De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 25, 1924


On January 3rd, Miss Charlotte COONER and Mr. C.L. BOND were married by the county judge in Comanche.

Mr. and Mrs. BOND went to Eastland on the night train, where they will make their home until April, then they intend to move to New Mexico, where he will go into the cattle business.

Mrs. BOND is the daughter of Mrs. R.L. COONER, and has lived in and around De Leon most of her life. She has a host of friends here who extend to her many heart congratulations.

Mr. BOND is the son of C.R. BOND of Eastland and is employed in the oil fields there. He has a host of friends both in De Leon and Eastland who join her friends in congratulating them.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our appreciation to the many friends and relatives, also the faithful physicians and nurses, who so kindly assisted us during the short illness, and death of our beloved son and brother. May the richest blessings of God abide with you now and forever, is the prayer of Mr. and Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM and children.

Gantz Yields to Solicitation of Friends to Run

Supt. H.L. GANTZ was in De Leon Tuesday of this week conferring with friends relative to the coming campaign, and advised Free Press that he has yielded to the advice of friends from all parts of the county for the last half year, urging him to stand for re-election. There is evidence that Mr. GANTZ has been very successful in getting and holding the confidence of teachers, trustees and patrons in all parts of the county, he having given the schools of the county strong constructive leadership, his friends assert…………………

Jess Harrison of Gustine Wants Sheriff’s Office

The Free Press is authorized to place the name of J.O.(Jess) HARRISON in the recent regular column for the announcement of candidates for office. Mr. HARRISON is asking the people of the county to elect him sheriff. He has served the county for some seven years as a deputy sheriff "for nothing" and now wants pay, for which the Free Press can’t blame him.

Mr. HARRISON is 44 years of age and has a family. He was born at Gustine, his father having settled at that place 77 years ago, and still lives there. Mr. HARRISON has never lived outside the county, he said. Most of his experience his been in farming although he has had considerable mercantile experience at Gustine, in drug and grocery business.

Mr. HARRISON told Free Press he would make a clean race as he would rather lose the office than engage in mud slinging. If elected he promises his best service, his aim being to give the people of the county a clean, efficient administration.

T.M. Edwards is Out for Office of County Sheriff

Last issue the Free Press had a short mention of the announcement of T.M. (Tom) EDWARDS of Comanche as a candidate for the sheriff’s office, although we could give but little information. Since then we have received the following statement from Mr. EDWARDS, which we gladly reproduce:

"I am a native of Comanche county, Texas, my parents having moved to Comanche county, Texas, about 70 years ago. I have been a stock farmer for the past 35 years except the past three, which time I have served as deputy sheriff under L.F. MARSHALL, and my record as deputy sheriff is submitted to the people. I feel that the experience I have had in the sheriff’s office will enable me, should I be elected sheriff, to render efficient service to the people, and should I be elected will make every effort in my power to enforce the law. ..

Dabney, Ayers, Bagwell Gave Tourist Park Site

Mrs. S.A. DUKE, president of the Shakespeare Club, made the statement to Free Press this week that Messrs. B.W. AYERS and W.C. BAGWELL had joined Y.Y. DABNEY in donating a tract of land northeast of the business section to be improved by the Club for a tourist park. The donation was made by the three named gentlemen toward a cause which the Free Press commends, and we believe the public generally will greatly appreciate.

Club members are highly elated over the donation, and will at once start a movement to improve the park site so as to have it in use during the coming summer months.

Odds and Ends

Mr. and Mrs. Whit JERNIGAN and baby have returned from Lamesa and will again make their home in De Leon.

Lowe-Carter Wholesale Grocery Co. has a new man, Mr. H.C. SHAFER, who is moving here from Fort Worth. Mr. SHAFER expects his family to arrive in a few days, and they will make their home in the city.

Former De Leon Man, Now at Lubbock, was Here on Visit

W.J. MOORE, owner of valuable farming land near Trinity school, 7 miles west of De Leon, was here on business the past week. Mr. MOORE went to Lubbock a year or so ago and now lives near the little town of Ropesville, some ten miles from Lubbock. He is well pleased with the west and is continuing to reside there. He is on land owned by G.W. LEMMONS there, renting out his place her to C.D. SOLLEY.

Victor News

Miss Vada HOOD and brother, Autrey, visited their brother in Highland community Sunday.

Rob. CLIFTON and Silver KEITH are at Stephenville this week on business.

Mrs. R.L. GARY, who has been going to school at Desdemona, is laid up with measles this week.

Misses Hazel HART and Opal THOMAS spent the week end with their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank THOMAS.

Downing Notes

The Methodist church has purchased a new piano.

Miss Hazel McGUIRE and Holden LOUDERMILK were united in marriage last Sunday afternoon at Comanche, Rev. SMOOT officiating.

Mrs. MELTON of New Hope is going to start a class in music in this community next week.

New Hope News

Mrs. CHUPP is recovering nicely from her operation, which all are glad to know.

Lloyd HOLLAND made a business trip to Comanche Saturday night.

Misses Jewel and Clara WILKERSON called on Miss Addie JOHNSON Tuesday evening.

Miss Tot McCHAREN spent Tuesday night with Miss Clara CHUPP.

Miss Ruby DICKSON, the primary teacher at New Hope, spent the week end with homefolks at Comanche.

Dick SIDES, Rubble HAZZARD, L.G. HOLLAND all attended the dance at Lon SMITH’s Saturday night.


Mrs. S. DILLON left for Lubbock last Sunday night to be at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. J.R. ELY, who is seriously ill.

Porter MORRIS came home from the west last Sunday night.

There have been several absentees from school the past week, caused by the epidemic of bad colds that is going through the country.

Our girls basketball team is composed of Mary PAIR, Fairest BLANKENSHIP, Jewell STEWART, Adele DYSON, Minnie KAY and Audett? DYSON (captain). Boys team: Edwin BROWN, Earl PORTER and Eugene MORRIS, James STEWART and Orville SITTON.

Comyn News

Miss Alma PETERS of Houston is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Roy NEEDLES.

Perry FARROW of De Leon spent the week end with his uncle, J.T. FARROW and family.

Mr. EVANS and family of Proctor has moved into our community.

A surprising and very unexpected marriage ceremony was solemnized Saturday evening at the home of Rev. George ROSS of Round Grove, the contracting parties being Mr. Herman BAKER and Miss Lorene LOWE. They were accompanied by Misses Leora LOWE and Jessie Lee HARRIS. The groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. BAKER. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.B. LOWE. Both the bride and the groom are splendid young people, and their many friends wish them much happiness.

Miss Jennie DICKEY entertained her friends with a pound party Saturday night.

Auda FLOYD has erysipelas in one of his hands.


Duster News

Miss Inez HATTOX visited Miss Emily HUDDLESTON Saturday night.

Jim CROW is having a new house built on the farm he purchased from Bob HAMLIN.

Earl HARE had the misfortune to hurt his eye very badly last Saturday evening.

Mr. WALLACE has moved to Ninevah.

Mr. HALE has moved to the house where Doss HALSEY lived for the past year.

Riley ALDRIDGE has returned from West Texas.

Carroll HODGE has moved to the place lately vacated by Mr. NASH.

Miss Grace CARTER is visiting at De Leon.

Round Grove

Carrie RIPPETOE is working at the peanut factory in De Leon at present.

Dean and Kate GARDINER, Bee and Zola GEORGE and Herbert LOVELACE attended the show at De Leon last night.

Howell ROSS of near Dublin, is moving to the Ross Bros’ farm this week.

Rock Bluff

Mr. CADENHEAD left for Brownwood last Thursday where he underwent an operation. At last reports he was recovering nicely.

Mrs. Joe PATTERSON spent Saturday night at the home of Gene HARRIS.

Hazzard FARLEY and wife motored to De Leon last Sunday and visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARLEY.

Overdue Books

We are trying to get our records straight and find that the following books are still out and overdue. We will greatly appreciate their prompt return.

History of Europe, by Suthand and Minzies; taken out by Ima ANDREWS

Billy Whiskers Twins, taken out by Thomas ATCHISON.

Ted Marsh, by Sherwood; taken out by Mrs. O.R. BELCHER.

The Red Rover, by Cooper, taken out by W.F. BLANTON.

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, taken out by W.F. BLANTON.

Her Father’s Daughter, by Porter; taken out by Mrs. L.M. BLACK.

Orphan Annie, by Grinnelle; taken out by Louise BRASHEAR.

Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Porter; taken out by Louise BRASHEAR.

Following of the Tsar, by Barclay; taken out by Mrs. I.J. BRASHEAR.

Eyes of the World, by Wright; taken out by Mrs. I.J. BRASHEAR.

Arabian Nights, taken out by Jewel CRANE.

The Globe Trotter, by Fisher; taken out by Judson CLEVELAND.

The Innocents Abroad, by Twain; taken out by Mrs. J.J. CLEVELAND.

J. Poindexter, by Cobb, taken out by A.C. COZBY.

All that Matters by Guest; taken out by Julia FARMER.

Miss Lula Beth, by Gale, taken out by Rowena FARMER.

A Heap o’Liven, by Guest; taken out by Julia FARMER.

Pride and Prejudice, by Austin’ taken out by Rowena FARMER.

A Cousin’s Conspiracy, by Alger; taken out by Dean FLEMING.

Paul Revere, by Morgan; taken out by Dean FLEMING.

The Trail of the Senecas, taken out by Fred STOVER.

Tales of the Road, Crowder; taken out by Lynn GRISHAM.

House of Torchy, by Ford; taken out by Violet GREGORY.

Magnificent Forest, Curwood, taken out by Mrs. W.A. HOWLET.

A Noble Lord, by Southworth; taken out by Mrs. Dick HALSEY.

Man of the Forest, Grey; taken out by Mrs. Loy HILL.

The Long Chance, by Kyne; taken out by Lorena HOOD.

Tales of Sherlock Holmes, taken out by Paul HOLLIMON.

The Ranch of the Wolverine, taken out by Ethel HAMILTON.

The Prairie Wife, by Stringer; taken out by Mrs. D.D. INGRAM.

Love Insurance by Biggers; taken out by Ruby INGRAM.

Forge and Furnace, by St. Clair; taken out by William INZER.

Billy Whiskers in Town, taken out by Mrs. JOHNSON.

Black and White, by Sewall; taken out by Mabel JOHNSON.

Red Robin, by Abbott; taken out by Lona JONES.

Story of My Life, Kellar; taken out by Mrs. KEMP.

Billy Whisker’s Adventures, taken out by Richard LLOYD.

Billy Whiskers, Jr., Adventures, taken out by Richard LLOYD.

Billy Whiskers in Panama, taken out by Richard LLOYD.

The Master’s Vilin, Reed; taken out by Betty LLOYD.

K. by Rhinehardt; taken out by Betty LLOYD.

The Return of Tarzan, taken out by R.O. LOUDERMILK.

Grit, the Young Rooster, taken out by Pete McCLELLAN.

Boy Aviator’s Polar Dash, taken out by Estell MARTTHIS.

Virtuous Wives, by Johnson; taken out by Ruby McQUARRY.

Rover Boys in Business, taken out by J.H. PARKER.

The Boys of the Winters, taken out by Coale NANCE.

Rienju, by Lytton; taken out by Roy NANCE.

Billy Whiskers Adventures, taken out by Alene PITTS.

House of Seven Gables, taken out by Mary E. PRINCE.

Rover Boys on a Tour, taken out by Fred RUTLEDGE.

Audrey, by Johnson; taken out by Roger May SMITH.

The above books belong to the reading public of the community and should be promptly returned so they will be available to others.

The holders may pay their fines by donating a book in good condition to the library or paying money-25¢ a week, otherwise merely return the book, thereby forfeiting the right to take another book from the library.

If there is a mistake and you have returned the book charged to you, please call at library and explain. We will gladly correct any error.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS, President

Mrs. W.E. LOWE, Secretary

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.