a letter from W.S. BLACK at Olton stating "I expect to be in De Leon in the near future." Mr. BLACK is leaving the west and will again make his home in De Leon. An advertisement regarding his stock appears in another column of this paper. It is understood he will again be located at his old home in the north part of town.

Disastrous Wreck Occurs at Leon Bridge on Katy Last Friday

A wreck of serious consequence occurred shortly after noon last Friday when two M-K-T engines attached to passenger train No. 36 were derailed at a point some 50 or 60 yards west of the Leon river bridge, three miles east of this city and demolished the top woodwork and rails over the structure spanning the river. The trouble originated beneath the tender of the lead engine, the trucks jumping the track, the sharp flange of the wheels cutting the ties in two which caused the second engine, its tender, and two combination baggage, mail and express cars to leave the track…………….

Joe SMITH, carpenter of this city, taking advantage of the warm spring day, was engaged in fishing in the deep hole just under the bridge. Mr. SMITH was seated perhaps not six feet from the bridge, wholly unmindful of the fact that a couple of locomotives and a few baggage and express cars and passenger coaches threatened to come piling down upon him. He had just "got a bite" and landed a cat-fish which he was at that moment engaged in "stringing." All of a sudden, Mr. SMITH stated, a shower of splinters about the size of matches came blowing down upon him, and when the rail on the south side broke in two about two joints of railroad iron came tumbling down and "fell within touching distance," perhaps not over two feet from where he was sitting. (Some say there is a deep dent in the bank a short distance away where Mr. SMITH hit when he jumped, but Free Press can’t say. At any rate, he has a few fishing lines and one cat-fish charged up to the railroad which he lost in the scramble).

All passenger coaches remained on the track following the impact, the train coming to a stop slowly enough that the passengers were uninjured.

Mrs. Bibby Called Home to Attend Brother’s Bedside

Mrs. A.H. BIBBY left this afternoon for De Leon in response to a message telling of the illness of her brother, A.E. HAMPTON……

Proceedings of the County Court

The fourth week of the January term of the County Court of Comanche county was called promptly by Judge REESE Monday morning, January 28th, and up to Thursday morning County Attorney SANDERFORD reports the following jury cases having been tried, towit:

State of Texas vs. W.C. JOHNSON, charged with adultery, verdict guilty, and fined $1,000.

State of Texas vs. Naubry GENTRY, charged with aggravated assault, verdict guilty, and fined six months in jail and $25.00.

State of Texas vs. Jim SPRINGER, charged with adultery, verdict guilty, and fined $500.00

State of Texas vs. Dave FINKELSTINE, charged with reckless driving, verdict not guilty.

Thursday has been devoted to the trial of civil cases. – Enterprise

Community Singing to Be Held Here Next Sunday

The Free Press wishes to repeat the announcement made in a former issue regarding community sing-song which will be held at the Christian Church in this city beginning shortly after noon next Sunday, February 10th. All singing classes living in the entire De Leon territory are cordially invited to attend, and urged to bring books.

This invitation is being made at the request of T.H. NANCE, W.E. BUTLER and H.W. LOCKE. A very special invitation to all, and classes urged to remember to bring books.

Round Grove

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. RIPPETOE are at Desdemona at present, helping to wait on their daughter, Mrs. Tilman DYSON and children, who are down with measles.

We had our first real sand storm of the season Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. ROAK was laid to rest in this cemetery by a large host of friends last Wednesday. Eld. A.R. LAWRENCE of Abilene held the funeral services. Mrs. ROAK was the mother of Mrs. Joe BLANKENSHIP and Emil THIEBUND of Highland. She was at Mrs. THIEBUNDS when the end came. She was extra jovial and hearty the day preceeding her death she woke up in the night with a smothering spell, but it soon wore off. Being awakened several times with the same trouble, the family decided to call a physician, not realizing that anything serious was ailing her, and in a few minutes after a call was put in for a doctor she raised her hands, told them goodbye and said, "I am going," and passed out. The doctor stated her death came from heart trouble. Mrs. ROAK was 75 years old, and a member of the Church of Christ. The community extends sympathy to the bereaved families.

Morton Chapel

One of the twin boys of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. MORGAN suffered the misfortune to sprain his ankle last week.

Emmett MORGAN of Cleburne has arrived here and will make his home with his brother, George MORGAN.

Miss Ruby HARRIS spent Friday night with Miss Myrtle GREGORY, at the home of Mrs. S.F. BALLARD.

W.T. HENDERSON is driving a new Ford, which he recently purchased.

Bob HATTOX and family motored to Eastland Sunday to visit a sister of Mrs. HATTOX, who is in a sanitarium there.

Concord News

Lynn HEARD has been ill for the past few weeks. We miss him very much in our school.

A marriage that surprised us all took place Sunday, January 27th, Mr. Ernest PAIR and Miss Stella BLANKENSHIP were the happy ones. They kept it a secret for a short time. Both of these young people are well known and liked. Their friends wish them a happy and prosperous married life.

We had an interesting and lively debate Friday afternoon at school. A number of visitors made it better. Mary PAIR and Winnie KAY won over James STEWART and H.B. BOSWELL with the negative side of the question: Resolved, That Men Should Have a Better Education Than Women.

Miscellaneous Local News

Cager MOHON was taken ill this week and was advised by his physician to spend some time at Marlin taking the baths. He instructs us to send his paper to Artesia hotel, that city, until further notice.

Mrs. G.B. GOLIGHTLY and little daughter were here from Hico the last of the week for a visit with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl NELSON, two miles west of town, an 8-lb. baby girl on Tuesday, February 5th. Mother and little one doing nicely.

Miss Julia MORTON of Dublin returned to her home Wednesday after a week’s visit in the home of GREENWALDT and MORTON families.

J.O. BARBEE, who lived in and around De Leon from the year 1890 to 1912, was here last week looking over the city and visiting old friends and acquaintances. Mr. Barbee lived for seven years on the John TATE place, west of town, and once lived on the BROUGHTON place, near St. Joe, besides in other communities adjacent to De Leon.

Mr. BARBEE now makes his home near Merkel and is well acquainted with Thomas DURHAM, editor of Merkel Mail, who was editor of Free Press in war and oil boom days.

Lost Key – Small flat key for Yale lock, on pocket clip, lost somewhere about town. Reward. – T.H. NANCE


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