De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 7, 1923

B.J. Pittman, Jr. Had Operation at Dallas

Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN is home from Dallas where she went to be with her son, B.J., Jr. through a nasal operation. The young PITTMAN was injured in a football game while in Baylor some time since. He is now sufficiently recovered to be back at his work.

Morris Dairy is Closed; Herd Sold To Lamesa Man

C.Y. MORRIS, for several years owner and manager of Morris Dairy, this week closed out his business, selling his herd of more than twenty fine Holsteins and Jerseys. The herd was shipped this week to Lamesa where they will be utilized in supplying that city with dairy products.

First Quarterly Conference, De Leon Circuit Dec. 22-23

Pastor J.F. CLARK requested Free Press to announce that the first quarterly conference of the De Leon Methodist Circuit will be held with the Ross Chapel church on Saturday and Sunday, December 22-23. Rev. Sam G. THOMPSON, presiding elder of Cisco District will be present at that time. There will be preaching at the eleven o’clock hour both Saturday and Sunday. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

De Leon Man is Winner at Dallas Natl. Poultry Show

H.M. ROSS is to be congratulated upon his winning first prize in the dark cockerel class Barred Rocks, at the Dallas National Poultry Show. Mr. ROSS showed his fine bird against a class of about twenty-five birds, some of which had been winners at Dallas Fair, Oklahoma State Fair, Kansas State Fair and Louisiana State Fair. The competition in this particular class was said by local breeders in attendance at the show, to be the closest of any event.

Mr. ROSS showed the same bird at De Leon Fair and of course was winner, practically sweeping the Barred Rock class with his various entries. Mr. ROSS has not placed a valuation on his bird because he is certainly not for sale. But to say the fine cockerel is worth, and would easily sell for $200.00 is not too high. Mr. ROSS carries a flock of about 100 birds on his yard, and besides the "Royal Blue" winner cockerel, he has many others that would win in any show..

Mrs. Butler is Severely Scalded at Home Sunday

Mrs. W.B. BUTLER happened to a severely painful accident Sunday as a result of which she is confined to her bed with painful burns. She was carrying a vessel of hot water intending to pour it into a baby bath tub preparing to give her baby a bath, when her hand slipped from the rim of the vessel and the scalding contents poured over her limbs from knees to her feet, literally cooking the flesh.

A physician was called and administered to her injuries and she is recovering.

Vital Statistics for Comanche County


Born to Mr. and Mrs. –

Charlie TIDWELL, Comanche, boy.

Robert L. STEWART, Comanche, boy.

J.W. GRIFFITH, De Leon, boy.

Rufus WALKER, De Leon, boy.

J.R. RICE, De Leon, boy.

Chas. E. HULSEY, De Leon, boy.

A.G. FORREST, De Leon, boy.

Rubin Holmes, De Leon, boy.

E.G. WELLS, Comanche, girl.

V.C. WALKER, Comanche, boy.

W.C. RIGHTNER, Comanche, boy.

E.W. GRESSETT, Comanche, boy.

I.C. FLETCHER, Comanche, boy.

G.L. GRESSETT, Comanche, boy.

W.H. WAGNER, Comanche, boy.

W.A. DURHAM, Lamkin, girl.

Vernon BRADFORD, Sipe Springs, girl.

W.E. HOLMES, De Leon, girl.

W.L. LOCKE, De Leon, girl.

C.D. LEUALLEN, De Leon, boy.

Dave McCLELLAN, De Leon, boy.

William HOLBROOKS, De Leon, girl.

George LEWIS, De Leon, girl.

F.L. RHODES, Duster, girl.

J.L. GRACE, boy

J.P. NEAL, Lamkin, boy

W.H. McDONALD, Gustine, girl.

J.F. KEETER, Comanche, boy.

D.P. BREEDLOVE, Comanche, girl.

Emmett LONG, Comanche, boy.

F.M. VINES, Sipe Springs, boy.

Charles CLARK, Sipe Springs, girl.

W.A. WOZENCRAFT, Hasse, boy.

G.J. BLACK, Hasse, girl.

B.A. McMILLON, Proctor, girl

W.C. McNUTT and Miss Alberta J.D. MOONEY, Comanche, boy.


J.E. EATON and Miss Ruth GISH.


E.C. FISHER and Miss Erma HANK.

C.N. FISHER and Miss Della GRAY.

W.L. HARKINS and Miss Alma KNIGHT.

J.M. HELMS and Miss Beulah DENNIS.

Harrell McCOY and Copitola BOATWRIGHT.

F.L. VINCENT and Miss Estelle DAVIDSON.



D.C. ROBERTSON and Miss Freida McGUIRE.

J.B. FRAZIER and Miss Della PIL?HER.

J.Z. STEVENS and Miss Vada McKENZIE.

Raymond LUKER and Miss Brownie GRAHAM.

John S. SCOTT and Miss Grace DUMAS.

Former De Leon Oil Man Sold Out; Moved to LaMesa

A.E. LATSON came in Sunday from Lamesa where he recently moved. During the week he has closed out his business here, selling his oil business to Fred RUTLEDGE, Jr. and after disposing of other business affairs returned to Lamesa.

Mr. LATSON has engaged in the grocery business at Lamesa and is doing quite well, he said. The country there has made a large cotton crop and the amount of money in circulation, Mr. LATSON declared, makes times very good, indeed.

Near Accident

While returning from the S.M.U. Baylor game at Dallas Thanksgiving evening, a car in which Robt., Z.C., and Zollie STEAKLEY, and Otis HARVEY were riding, came near going over an embankment some fifteen mile this side of Fort Worth. The near-accident was occasioned by two cars meeting near a bridge where the two cars could not easily pass.

Mr. Kimble Slowly Recovering From Near Fatal Accident

W.C. KIMBLE returned from Waco the latter part of last week where he had been for examination at Baptist Sanitarium. Mr. KIMBLE sustained injuries in an automobile accident near Paris, Texas, early in July, coming near losing his life. The nature of his injuries are broken ribs and sprained and broken joints in his chest. The Waco physicians said he will ultimately recover from his injuries, but his recovery will be slow. The accident happened while Messrs. KIMBLE and Edgar BUTLER were returning from a visit with relatives in Mississippi. It was about the time of the Free Press’ disastrous fire last summer and this paper did not carry an account of the accident at the time.

Gas-Burned Victim Is Now Improving

The Free Press is glad to learn that Mrs. Eustace BULLARD, who was seriously burned in a gas fire in which her baby lost its life near Desdemona last week, is improving and it is believed will recover. The baby was buried at De Leon cemetery last Wednesday a week ago. Their home was destroyed by the fire.

Mr. BULLARD is a brother of Mrs. Lewis DICKSON on Route 2.

County Politics Taking Form For Next Year’s Race

The Comanche Enterprise has compiled information regarding the coming race for places on the Democratic ticket next year, the information we take it, being as correct as may be compiled at this early date. The candidates have already announced in some instances, and others are merely indicating their intention of making the races.

The Free Press looks forward to a lively political contest in 1924, as is usually the case on presidential election year.

The Enterprise mention of the race is as follows:

In Comanche county there are already a number of avowed candidates for the various political plumes, that will shortly bud and bloom into a reality, but so far only one has bloomed out. C.W. WILLIAMS, who in this week’s paper announces his intention of making the race for tax collectors; but the probable lineup to date reads as follows:

For county judge, H.I. STEWART of Comanche, and Prof. LUKER of Proctor.

For tax assessor, George GOOSBY of Comyn, and R.T. LACY of Sidney.

For tax collector, C.W. WILLIAMS of Comanche, and G.M. STRICKLAND of De Leon.

For county superintendent, Supt. D.E. RENFRO of Proctor, and Miss Pearl BOYD of Sidney.

For sheriff, George MONTGOMERY, T.M. EDWARDS and Tonk HULSEY of Comanche, Bob DYSON of De Leon and Jesse HARRISON of Gustine.

Mrs. Austin J. Smith Entertains at Bridge

One of the earliest and most fashionable events of the season was given Tuesday, December fourth, by Mrs. Austin J. SMITH of Traveles Hotel, at the home of her mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH. The home was beautifully decorated throughout, portraying the Christmas spirit in every possible detail……..

Miss Letha SMITH, sister of the hostess, gave several vocal and piano numbers, vocal numbers being "When Irish Eyes are Smiling," "Lonely," and "That Old Gang of Mine."

Members of the Bridge Club, and visitors present, numbered twenty, including Misses Juanita WAGNER, Johnnie LONG, Thelma COLLIE, Eva LONG, Letha SMITH; Mesdames Thos. HOLDEN, John C. GOODRICH of Desdemona, J.J. CLEVELAND, B.J. PITTMAN, Kos. MYERS, S.A. DUKE, R.L. WHALEY, O.E. STUDEVILLE, Chas. T. BEEBE of Pittsburgh, Penna., R.L. SCOTT, L.D. PARKS, Hiram SMITH, W.E. LOWE, B. SHAVER and Austin SMITH.

Pretty poinsettia tally cards showed Mrs. L.D. PARKS as the winner of high score. A delightful afternoon was enjoyed by all present.

Comyn News

Geneva PAINTER, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl PAINTER of Louisiana, was buried at the Comyn cemetery last Sunday afternoon. The family is visiting Mr. PAINTER’s parents. The entire community extends sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Mr. ROBBINS of Oklahoma is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Conway THOMPSON.

Mrs. Audie FLOYD has returned from Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman, where she underwent a successful throat operation.

Mrs. Edgar HAVIS suffered a neuralgia attack last week.

Duster News

Erle HARE was on the sick list last week.

Miss Faith ELLIOTT visited Flora CROW Monday night.

Miss Belle DUKE gave a party at the postoffice.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. WOODY and daughters, Mrs. GRIMSHAW and Miss Nora FORD of Gorman; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer FORD and little daughter of Eliasville, Van WOODY and wife, Hulan, Lily and Orville HAMLIN were guests of J.D. CROW and wife last Thursday.

Rock Bluff

Charlie MORROW and wife spent Monday night with relatives at De Leon.

Mrs. Mollie TATE of De Leon spent the week end with relatives in this community.

Virge NOWLIN and family spent Monday night with Lon SMITH and family.

Misses Rema EZZELL and Ruby HARRIS spent Saturday night and Sunday with Misses Lula and Fannye HADAWAY.

Grandma TATE spent the week end with her daughter, Mrs. Sid MORROW.


Marvin HANCOCK, traveling salesman for Harris-Polk Hat Co., is spending some time with his parents.

W.D. MOHON of Cisco was visitng his sister, Mrs. L.N. POWELL, and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. MILLER and son, Lossie, of Fort Worth were visiting Mrs. MILLER’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L.N. POWELL.

Mrs. Chas. T. BEEBE, wife of campaign manager of the Free Press contest, is recovering from a severe attack of tonsillitis.

Miss Bertha ROSS, teaching in the Stamford High school, was spending the Thanksgiving holiday with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. WEAVER, late of Fort Worth, have moved to De Leon and will make their home here. Mr. WEAVER is employed as a boiler maker at the M-K-T shops.

Mr. DANIEL, formerly connected with the De Leon Bottling Works, now living at Dublin, was visiting with Mr. and Mrs. PORCH last week.

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