De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 11, 1924

Sustains Broken Collar Bone In Mishap at Cisco

Engineer A.J. BETTIS is nursing a broken collar bone, the injury having been sustained when he was replacing a water spout on a tank at Cisco after having taken a fresh supply of water on the engine of which he was in charge. The broken parts of the bone turned inward necessitating an operation in which the broken parts were pulled back into place and wired together.

The accident occurred a week ago. Mr. BETTIS is now able to be out again, but will not be fully recovered for some time.

Comanche Team to Install for Local W.O.W.

Officers for the local order of Woodmen of the World will be installed on next Wednesday evening, January 16th, at a special meeting to be held at the local Odd Fellows’ hall. S.C. FINDLEY, of Comanche, a ranking Woodman, will be present with a specially trained degree team from the Comanche order, and do the work of installation.

There are eighty-seven members of the De Leon Woodman Lodge, and the organization of same dates back many years. The condition of the lodge now is considered very satisfactory.

Wanted – A wood cook stove. Will buy or trade. Must be a bargain. N.O. DECKER

Suits Positively Will Be Filed in District Court To Collect All Back Taxes

Anyone harboring the idea that the City of De Leon and De Leon Independent School District, through their regularly appointed legal channels, will not file suit and take judgment on, and sell property to settle tax claims pending against such property, have reckoned without reason. That very thing is what attorneys for the city and school district are just now engaged in doing…………….

C.C. HAMPTON represents both the City of De Leon and the School District in the collection of these taxes. Already suits have been filed in some cases and the cases have gone to trial and the district court has handed down decisions invariably in favor of both city and school. To face the facts squarely, there is no way out but to either dig up the money, or allow property to sell under the hammer to satisfy tax claims.

It is not a cheerful outlook, but taxes are taxes, and if the city is to meet its obligations, and the school operate for the benefit of the children, taxes must be paid.

The Free Press has the direct information that there is no longer a lingering doubt as to the attorney’s policy in the matter. Suits will be filed just as rapidly as they can be prepared for filing, and judgments will be taken and sale of property take place, just as stated.

Jokkie W. Burks is Candidate for The Collector’s Office

The Free Press has a letter from Jokkie W. BURKS, former De Leon man, now residing in Comanche, requesting us to place his announcement in the "colyum" as a candidate for Tax Collector. Mr. BURKS is at present employed as city salesman and bookkeeper for the Comanche Wholesale Grocery Co., having held a similar position with Meadows & Co., here at De Leon until Meadows moved their house away. Mr. BURKS stated that he would still be living in De Leon had not his position and means of livelihood been moved away.

Mrs. BURKS states that he has lived in Comanche county only a little short of 50 years – all his life. He has served as deputy tax collector a number of times, being fully acquainted with the work, and fully competent to discharge every duty of the office. He assures the public that the law governing the office would be strictly adhered to should he be elected, and he wants the job for the money it pays.

Second Fire In Year Burns House on the Same Lot

Fire of unknown origin destroyed a house next door east from the D.P. LLOYD residence during the early morning hours Sunday, the conflagration starting at a time when the city motor fire truck refused to "budge" because of the extreme cold, and as a result little could be done toward fighting the flames. Volunteers took out a hose cart which is always kept in readiness at the fire station for just such emergencies, and a connection was finally made and adjoining property saved from damage.

The burned building formerly belonged to V.V. BELL, Earl BELL occupying sme whenit was burned last February. Recently a deal was made between V.V. BELL and J.B. JEFFREY, and title had passed to Mr. JEFFREY only a short time before the last fire occurred. The house was vacant at the time of the fire and was said to have been covered by insurance.

Avant’s Variety Store Goes Into Hands of Receiver

Avant’s Variety Store is closed, having gone into voluntary bankruptcy the first of the week. It is understood the assets are equal to the claims against the business. The Dallas Retail Merchants’ Association was named as receiver.

Mr. AVANT made a splendid effort to pull his business over the crisis and put it on a paying basis. Indeed, he might have continued the business through the present year as he was assured by Dallas wholesale firms that they would carry him. But he did not regard the outlook as sufficiently promising to warrant his continuing. Most of the indebtedness is due Dallas firms.

Rebekah Lodge Installs Officers, Serves Banquet

Last Tuesday evening at Odd Fellows Hall, the order of Rebekah installed officers for the coming year, the work of installation being done by Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, who holds the position of District Deputy President.

Officers installed, and who will serve the order the coming year are: Mrs. J.W. HOWARD, N.G.; Mrs. W.S. SNEED, V.G.; Mrs. PATTERSON, Secretary; Miss L—a Mae SMITH, Treasurer.

The lodge presented retiring Noble Grand Mrs. Delia TRENT, a gift, the speech of presentation having been made by B.J. PITTMAN.


Married at Dallas December 28, 1923, Mrs. Ada KINDRICK and Mr. E.V. SMITH, both of Breckenridge where they will continue to reside.

The bride was formerly Miss DUKE, a sister of Joe DUKE, on whose land the first Desdemona oil well was brought in. She was reared in Desdemona and has many friends here who will join in wishing her every happiness.

Mr. SMITH is a salesman for Ripley Jones Music Co., of Wichita Falls, and made his headquarters in Desdemona for ten months last year during which time he made hosts of friends by his cheerful, happy disposition as well as by his splendid ability.

The Gusher joins in extending congratulations and good wishes. – Desdemona Gusher

Forms Law Partnership With Brownwood Man

Comanche, Texas, Jan. 3. – E.P. WOODRUFF, for the last four years associated with George E. SMITH of this city in the law firm of SMITH & WOODRUFF, and during the last year or so City Attorney of Comanche, has formed a law partnership with G.W. HARRISON of Brownwood. He will remove to that city at once. Mr. WOODRUFF tendered his resignation as City Attorney a few days ago. Tom F. REESE was appointed as his successor.

Card of Thanks

I wish to avail myself of this means of thanking the people who so loyally assisted me in the Free Press recent circulation campaign in which I was winner of the Ford roadster. Especial thanks is due my friends in the Desdemona community who proved their friendship in a most substantial manner, and I sincerely thank you, one and all. Mrs. N.E. YOUNG


An unusual wedding occurred at De Leon City Hall last Saturday morning when Miss Bessie PILCHER became the bride of B.R. HATTOX. The young people called on Justice MERRICK and requested him to "tie the knot." The justice, who is unaccustomed to such procedure, although it is wholly within his prescribed line of duty, suggested that he step out and get a minister. The couple insisted that he perform the ceremony, so he called in three witnesses, R.E. SHORT, Bob DYSON and J.T. LINDLEY, and the justice performed his first marriage ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. HATTOX left immediately thereafter on the morning train for Ranger, where he is employed. The Free Press wishes them happiness and success.


E. PAYNE of De Leon, Route 1, is preparing to move to Haskell in the very near future, where he and his family will reside. The Free Press wishes them success in their home.

Ollie ROSS, who has made his home for some years in the state of Colorado, is here for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. ROSS.

Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BRANNAN are new residents of this little city, Mr. BRANNAN being connected with the Lowe-Carter Co., as salesman for this district. The Free Press extends them a welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Numa YOUNG are leaving in a few days for Lamesa where they will make their home in the future. Mrs. YOUNG, a winner of the Ford roadster in the Free Press contest recently, exchanged the roadster for a Ford touring car before going away.’’


The marriage of Mr. H.E. WHITTLE and Mrs. Kathrine DAY occurred at 4:10 o’clock, at the Methodist church in Eastland, Texas, last Wednesday afternoon. The wedding at this time was a surprise, Mr. WHITTLE coming down from Breckenridge, where he is employed, and the two motored to Eastland, procured license and drove to the Methodist church. It just so happened that the Woman’s Missionary Society was in session at the church at the hour, and the body of ladies, some twenty or thirty of them, witnessed the ceremony.

Mrs. DAY was formerly Miss Katherine BILLS, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. BILLS. Mr. WHITTLE came to De Leon as had mechanic for Harris & Powell, highway contractors, and later was employed by local garages as auto mechanic. At present he has a good position with an oil concern at Breckenridge, where he will take his bride in a few days, to make their home. The writer extends congratulations and best wishes.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Streety Have Returned

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY returned Thursday evening at dusk from an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. A.M. PATE at 215 Myrtle street, San Antonio. They came home in a brand new Studebaker 6 and a mishap to the oiling device caused the bearings to burn out, delaying them somewhat.

Mrs. May WHALEY, who has spent several months in San Antonio with the PATE family for the benefit of her health, will remain there for awhile before returning home. Mr. STREETY told Free Press that Mrs. WHALEY’s general health is now very good, and we are quite sure her many friends in De Leon will be glad to know of her improvement.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. George GOOSBY received news late Saturday night of the sudden death of Mr. GOOSBY’s sister, Mrs. Lelie MAY. They immediately left for Comanche. The entire community extend sympathy to the bereaved.

Mr. and Mrs. John MILLS took their baby to Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman last Tuesday for treatment.

Miss Callie LEWIS of Ebenezer spent the week end with Miss Altus SWEEDEN.

Victor News

R.D. HOOD has purchased himself a new 1924 model Ford.

A number of families of this community have moved out west.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank THOMAS have finished moving to their new home this week.

Rock Bluff

School started again Monday with Lewis ROCH of Post, Texas, and Miss Faye MILLER of Stephenville as teachers.

Hog killing is the event of the day in this community.

Frank FARLEY and family of Oklahoma are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. FARLEY.

J.C. FARLEY has purchased himself a new car.

The dance at Rabe SCOTT’s was enjoyed by all Friday night.

Terry HADAWAY and wife, of Moran, visited his parents, G.W. HADAWAY and family last week.

Round Grove

Mrs. CARTER of Stephenville is visiting her sister, Mrs. GARDINER.

Howard and Clemie KEITH left today with their families for Gerard, Kent county, where they will make their home in the future.

Tom HEARD is moving from Ross Bros. place to the DIXON place, near Victor.

Mrs. Wipple JONES and children of Desdemona visited her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. RIPPETOE, Saturday and Sunday.

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