De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 18, 1924

Walton Filling Station Making Improvements

E.B. WALTON, owner and manager of the Highway Filling Station, located in the northeast part of town, is now engaged in moving his shed to a position across the corner of the lot upon which located, and will immediately start building a 20X30 accessories and sales room, ladies rest room, etc., in connection, his intention being to have a commodious a place as any of this nature in town.

Mr. WALTON has an excellent location for this kind of business, and will doubtless command a good tourist trade the coming summer.

Fire Destroys the Residence of Frank Carter Last Night

Fire of unknown origin started in the pretty and modern residence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank CARTER at an early hour Thursday morning, and before it could be brought under control the structure had been reduced to a mass of ashes and charred ruins.

The firemen responded promptly to the alarm, but found the blaze a hard one to fight. The roof was of solid construction, and held the blaze within like an oven, thoroughly setting fire to the interior before burning through. Two streams of water played on the building and prevented the fire from spreading. No adjoining property was damaged.

The burned building was constructed in 1919 at a cost of approximately $7,000.00, said Mr. CARTER. It was finished throughout with hardwood, and was thoroughly modern. Much of the expensive walnut furniture, together with the clothing and other personal effects of the family, were consumed in the flames. Mr. CARTER estimated the value of the furnishings in the living room alone at upward of $1,000.00, all of which were lost. Some few articles of furniture in other parts of the house were saved.

Odds and Ends

Rev. U.J. MORTON, from Dublin, is now in De Leon, and will make his home with his son, Lester MORTON.

A.L. TOLAR returned several days ago from a two-weeks stay at Marlin where he went for the benefit of his health. Mr. TOLAR has been suffering with rheumatism and indigestion, and although not yet well, is somewhat improved.

Dennis NORTON and family are leaving in a few days for Hillsboro where they will make their future home.

Mrs. E.M. DAVIS and children were visiting her daughter, Mrs.John L. WARE, of this city this week end. Mrs. DAVIS now lives at Stamford.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of a suitcase supposed to have been left for me in De Leon last Tuesday, will be rewarded if they leave same at the Free Press office. – F.G. RAUHUT, De Leon Route 3.

Friends of W.L. SALTER will be glad to know that he is convalescent from a serious attack of appendicitis, having found it necessary to have his appendix removed at a Waco sanitarium. The successful operation was performed there last Tuesday.

Robbers Blow Safe at Gustine; Get $18

Comanche, Jan. 17 – The safe of the ODELL dry goods store at Gustine, 16 miles from Comanche, was blown open last Friday night between 3 and 4 o’clock. The robbers secured about $18 in money and a number of checks. Damage was done to some of the goods in the store by the explosion.

There was evidence that the safe blowers came into town in a car and rushed out immediately after doing their work. – Dallas News.

Round Grove Young People Surprise Friends

Miss Bernice RIPPETOE and Mr. Blufus DAVIS surprised everybody when they motored over to Dublin last Friday and returned relating the news that they were married. Miss Bernice is the youngest daughter of Ed. RIPPETOE, and Mr. DAVIS is the youngest son of Rev. J.L. DAVIS of Fort Worth. They left at once for Fort Worth for a few days’ stay. Their many friends wish for them a long and happy life together.

Miss Bertha ROSS is staying with her brother, Howell ROSS, near Dublin. Mrs. ROSS has been quite sick for several days, but last account she was not getting along as well as expected.

Will LOVELACE and family have moved on to the W.A. BLAIR place.

Hubert ROSS has moved to the Howard KEITH place.

Her GILDER and family visited Herman GILDER near Dublin last Sunday.

Walter RIPPETOE is on the sick list this week.

Comyn School Believed to Have Largest School Fund Per Capita in United States

Presence of Tank Farm in That Small School District Reason for the Remarkable Fact.

The scholastic per capita fund available for Comyn school children is $88.95 derived from the local tax, and $11.50 derived from state apportionment, making a total of $100.45, which that progressive little community is able to provide for educational purposes for their children. It has been said that this is the largest school fund available for use in any district in the United States.

The scholastic enrollment for the current year is 99 pupils. Comyn school is an independent school district, has five teachers with George R. GOOSBY as superintendent, and a modern brick building, which is at present overcrowded. Plans are on foot to erect a new and modern school building during the coming summer at a cost of approximately $20,000.00 and to pay for it in two years.

There is in Comanche county 66 rural school districts. Three of these – Comyn, Jakehamon and Robinson Springs, have more than one-third of the taxable wealth. The two latter mentioned districts, like Comyn, have valuable oil properties within their bounds.

The school spirit in the Comyn district is very fine. In another column of this paper is a report of the organization of a boys’ club under county supervision, with 100 % of the boys from 10 to 18 years of age as members. Last fall Comyn girls’ club took valuable prizes at the De Leon fall fair, showing them equally active with their brothers……….

The Humble Oil & Refining Co.’s tank farm, situated immediately adjoining the fortunate village of Comyn, is the secret of their wealth. On this farm are about forty big steel tanks of 55,000 barrels storage capacity, the farm being an important station on the Humble’s line between the North-Central Texas fields and the Houston ship channel, whence oil is constantly being pumped. Gathering lines stretch their tendrils into the remotest parts of Cross Plains, Pioneer, Eastland, Ranger, Sipe Springs, Desdemona, Palo Pinto and perhaps as far as the Burkburnett fields. Besides their large number of tanks, the company maintain offices and a powerful pumping plant on their property in the district.


Mrs. H.E. WHITTLE, formerly Mrs. Kathrine DAY, was the honoree of a miscellaneous shower, given by Miss Thelma COLLIE on January 11th. The house was prettily decorated to carry out the bridal theme, dainty miniature brides occupying the various Forty-Two tables. Little Dorothy SHAVER brought in the many lovely and useful gifts in her doll buggy where they were opened by the bride and admired by all present. After a few games of bridge and "42" a dainty refreshment course was served, each guest receiving a tiny bride’s bouquet of sweet peas and ferns as a favor. The following were present: Mesdames H.E. WHITTLE, J.O. HAM, W.H. WILLIAMS, George VAUGHN, C.O. HAMPTON, Hiram SMITH, L.D. PARKS, Woodley BUTLER, A.E. HAMPTON, Brown SHAVER, J.T. EDMONDSON and R.N. HILL; Misses Letha SMITH, Juanita WAGNER, Eva LONG, Lula Mae SMIT"H, Thelma COLLIE and Johnnie LONG.

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