De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 2, 1923 (Issue "B")


Mrs. Shook Entertains

Mrs. Henry SHOOK entertained the Rook Club and a large number of guests with a large number of guests with a charming party Thursday afternoon. The rooms were decorated in Jack-o-Lanterns, black cats and other emblems of Hallowe’en. The lights with orange shades gave a weird look to everything. Hallowe’en score cards and favors were also used. Mrs. Hardy YOWELL made high score, the prize being a witch.

The hostess served a delicious salad course with tea and pumpkin pie to the club and Mesdames W.S. SNEED, Frank SNEED, Millner YOWELL, ALLEN, T.C. SMITH, MOHON; Misses Golda JONES, Eva LONG, and Juanita WAGNER.

L.T. Slater Entertains

L.T. SLATER entertained a number of his closest friends Hallowe’en night at his home. The house was all decorated in the colors, yellow and black, with lanterns hung everywhere.

They had a regular fortune teller, a witch and spooks enough to scare a man. They all enjoyed the refreshments and thanked Mrs. SLATER for the happy evening she had permitted them to have.

Hallowe’en Party

Master John UNDERWOOD and Taylor DABNEY were hosts on Hallowe’en night to ten of their friends, at the Underwood home.

Miss Mamie UNDERWOOD played the interesting part of the "fortune teller." The children were served orange julep upon their arrival, then enjoyed all the spooky games of the night, the house being profusely decorated with cats, pumpkins and lanterns.

Apples, candy and nuts were served as refreshments.

"42" Club

Mrs. Elmer GENTRY was the charming hostess to the "42" Club Saturday, October 20th, from 3 to 6 p.m. The house was prettily decorated in the Hallowe’en colors, with lights on. Six tables of players enjoyed the games, with Mrs. S.A. DUKE winning high score.

The refreshment course was dainty salad and sandwiches, with iced tea. The club meets next on November 17 with Mrs. R.L. WHALEY.

Hallowe’en Party

Misses Bettie LLOYD and Velma BELL were hostess to a large number of friends at the home of Miss LLOYD on Hallowe’en night.

The guests began arriving at the hour of seven-thirty. They assembled into a dimly lighted room decorated with black cats grinning pumpkins, black bats, witches, orange and crepe paper.

Each guest was tagged with a number. At eight-fifteen the guests had all arrived and each guest was to guess "who is told?"

A prize was awarded to Everett HANSFORD and Mildred VAN ZANDT for guessing the most numbers correctly.

They then fished for fortunes and other Hallowe’en games were played. Each guest was asked to read their fortunes aloud. This caused much merriment.

Several interesting readings and ghost stories were given by Johnnie WALKER, Allene GUEST, Nettie NEAL.

Each guest found their "soul mate" and they were ushered into the dining room which was beautifully decorated with ferns and cut glass, black and orange crepe paper. Fruit punch was served to the following: Misses Lillian HANSFORD, Bessie SLOAN, Allene GUEST, Helen and Georgia BOWEN, Annette TRENT, Nettie NEAL, Johnie COONER, Lona JONES, Eula McIVER, Mildred VAN ZANDT, Velma BELL, Bettie LLOYD; Messrs. Boots TRENT, Raymond VAN ZANDT, John WALKER, Fred NABORS, Sherrod STOVER, Doyle LOCKE, Herbert WEAVER, Everett HANSFORD, Deward JONES, Perry FARROW, Walter JOHNSTON, Lane MORELAND and Henry LLOYD.

Singers’ Notice!

All singers and those who like singing are cordially invited to attend a special singing to be held at the Christian church in De Leon at 2 o’clock p.m., Sunday, November 11. All classes invited and urged to bring books. Come and let us make this an enjoyable musical occasion. – W.E. BUTLER, T.H. NANCE, H.W. LOCKE

No Hunting!

We, the undersigned, will allow no hunting on our land and warn hunters to take notice and KEEP OFF! :

J.F. OWENS, De Leon, Rt. 3; G.W. LEMMONS, Rt. 3, (in charge of J.F. OWENS); Charley TATE, Rt. 1; Mrs. L. E. EDMONDSON; Uncle Joe CHAMBERS; Mrs. S.F. BALLARD, Joe BISHOP, Pink and John SCOTT, Mrs. J.M. TERRY; B.N. TERRY; Oscar TERRY, by Noley GRAY, Mgr.; C.R. CARUTH; K. M. VAN ZANDT, Rte 4; Johnnie NUNNELLY; NOWLIN Brothers, Route 2; Mrs. N.E. FRANK, Route 2; G.L. LEE, Route 4; J.Matt ROSS, Route 2; R.T. NABORS, Route 2; Homer BOOTH, Route 4; Mrs. N.E. FRANK; R.C. ROBERS; G.W. WILHELM, Rt. 4

Extracts from Advertisements in This Issue

C.L. KINCHEN – "Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe", "Popular Price Tailor"

A.C. MARTIN – Fire Insurance Agent

Dr. A.M. ALLEN – Dentist, Office over Weaver Drug Store

Mrs. Nora HARPER - Hemstitching, pleating, buttons covered, Gorman, TX

Mrs. Josie FOSTER – Foster’s Café

Joe FARMER – Laundry, two blocks south of City Hall on Main Street


Mrs. Maggie MORGAN – Hemstitching


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