De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 16, 1923

De Leon Young People Married at Waco Sunday

The Free Press is in receipt of information of the marriage of Miss Minnie LOCKE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE, to Mr. Fred ATCHISON, at Waco last Sunday evening. The wedding occurred at the Central Christian church with Rev. Glenn HUTTON, the pastor, saying the impressive ceremony. The young couple are spending a few days at the Raleigh, the message said.

Miss LOCKE has been employed in the post office at Breckenridge for about two years, having formerly held a similar position in De Leon post office. She was reared here, graduated from De Leon High School, and has a host of friends who will wish for her the greatest happiness and success. Mr. ATCHISON also lived in De Leon for a number of years. He was in the employ of the M. K. & T. Ry. for quite a long while, and is deservedly popular among the railroad people, as well as the citizenship generally. The very best wishes of their many friends will go with Mr. and Mrs. ATCHISON as they start on the eventful journey of marital relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. ATCHISON will be at home at 521 West 3rd Ave., Corsicana, Texas.

Well Known Couple Married At Abilene

The marriage of Mr. Charley QUINN and Miss Stella EPPERSON occurred at Abilene last Wednesday and the young couple are spending some time with relatives and friends here.

Mr. QUINN is a brother of J.T. QUINN of De Leon Route 2, and formerly made his home with his brother. Miss EPPERSON, whose home was Dublin, was employed to teach the Bowman school, three miles west of this city two years ago, and it was here the couple met.

Mr. QUINN has been for the past year or more making his home at El Segundo, Calif., and they may return there, although they consider making their home at De Leon. Best wishes are extended them.

Prizes Awarded At Fall Fair

Sewing Club: The first prize in the Sewing Club went to Miss Mamie STRONG of Comyn community, whose exhibit attracted widespread attention. She won a $25.00 cedar chest.

Canning Club Award: Miss Ina CARAWAY, also of Comyn school community, won first prize in the Girl’s Canning Club. Miss CARAWAY was awarded a cabinet ironing board, valued at $30.00

Embroidery Club Prize: A 10 year old lassie won the prize offered for best exhibit in the Embroidery Club. She is Miss Winona HERD of Round Grove community. Prize was a $20.00 ladies hat.

Fine Arts Dept. of Fair:

Gowns: 1st – Mrs. J.S. FREEMAN, Abilene; 2nd – Miss Edna Merle REDDEN; 3rd – Miss Lula Mae SMITH

Pillow Slip: 1st – Mrs. L.E. FORREST, Thurber; 2nd – Mrs. L.E. FORREST; 3rd – Mrs. J.C. HOOKER

Crochet Specimen: 1st – Mrs. A. APPLEBY; 2nd – Mrs. APPLEBY; 3rd – Mrs. Pete SHAVER

Best Embroidery: 1st – Mrs. Will NUNNELLEY; 2nd – Minnie Lee DABNEY; 3rd – Mrs. Jas. JOINER

Plain Sewing: 1st – Mrs. Frank CARTER; 2nd – Mrs. C.C. MORRIS; 3rd – Mrs. B.C. NOWLIN

Handkerchiefs: 1st Mrs. Frank CARTER; 2nd – Mrs. L.E. FOREST; 3rd – Mrs. Frank CARTER

White Apron: 1st – Mrs. B.C. NOWLIN; 2nd – Mrs. Joe SMITH; 3rd – Edna Myrl REDDEN

Misses’ Dress: 1st – Mrs. L.E. FOREST; 2nd – Miss Addie JOHNSON; 3rd – Mrs. L.E. FOREST

Towel: 1st – Miss Minnie Lee DABNEY; 2nd – Miss Minnie Lee DABNEY; 3rd – Mrs. Jas. JOINER

Sofa Pillow: 1st – Mrs. Jas. JOINER; 2nd – Miss Love SCOTT; 3rd – Mrs. A.J. BELL

Quilt: 1st – Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY; 2nd – Mrs. Etta GRAY; 3rd – Mrs. L.D. MERRITT

Bed Spread: 1st – Mrs. T. CARNES; 2nd – Mrs. S.T. STOVER; 3rd – Mrs. Jack BETTIS

Lunch Set 1st – Mrs. J.T. ROSS (No competition)

Scarfs: 1st – Mrs. Jas. JOINER; 2nd – Mrs. R.N. GRAY (KINCHEN), Dallas; 3rd – Mrs. Robert STEAKLEY

Buffet: 1st Minnie Lee DABNEY; 2nd – Mrs. Pete SHAVER; 3rd – Mrs. E.E. DABNEY

Centers: 1st – Mrs. Frank GARTER; 2nd – Miss Bernice WALLACE; 3rd – Miss Lula Mae SMITH

Dining Room Sets: 1st – Mrs. Jas. JOINER; 2nd – Mrs. Jas. JOINER; 3rd – Mrs. A.A. HANSFORD

Ladies’ Combination Set: 1st – Mrs. Jas. JOINER; 2nd – Miss Edna Myrl REDDEN; 3rd – Mrs. L. E. FOREST

Baby’s Dress: 1st – Mrs. J.S. FREEMAN, Abilene; 2nd – Mrs. Steve DUKE; 3rd – Mrs. Steve DUKE

Baby’s Cap: 1st – Mrs. Artie SPENCER; 2nd – Mrs. Frank CARTER; 3rd – Mrs. J.S. CARTER

Crib Set: Mrs. Steve DUKE (no competition)

Negligee: Love SCOTT (no competition)

Pictures – Water Color: 1st – Mrs. R.N. HILL; 2nd – Mrs. Evan BARKER; 3rd – Mrs. L.E. FOREST

Pen and Ink: 1st – Frank CARTER; 2nd – Mrs. L.E. FOREST; 3rd – Frank CARTER

Oil Paintings: 1st – Clair PURDY, Gorman; 2nd – Mrs. W.W. GREGORY; 3rd – Vera SPENCER

Charcoal: 1st – Paul MADOX, Gorman; 2nd – Clair PURDY, Gorman; 3rd – Clair PURDY

Mrs. W.W. GREGORY’s Class: 1st – Mrs. Joe BLITCH; 2nd – Merle LIGHTFOOT; 3rd – Taylor DABNEY

Prizes Awarded in Department of Horses and Mules

C.B. GEORGE, De Leon Route 3, showed the best span of mules, and was awarded the pair of $20.00 bridles donated through Higginbotham Bros. & Co. by Tom PADGITT of Dallas.

Bob HATTOX, Route 2 was awarded one house door, value $25.00, for best mare and colt.

J.N. BOEN, best stallion, $10.00 pair trousers, given by Higginbotham Bros. & Co.

J.N. BOEN, best mule colt, suit of overalls, value $4.00.

J.N. BOEN, best jack, prize $10.00 pair of trousers, donated through C.L. KINCHEN

Round Grove Man Bitten by Dog Believed Mad

Dalt GILDER was given a scare last week that caused quite a bit of excitement around here. Dalt and family had gone from home and on returning they found their dog tied at Mr. JONES’, a near neighbor, who told them the dog had come there acting very strange. Dalt carried the dog home, but kept watching him. After the dog had another fit, he carried him away to kill him. While carrying him away the dog had another fit and snapped Dalt on the hand. The dog was killed and his head sent to Austin. A telegram from there the next day stating that the dog did not have rabies gave great relief to Dalt and the neighborhood as well.

Mrs. Effie GRAY and children are visiting Mrs. GRAY’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. PATTERSON, at present.

Mr. PRESSLEY and Dean GARDNER are loading a car of corn, which was sold to a man at Rotan for $1.00 per bushel.

Mr. and Mrs. John ROGERS of Oklahoma are visiting their aunt, Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE.

Jim EDWARDS and family of Oklahoma are visiting their uncle, Gib. TREADWAY, at present.

Rock Bluff

Miss Odessa AKERS spent Wednesday night with Miss Marie MORROW.

Miss Myrtle GREGORY went to Harmony the last of the week where she will teach school. We wish her much success with her work throughout the school term.

Merriman POUNDS and family of De Leon were in this community for the weekend.

Mrs. Mollie TATE of De Leon spent the weekend at the home of Biliver GRAY.

Duster News

School started at this place Monday with seventy-five enrolled. We are planning for a good school this year.

Bro. Will SKAGGS filled his regular appointment here Sunday.

Bob HAMLIN is going to put up a new windmill the latter part of this week.

Mr. and Miss HAPPER have moved in the place just vacated by J.D. CROW.

Misses Mat COAN and Joe FOOT, who are attending school at Stephenville, were home for the weekend.

Ferridon CROW was here from Big Spring Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Bessie McPHAIL of De Leon was in Duster Saturday night and Sunday.

Clyde HATTOX returned Friday night from Rotan where he has been visiting relatives for about a month.

Miss Tommy JONES returned Sunday from Lamesa, where she had been visiting her brothers for the past four weeks.

Bob HAMLIN has been on the sick list for the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. RHODES are the happy parents of a new baby girl.


Miss Lela JENKINS was home from John Tarleton College during the fair.

Mrs. Hank WATKINS, living in the north part of town, is convalescent after a severe illness of more than a week.

Mrs. May WHALEY left a few days ago for San Antonio where she will be guest for some time of her sister, Mrs. A.M. PATE.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar NABORS of Comanche were Sunday guests of his parents, Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABERS at this place.

Sam BROWN, operator of linotype and general manager of the mechanical department of Free Press, spent the Armistice holiday with friends in Breckenridge.

Misses Kathrine and Ruth HARVEY, who are attending school at John Tarleton College, Stephenville, were spending the Armistice Day holiday with their parents.

Mrs. John C. SPRADLEY, formerly Miss Flossie STOVER, now making her home at Duncan, Okla., has been spending some days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. STOVER.

Ernest GREGORY, residing in the east part of town, is seriously ill of typhoid fever and has been for some weeks. Gregory reached the crisis Thursday and is believed on the road to recovery.

Miss Mary Louise LOWE, who is attending school at Cleburne, was at home for the weekend and holiday with her parents, Mayor and Mrs. W.E. LOWE. She was accompanied by her friend, Miss Lutie TRICE.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. HAMPTON are moving back to their residence in town this week after a year’s absence at their farm, on the De Leon-Gorman Highway. Mr. HAMPTON is disposing of his White Leghorn flock and modern hatchery, and will devote his time again to the practice of law, his health having so improved that he can again engage in his former occupation.


Last Monday afternoon quite a few Senior girls met after school for the purpose of organizing a club, consisting only of Senior girls. After hearing various opinions on this, we all decided it would be great "fun" to have a club of this sort in the school. Name, motto and officers were selected:

Name – Fun

Motto – Oddles and Great Gobs

President – Evelyn BALLEW

Vice President – Phyllis SHORT

Reporter – Lucile HENDRICKS

The charter members are as follows: Q.T. BUTLER, Rowena FARMER, Eula McIVER, Janice KEE, Phyllis SHORT, Mary L. PITTS, Lillie Mae BROWNLEE, Enola McCHAREN, Trell WALLER, Ara NABORS, Dollie STEPHENS, Evelyn BALLEW, and Lucile HENDRICKS.

Card of Thanks

We wish to extend to our neighbors and friends our sincerest thanks for their aid and sympathy during the long illness and death of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. Minta GREER. Your thoughtfulness for her, and your kindness to us will ever be cherished and remembered. Mrs. S.G. PARKS; L.D. PARKS and wife; R.L. SCOTT and wife.


©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.