De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 14, 1923

Overland 4 and Ford Truck Meet Head-On Collision

An auto smash-up occurred on the De Leon-Comanche highway late Tuesday afternoon, resulting in an estimated $50 or $75 damage to a Ford truck, property of Woodlie BUTLER. The truck was being driven to Comanche with a heavy load of groceries from the Shear Co., Roy BUTLER being in charge. Tommie RYAN, the pugilist, in an Overland 4 was the party in the other car.

The mishap occurred immediately in front of the home of Percival WHITLOW, a mile south of Rush creek bridge. BUTLER had just climbed the hill with his heavy load, and as he topped the hill he saw the other machine coming. BUTLER pulled out but failed to clear the road with his outside wheel. Ryan attempted to climb out of the ruts on his side, it is said, but his machine refused to clear the deep and slick ruts, and he collided with the truck while going at a considerable speed. The truck was standing still when the impact came.

The Overland carried the heavy apparatus used by Ryan in his various demonstrations of strength, he being billed for a performance here, which he gave on Wednesday evening under the auspices of the High School Athletic department. The total load was perhaps 1500 pounds.

The Ford truck, a practically new machine, had the left front wheel smashed to splinters, radius rods bent and twisted, and the front and side otherwise damaged.

Walton Will Handle Fresh Fish Oysters

E.B. WALTON had his first shipment of a very fine grade of deep sea oysters and fresh cat fish Wednesday, which sold like hot cakes. The oysters come sealed in tins, 30-count and are very fine indeed. The fish are cut and sold in any quantity.

Mr. WALTON plans to carry this line regularly hereafter, and bids for the trade.

De Leon Gas Company Purchased The Hughes-Williams Gas Well. Will Begin At Once Laying Line To New Well To Supply De Leon

The sale of the Hughes-Williams Oil & Development Company’s Lester No. 1, is announced this week, A.E. LITSON, owner of De Leon and Brownwood gas franchises, being the purchaser. The deal is one of the most important affecting the welfare of the De Leon public in some time……….

Round Grove

Mrs. George ROSS received a message stating her son, Roscoe SPARKS, of Arizona, was dead. We have not learned the particulars of his death.

There have been quite a few who have purchased new Ford cars this fall. Dean GARDNER and Frank ROSS are the latest new ones. The roads and weather are awful for breaking in a new car.

Comyn News

Rev. HENDON filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Sunday at the eleven o’clock hour. Our services have been changed from the fourth Sunday to the second Sunday of each month.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry LIGHTFOOT and children of Desdemona spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom FARROW.

C.M. CARAWAY and F.R. GOOSBY spent Sunday afternoon in the Roach community.

Rock Bluff

Miss Bessie NOWLIN was carried to the Gorman sanitarium last Thursday where she underwent an operation for appendicitis. Miss NOWLIN was recovering nicely at the last report.

Melvin EZZELL was married to Miss Mabel SKAGGS last Saturday morning. We wish them a long and happy life.

Emory COOPER returned the last of the week from the Dallas sanitarium where he underwent an operation. He is recovering nicely.

Lon SMITH and wife and Bub ROSS spent Sunday at the home of Sid MORROW.

Miss Essie Pearl HARRIS is at the Gorman sanitarium with Miss Bessie NOWLIN.

Jeff TATE and family of De Leon, accompanied by Miss Lillian TATE, visited at the home of Boliver GRAY last Sunday.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our many friends and all others who have shown us the kindness that is inherent in all our hearts as they have shown to us during the hours of sadness following the loss of our dear baby and the misfortune of the fire. May God bless you all. – W.E. BULLARD and family

Santa Letters

De Leon, December 10th

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl 12 years old and am in the fifth grade. All I want you to bring me this Christmas is a good basket ball, a famous coon jigger and a pair of good gloves for me to wear to school, all kinds of fruits, candies, nuts and fireworks. Your little friend, GWENDOLA CLIFTON

De Leon, Dec. 12

Dear Santa Clause: I am a little boy six years old and I want you to bring me a tricycle, a knife and some apples, oranges and candy, and a package of firecracker. Your friend, BYRUM HUDDLESTON

Dear Ole Sant Claus: As Christmas is very near I thought I had better let you know what I want. I wish you would bring a little axe, pair of gloves, knife, a little red wagon, and all kinds of fireworks. Also some fruit and all kinds of candy. As I have so many brothers and sisters for you to visit this will be my share, I guess. Thanking you, GEORGE VAN ZANDT.

Dear Santa: As I have been a good little girl I wish you would bring me a little red rocking chair, a great big doll with sleepy eyes, little stove, tea set and a little broom. Also lots of candy and fruit. Do not forget my little sister, Bettie Gene, either Santa. Your little friend, DARLEENE VAN ZANDT

Dear Santa: Please bring me a doll and a little broom so I can help mother sweep the floor. Brother wants a knife and a chain and a little hammer and nails and we both want fruit and candy. Your little friends, HELEN LOUISE TREADWAY, RALPH ELWOOD TREADWAY.

De Leon, December 10

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl nine years old. I am in the third grade, and I want you to bring me a doll that says mamma, and a cedar chest and apples and oranges, nuts and candy. That is all. Your Friend, MAYME CATHERINE SPENCER.

De Leon, Dec. 8th

Dear Santa: I want you to bring me a crying doll, a doll buggy, and a rubber ball. I have a little sister two years old. Please bring her a crying doll and a rubber ball. Bring us some apples, oranges, nuts and candy and we will be good till Xmas if you will. Your little friend, VERDA JOHNSON.

De Leon, December 11th

Dear Santa Claus: I wish you would bring me a coasting wagon and some story books and fruit. Yours truly, BOB HENRY SMITH

Comanche, Dec. 7th

Dear Santa Claus: How are you getting along; if you are well I wish you would bring me a basketball and a tricycle, and some firecrackers and oranges and apples and candy; also some baby joint. This is all I want. Yours truly, DAN LOUDERMILK

De Leon, Dec. 8th

Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you to tell you what I wish you would bring me. I want a bicycle, and fruits and nuts. That is all I will ask for. I will remember the other children. Your little friend, ZADIE McCHAREN P.S. I am 10 years old and in the 4th grade. Don’t forget Kenneth and Lottie.

De Leon, Dec. 8th

Dear Santa: I am a little girl 9 years old and in the fourth grade. Santa, I have tried to be good ever since last Christmas, and I want you to bring me from the North Pole a doll with bobbed hair and sleepy eyes. You may also bring me some more toys that every little girl enjoys. Bring me some nuts and fruits of all kind. Your little friend, META McCHAREN

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.