De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 28, 1923

Christmas: Locals

Miss Gladys SHORT, teaching this year at Breckenridge, was home this week.

Miss Bertha ROSS, now teaching mathematics in Stamford High school, spent the week here.

Goen and William WHITE are home from State University for the holidays with their parents.

Miss Minnie MERRICK and Miss Pear NANCE, both teaching in the public schools of Fort Worth, are at home for the holidays.

Grady NABORS, who lives at Spur, Texas, is spending the holidays with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS.

Paul HOWELL was home from State University for the week.

Othe and Finis BELL, attending school at Tarleton College, were here spending the week with their parents.

Clayton BLACK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will BLACK, now living at Olton, Tex., was here for the holidays, starring on the team of the "Has Beens" Christmas afternoon.

Judson CLEVELAND, attending school at New Mexico Military Institute, is spending Christmas with his parents.

Miss Urselle SELF, teaching domestic science in Clifton High school, is here for the week.

Carroll STOVER, student at John Tarleton College, came home for Christmas. STOVER is a senior this year.

Miss Lottie Jo ADAMS, in school this year at State University, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. ADAMS.

Miss Jimmie D. INZER, in school at Tarleton College, Stephenville, is spending the week at home.

Mr. and Mrs. John STEAKLEY of Plainview are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY. On Wednesday afternoon Mesdames J.D. and W.L. STEAKLEY left for Killeen to spend a few days with the parents of the former.

Raymond TERRY is home from A. & M. College for Christmas.

Clay MORRIS came up from A. & M. College to meet his parents here and spend the holidays together.

Boyd SHARP arrived several days before Christmas for the holiday season with his parents. He studies this year at A. & M.

Byron SHORT, student at State University, Austin, is at home this week.

Owen NABORS, son of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, is spending a few days with his parents.

Earl HOWELL was up for the holidays from his home, Austin.

Will HOWELL, late of Cross Plains, now on the road as salesman, was here for the holidays.

Harry HOWELL was here from Cisco this week. Harry goes to Stephenville to take up a position after the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. M. MOORE of Wichita Falls were spending Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOKER.

Mrs. Will CARPENTER, now living at Plano, has been guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOKER for some days.

Miss Mabel HIGH, teaching this year at Breckenridge, was home for the week.

Miss La Fern HIGH, who is teaching near Hereford, is spending Christmas with her parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. ESTES were here last week for a visit with relatives and old friends. Mr. and Mrs. ESTES were formerly connected with the local telephone exchange.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HALL, now living at Breckenridge, were here for the holidays with her mother, Mrs. T.P. WEAVER.

Misses Katherine and Ruth HARVEY of Tarleton college, are home with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Misses Ila and Maurine MILLER, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER, are home from Tarleton college.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl ROSS of Fluvanna, Texas, are spending the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James T. ROSS.

Forrest SPENCE, wife and baby, of Dallas, have been guests for some days of his mother, Mrs. Wesley JONES.

Charles ROGERS of Dallas spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Maudie ROGERS, and children.

J.P. OTWELL and son, W.G. of Prescott, Ark., are visiting with his brother, J.A. OTWELL on Route 1. They returned to their home Thursday after Christmas.

Ralph PITTMAN, Baylor University student, was home for the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN.

Robert WEAVER, in insurance business at Waco, and John WEAVER, Baylor student, were home for Christmas.

Miss Bonnie CROW, who is student in Baylor this year, is spending the week with relatives and friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK of Denison have been guests this week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.

Mrs. A.D. JONES and children of Breckenridge have been spending the week in the home of her mother, Mrs. S.T. STOVER.

Misses Virginia and Mary Louise LOWE of Cleburne are spending the week in the home of their parents.

Clarence FARMER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARMER, is here from Abilene this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. FARMER of Comanche were spending Christmas Day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. FARMER.

Mrs. ALLEN and children, who make their home at Dallas, are guests this week of her brothers, R.R. and Otis HARVEY.

The Misses HERRING are spending the week with relatives and friends at Comanche.

Mrs. Herman LESTER, who teaches at Bangs, was spending the holiday period with her husband here.

Miss Eva LONG is spending Christmas with her parents near Comanche.

Wesley SHOOK, wife and baby, are home from a brief visit with relatives and friends at Bremond.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. HORN and children spent Christmas day with her parents at Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and little daughter, of Hico, were here for Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Doss MILLER, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney HUGHES of Breckenridge were spending Christmas with her mother, Mrs. H.W. LOCKE.

Miss Myrtle MULLENS, head of the department of millinery for Higginbotham Bros. & Co., went to Dallas for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Val McCHAREN of Cisco spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN off Route 4.

J. Lloyd LEE, teaching this year at Wellington, in the panhandle, was home this week.

Mrs. J.E. WILLIAMSON of Austin was a holiday guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. POOL and children of Sipe Springs were Christmas guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Oscar Cozby is Rapidly Recovering

Oscar COZBY, who had an operation for acute appendicitis at Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, last week, has so far recovered as to be again at work at Dabney Hardware.

Gorman Young Lady Meets Near Accident

The Misses Hannah and Claire PURDY of Gorman were visiting in our city Wednesday afternoon. Miss Hannah, while celebrating the holidays at her home last Monday received a most painful accident when a giant firecracker which she was lighting, discharged in her hand, injuring the first two fingers and thumb on her right hand. The members were badly lacerated and she suffered much from the injury, but now there is no danger of complications setting up. Her many friends in De Leon sympathize with her, but are indeed glad that the injury was no worse than it was.

Christmas and Silver Wedding Jointly Celebrated

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY spent Christmas with his sister, Mrs. D.C. DUNLAP, who resides seven miles east of Comanche. Mr. and Mrs. DUNLAP on Christmas Day celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Present for the celebration were twenty-four relatives and the occasion was made a most enjoyable one, with a big turkey and all the trimmings that go into making a real feast day.

Rock Bluff

Miss Clara ROSS returned from the Gorman Sanitarium Sunday where she had been for an operation for appendicitis. Miss ROSS is recovering nicely.

This community was brought to a pleasant surprise Monday night by the news of the marriage of William CADENHEAD to Miss Euzelia GRAY. Miss GRAY is the charming daughter of Boliver GRAY and has lived in this community since childhood. Mr. CADENHEAD has made his home in this community some three years. We wish them a long and happy life as they journey through life together.

Miss Vida EZZELL returned Saturday from Abilene. She and Homer CADENHEAD motored to Comanche and were united in marriage. May their lives be full of happiness.

Jim JORDAN of Eastland is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. Mat ROSS.

Round Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Dalt GILDER are the proud parents of a baby boy, who made his advent into this world the 11th.

2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.